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Thursday, 23 February 2017

9 Iraqi Gang Rapists Cannot be Deported from Austria

By David Frankenhuis

In the Austrian capital of Vienna, nine Iraqi men are now on trial for kidnapping and gang-raping a 28-year-old German woman nearly 14 months ago, on New Year’s Eve 2016. The suspects, between 23 and 47 years of age, are all relatives. They entered Austria as asylum seekers.

This makes no sense!

The migrants may face 15 years in jail for their crimes. After serving their sentences, they cannot be deported to Iraq since that country has reintroduced the death penalty in 2004, Kronen Zeitung reports today.

This is just odd; are they facing charges in Iraq? If not, and if they have paid for their crimes by serving time in Austrian prisons, what is stopping them from being deported? They won't have to face court in Iraq for gang-raping a woman in Austria, so what does it matter if Iraq has the death penalty. Unless they are facing criminal charges warranting a possible death sentence, then there is no reason not to deport them. If they are, do you really want to keep them in Austria? It makes no sense. How many Austrian girls will suffer abuse because of this nonsensical ruling?

Just two weeks ago I posted a story of an 18 y/o who raped a 72 y/o woman (see second story). He won't be deported because he has no prior record. The fact that he had only been in Austria for 2 months seems to have been lost on officials.

Only one of the Arabs has confessed to the rape charges. Some of the other migrants have admitted to having ‘sex’ with the victim, named Julia, but deny any claims of coercion in the ordeal lasting more than two hours.

They even dared to state in court that “the woman had initiated all of it,” which is rather flippant considering the fact that Julia was carried away from a restaurant by four of the men to an apartment several miles away, after being plied with drinks that possibly were spiked.

Vienna Christmas market

In the apartment, 5 male relatives of the men were waiting. All of the wives and daughters had been sent away in advance in order to create some ‘privacy’. One of the Iraqis later told police:

“The room should be dark, we had decided, so she did not realise how many of us were present at the time, but she caused trouble by crying so much and sometimes by trying to fight back against us.”

Then all of the 9 refugees raped the terrified victim, some of whom even violated her more than once. Following the gang rape during the NYE festivities, the men took selfies with her and one was even “dancing and singing,” OE24 yesterday reported.

When the ordeal was finally over, the men dumped Julia near a tram station. The disoriented and traumatised woman was then found by passers-by, who brought her to a police station.

Julia has since quit her job and was hospitalised in a psychiatric clinic. She has been diagnosed with severe post-traumatic disorder and depression.