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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Muslim Parents Protest Against Gay Teacher at Berlin Preschool

This is one of those issues that was inevitable with the Islamization of Germany, and the rest of the EU for that matter. It's quite a quandary for governments and MSM who sympathize with Muslims but also with gays. Here they have to make a choice, and it seems they have chosen to side with the gays.

© Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

Muslim parents have threatened to gather signatures for a petition against a Berlin preschool, after discovering that one of its male teachers is gay. Many of the parents have removed their children from the nursery.

The protest by parents at the kindergarten in the northern district of Reinickendorf was reported by German media earlier this week. 

According to Tagesspiegel newspaper, the parents are mostly concerned about the young man being in physical contact with their children, particularly that he takes them to the toilet.

“For some of them, a gay man is automatically a pedophile,” the teacher told the newspaper.

Following the parents' discontent surrounding his sexual orientation, the teacher requested that he be transferred to another preschool.

However, the nursery's management backed the man, telling the parents they must accept his orientation or move their children to another kindergarten.

Many of the parents have already removed their children from the nursery, the Local reported.

It seems unlikely that the threatened petition will change the minds of the city government. The teacher has received support from the senator for education from the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), Sandra Scheeres.

“We don’t tolerate discrimination. We want to raise the number of male kindergarten teachers so that they become important role models for children,” Scheeres said.


She went on to note that "again and again, parents treat male nursery teachers with suspicion."

There just might be a reason for that! On this blog you will find dozens of stories of male child-care workers who have sexually abused children. I repeatedly beg people to avoid putting their young children in the care of men regardless of the setting. No, not every gay man is a pedophile, but if they are working with small children, that dramatically increases the probability that they are. Pedophiles gravitate to where they have easy access to children.

It is simply not worth the risk! As a parent are you OK with a male teacher taking your 5 y/o daughter to the bathroom? (Hint: you are nuts if you are.) So, which children does this gay man take to the bathroom, girls or boys or both? Either is completely inappropriate! 

Why is it always, it seems, children who suffer from man's evil and stupidity? Oh, yes, children have no voice! They don't vote!

The teacher has also received support on social media, with one user saying: "Muslims protest against teacher - the problem? He's gay: welcome to the Middle Ages."

It's not the first time that a homosexual nursery teacher has faced discrimination in Germany. In 2012, a lesbian teacher in Bavaria did not have her contract extended in 2012 when her Catholic employer found out she was gay, according to Die Welt.