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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Tunisians Live-Stream Sex Assault - Swedish Police Deny any Knowledge of It

And - Swedish professor says refugees way 
over-represented in crime stats
By David Frankenhuis

video 13 sec

Live streamed footage of a young woman being sexually harassed in the Swedish capital of Stockholm has become part of an abhorrent ‘PR campaign’ that was launched on a closed Facebook group run by Tunisian men. The perpetrators appear to be showing the video in order to encourage other Tunisians living in Europe to pay a visit to the city.

Adam, a Tunisian man who saw parts of the attack taking place online, informed libertarian-conservative magazine Fria Tider on the existence of the Facebook group. The page has some 60,000 members and specifically aims at enlisting “Tunisians living in Europe,” according to a statement made by the website administrators.

On the night of January 26, the live broadcast of the group started as Adam was logged into Facebook. The footage shows two Tunisian men leaving a kebab restaurant in central Stockholm, at the end of a night out. When the Arabs fail in getting the attention of a cab they decide on stealing a bike instead.

Soon after, viewers could witness the men sexually assaulting a woman in an empty street. During the ordeal, the victim shouts “Stop filming,” while the migrants grope her, pull her hair, and tear off her clothes. One of the men also tries raping the woman, who is about 25 years of age, when the cell phone footage ends.

Adam was shocked by the video but nevertheless managed to film parts of it on his own phone as evidence, even posting 8 seconds of the ordeal on his Facebook page after blurring the victim. “I will submit the rest of the video to police,” he says.

After studying many of the online comments accompanying the attack, Adam paints a grim picture of the Muslim Arab mentality. He says that many of them think it is perfectly fine to harass girls and women. “Some viewers even thought it was awesome,” he discovered. After posting parts of the footage on his Facebook page, Adam received online death threats from other Tunisians.

“The attackers want to show that they live in Stockholm and that life is cool here. Many Tunisians are defending these rapists and it looks like as if I hate Tunisians because I expose them. I consider their actions a serious crime, but they see it as something normal.”

One of the men in the clip has previously been convicted of other violent assaults, Fria Tider could independently verify, while the second is an illegal immigrant who has been hiding from the Swedish authorities since 2014. “He’s trying to meet women here and convince them to marry him so that he can stay in Sweden,” says Adam.

Adam claims to have informed Stockholm authorities on the attack, but a police spokesman denied having any knowledge of the incident.

Of course, that's what they do. It immediately falls under police code R291 which means it is 'secret' because it involves immigrants. Sweden's conspiracy of silence claims another victim, and probably several every day.

Why is Sweden sacrificing their girls on the altar of political correctness and stupidity?

It’s the second time in one month migrants in Sweden live stream a sexual assault to Facebook. And probably not the last.

Migrants fiercely over-represented in crime - 
Swedish professor
By Vincent van den Born

Bystanders take photos of a row of burning cars in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby after youths rioted in several different suburbs around Stockholm, Sweden for a fourth consecutive night on May 23, 2013 / Getty

On February 22 the Estonian based Swedish language website Fria Tider published its opinion on a recent interview by Swedish National Broadcaster SVT. In this interview, Swedish police officer Peter Springare was, unexpectedly, backed up by criminologist Leif GW Persson. Repeating earlier statements, Springare said that:

“There is a strong over-representation of immigrants in crime. This is especially obvious when it comes to crimes of a violent nature. Very serious, violent crimes.”

To this, Persson replied that he had made the same observation, and

“Everyone with eyes in his head, that works on material like this, can see it.“

Persson also pointed out that it now mostly concerns migrants from Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, but that ten years ago it was Turks and Yugoslavians: “over-representation is a fact.”

Springare also believes that the subject is still a taboo, something that was also stated by one of his colleagues. Stating the obvious has also led to him being investigated on charges of inciting racial hatred:

“It is a taboo. But it now has become visible. When I look at all the letters and emails I receive from police officers investigating serious crime, they substantiate that this has become widespread.”

The show’s presenter Camilla Kvartoft asked Persson if this was true.

“Yes, maybe. Police officers are reluctant to talk about it. The more reluctant, the higher up the ladder they are. But this is no secret. This is a problem you can happily avoid talking about. But times have changed. Now the lid has come off, this will of course have a major impact. What is interesting, is that this issue is something that worries many people. It may be the biggest single issue in the 2018 elections.“

When Kvartoft mentions the data from the National Crime Prevention Council (BRĂ…), Persson takes the opportunity to once again point out how seriously over-represented immigrants are in serious crime. “This is how it is,” he says: “these groups, immigrants and refugees, are fiercely over-represented.

There is a Facebook page supporting Peter Springare