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If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Sex Crimes by Refugees Double in Germany; Court’s Leniency to Blame - Gatestone

By Pratyaksha Mitra 

Sex crimes by migrants doubled in past year

Instances of sex crimes by refugees having doubled in Germany in 2016 come as a shocking revelation. In the year 2015, crimes of this nature committed by migrants were 1,683. But in 2016 it has increased to 3,404. The crimes include not only outraging a woman’s modesty but also terrible crimes like rape. A criticism from ‘Gatestone‘ publishers of the present report, states that the cause of the increasing crimes lies with the German legal system which has taken a soft approach towards the migrants.

Gatestone, a neutral (not everyone would agree with that) think tank in Germany, has published a report informing about the sex crimes committed by migrants in Germany in the past 2 years which has become controversial. Gatestone has stated that the crimes committed by the migrants in 2016 which have increased twofold, should be a matter of great concern to Germany. The sex crimes committed in Germany are by refugees coming from countries like Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and also Algeria and Morocco. The report has emphasized the German judicial’s soft approach towards crimes ranging from outraging a woman’s modesty to rape. ’Gatestone‘ has blamed this wishy washy approach to be the cause of increase in the sex crimes in the previous two years.  

Sex crimes by migrants increased 5 fold in 4 years

Gatestone has pointed out that the crimes committed by the migrants in Germany in 2016 have increased by whooping five times as compared to the crimes in 2012. It is also becoming clear that the crimes have been increasing with the increase in number of migrants. A harsh criticism from Gatestone has been that the German judicial system and the police machinery have been pushing the crimes committed by migrants literally under the carpet. To prove this claim, the Think Tank has cited an example.

A case of a 23 year old refugee from Turkey, charged for raping a German woman, had come before the Court. However, in spite of committing this crime he was acquitted. Why, because the victim could not prove to the court that she had opposed the youth. In spite of her repeated requests and opposition, the young refugee did not heed her. The Court did not accept her statement that the young man had been assaulting her sexually for four hours and hopelessly she had to bear the atrocity. With this example, Gatestone tore up the German judicial system.

Of course, who would believe a young German woman over a Muslim migrant? Perhaps if there were two girls who were held against their will and repeatedly raped, the judge might have considered the possibility that there was some truth. Wait a minute - are we talking about Germany or Saudi Arabia?

Wherever it is, they seem to be quite willing to sacrifice young German girls on the altar of political correctness and stupidity.

I don't have the actual numbers for 2012-2014 but I have enough to know that a graph of the numbers would certainly be an alarming bell curve that would look a lot like this: