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Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Second-Time Offender Afghan Refugee Charged with Murder, Rape of German Student

EU officials daughter raped and murdered
Migrant to be tried as juvenile though it is likely he lied about his age
- given the benefit of the doubt even though he has already been
convicted of rape and murder in Greece

Maria (centre) with friends

German prosecutors have charged an Afghan migrant with the murder and rape of a 19-year-old medical student in Freiburg. The suspect already served a prison term for a similar offense in Greece but was released early.

Oh great! Not only is Turkey sending Europe the worst of the worst, but Greece seems to be as well. Good grief!

Officials in the southwestern German city of Freiburg, home of one of Germany’s elite universities where the incident had taken place, announced the charges on Thursday.

The prosecution team accused the suspect known as Hussein K. of having "attacked, strangled and raped" Maria Ladenburger, a 19-year-old medical student who disappeared while on her way home from a party on October 16, 2016.

The prosecutors claim he then dumped her in the nearby Dreisam River. Her body was found on the river bank the next morning by locals.

The prosecution's charge described Hussein K. as having killed Maria “insidiously and for sexual satisfaction,” DPA news agency reported. Hussein K. was linked to the crime through DNA evidence — authorities used a strand of hair found in the bushes near the girl’s body to identify and arrest him.

The old town is seen from the cathedral tower in Freiburg, Germany © Kai Pfaffenbach / 
ReutersUnderage refugee suspect in rape & murder of female student – German Police

Hussein K. had arrived in Germany from Afghanistan as an unaccompanied asylum-seeker in 2015, with no identity papers, and had been living with a Germany foster family since. At the time of his arrest, he told police he was 17 years old. However, two studies by medical age experts suggest the suspect was at least 22 at the time of the crime.

So, how is it he had no ID papers but he had been in prison in Greece? Seems odd to me. 

Due to the uncertainty under German law, Hussein K. will be tried as a juvenile instead of adult law. His case will be heard by the juvenile chamber of the Freiburg district court. If convicted of murder, he could be handed a 10 year jail term, DPA reports.

Daughter of EU official

The case sparked public outcry after journalist and author Oliver Janich said he discovered that the murder victim was Maria Ladenburger, daughter of Clemens Ladenburger, who has been an assistant to the Director-General of the European Commission's Legal Service since 2008. It also emerged that Maria had worked as a volunteer in one of the local refugee shelters in her spare time, helping people like Hussein.

The outrage grew louder when it was revealed that Hussein K. had previously been detained on charges of murdering a woman in Greece. According to police, he raped a Greek student and threw her off a cliff on the isle of Corfu in May 2013. He had been sentenced to ten years in prison but was released prematurely only two-and-a-half years into his sentence in October 2015, following a Greek law to ease prison overcrowding.

Ease prison overcrowding by sending them to Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. Great! Why don't we give Greece a whole lot more money since they are so nice?

If Hussein K. was 17 six months ago, he could have been no more than 13 or 14 when he raped and murdered the girl in Corfu. That is both very disturbing and unlikely. What's even more disturbing is the German judiciary is giving him the benefit of the doubt. He's a convicted rapist and murderer, but surely, he wouldn't lie about his age!!!!

A date for Hussein K.’s court appearance has not yet been announced. His background has risen questions about why European police had failed to identify and pick up his trail after he left Greece.

2 Coaches and a Foster Father Among 10 on Perverts and Pedophiles List

Drug dealer, child predator sentence to 4 life terms - Kentucky
Another predator has convictions overturned - New York
Pervert plea deals for 22.5 year sentence - Oregon
Another pervert charged for videoing 11 y/o girl in shower - Montana
Football coach, SS teacher with dozens of CSA charges - Florida
Man wanted in Chicago for CSA arrested in Salt Lake City - Utah
Junior hockey coach charged in several states with CSA - New Jersey
26 y/o creep charged with deviate sex with 7 y/o - Missouri
Foster father charged with CSA of 8 boys in his care - New York
Toronto man charged with luring and CSA of 14 y/o boy - Ontario

Pill kingpin gets life for trafficking and child sex abuse
PIKEVILLE A federal judge has sentenced a Knott County man to four consecutive life sentences, for drug trafficking and sexually abusing the young children of parents he encountered during his drug trafficking operations.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Amul Thapar sentenced Freddie Kennedy Jr. on one count of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone; seven counts of crossing a state line with the intent to engage in a sex act with a minor under the age of 12; and ten counts of transporting a minor under the age of 18 across a state line with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

Parole is not available in the federal system so Kennedy must serve the entirety of his life sentence. A jury convicted Kennedy in February after a two-day trial.

The evidence at trial established that from April 2013 to June 2015 Kennedy organized a drug conspiracy in which several others traveled to out-of-state pain clinics to illegally obtain prescription drugs. In exchange for funding these trips, Kennedy received a portion of the drugs, which he then distributed to local dealers and users in the Knott and Perry County areas. The conspiracy was responsible for the illegal distribution of thousands of oxycodone pills.

The evidence also established that on multiple occasions and beginning sometime around October of 2013 Kennedy had sexual contact with four minor victims, including three under the age of 10 at the time he abused them. Kennedy gained access to these minor victims because their parents were individuals he encountered during his drug trafficking operations. Kennedy would offer to watch the young children.

According to the evidence, while watching the children, Kennedy intentionally groomed them, buying them expensive presents and taking them to the movies, out to eat, and to go shopping, in an effort to gain their trust.

While some of the sexual abuse occurred at Kennedy’s residences in Perry and Knott Counties, much of it occurred during separate out-of-state trips, where he took the young children with him. Kennedy took them for overnight stays at a hotel in Indiana. The young children stayed in the same room with Kennedy and, on each occasion, Kennedy engaged in sexual acts with the minor victims.

Knott County, KY

Sodomy and sex convictions reversed in Batavia
child sex abuse case
By Melinda Miller

Sean M. Vickers' conviction  for sodomy and criminal sexual acts against minors has been reversed by an Appellate Court that objected to changes made in the charges before the case went to a jury. One conviction, sexual abuse in the first degree, was allowed to stand.

Vickers, 47, was found guilty in Genesee County in 2014 of sexually abusing five boys and sentenced to 50 years in prison.

After that conviction, he pleaded guilty in Niagara County to sexually abusing three of those boys in that jurisdiction, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. That conviction was independent of the Genesee case and is unaffected by the ruling.

The judges of the Appellate Division, Fourth Department reversed the convictions without prejudice, which means the Genesee County District Attorney’s Office can present the evidence again to a grand jury for consideration. The judges also wrote in their decision that the guilty verdicts were supported by the evidence.

In a unanimous decision, the judges ruled that prosecutors erred during the trial when, after all evidence was presented, they asked for and were granted a motion to change several counts in the indictment against Vickers.

The judge agreed to replace two counts of course of sexual conduct against a child in the first degree with two counts of sodomy in the first degree,  according to the appellate ruling. The judge also replaced two counts of predatory sexual assault against a child with two counts of criminal sexual act in the first degree.

Vickers was convicted on all counts.

However, the Appellate judges said indictments cannot be amended after the fact in any way that does not reflect the evidence that was presented to it.

In this case, indictments alleging ongoing and repeated sexual acts were replaced with sodomy charges that refer to single sexual acts.

The court maintained that every defendant “has a fundamental and nonwaivable right to be tried only on the crimes charged’ ”

District Attorney Lawrence Friedman said he disagrees with the appellate ruling.

“Our intention is to seek leave to appeal the decision" to the Court of Appeals, Friedman said.

He added that, should the reversal be upheld, his office would  take the case back to a grand jury for a new indictment.

The appeal was filed on Vickers’s behalf by attorney Benjamin L. Nelson of the Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo. Nelson said he believes the ruling will be upheld and that the case will have to be reindicted to move forward again.

According to Nelson, the decision to change the charges after testimony had concluded but before the jury began deliberations in the original trial was unfair to Vickers. Attorneys built a defense based on the charges the prosecution was trying to prove, not the charges that eventually were considered.

He pointed out that a “course of conduct” charge does not have to be particularly precise, but it does have to be recurring within a specific time frame. “The district attorney wanted to change them to a single offense, and it was allowed,” he said.

Nelson also noted that the ruling has no immediate effect on Vickers’s status.

“He still has a seven year sentence (from Genesee County,) and this has no effect on Niagara County,” Nelson said.

Judge Robert C. Noonan,  sentenced Vickers’ to 107 years in prison. By law, that sentence was converted to the maximum possible of 50 years in prison.

In a related case, Vickers's brother David Vickers was convicted in federal court of sexually abusing the same boys, plus one other.

Marion County man sentenced to 22.5 years for
sex abuse, child porn
Whitney M. Woodworth , Statesman Journal  

A Marion County man was sentenced to 22 years and six months in prison after he pleaded guilty to seven child pornography and sexual abuse charges.

Ronald Heigh, 50, was arrested by Silverton police in September on seven counts of encouraging child sexual abuse. He was later indicted by a Marion County jury on additional charges.

A warrant was issued for his arrest in September, and he was detained by Silverton police the next day, taken to Marion County jail and held on $120,000 bail.

His arrest came almost 18 months after Silverton police began investigating him, officials said. According to court records, agents with the Oregon Department of Justice were also involved in the investigation.

According to court records, Heigh was accused of sexually abusing and sodomizing a boy under the age of 12 between 2008 and 2009. He also allegedly sexually abused a girl under the age of 14 between 2011 and 2013.

Heigh pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree encouraging child sexual abuse, second-degree sodomy and three counts of first-degree sexual abuse. In his plea petition, he admitted to sexually abusing and assaulting two children as well as "duplicating at least three visual recordings of sexually explicit conduct involving a child and child abuse."

On Monday, Heigh was sentenced to 75 months each for the sexual abuse and sodomy charges and 45 months each for the child pornography charges. Some sentences will run concurrently, giving Heigh a total prison sentence of 22 years and six months. He will be required to register as a sex offender upon his release.

Butte man charged with child sex abuse
Mike Smith

A 61-year-old Butte man is being held with bond set at $75,000 after an 11-year-old girl told police she thought she was being secretly filmed while showering at a residence.

Police say they arrested Patrick William Shea on Wednesday after interviewing him and finding child pornography websites on his cell phone. He was formally charged and arraigned Wednesday on a felony count of sexual abuse of children and remained jailed Thursday pending bond.

The girl and her mother came to the station Tuesday and she told officers she believed she was being filmed in the shower of a residence. Police declined to name the residence while an investigation continues.

The allegations were given to a female detective with the Sexual Abuse of Children Task Force and officers obtained a warrant to get Shea’s cell phone. They found the web sites had been visited and sent the phone to the state crime lab for further analysis, police said.

Former Tate Football Coach, Sunday School Teacher Arrested For Child Sex Abuse

Warning, graphic details below

By Hayley Minogue and J.B. Biunno

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FL (WKRG) A former high school football coach and Sunday school teacher has been arrested for prolonged sexual abuse of multiple young boys.

Escambia County Sheriff’s deputies say Charlie Mabern Hamrick, 54, is charged with 36 counts of capital sexual assault on a victim under the age of 12, providing obscene material to minors, and lewd and lascivious behavior on victims under the age of 12 and victims ranging in age from 12 to 16.  

Hamrick is the former football coach at Tate High School and the director of a local boy’s group at a church in Cantonment.

According to the arrest report obtained by News 5, Hamrick is accused of engaging in sexual acts with young boys at his home — sometimes with his wife present — and on the boat at his beach house in Pensacola.

One victim, a boy 8 to 11 years-old at the time of the abuse, told deputies that Hamrick was his Sunday school teacher at Pine Forest United Methodist Church.  The boy was invited to Hamrick’s home to spend time with Hamrick’s children, who were around the same age as him.

When the two were alone, the victim alleges Hamrick would perform oral sex on him, and then he would perform the act on Hamrick in the living room or den.  The victim says Hamrick encouraged him to touch his genitals, sometimes under a blanket in the living room with Hamrick’s wife present.

The young victim says they would never talk during or after the sexual abuse. It allegedly happened about once a month for three to four years, from 1997 to 2000.

In one later incident, the victim was visiting Hamrick’s beach house in Pensacola with his mother. On Hamrick’s boat, the victim says Hamrick began touching his genitals. When the victim’s mother returned, she saw Hamrick’s hand down her son’s pants.  Hamrick was reportedly extremely apologetic, saying it only happened that one time.

Deputies say the mother went to Hamrick’s church and spoke to a pastor who ensured that Hamrick would never work with children again. However when the victim began hearing of more stories that Hamrick was sexually abusing young children, he came forward to police.  That happened on March 21, 2017, about 17 years after the alleged abuse took place.

Another victim stated that he would go to Hamrick’s home to go fishing and ride four-wheelers. When on the back of the four-wheelers and Hamrick in the driver’s seat, Hamrick allegedly pushed the boys hands downwards into his crotch.  Hamrick allegedly told the boy to grab his erect penis, saying it was the safest way to ride.  This story was corroborated by other victims who visited Hamrick on his property.

Other instances took place at Tate High School, Hamrick’s former place of employment.  Hamrick sought permission to show a group of young boys “educational videos” having to do with puberty. However, after showing the boys the educational video, he would play additional videos showing explicit sexual acts between men and women, and men masturbating.

Hamrick faces capital felonies that carry a possible sentence of life behind bars.

Man wanted for child sex abuse arrested after tip from Chicago authorities
By Ben Lockhart

A fugitive accused of aggravated sexual abuse of a child in Illinois was arrested Wednesday in Salt Lake, federal authorities said.

SALT LAKE CITY — A fugitive accused of aggravated sexual abuse of a child in Illinois was arrested Wednesday in Salt Lake, federal authorities said.

Ivan Michael Faunce, 38, was arrested hours after authorities in Chicago indicated he may be in Utah, said Derryl Spencer, U.S. Marshal supervisory deputy.

Following surveillance and other tracking efforts, Faunce was located near 1030 South and 4800 West, Spencer said. He said Faunce barricaded himself in an RV he had been staying in and threatened to fatally shoot himself at first, but was calmed down and arrested after 30 to 45 minutes of negotiation around 4:30 p.m.

Faunce was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail.

A gun was later recovered from the RV, Spencer said.

Faunce was wanted for aggravated sexual abuse of a child, according to Spencer. The details of that case were not clear Wednesday. He had been hired by a local farmer, who didn't know his background, for help on the property, Spencer said.

Salt Lake City, UT

Other possible victims step forward in hockey coach
child sex abuse case
By Matt Gray | For NJ.com 

WOODBURY -- Authorities say additional potential victims have come forward in the investigation of a youth hockey coach accused of sexually abusing kids.

Walter W. "Tracy" Ferinden, 55, of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, is accused of sexual contact involving three victims, including one in Gloucester County and two in Delaware.

Ferinden coached youth hockey and held skating clinics in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and Vermont during the 1990s and up until 2010.

He is charged with two second-degree counts of sexual contact involving a 12-year-old boy on various dates during the summer of 1994 in Deptford, the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office announced in a press conference on Friday.

Delaware authorities have charged Ferinden with nine counts of second-degree unlawful sexual contact with two minors there in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Other possible victims have come forward since a Friday press conference announcing the charges, prosecutor's office spokesman Bernie Weisenfeld confirmed Wednesday. He did not disclose how many had come forward or when and where the alleged crimes may have occurred.

"Interviews are pending and statutes have to be checked to determine whether cases can still be prosecuted," Weisenfeld said.

New Jersey no longer has a statute of limitations on sexual contact offenses, but the law changed in 1996 with a stipulation that any crime must have occurred within five years of that change. Therefore, crimes committed since (before???) 1991 would not be subject to a statute of limitations.

Investigators acknowledged last week that they were aware of at least one alleged incident involving Ferinden that occurred prior to 1991.

Delaware has no statute of limitations in these cases.

Ferinden was charged in Delaware last week and released after posting bail. He surrendered to Gloucester County authorities on Friday and was being held in Salem County Correctional Facility without bail pending a detention hearing.

Prosecutors sought to keep Ferinden in jail under "preventative detention," but Superior Court Judge M. Christine Allen-Jackson ruled Wednesday that he be released from jail and placed on home electronic monitoring. He is ordered to have no unsupervised contact with minors and to perform no coaching, according to the prosecutor's office.

In the New Jersey case, the victim played in a junior hockey league where Ferinden was a coach in Washington Township. The alleged crimes occurred in Ferinden's Deptford apartment.

In announcing the charges last week, officials said they believed there were other victims.

Another reason for a Congressional inquiry into child sex abuse. I'm quite sure Ferinden is not the only junior hockey coach who molested his players.

Anyone else with knowledge relevant to the investigation is asked to contact GCPO Detective Gregory Malesich at 856-384-5626 or New Castle County Police Detective Jen Escheman at (302) 395-2745 or via email at JCEscheman@nccde.org.

Woodbury, NJ

Oronogo Man To Stand Trial On Child Sex Abuse Charges

An Oronogo man will stand trial next month, accused of sexually abusing a young girl. 

26-year-old Maxwell Purvis has been charged with deviate sexual intercourse, stemming from an incident involving a 7-year-old girl earlier this year after she disclosed the information to investigators following an interview at the Children’s Center in Joplin. 

Purvis’ court date has been set for April 10th in Jasper County.

Oronogo, MO

Long Island foster father faces trial in sex abuse case

RIVERHEAD, Long Island -- A foster father who took in more than 100 troubled boys over 20 years is set to go on trial on charges he sexually abused eight of the children. In addition to the alleged abuse of the boys, prosecutors also said the man sexually abused a dog in front of a child.

The case against Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu sparked an investigation into New York's foster care system that found "abysmal" communication among the child welfare agencies involved. The suspect's lawyer disputes that any abuse took place at his client's suburban Long Island home. Opening arguments are scheduled to begin Wednesday.

Gonzales-Mugaburu, 60, of Ridge, New York, was arrested in January 2016, after authorities said two boys in his care reported alleged abuse to a caseworker. Prosecutors said that prompted a wider investigation, which led to additional charges involving other alleged victims. Gonzales-Mugaburu has pleaded not guilty to child endangerment, sexual misconduct and other charges, and remains jailed on $1 million bond.

Prosecutors said Gonzales-Mugaburu earned more than $1.5 million over two decades as a foster parent, caring for particularly troubled boys, which entitled him to a higher income than a traditional foster parent. He cared for as many as six to eight children at a time since at least 1996.

An 83-page report released by Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota last month outlined a remarkable series of failures that allowed Gonzales-Mugaburu to take in more than 100 children over 20 years, despite being the subject of 18 separate child abuse investigations. None of those investigations led to criminal charges.

The report said rules intended to protect the reputations of falsely accused foster parents were partly to blame. Substandard abuse investigations were another issue. But the biggest problem, the report said, was the simple failure of four governmental and one nonprofit child welfare agencies to share information.

Gonzales-Mugaburu's attorney, Donald Mates, said he disagreed with the findings in the report. There never was any reason for the agencies to fail to uncover abuse, because, he said, it never happened. Mates also said that at least some of the alleged victims have a financial reason to see Gonzales-Mugaburu convicted because they have filed lawsuits against an agency that placed them in his home.

A spokeswoman for SCO Family of Services, one of the state's largest foster home providers which placed dozens of children with Gonzales-Mugaburu, has said it never uncovered any evidence of abuse prior to his arrest.

SCO said since the scandal erupted, it has worked with the state, the Administration for Children's Services and Suffolk County "to diligently address each and every concern about the quality of care provided in this home."

Ridge, NY

Man charged in child sex abuse investigation

TORONTO — Police say they've charged a 42-year-old man in a child sexual abuse investigation.

Toronto police allege a 14-year-old boy met a man on a social media platform and that the boy believed, at the time, that the man was actually a boy his age.

They allege that the man sent the boy nude images over social media, met the boy in person and sexually assaulted him.

Investigators say officers searched a downtown Toronto home last week and arrested Najeeb Saad.

They say Saad is charged with two counts each of sexual interference and sexual assault, and one count of luring a child under the age of 16.

Police allege the accused used the online profiles of "AJ S", "AjSaad123", "asaad942" on the social media applications Grindr, Snapchat and Kik.

Winnipeg Man Charged After Live Stream of Sex Assault on 6-year-old in U.S.

Winnipegger directed man in U.S. 'to commit various sexual assaults,' police allege
By Donna Lee, CBC News

Winnipeg police say a 45-year-old man faces several charges in connection with a live stream of a child being sexually assaulted in the United States. (CBC)

A 45-year-old Winnipeg man faces child exploitation charges after police discovered a live stream of a six-year-old being sexually assaulted in the United States.

Winnipeg police said investigators with the internet child exploitation unit found a live stream had been established on a "popular instant messaging/live-streaming app" with a man in the U.S., who has yet to be identified.

The U.S. man was "directed to commit various sexual assaults against the child" by a person in Winnipeg, police allege.

The young victim, who also hasn't been identified, was in the U.S. man's care, police said.

"We know that … investigators here, and our counterparts in the U.S. who are actively working with Winnipeg police, have not been able to identify either … the suspect who's doing the assaults or the victim at this point in time," Winnipeg police Const. Rob Carver told reporters on Thursday.

"That is still ongoing, which is why we're still working with U.S. law enforcement, Homeland Security, to see if we can ultimately identify this child and locate them."

If this creep is convicted, Canada's 'justice' system will ensure that he gets a slap on the wrist and a semi-severe tongue-lashing. If the judge is in a bad mood, he might get a few months in jail then he can return to society and destroy lots more little girl's or baby's lives.

App not specified

Police would not specify what app was used in this case, but Carver said people are using popular programs to stream child sexual assaults live.

"The live streaming could be [with] FaceTime, it could be Skype, it could be any number of apps or facilities that allow that type of direct, live communication," Carver said.

Greg Alan Jamieson, 45, of Winnipeg was arrested on Monday and charged with making child pornography, sexual interference and agreeing to or arranging a sexual offence against a child for the purposes of child exploitation and making child pornography.

He already faces charges of possessing and making child pornography after investigators found child sexual abuse images, involving victims as young as eight months old, at a Winnipeg home in November 2016. He was detained at the time but later released on bail.

Police say the live stream appears to have taken place sometime before Jamieson's initial arrest in November, but investigators found out about it as they continued investigating after his arrest.

'On-demand sexual abuse'

Live streams of child sexual abuse are on the rise, said Signy Arnason of Cybertip.ca, a child exploitation tip line operated by the Winnipeg-based Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

Arnason said her organization alone received 50 reports of live streams in 2016-17 — up from 20 in 2015-16.

"It's a lens into the fact that this is shifting and moving, and this idea of on-demand sexual abuse is something that's happening among the offending community," she said.

"They connect within these different forums and chat rooms where individuals reinforce and collaborate and have their cognitive distortions around how this is all OK, and then they move over into Skype or some live streaming function where they can be potentially executing what was occurring to this six-year-old."

Both Arnason and Carver said child exploitation cases like this are more common than people may think.

"We know through the experience of the tip line, as well as the child exploitation units across this country, that we're seeing this happen at an alarming rate in relation to children," said Arnason.

"So we need the word to get out there that this is happening directly in our communities. It's not something way off there. It could be someone you know."

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Growing Evil of Russia's Worst Serial Killers and Rapists

3 Gruesome stories, not for the feint of heart.
Sin is progressive and it is never more obvious than in serial murderers and rapists.

How ex-cop accused of butchering 82 women compares to Russia’s most notorious serial killers

Andrei Chikatilo (L), Alexander Pichushkin (С), Mikhail Popkov (R). © Sputnik, © НТВ / YouTube

Mikhail Popkov was this week charged with 60 new murders, in addition to the 22 that have already resulted in convictions. A guilty verdict would make the former cop Russia’s most prolific serial killer, but in terms of relentless brutality, he has "rivals."

Andrei Chikatilo © Vladimir Vyatkin / Sputnik

Beyond the sheer number of victims, Andrei Chikatilo is undoubtedly Russia’s most notorious serial killer. The cat-and-mouse game between a grotesque and cunning killer and the thousands of men who tracked him for years — involving manhunts, traps, lucky escapes, and widespread coverage in the increasingly open Soviet media during Glasnost — was played, while the bodies of gruesomely mutilated victims piled up.

Chikatilo's victims. © Wikipedia

Born in 1936, Chikatilo suffered from an infernally deprived childhood that featured starvation, alleged cannibalism, beatings, and the possible rape of his mother during the Nazi occupation.

As an adult, the academically-gifted Chikatilo led a married life of employed mediocrity that eventually made it easier for him to hide, while harboring a burning resentment and constant sexual frustration. Working as a teacher unable to control his class — the theme of disrespect and bullying by his peers was a constant in the killer’s life story — Chikatilo could have first been stopped in the '70s when he made passes at several of his teenage students. Instead, the future mass murderer was quietly dismissed from a number of schools, easily finding employment each time.

While suspected of a still-unsolved murder of a 9-year-old girl in 1978, Chikatilo relentless murdering streak began in 1982 and did not stop until his arrest.

Chikatilo demonstrates to investigators how he carried out his murders © / Wikipedia

The killer would lure predominantly pre-teen boys and post-pubescent girls from bus stops, train stations, and other unassuming city locations by offering to help them with their bags or offering to show off his stamp collection.

He then walked them into the woods, attacked them, tied them up and stabbed them dozens of times. Unable to reach an erection from normal sexual activity, Chikatilo was wildly aroused from the struggle and pleas of his victims, and the mutilation of their dead bodies. As well as performing imitative sex acts with his knife, Chikatilo, often cut off the victims’ sex organs, bit off nipples, gouged out eyes, and stuffed body parts into the dead youths’ mouths.

The murders represented both a release and an apparent vengeful rage against his own sexual failures, particularly as several victims appeared to have laughed at Chikatilo’s inability to perform, shortly before their deaths.

The hallmarks made it easy to connect the killings and already by 1983 a massive coordinated operation to catch the killer was underway. Over the next several years, the net was cast wide —perhaps too much so, distracting the core investigators from their task — resulting in background checks and blood tests on more than 200,000 individuals, and a vast number of arrests. Investigators reported that they solved nearly 1,100 other unrelated crimes as a result, but the killer slipped through.

In September 1984, a drunk Chikatilo, who was on a business trip and acting suspiciously and making clumsy advances towards both sexes in Rostov, was arrested by a city police patrol. He had a knife, a length of rope and a jar of Vaseline in his briefcase, but was able to explain them away; more importantly, though, his blood type didn’t match that of the semen found at the crime scenes, in what was likely a sample contamination error.

Nonetheless, Chikatilo, an industrial buyer at the time, was arrested and imprisoned for petty theft, but let out after three months.

Chikatilo's booking photos © Vladimir Vyatkin / Sputnik

He killed 21 more people after his release, but after committing several murders in quick succession in the fall of 1990, Chikatilo emerged from a forest, covered in mud and the blood of his last victim, 22-year-old Svetlana Korostik, and was spotted by an officer on duty. Police began surveilling a man that had already featured in their extensive database, and on November 20, 1990, the killer was captured.

Chikatilo broke his silence quickly, and cooperated with police, giving precise locations of the murders he committed and describing his acts with characteristic self-loathing. 

Chikatilo is led to the courtroom © Sergei Kuznetsov / AFP

His trial that began in 1992 in an over-stuffed provincial courtroom — packed with jostling TV crews from around the world and relatives demanding vengeance — was not a dignified scene of justice.

Chikatilo, by then a celebrity monster, clowned around in what appeared to be a blatant imitation of madness at odds with his everyday personality, ranting, and blaming a harsh Soviet upbringing for his behavior, while also claiming that he had cleansed society of “undesirables.”

video 0:34

His death sentence was met with applause, and Andrei Chikatilo was executed on February 14, 1994.

Alexander Pichushkin © Alexey Panov / Sputnik

At first glance, a drab repetitiveness of the circumstances of Alexander Pichushkin’s crimes fails to elicit the dark fascination of more dramatic serial killers. But as you delve deeper, his routine, cold-blooded nature — for five years Pichushkin was allowed to murder one victim after another in a small patch of a popular Moscow park right next to his house entirely unpunished — creates a sense of everyday horror in a world that ignores death on its doorstep.

Pichushkin was born in 1974, the son of an alcoholic father, who abandoned the family when he was an infant. Many outsiders have cited an incident when he was four — he fell off a swing and sustained a brain injury, necessitating a stay at a specialized boarding school that he found traumatic — as an explanation for his crimes.

His earliest murder — which he described at his trial as “like the first time you fall in love,” — happened in 1992 when he was still in college.

Pichushkin recruited another teen, Mikhail Odiychuk, to form a double team of serial killers, and took him into Bitsa Park to search for their first victim. Before they set off, Pichushkin said he realized that Odiychuk was having second thoughts, and asked him to write a suicide note, “as a joke.”

Once in the woods, Odiychuk seemed anxious to leave and handed his fellow student the rope he had brought himself. Pichushkin threw the rope over his neck, and suffocated his victim, breaking his backbone, before throwing him down a manhole. He then went home and burned his clothes.

This was the only time Pichushkin was questioned by the police until he was finally caught fourteen years later. Odiychuk’s body was never found and his death ruled a suicide.

Despite having worked out a location, and a method of disposal, there was a nine-year pause, in which Pichushkin became a loader, and later a shelf stacker, at a large supermarket nearby.

It ended abruptly, though, and without obvious external cause, with Pichushkin simply saying that he “was in a mood to kill someone that day.” He did as he planned, but didn't stop there and over the next 11 weeks claimed 8 more lives. All of the victims were men, most of them middle-aged, or retired, and homeless or alcoholics.

Bitsa Park © A.Savin / Wikipedia

Despite otherwise being a frequent drinker, Pichushkin exercised regularly while killing. He was always sober as he baited his victims with the offer of vodka in a secluded spot in the park, though in reality, only yards away from popular footpaths.

There, he would wait for his victims to become intoxicated, before picking out a lull in the conversation to strike them with a hammer on their heads. At first, multiple blows were needed, but the police said that by the time of his arrest, Pichushkin could kill his victim with one or two blows. Their bodies, sometimes as they struggled, were then dragged and dropped into the flowing sewage canals.

Many of the murders took place near public footpaths © Yandex map

Describing his crimes in court in great detail, Pichushkin only expressed remorse at his sloppy execution, or the lack of excitement if his victims did not resist sufficiently, or the difficulty of getting their bodies to fall down the hole, which occasionally necessitated the killer climbing down into the shaft himself.

Asked about his motivation, Pichushkin reveled in the thrill of the process of setting up the trap for his victims, watching their futile struggles, and finally their helpless, drifting bodies.

video 4:03

He described himself as a "hunter" and the “King of the Forest.” But on a deeper level, Pichuskin, somewhat of a courtroom philosopher, said that he relished the power to decide the fate of his victim. “I liked to listen to their dreams, desires, and plans… Because I already knew that none of them would ever come true,” he told the judge.

But despite calling himself “a professional,” three of Pichushkin’s victims survived, the first who would have been his twelfth victim. Maria Viricheva, a 19-year-old woman managed to escape from a different canal exit, after spending more than an hour in the water. Later, a 14-year-old glue-sniffing orphanage boy did the same. Neither were believed by the police. A third victim suffered from amnesia despite surviving and failed to identify his killer despite passing him in the street.

The close escapes prompted short pauses, but in the long run Pichushkin began to feel invincible. He started killing his colleagues from the supermarket where he worked. When police eventually sealed the manholes, he simply left their bodies out, after putting sticks or vodka bottles into holes in their skulls to make sure that they were dead.

The chessboard found in Pichushkin's house © Russian Interior Ministry Museum

In a trademark that would eventually get him branded the Chessboard Killer – though he actually preferred checkers – with each kill Pichushkin stuck numbered cards onto the squares of a folding board, keeping mementos, such as bottle caps, inside.

His last murder was so cavalier, it is impossible to conclude that Pichushkin didn’t want to get caught. The killer invited Marina Moskaleva, a 36-year-old woman he worked with, on a date in the woods, knowing that she wrote down his name and home number and left it with his son before setting off.

Only then was he caught. Pichushkin was convicted of killing 49 people but insists the true toll is 61. Initially, the mass killer said he merely wanted to outdo his idol Chikatilo and fill up all the squares on his board, but later admitted that he “never would have stopped, so those who put him up behind bars saved a lot of lives.”

Mikhail Popkov © / Wikipedia

Most serial killers lose control or get caught within a few years, but Mikhail Popkov was able to operate unhindered for two decades. This was not only due to his evasiveness, but also the slow response of the police, notwithstanding that the killer himself was wearing a uniform.

Beyond requisite rumors of a violent childhood, the media has latched onto a betrayal as the origin of his killings — an occasion when Popkov, returning from work to his young wife, found a used condom in his bin, thus losing his trust in women, and venting his anger on others.

But evidence of his virgin-whore complex and mistrust of the opposite sex emerged much earlier. Friends said that almost from the date of his wedding in 1986, he spoke of wanting to surveil his wife and flew off the handle at the mention of “promiscuous” women.

While he killed his first victim in 1992, when he was still a fireman, Popkov’s modus operandi matured when he was re-hired for a second stint as a police sergeant in 1994.

Popkov would cruise the streets of the provincial Siberian city of Angarsk, or linger outside drinking establishments, dressed in his uniform, inviting lone, drunk women into his car where they would consume alcohol. He would then rape and mutilate them with sharp or blunt handheld weapons, and dump their bodies in a forest.

Popkov's victims © Russian Interior Ministry Museum

In his confessions, Popkov called himself, 'The Cleaner,' and his victims,"fallen women.”

His brazenness was astounding. Popkov often picked up women while actually on shift, showed his face in shops together with the future victim, used confiscated weapons for the murders while returning to the scene of his crimes hours later with investigators.

© Irkutsk region police

The killer’s clean-cut image, average demeanor, and outwardly stable home life helped to shield him from suspicion, but don't explain everything. Despite rumors of a serial killer circulating through Angarsk throughout the '90s, and possibly unwilling to involve federal investigators, local police refused to unify the murders into a single case, instead, writing them off as ubiquitous moll killings in a territorial war that had been raging in the city. There had been witnesses and survivors, but their evidence was ignored.

When the murders became too noticeable to overlook, and an outside team was dispatched in 2002, they found that crime site analysis had been sloppy. While investigating the killer over the next seven years — while also battling gang violence — the head of the team said that local officers were suspicious and uncooperative; sometimes more concerned with playing office politics than finding the killer. Popkov had by that time abruptly retired from the force, despite being promoted to lieutenant.

Although Popkov had been interviewed about the murders earlier —his wife provided an alibi, despite forensic evidence — it was DNA analysis that finally exposed the killer. Police narrowed down the suspects to 600. Popkov came in and was forced to supply a saliva sample, and realizing that he was going to be caught, reportedly attempted to flee to China by train, when he was arrested.

Popkov's family, who have now changed names and moved cities © YouTube

His wife and daughter went on prime-time TV to declare that they had no suspicions whatsoever about Mikhail.

video 3:26

In January 2015, Popkov was convicted of killing 22 people, and sentenced to life in jail. He now faces charges of 60 more murders which he has confessed to. As Popkov traveled widely, delivering second-hand cars from Vladivostok to Angarsk and other cities, the true death toll may be higher, and will most likely never be known.

Canada's 'Minimum Sentencing' Policy Fails to Consider Victim

B.C. man pleads guilty in brutal attack of 16-year-old girl 

A man is awaiting his sentence and his partner is facing trial over an extremely violent attack on a 16-year-old Surrey girl.
CTVNews.ca Staff 

WARNING: Details included in this story may be disturbing to some readers.

A British Columbia man has pleaded guilty to several charges in the case of a 16-year-old girl who was tied up, beaten and sexually assaulted during a two-day ordeal in 2014.

Details of the violent and disturbing attack were revealed during a sentencing hearing for Paul Schipfel in a Surrey, B.C. courtroom on Tuesday.

Paul Schipfel pleaded guilty to a string of charges linked to crimes committed in November 2014.

Court heard that the teenage victim met Schipfel through a mutual acquaintance and was lured with the promise of a cleaning job.

The girl was taken to a vacant property, where she was tied up, gagged, threatened with death and sexually assaulted, the Crown said.

The Crown alleges that Schipfel’s common-law wife, Grace Davies, participated in the attack. Davies is being tried separately and none of the allegations against her have been proven in court.

The Crown alleges the teenage victim was told to call her attackers "master" and "mistress," or "mommy" and "daddy.” Prosecutors also allege the victim was told that she was the couple’s anniversary gift to one another.

After the girl was assaulted at the vacant property, she was taken to the couple’s residence in Surrey, where the Crown alleges that the torture and sexual assaults continued.

Prosecutors also allege the victim was injected with a drug and photographed. The court heard Schipfel was high on crystal meth while the crimes took place.

Hospital workers documented a total of 56 injuries on the victim’s body, the court heard. More than two years later, she still suffers nightmares, flashbacks and severe anxiety.

In seeking a 10-year sentence, the defence told court that Schipfel is genuinely remorseful for his actions. The Crown is seeking a 15-year sentence, less time served.

You get double for time served, if I am not mistaken, which means a 15 year sentence will see him back on the streets in 10 years. The poor girl will still be having nightmares and worse should she ever run into him. He should get a year for every injury inflicted on her body. 

The judge is expected to deliver the sentence in May.

Judge, please consider the victim! She will not be ready to encounter him in 10 years. The trauma of rape is magnified exponentially when coupled with violence and pain. There's a good chance this girl will never function normally in society the rest of her life. I pray otherwise, but...

Mexican Judge Makes Bizarre Ruling in Rape Case

I'm not suggesting there was corruption just because the defendants were wealthy, but maybe authorities should take a quick look at the judge's bank accounts, just for fun.

Mexican judge dismisses rape charges because defendant didn’t ‘satisfy a sexual desire’
By Mark Stevenson The Associated Press

Veracruz, Mexico

MEXICO CITY – Prosecutors in southern Mexico say they are appealing a court ruling that dismissed pederasty charges against a suspect because there was no proof he acted “with lascivious intent.”

The ruling shocked many in Mexico, where the case already had become emblematic of the impunity often enjoyed by wealthy males.

The 17-year-old victim testified she was dragged into a car between two young men, one of whom fondled her breasts and one introduced his fingers into her vagina.

The judge granted the youth an injunction to dismiss the case because “an incidental touching or fondling will not be considered sexual acts, if proof is not presented that it was done to satisfy a sexual desire.”

Uh, say what? How the heck are you supposed to do that? Isn't that putting the burden of proof on the victim?

Judge Anuar Gonzalez Hemadi also ruled the fact the victim was able to move to the front seat of the car after pleading with her attackers to stop proved she was not “defenceless,” as he claimed the law required.

The prosecutors’ office in the Gulf coast city of Veracruz said it “roundly” disagreed with the ruling and would appeal it, because “it violates the rights of a sexual attack victim.” Mexico’s Federal Judiciary Council said that in serious cases such as this, the defendant would remain in jail while the appeal is decided.

The council, the country’s court oversight agency, may also decide to investigate the judge’s action in the case.

The alleged sexual assault occurred in Veracruz in January 2015. The then 17-year-old victim was standing outside a club with friends waiting for her ride when four men, all wealthy and in their 20s, allegedly forced her into a black Mercedes. Two allegedly assaulted her in the car and when they arrived at one of their homes, she allegedly was raped by a third.

No charges were brought against the men until the girl’s father started a public campaign denouncing them. They became known derisively through social media as “Los Porkys,” after the 1981 movie about misbehaving U.S. teens in the 1950s.

The Network for Children’s Rights in Mexico said the ruling was “absurd” and called on Veracruz state to investigate the judge.

“This ruling represents a serious step backward in the access to justice for girls and adolescent women who are victims of sexual violence, and set a precedent for impunity,” the group said in a statement.

People outraged by the ruling posted photos of Judge Gonzalez Hemadi on social media sites, with the slogan “Judge Porky” and “Don’t forget this face!”

Social and traditional media played a key role in getting the defendants charged in the first place.

After authorities appeared to ignore the case for months, her father took the story to the press in 2015, along with a video of three of the men appearing to confess. The men have since denied wrongdoing.

Weeks of social media outrage over apparent impunity for the wealthy young men followed by daily reporting in Mexico’s national television and print news outlets appeared to finally force the state to bring charges.

Many complained about the judicial logic of the new ruling.

“(The victim) was not defenceless, given that she had the possibility of changing places (in the car) and thus avoiding the contact with the suspect,” the judge ruled, despite the fact the victim said she had been pushed, had her cellphone taken away and said the perpetrators only laughed when she pleaded with them to stop.

“There is no evidence of a look, a comment, an intent or a suggestion in the testimony that would prove an intention by the suspect to satisfy a carnal desire or excessive (sexual) appetite or eroticism,” the judge wrote.