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Thursday, 19 February 2015


Warning: reading this and watching these videos may be life changing, but certainly paradigm shifting. For instance, Scotland Yard refused to investigate the then Home Secretary, Leon Britton, who was identified in a child sex abuse video by a customs agent. They have never even questioned him. It has taken more than 30 years for an investigation to even begin. The Yard even refuses to admit that they've ever seen a snuff video in spite of evidence that they have.

It's hard to believe in the overtly evil world, that there are levels of evil that most people can hardly imagine, and some of the go to the highest offices in several countries.

In my last #OpDeathEaters article, I posted a copy of the Pie’n’Mash Films video discussing, among many things, the London Tape. Here it is again for those who haven’t seen it yet:

The London Tape

For those who cannot bear to watch the video, here are the most pertinent facts as we know them: The video was made sometime in 1987. Chris Fay and his organisation became aware of it in 1990. In 1991, Detective Chief Superintendent Stooley, who was running Operation Orchid at the time (which was ended as it was getting too close to VIPs – see the Exaro News article on police officers talking about cover ups on private forums) denied that child snuff movies even existed, as did Commander Michael Hayes and the Police Commissioner of the Met at that time.

In February 1991, five people were arrested by French Police in Paris and charged with possession of “images and videos of child sexual abuse” of the most extreme kind – Cat5 under UK law (we believe it was the Enquête de Draguignan case [PDF French]). Here is a brief translation of what is on page 7 of the French PDF:

The tapes seized May 21, 1991 in the Draguignan affair show torture and particularly revolting barbarity, and amidst these cassettes, a tape called “The London Tape” in which a child is seen tortured, and whose description was given by the British to Interpol – I quote the Prosecutor of the Republic.

This tape was publicised on the Minitel in France by one Jacques Francis who was indicted in Paris and other owners of the cassette were arrested. The indictment does not explicitly show if prosecutions followed…..

“The London Tape” was filmed in fact in Switzerland by the Swiss Beat Meir arrested in Dover in ’87 in the case of CRIES.

Within the haul was a copy of the London Tape. The French Police handed a copy of the London Tape to the Metropolitan Police Service, and the boy was positively identified by them. The Met knew who the little boy was in the video despite denying its existence to this day.

In 1997, Thai Police in Patayya, which is known for being a safe haven for the most predatory paedosadists, raided the home of a Belgian citizen there, and recovered a massive hoard of “images and videos of child sexual abuse” – again, Cat5, and again, including a copy of the London Tape. Once again, the Thai Police sent the Metropolitan Police Service a copy of this video via Interpol.

There is no way on earth that the Met are unaware of children being trafficked across the EU and beyond for use as fodder for paedosadist snuff movies. They have had copies of the London Tape handed to them by at least two foreign police agencies that we now know of.

The boy was first smuggled out of the UK to Holland by Russell Tricker, who then sold the boy to Warwick Spinks, who was a major child trafficker and ran child prostitution ‘brothels’ in Amsterdam. Warwick Spinks later ran off to Prague, in the Czech Republic, to avoid arrest, but thankfully, he is now in custody in Prague and awaiting extradition back to the UK. The child was then sold on to Beat Meir, a major ‘child pornographer’, paedosadist, and child murderer, who smuggled the boy into Switzerland, where the London Tape was filmed and the boy murdered.

At this point I will not go into the details of the video, other than to say that this was a professionally made video – it was the blockbuster of child snuff movies. It used the best video cameras money could buy at the time with action replays and slow motion scenes, the best lighting, and so forth. This was no shaky home video movie, but the top notch quality of its time. Needless to say this is the worst video of systematic child sexual abuse and murder one could imagine. Even “paedosadism” isn’t an adequate term to use for it.

The above video interview was recorded sometime in April 2014, but was not posted up by Pie’n’Mash Films until the 6th of July 2014. They, for their own reasons, sat upon it for a little while. I am inclined to trust their editorial decisions here, considering the nature of the content of the interview.

Now this is where things start to get really interesting: on the 6th of December 2014 the Sun newspaper ran an article entitled MP ‘was at snuff film lad’s murder’. Unfortunately, it is pay-walled, but fortunately for us, UK Paedos Exposed posted up the text of the article at their web site. To quote the article:

DETECTIVES probing the Westminster paedophile ring are investigating bombshell evidence that an MP was involved in the murder of a child in a snuff movie.

A young boy sold for sex is said to have died in a torture session filmed at Amsterdam’s notorious Blue Boy vice club.

Allegations that the unnamed MP was present can be revealed today. The claims mean police are now investigating FOUR child murders linked to the alleged abuse ring.

Informants said the MP was present at the murder after going to Holland for sex with boys supplied by paedo fixer Warwick Spinks.

This is a different video to the London Tape as far as I am aware, but it adds further evidence to the veracity of what Chris Fay is saying about the London Tape. Children were, and probably still are, being trafficked out of the UK to Holland and beyond for paedosadist snuff movies, and that Warwick Spinks was and is a major player here over many decades.

I expect to be returning to this subject as new developments come my way. I have friends abroad researching several threads for me, and I hope to have something more concrete that what I have already presented here. This is why #OpDeathEaters is so important; we are not just dealing with a paedosadism industry here in the UK, but internationally. This stretches right around the world like a serpent of paedosadistic malfeasance, and it has got to be broken.

Additional: The following video is a television documentary from 1997 by ITV, as the original poster of the video notes, “…however the documentary seems to go out of its way to ensure the viewer that “No police force in the world has ever seen a genuine so-called snuff movie, where a child is actually killed in front of the camera.”

ITV documentary on snuff videos and international paedosadist rings.

As we can see from all the information presented in this article, this is not the case. These snuff movies are very real, and children died in the most torturous fashion in their making.