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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Children of God Cult Survivor Reveals Forced Sex with a Married Couple at Age 11

One Survivor's Story - Children of God cult

The mother-of-four was just a baby when her own mum joined the cult where Christina was subjected to sexual abuse and violence for two decades
By Sofia Petkar

A WOMAN who was forced to sleep with a married couple when she was just eleven years old has spoken out about her abuse at the hands of the Children of God cult.

The cult was a warped world created in 1968 by paedophile David Brandt Berg, and was centred on prostitution, violence and exorcism.

The global cult merged traditional Christian beliefs with communal living, and sexual contact was allowed with children from around the age of 11 or 12 – the same age Berg had sex with his own daughter.

Christina Babin, now a mother-of-four, has finally spoken out about the horrific abuse she suffered by members of the brainwashed cult during childhood.

The terrifying experience with the married couple was Christina’s grim introduction to sex in a cult that considered it normal for a child to sleep with an adult.

Christina was only a baby when her naive mother joined the cult

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, she said that when the assault was over, she was relieved but felt overwhelming guilt that she did not enjoy it – explaining that children we controlled and coerced into believing sex was a good thing and they were meant to enjoy it.

The 43-year-old claims that while the world saw the former pastor’s followers express their faith through intense religious chants, behind closed doors it was a much more sinister affair.

She also describes how she and her siblings were sent out begging, giving children within the commune precious glimpses of life in the outside world.

Christina was a baby and her brother was aged just two when their na├»ve mother took off with them and their six siblings after being drawn to the cult’s lifestyle.

Each commune was home to between three and 20 families at a time and they were regularly separated and shuffled around the world.

Around that time, women and girls over 10 were encouraged to lure men into the cult with sex in a technique called “flirty fishing”.

Christina’s describes her earliest memory as life on a commune in Jamaica, where she would watch local children with envy as they “ran, laughed and looked free”.

When she was just 12 years old, she and her older brother were sent to Japan for a month-long camp –but without their mum.

The month soon became two years away.

During that time, Christina was forced to read the bible for hours, repeatedly pledge allegiance to the cult and put through punishing exercise regimes.

She was sent to several communes and was raped twice.

She said: "We were isolated from the wider world but told they were the ones living the wrong lives – that our way was the right way.”

A few years later, aged 15, Christina was moved on yet again.

This time, she was sent to a prison-like camp in Manila, in the Philippines, surrounded by wire-topped fences.

It was a place where violence, solitary confinement and public exorcisms were commonplace.

David Berg, the founder of the Children of God
and incestuous paedophile

Christina adds: “The minute I got there I was taken into solitary confinement and asked about any worldly thoughts I’d had.

“I admitted that I’d listened to music when out begging and owned a leather jacket. "They admonished me and burned the jacket.

“One of the guards, who called ­herself Mary Malaysia and later Aunty Joan, was vicious. If you so much as smiled she’d beat you."

In the mid-1980s, the cults revolting and cruel practices came to light and it was forced to change its name to The Family.

At the time, Berg was living in seclusion and dictating his teachings through letters and photos which depicted children having sex with adults.

He went on the run in 1993 and died a year later aged 74.

Arrests were made at more than 130 communes worldwide but sadly many young victims could not name their abusers.

Christina found freedom when, aged 20, she met her future husband in a commune in Louisiana.

When he encouraged her to visit his relatives, Christina saw her first glimpse of a normal healthy family life after two decades of control and abuse.

She said: “I remember watching them, waiting for the beatings to start, but they never did."

Christina eventually left the cult when she was just 21.