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If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Some Real Creeps on Today's UK Perverts & Paedophiles List

Liverpool drug dealers gave schoolgirl cocaine before sexually abusing and urinating on her

Myles Bell, 23, and Jamie Turner, 26, have been jailed for 12 years 
for child sex offences
By Paul Wright

Left, Myles Bell and, right, Jamie Turner have been found guilty of sexual activity with a child. Merseyside Police

Two drug dealers plied a schoolgirl with alcohol and cocaine before sexually abusing and urinating on her, a court has heard.

Myles Bell, 23, and Jamie Turner, 26, took the girl to hotels in Liverpool for sex when she was aged just 14.

They filmed her and another girl, aged 16, having sex with them, each other and other men, before threatening to release the images to family members if they didn't agree to further sexual acts.

Both victims said the abuse had left them scarred and unable to trust others.

Bell, of Makin Street, Walton, and Turner, of Davidson Road, Old Swan, were found guilty of having sexual activity with a child and of causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

The pair were sentenced to 12 years in prison each at Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday (25 July).

"This is a case about the sexual exploitation of a child," Judge Anil Murray said, as reported by the Liverpool Echo.

"This was prolonged and heartless behaviour. The two of you used her for your own sexual gratification. You treated her as your sexual plaything. You used and abused her. You did not care about her feelings."

He added: "You asked her if she would act as a prostitute. She refused. You spoke to her with utter disrespect and contempt, referring to her as a 'slag' and a 'doghead'.

"She said she was too out of it on the drugs you had given her to be bothered, but later would worry what you would do with the images. You told her 14 was the age of consent. There was one occasion you urinated on her. She said it was both of you."

The trial heard how married father of three Bell was aged 19 at the time of the abuse, while Turner was 21.

The prosecution said the men's relationship with the youngest victim began on social media but turned sexual, saying it was "nothing like girlfriend and boyfriend" and "simply sex and pure sex for the sake of it".

Andrew Ford, prosecuting, said: "The girls endured a long period of time in which they were exploited sexually by the defendants. "They were vulnerable by age and their background, each having spent time in care and each having moved between addresses."

Ford said there were videos of the older girl that showed her having sex with multiple men while they all took cocaine.

Paul Becker, defending Bell, who has previous convictions for cannabis dealing and assault, said he married last year and was expecting a fourth child.

He said: "These are not non-consensual offences, though of course I bear in mind the age of the first girl at the time."

Jason Smith, defending Turner, who has previous convictions of crack cocaine and heroin dealing, accepted there were "unpleasant" features of the case, but said the court should not "overlook" the fact both girls consented. Judge Murray said if the girls had not consented, the pair would be facing rape charges and "much longer" sentences.

In a victim impact statement, read out to the court, the younger girl said: "I am so embarrassed and humiliated by what Jamie and Myles did to me. At the time I didn't think anything was wrong, but now I know what the men did to me and [the second victim] was wrong and that we were being used.

"When all this was happening I was stressed about other things in my life and Jamie and Myles took advantage of this, using me for their own sexual pleasures. "I have difficulty trusting people and believe most are just after one thing from me – sex, I just don't want what happened to [the second victim] and me to happen to anyone else."

The second victim added: "What has happened to me was horrible and will stay with me for the rest of life. I am scared of Jamie and Myles, and I think I always will be.

"They used me in the most horrible and sickening way. At the time I didn't think this was wrong, I honestly believed they were being nice to me, that they cared and we being friendly towards me. Family, friends and professionals at the time were telling me I was being exploited and abused by these men but I wouldn't listen and I often came into conflict with the people closest to me and hurt them.

"I find it very difficult to trust people now... I am still scared in case videos of the sexual abuse that Jamie and Myles filmed turns up."

Jamie Turner was convicted of having sexual activity with a child on at least 15 occasions and inciting a child into sexual activity on at least 10 occasions. He was also convicted of four counts of taking indecent images of a child.

Myles Bell was convicted of having sexual activity with a child on at least 15 occasions and inciting a child into sexual activity on at least 10 occasions.

Man jailed for 12 years for sexually abusing children in Bolton

A man who sexually abused children in Bolton has been jailed for 12 years today at Bolton Crown Court.

Warren Kirkby 62, of Westleigh Lane, Leigh pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to a range of sexual offences, including indecency with a child, indecent assault on a child, and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Between 1977 and 2006 Kirkby sexually abused four girls, some of whom were aged five and six, at the time the abuse started.

Kirkby’s offending came to light when one of the victims called police and made a report against Kirkby of sexual abuse in June 2014.

“Firstly, I want to commend the victims’ bravery for supporting our investigations, during what has been a difficult time. The effect this has had on them has been profound, but with their help, we have been able to ensure Kirkby is behind bars and cannot prey on any more young girls.“This has been a difficult and harrowing enquiry that has taken three years for justice to finally be found for these victims.

“Kirkby is a sexual predator who abused children for decades. This sentence reflects the fact that if you commit serious sexual offences, time will not be a hiding place and eventually you will be caught.”


Sheffield man in possession of baby sex abuse pornography and bestiality images avoids jail 


A 32-year-old man Sheffield, who admitted to possessing hundreds of illegal pornographic images including ones depicting bestiality and a six-month-old baby being abused, has avoided jail. 

Acting on a tip-off South Yorkshire Police arrived at Robert Corker's address in Callow Place, Gleadless on September 28 last year, after first attending his father's home who then directed them to the right location. 

Prosecuting, Stephanie Hollis, told Sheffield Crown Court that by the time officers arrived at Corker's home, a file clearing programme was 51 per cent completed on one of the two laptops they found at his property. Ms Hollis said one of the officers involved managed to stop the clearance programme before any more files were deleted. 

A mobile phone and an external hard-drive were also confiscated from the 32-year-old. Ms Hollis said: "Police recovered a phone from the defendant as a result of comments made by him. He said: 'I think I know what you're on about, it should be on my phone'." 

After forensic testing was carried out on the four electrical devices, police found a total of 544 illegal pornographic images on his computer, including 24 images of what is classed as 'extreme pornography'. 

The most disturbing content found on Corker's devices included images depicting a woman having sex with a dog, a six-month old baby boy being sexually abused and a six-year-old child involved in sexual activity with an adult male. 

Corker, who has no previous convictions, made full admission in police interview, the court was told. He admitted to a string of charges including making indecent images of a child, possession of prohibited images of a child and possession of extreme pornographic images at an earlier hearing. 

Defending, Gurdial Singh, said Corker fully acknowledged his guilt and had taken steps to rehabilitate himself since the discovery of the images. Mr Singh said: "It may be that intervention now assists him, and assists society going forwards." 

Judge Sarah Wright said she faced 'a stark choice' when choosing how to sentence Corker. She said: "It's clear from the report you have embarked on a process of addressing your issues and the reasons for your offending. You have done all you can to understand and overcome your issues. "I face a stark choice. To send you to prison for a period, would mean effectively stopping the work you have been doing in its tracks. Or I could give you a community order." 

Judge Wright opted to make Corker the subject of a three-year community order with a requirement that involves addressing his sexual offending. She said: "Make no mistake, this is no easy order and if you breach this order you will be brought back to court." 

Corker was also made the subject of a five-year sexual harm prevention order, and was placed on the sex offenders' register at an earlier hearing.

Stranraer guesthouse operator has
child sex abuse sentence cut
From BBC South Scotland 

A Stranraer guesthouse operator who abused two young boys when he was a teenager has had his jail term reduced.

John Fry, 49, of Cairnryan, near Stranraer, had admitted five sex crimes - two counts of indecent assault and three of indecency with a child.

He was jailed for eight years at Cardiff Crown Court on 30 January.

But his lawyer argued at the Appeal Court in London the sentence was too tough. Judges cut the sentence to five-and-a-half years.

The court heard that Fry made two young boys - aged 10 and eight - perform sex acts on him when he was a teenager, but had settled down since then and led a "quiet life".

Appeal Court judge Ms Justice Russell said he had no other convictions and for the last 12 years had run a "well-regarded" guesthouse with his partner in Dumfries and Galloway.

But his crimes had had a "profound and long-lasting" impact on the victims, the judge added.

He should have been assessed a large fine that should go to his victims. Child sex abuse frequently affects a survivor's ability to earn a living and there should be some compensation. But, I guess they can always sue, unless the statute of limitations has expired.

David Elias, for Fry, argued that his overall punishment was far too tough and should be cut.

Ms Justice Russell, sitting with Lord Justice Treacy and Judge Johanna Cutts QC, agreed.