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Monday, 9 January 2017

Six Pathetic Men and a Woman Make Today's Perverts and Pedophiles List

Firefighter/clown with child porn - Oklahoma
Another Muskogee man arrested - Oklahoma
Predator continual child rapist - New York
Another continuous child sex abuser - Texas
Aussie extradited to US for online spanking - Florida
2500 images & videos of child porn - British Columbia

Muskogee firefighter arrested on
child pornography complaints

MUSKOGEE, Okla. -- A Muskogee firefighter is behind bars on complaints of child pornography. Police arrested 30-year-old Zack Perry on Friday, accusing him of possessing and distributing child porn.

According to the Fire Department, Perry is a part of its clown society, a group of firefighters who dress up like clowns and talk to kids about fire safety.

Some residents said it’s unnerving knowing he put himself in an environment where he spent time with kids. 

Muskogee residents, like Brenda Oates are shocked to hear the charges that face local firefighter and clown fireman, Zack Perry. 

“You have to be a sick individual to want to mess with a little kid,” said Oates.
Last Friday, Muskogee Police arrested Perry after a woman he had been messaging on social media, told police he sent her pornographic videos and pictures of children. They said he also asked her to send him nude photos of her eight year-old child. 

“He had things that nobody should have with children, that’s the bottom line,” said Muskogee Police Department PIO Lincoln Anderson. 

 Police said Perry used a social media app, called KIK to message the woman. They said KIK is one of several apps used to distribute child porn. 

“About the time we get all caught up on the apps these people are using for this stuff, 10 more pop up. They can’t keep track of all the ones that are getting used for this stuff,” said Anderson.

Perry will have his day in court, If the allegations from police are true. Oates said she doesn’t want Perry near children, or a fire station again. 
“It’s very scary, you can’t trust anyone anymore,” said Oates.

The Muskogee Fire Department released a statement saying they don’t condone Perry’s actions and that Perry is on administrative leave. They said Perry won’t be allowed back on the fire department unless all child porn charges are dropped. We reached out to Perry for comment, but court records don't show he has an attorney. He has been with the Muskogee Fire Department since August 2014. 

Muskogee man arrested on
child sexual abuse charges

Nathaniel Wesley Owens, 27, was arrested by deputy U.S. marshals Monday afternoon for alleged child sexual abuse, said Deputy U.S. Marshal Billy Banks.

Owens was arrested at his parents' house located in the 1700 block of Hayes Street.

The initial call came on Dec. 15 and was worked jointly by the Muskogee Police Department and the Department of Human Services, said Officer Lincoln Anderson, Muskogee Police Department spokesman.

According to online court records, a warrant for Owens' arrest was issued Jan. 4.

Owens has been booked into the Muskogee County/City Detention Facility and is expected to be in Muskogee County District Court on Tuesday.

Hopewell man gets 36 to life for longtime
sexual abuse of child

CANANDAIGUA A Hopewell man was sentenced Friday to 36 years to life in state prison for his longtime sexual abuse of a child.

 Brian Bagley, 49, was sentenced by Ontario County Judge Frederick Reed, who presided over the November jury trial in which Bagley was convicted on charges of predatory sexual assault of a child, rape, criminal sexual act, endangering the welfare of a child, resisting arrest, unlawfully fleeing a police officer and escape.

Before pronouncing the sentence, Reed denied Bagley’s motion for dismissal and setting aside the verdict.

Reed sentenced him to 25 years to life for the predatory sexual assault against a child charge.

Bagley was sentenced to an additional seven years in prison, with 10 years of post-release supervision, on a second-degree rape charge.

Reed sentenced Bagley to another four years in prison on charges of third-degree rape and third-degree criminal sexual act for a total of 36 years to life.

He sentenced Bagley to a year in the county jail, concurrent to the state prison terms, on charges of endangering the welfare of a child, first-degree escape, resisting arrest and unlawfully fleeing a police officer.

Bagley faced a potential sentence of 40 years to life in state prison.

“This takes a man who has a history of sexually abusing children for decades off the street and makes the lives of anyone who would have had the misfortune of crossing his path safe,’’ said First Assistant District Attorney James Ritts after the sentencing.

“I am proud of the work of the survivor in facing her abuser,’’ Ritts said.

He also praised the work on those involved in the case, including Child Protective Services worker Tanya Buzalko, State Police Inv. Mark Eifert, Senior Inv. Chris Baldwin, Deputy Dana Egburtson and Deputy Skyler Miller.

Bagley was convicted of sexually abusing a girl starting in 2005 when she was 5 years old, continuing until 2016. The girl, now 16, testified at the trial.

State police investigators said when they and Ontario County Child Protective Services workers were interviewing the victim in the city of Canandaigua, Bagley showed up.

Police confronted him and after a short interview in the parking lot, they tried to arrest him and a struggle ensued.

Bagley was able to start his vehicle and drive away. State police pursued him, with assistance from Canandaigua police and county deputies. After a chase of about five miles, Bagley made it to his home at Thomas Estates and was taken into custody.

Bagley has been held in the Ontario County Jail without bail since his arrest.

Hopewell, NY

Police: Llano County fugitive committed
continuous sexual abuse of a child

ODESSA -- A Llano County fugitive was arrested after being charged in connection to a report of continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Timothy Wayne Lee, 38, has been charged with Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, a 1st Degree Felony.

On December 12th the Odessa Police Department received a report of continuous sexual abuse of a child. A forensic interview was conducted, and the victim told investigators that between the ages of 11-13 a known person has sexually abused her 2-3 times a week.

Investigation of the report revealed that a man, identified as Lee, had abused the victim on more than one occasion during a 30-day period, according to OPD.

Detectives with the department then obtained a warrant for Lee, who was charged accordingly. According to OPD it was then discovered that Lee was also wanted out of Llano County, for a charge of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Australian child sex abuse accused arrives in US
after five-year extradition battle

A tough-talking US sheriff has celebrated the arrival in Florida of accused Australian child sex abuser Christopher Lobban after a five-year extradition battle.

Mr Lobban, 59, of Perth, allegedly had a "spanking fetish" and gave instructions from Australia over the internet to a girlfriend in Florida to handcuff two naked teenage girls to a "whipping bench" and video them as the woman struck the girls with leather paddles.

"We're pretty excited about him being back here," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said at a press conference in Florida overnight.

"If it were ethical, moral and legal for you to see these tapes, you would want to go down there and just beat him into a puddle. It was that horrific."

Mr Lobban vigorously fought extradition and had remained in custody in Perth since his arrest in July 2011. Sheriff Judd never gave up on getting Mr Lobban on US soil.

Mr Lobban allegedly met his online girlfriend, Robin Pagoria, a former Florida prison guard, on the Spank-O-Life social network.

Seriously! Spank-O-Life?

Pagoria was sentenced in a Florida court in 2013 to 20 years in prison after doing a plea deal with prosecutors.

Mr Lobban, from his home in Perth, allegedly gave detailed instructions to Pagoria on how to build a "spanking bench" and use a leather paddle to beat the girls to fulfil his and Pagoria's sexual desires, authorities allege.

Pagoria allegedly videotaped the abuse and uploaded the videos to a website for Mr Lobban's review.

"He saw them on video, and directed and critiqued how she would beat them in the future," Sheriff Judd said.

"I see them equally (as) a threat. It wasn't like she was submissive and just doing what he said. This was a little sexual game they played so they were equally involved."

Mr Lobban faces a long prison term in the US if convicted.

He is charged with six felony counts, including two counts of promotion of a sexual performance by a child which carries a minimum sentence of 25 years' prison and maximum of life.

Polk Co., FL

Prince George man jailed for child pornography after
1,700 images found on computer

A Prince George, British Columbia man was sentenced Friday to two years in federal prison followed by three years probation after a massive trove of child pornography was found in his home.

In sentencing Robert Owen Alger, 56, provincial court judge Dan Weatherly had some strong words, saying his initial reaction was to lock him up forever before agreeing to a joint submission from Crown and defence counsels.

Nearly 1,700 images and more than 800 videos were uncovered. The material seized ran the gamut of depravity and most involved preteen girls, prompting Weatherly to describe the content as “absolutely disgusting.”

The court also heard Alger was sentenced in 2007 to 28 months in jail for sexually assaulting his 14-year-old stepdaughter. He had been living in the Fraser Valley at the time.

The court heard Alger since made a point of not physically touching minors.

He admitted to the author of a pre-sentence report the images aroused him and brought back memories of the sexual relationship he had with the stepdaughter.

However, the court was also told that conflicted with the types of images police uncovered because they largely depicted much younger girls. Alger has been diagnosed as a pedophile.

You think! Remember, sin is progressive; pedophiles will often gravitate toward younger and younger children as they feed their perversion.

He was arrested in mid-December 2015 after a police traced images found on a file-sharing service to Alger, who subsequently pleaded guilty to possessing and accessing child pornography.

Alger did not take sexual offender treatment while serving the term for the sexual assault. Given a chance to speak prior to sentencing, Alger said he would like to “take all programs necessary” while in prison.

In response, Weatherly noted Alger did not apologize for the “trash” found on his computer.

“It’s about your own concern for yourself,” Weatherly said.

It's likely that he doesn't see child porn as having victims. I suspect most pedophiles don't.

During submissions, Alger’s penchant for child pornography was described as an addiction but Weatherly said there are many people with addictions who have taken steps to get them under control.

Weatherly’s sentence came with a recommendation that Alger serve his time at Mountain Institute where sexual offender treatment is available and urged him to consider the sentence as an opportunity to turn his life around and straightened out.

Conditions of his probation include that he not be in the presence of anyone under 16 years old without permission and to stay away from parks, playgrounds, pools and schools. He was also denied access to the internet and computers.

Alger’s name will also be on the national sex offender information registry for life.