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Monday, 1 February 2016

Migrants Attack Pensioners Defending Woman on Munich Train

Shocking moment refugees 'attack pensioners who defended woman from harassment' on busy subway

A refugee attacks male passengers on a train in Munich, after they stopped him harassing a woman.
In the video one of the attackers can be seen grabbing a pensioner by the neck  YouTube


THIS shocking footage appears to show two pensioners being attacked by a refugees after they stood up for a young woman who was being harassed on the subway.

One of the elderly men is even held by the throat by one of the young migrants in the disgraceful video, which was filmed on a busy train in the middle of the day.

The clip was shot on a mobile phone and uploaded to Facebook by local man Tom Roth after the incident in Munich, Germany.

Click on image above for video

He said the fight broke out after one of the asylum seekers, who he described as being of "Arab origin", was rejected by a woman after placing his hand upon her.

According to Mohammed, an infidel (non-Muslim woman) under your right hand is fair game for whatever you wish to do with her. She is under your power!

In response the man smashed his hand against the carriage's glass window before other commuters asked him to stop.

It led to one of the migrants patting an elderly man on the head in a patronising fashion, sparking an angry exchange.

A refugee attacks male passengers on a train in Munich, after they stopped him harassing a woman.
The pensioners stepped in after a woman was harassed by the migrants  YouTube

In the footage, one man is seen climbing on to a subway seat before grappling with one of the pensioners.

He then confronts another elderly passenger and grabs him by the throat as fellow commuters shout at him and the other refugees to stop.

Mr Roth wrote alongside the video: "'A young woman was attacked on the subway. When two old men tried to intervene, they too were attacked.

A refugee attacks male passengers on a train in Munich, after they stopped him harassing a woman.
The incident has further stoked tensions in Germany over the migrant crisis  YouTube

"This was in the heart of Munich, in the middle of the day. I got on the train at Sendlinger Tor travelling to the main railway station. I sat in a four-seater, across from a young lady.

"In the four-way behind her sat two asylum seekers. One of them, a young man, probably of Arab origin, bothered the woman.

"He said something to her and asked, 'Why will you not answer me in German?'

"She responded, 'Because you asked me in English'. I think he had his hand on her back. She turned away and looked in my direction.

A refugee attacks male passengers on a train in Munich, after they stopped him harassing a woman.
The incident happened in Munich in the middle of the day  YouTube

"As the train continued, the asylum seeker struck the glass window full force. I guess he was angry the woman rejected him. Several gentlemen shouted at him to stop.

"One of these men, in the four seats beside me, was then touched on the head by one of the asylum seekers wearing a brown jacket. He stroked his bald head, to mock him. It was such disrespectful behaviour, the likes of which I have rarely seen before.

"The gentleman stood up right away. The asylum seeker then turned, approached the man and grabbed him by the neck. Everyone immediately became involved, with many trying to get in between the pair.

"The man's attacker fell back in his four-seater. There were four asylum seekers now involved, staring at us and two other older gentlemen angrily.

"There were about ten to 15 people beside and behind me. The situation was brought under control. When the train reached the station I called the police. They said there was nothing they could do."

The incident is the latest example of tensions between Germans and migrants in recent weeks.

It comes after dozens of women were attacked, robbed, raped and sexually assaulted on New Year's Eve in Cologne by up to 1,000 migrant men.

Support for the far right Alternative for Germany party has surged after the country accepted one million asylum seekers last year.

It has led the party's speaker Frauke Petry to claim illegal immigrants should be shot at the border.

Mr Roth told how he believes Chancellor Angela Merkel must now act to protect the country's citizens.

He added: "I just felt the need to share this. Those involved were very distressed. An older lady said she doesn't leave her home at night any more. The two gentlemen said that it cannot go on like this.

"I felt safer in Germany two or three years ago. I find that terrifying and sad.

"I'm really sorry for the people who need help, but something must happen against the violent and disrespectful people among them.

"Many Asylum seekers have no respect for women, no respect for men - not even the old - let alone our laws and the police."

Pretty much exactly what I wrote just an hour ago concerning the UK.