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Friday, 5 August 2016

Abbotsford Police Investigating Possible Young Teen 'Date Rape' Drugging

Now this is getting extremely close to home. I can walk to the Matsqui Rec Centre from my home in less than a minute.

Teens drinking near Matsqui Recreation Centre and skateboard park can't remember exactly what happened

By Yvette Brend, CBC News 

The two teens said they were drinking near the Matsqui Recreation Centre and skateboard park in Abbotsford.
The two teens said they were drinking near the Matsqui Recreation Centre and skateboard park in Abbotsford. (CBC)

British Columbia, Canada - Abbotsford police are investigating an incident involving two teen girls who may have been slipped the date-rape drug, GHB.

Two young women told police they were drinking near Matsqui Recreation Centre and skateboard park, which is in the 3100 block of Clearbrook Road.

It's believed the teens were there between 11 p.m. PT on Saturday July 30 and 1 a.m. PT on Sunday.

The 14 and 16-year-old girls told police they somehow became separated. 

Hmmm. A 14 year old out past midnight and drinking. I think social services needs to get involved here.

That's when, according to police, a couple passing by found the 16-year-old who appeared not only intoxicated, but possibly under the influence of drugs and gave her a ride home.

Her parents returned to the park, looking for the 14-year-old.

Both teens were taken to hospital, where staff ran tests to determine if Gamma Hydroxybutyrate or GHB — one of the substances used as a "date rape drug" —  had been ingested by the girls. Results of the tests are not yet available.

"The mystery is how one or both of them would have ended up ingesting GHB and so what we're trying to do is preclude the possibility that someone came upon them or met them there and maybe with ulterior motives slipped them some GHB with who knows what intentions," said Cost. Ian Macdonald of Abbotsford Police.

Shawn Lecy, whose son often rides at the park, said it's usually busy with kids and teens from the neighbourhood.

"I've never heard of a problem here before, my son's never come home with any issues from here," he said.

Police are looking for the "Good Samaritan" who picked up the "upset and intoxicated" teen by the side of the road to help get her home.

Macdonald says the girls have only a foggy memory of what happened, and more information is needed before it becomes clear what exactly happened in this case.