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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dr Pogu Bitrus Says Escaped Chibok Girl is Pregnant and Mentally Ill

I think Dr Bitrus may be jumping to conclusions with regard to her mental state. I'll explain below.

Punch News, Nigeria,

I get nervous quoting anything that comes out of Nigeria; the press is sometimes unreliable. But I have been waiting very impatiently for some kind of interview with the escaped girl and nothing has come even 5 days after her return. 

If the Nigerian press is unreliable, the western press is invisible. It's hard to believe that no-one has tried to meet the girl and interview her. Doesn't anyone care to learn what life is like for the remaining girls? Arrrrgh!

The abducted “Chibok girl” released on Wednesday is “pregnant and mentally ill,” the National Chairman of Chibok Community Development Association, Dr. Pogu Bitrus, has told TheCable.
Dr Pogu Bitrus
Earlier on Thursday, the police revealed that the 20-year-old girl was abandoned by suspected terrorists at Mubi in Adamawa State, from where she was picked up. It also confirmed that she was one of the female pupils of Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, abducted in April by Boko Haram.

However, Bitrus said it was still uncertain if the girl was from Chibok because her name did not correspond with any of the names in the records of the girls that were captured by Boko Haram on April 14.

OK, the police confirmed she is a Chibok girl, Mr Bitrus is not convinced. It will go around and around like this for days.

“I was speaking Kibaku to her, but she did not respond; she was incoherent. She may be having mental issues as a result of trauma,” he said.

It's very odd that in the initial story about her, she spoke all sorts of things; how she escaped, that they dumped other girls in the bush, and she was heard screaming in her sleep at night, "They're going to kill me!" Presumably she spoke a language that someone (Rev. Enoch Mark) was familiar with, or was all that information made-up? 

Mark said she identified herself as Susannah Ishaya, but she does not speak the local language. Her incoherence when Bitrus spoke to her in Kibaku, a language she did not understand, is quite understandable. She was probably trying to speak to him in another language that sounded like gibberish to him. 

But Bitrus also said that his list of missing students includes a Susannah who is the daughter of a local carpenter, a man he knows is from Chad.

And Mark said Ishaya told him her father is from Chad, where she was born before the family moved to Nigeria.

Now is that so difficult? Find the carpenter from Chad and the mystery will be solved. 
Bitrus added that preliminary tests – still not definitive – indicated that the girl is pregnant.

So, here, if the girl is Muslim, or converted to Muslim after the abductions, many Muslim men will not have sex with a Muslim girl without marrying her. In Egypt and elsewhere, men (mostly Saudi Arabian) marry little girls for the weekend then divorce them on Monday. It's legalized, and in Islam, moralized, child prostitution.

So, is it possible that Susannah was forcibly married to one of the Boko Haram fighters? Is it possible that she has been brain-washed into using the last name of the fighter?

He added, “When she was picked up, she was taken to a clinic, not a standard hospital, and tests were carried out on her.

From the tests, it was said she is pregnant, but that is still in the speculative domain because a qualified medical doctor has not confirmed that she is pregnant.

“However, we are still trying to establish if really she is from Chibok, because from our sources, the last name of the released girl does not tally with the surname of the person bearing the first name of the released girl captured in our records and whose father is a carpenter at Chibok. So, we are still trying to work out every detail.”