Everyday thousands of children are being sexually abused. You can stop the abuse of at least one child by simply praying. You can possibly stop the abuse of thousands of children by forwarding the link in First Time Visitor? by email, Twitter or Facebook to every Christian you know. Save a child or lots of children!!!! Do Something, please!

3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
Give Thanks. There is more to this prayer here

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Pakistanis Groom 13 y/o with Drugs & Food Then Sell Her for Sex

Pizza takeaway staff groomed 13-year-old girl with cocaine and free food then sold her to others for sex

Mohammad Rostami, 37, and Mehdi Zare, 32, groomed the 13-year-old with food and friendship before sexually exploiting her for drugs and money

Mohammad Rostami sentenced to 21 years (Photo: Eastnews Press Agency)

Pizza takeaway staff groomed a 13-year-old girl with free food and got her hooked on cocaine before selling her to other men for sex.

Mohammad Rostami, 37, lure the teenager into beginning a sexual relationship with him after they met in a pizza shop in Chelmsford, Essex, before farming her out to other abusers.

After his interest in her fizzled out, she was exploited by Mehdi Zare, 32, who arranged for her to have sex with others in return for drugs and money.

Their crimes came to light after the victim, now a young woman, contacted Essex Police in April 2014 to report she had been abused when she was 13 or 14.

After seeing her abusers jailed today, she told how they had left her feeling "dirty and disgusting" and said she now struggled to trust people.

Mehdi Zare who was jailed for 12 years (Photo: Eastnews Press Agency)

Rostami, formerly of Shoeburyness, Essex was found guilty of causing or inciting sexual exploitation of a child aged under 18, two counts of sexual activity with a child aged under 16 and three counts of supplying cocaine, cannabis and mephedrone.

A jury failed to reach a verdict on a count of rape.

He was jailed for 21 years today at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Zare, 32, a pizza deliveryman from Chelmsford, was found guilty of arranging or facilitating sexual exploitation of a child, sexual activity with a child, and three counts of supplying cocaine, cannabis and mephedrone.

He had been cleared of two counts of sexual activity with a child.

He was jailed for 12 years.

The squalid room above CM Pizza, where two of the men worked, where the girl was abused (Photo: Eastnews Press Agency)

Police found Rostami had been supplying methadrone (Photo: Eastnews Press Agency)

Amin Kaveh, 35, who shared a home with Rostami, also stood trial and was found guilty of supplying a controlled class B drug to the same victim.

He was cleared of assault by penetration, three counts of rape as well and one count of causing or inciting prostitution for gain, which related to another woman.

Speaking after the case concluded, the brave victim said: "I finally feel free.

"I have spent the last few years thinking they wouldn't pay for what they have done to me and others. I never thought anyone would believe me. I now feel a huge weight has been finally lifted from my shoulders.

"What happened has affected me in so many ways, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

"I have been on self-destruct mode most of my life. I felt dirty and disgusting, like I did something wrong, and still do.

"I have lost friends and I nearly lost my relationship with my family. I lost relationships as I found it hard to trust not just men but anyone.

"But I am learning day by day that I can't let them beat me. I have now moved away and started afresh and am just getting on with my life the best I can, with the love and support from my amazing boyfriend and my family.”

CM Pizza in Chelmsford, now closed, where the men worked when they targeted the girls (Photo: Eastnews Press Agency)

The convictions follow a linked investigation into mephedrone dealing.

Essex Police carried out searches of three addresses in Braintree, Shoeburyness and Chelmsford on April 17, 2015.

They seized mephedrone with a street value of around £10,000 from Rostami and Kaveh's flat in Shoeburyness.

Drug bags, the mixing agent monosodium glutamate, and mobile phones linked to dealing were also found at all three addresses.

Amin Kaveh was jailed for 10 years (Photo: Essex Police)

Detective Superintendent Mark Hall said: "Rostami and Zare took advantage of a troubled young girl and exploited her vulnerability.

"Rostami groomed her first with friendship and free food, which quickly degenerated into getting her hooked on drugs and luring her into sex.

"She believed they were in a loving relationship but he farmed her out to other men and used her addiction to drugs as a way of controlling her.

"When he lost interest, Mehdi Zare stepped to take over from where Rostami left off.

"What this young girl endured is beyond comprehension. She has been extremely courageous in coming forward and I pay tribute to her.”

The three men were sentenced at Chelmsford Crown Court (Photo: Eastnews Press Agency)

The victim, who cannot be named, called for anyone suffering abuse to report it.

"If someone is trying to make you do something you either don't want to do or you know is wrong, then please speak to someone as soon as you can," she said.

"You should never be made uncomfortable and made to do anything you don't want to. You can talk to the police, a school teacher or someone that you trust, but please do not allow what happened to me happen to you.

"There are people out there that can help you. You will be believed.

"There are bad people in the world and things do happen. People need to be more aware what is going on around them, and if someone suspects that someone is being exploited in any way then please talk to someone."

Shoeburyness, UK

Ontario Rapist/Child Rapist Escapes Custody

Brantford rapist escapes Kingston facility

David Maracle, 51, convicted rapist and long-term offender (Kingston Police)

CBC News 

Police are searching for convicted rapist David Maracle. 

A Brantford, Ont., man who raped a 14-year-old schoolgirl in the late 1990s has escaped from a Kingston correctional facility, police warn.

David Maracle, 51, ran off from the Henry Trail Community Correctional Facility Sunday evening, police say.

"He is a dangerous individual, but we don't believe he is out specifically targeting anyone at this point," said Const. Cameron Mack, a spokesman for Kingston Police.

Maracle is a convicted rapist, who was jailed after sexually assaulting a woman in 1987, as well, Maracle was serving time for a 1997 repeated rape of a 14-year-old girl in Brantford, ON, and on the Six Nations reserve.

He was declared a long-term offender in Hamilton Superior Court in 2009.

Maracle is described as a First Nations man, five feet 10 inches tall, about 200 pounds, with short, dark hair.

He was last seen wearing green and grey cargo pants, a white T-shirt, and a dark jacket and sweater.

Authorities said Maracle completed his sentence on Oct. 22, 2015 but was under a Long-Term Supervision Order (LTSO) which ensures potentially high-risk offenders are supervised for up to 10 years after a sentence expires.

The correctional centre Maracle was staying at is a federally operated community-based facility that provides a structured living environment with 24-hour supervision programs.

"Kingston Police and OPP are making a combined effort to locate Maracle, but in the meantime are asking that members of the public remain vigilant," Kingston police said in a media alert.

"If you observe anyone who matches the above description and/or appears to be suspicious, please call 911."

Six Nations, Kingston top right

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Detectives Investigate 262 Historical Child Sex Abuse Cases in One Year

West Midlands Police set up a specialist team to catch paedophiles like 101-year-old Ralph Clarke

A specialist team of detectives has investigated more than 260 cases of historical sex attacks against children in just 12 months

The dedicated unit at West Midlands Police was created in December 2015 to track down evil paedophiles who have escaped justice for decades.

Ralph Clarke, aged 101
And so far the teams has secured sentences of more than 70 years from 11 cases including against 101-year-old Ralph Clarke - became the country’s oldest ever criminal.

The unit was formed following the Jimmy Saville scandal, which sparked a huge surge in historic abuse allegations.

Clarke became the oldest person in UK legal history to be convicted of a criminal offence last month. He was handed a 13-year jail term after convictions for sex attacks against children in the 1970s and 1980s

Detective Constable Emma Fennon, a member of the team who helped bring Clarke to justice, described him as one of the worst offenders she had ever interviewed, calling him “utterly remorseless.”

Detective Sergeant Ruth Boddy said the workload her officers faced in dealing with people like Clarke was “increasing not diminishing.”

The Historical Sexual Offences team led by Acting Dectective Sergeant Ruth Boddy.

The reporting of historical sex offences in the West Midlands rose by 25 per cent in 2016 compared to the previous 12 months. The cases now account for around a third of all serious adult sex crimes investigated by the force.

DS Boddy said each team member was looking at between 20 and 30 cases at any one time and had to rely on old fashioned detective skills to build a up a picture of a specific point in time.

“We have to look back at social service records, medical records, school records, employment documents and anything that can give us a bit of a clue about what was going on in that person’s life at the time,” she said.

She added: “We have to be a little bit more inventive and we have to look at information that would perhaps not be as relevant in live cases. We are also obviously less likely to be using CCTV or forensics in the same ways that we would with live cases,”

DS Boddy said the team was launched in the wake of the Jimmy Saville scandal, but also because there was a recognition from police chiefs that historic cases were complex and time-consuming.

Jimmy Savile
She added: “There was a recognition of the increase in reporting, probably from the Jimmy Saville effect, and a recognition that we needed to deal with these reports differently to how we had dealt with them in the past.

“As well as a better service to victims it allows our colleagues to focus on live offences. We find that one person comes forwards and then other victims follow. That is part of the reason these investigations take a lot longer.

“The satisfaction is knowing that we are providing a better service than before. The fact they come forward to speak to us also means we can refer them on to other professionals to get help and support."

She said: “We are investigating well over 20 reports each. Some are doing up to 30, so it’s very demanding.

“The team are so enthusiastic and passionate about what they are doing. Everyone really believes in what they do.

“Because we are a specialist team we do have the time that perhaps we didn’t have before the team was set up. We can spend time with victims.”

As well as the Jimmy Saville effect DS Boddy said victims come forward because of media reports and even because of soap storylines.

“People come forward for all sorts of different reasons. We have had some cases involving football recently because of the publicity around that,” she said.

“People say they have seen something on the news, and in other cases it may be a storyline on a programme like Coronation Street.

“Sometimes it’s just out of the blue, when people decide they have had enough of living with this they want to do something about it.”

DS Boddy said almost all of the offenders successfully prosecuted have denied the accusations at police interview.

She added: “The suspects almost always deny the offences. Some admit the offences, but they are few and far between.

“Because it has been so long they deny it and some seem to have justified the offending to themselves over the years.

“Either in their head they have not done anything wrong, or it’s something they are in complete denial about it and will never admit to another living person.”

But DS Boddy said it was “satisfying to finally get justice” for the victims.

She added: “It’s just brilliant when we do secure a conviction. Quite often it’s the first time the victim has spoken in detail about what happened to them.

“It’s really satisfying that people who have got away with these crimes for so long are finally facing justice for what they have done.

“A lot of people are scared to report offences because they have not been believed in the past when they have come forward. I think it’s important for them to know there is a specialist team here who deal with historic offences.

“I want to reassure people that we take all reports seriously.

“No-one should suffer in silence and I’d urge anyone who’s experienced abuse or sexual offences, no matter how long ago, to get in touch.”

To contact the Historical Sex Offences unit call West Midlands Police’s Public Protection Unit at Perry Barr police station on the 101 number.

Historical sex abuse cases in numbers:

- Between June and December 2016 the team secured prison sentences totalling more than 70 years

- There are 155 live cases ongoing

- There has been 262 cases investigated since the team formed

- Each officer is looking at an average of between 20 and 30 cases

- The team has had 11 cases at court already, with 11 more lined up in coming months

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Investigation into Ted Heath's Alleged Child Sex Abuse Began in Canada

Investigation into satanic child sex abuse involving dead U.K. prime minister began in Edmonton with hypnosis
Joseph Brean, National Post

Edward Heath, late Prime Minister of Britain, Keystone/Getty Images

The investigation into Edward Heath's alleged sex abuse of children began in Edmonton, Canada.

A controversial police investigation into suspected sex abuse of children by the late British prime minister Edward Heath, with related claims of Satanic rituals and murders, originated in Edmonton in 1989, when a Canadian psychologist hypnotized a woman and helped her “recover” suppressed memories, according to a confidential police consultant report obtained by the National Post.

Cheryl Malmo, an Edmonton psychologist who retired in 2016, hypnotized a woman to treat her for depression, which she suspected was related to abuse from her childhood in Wiltshire, England, according to the report. What followed was a litany of horrific tales, seeping slowly from the woman’s memory, growing in lurid detail over time, “guided and influenced” by Malmo’s hypnotherapy, according to the consultant criminologist.

Dr. Cheryl Malmo worked as a psychologist who specialized in helping people heal from traumatic experiences.  Edmonton Journal
The sister's stories

They include stories of helping her mother kidnap a boy, who was raped by her father on a church altar, then suspended from a rope, as the woman’s mother cut his penis with a knife and drained his blood into a gleaming metal bucket. After apparently suppressing these memories all her adult life, the woman, then in her late 40s, told stories of rape, candlelit black magic rituals, cannibalism, child murder and bestiality — stories that were initially about her parents, but in time grew to include one of the most powerful men in the world.

“It is quite possible that childhood sexual abuse did indeed take place,” the expert report concludes. “However, many of the so-called retrieved memories seem to me most likely to fit False Memory Recall of the type associated with the Satanic Ritual Abuse scandal of the 1980s. Some of the extreme ritual abuse and ritual murder scenes, in particular, strike me as crossing the boundary into flights of fancy.”

The report recommends “no charges are brought in cases where evidence relies solely or mainly on the recovery of alleged memories under psychotherapy, especially where hypnosis is employed.” It is also skeptical of evidence from the woman’s sisters, three of whom eventually made similar claims of serial rape by their parents and others, including Heath, which the report says are clearly influenced by each other. Another of those sisters had also moved to Canada.

I now believe that both of my parents were
practising members of the Occult

“I think there’s definite cross-contamination,” said the report’s author, Rachel Hoskins, in an interview. Whether this was honest confabulation, or dishonest fabrication, the memories are not backed up by corresponding official records, such as police investigations or missing person reports, Hoskins said.

Her report has thrown a wrench into a sprawling police investigation that so far, 28 years after it started, has not resulted in any criminal charges.

The Edmonton woman’s allegations were first brought to police back when they were recovered in 1989, but they were focused on the sisters’ parents, not Heath, and no charges resulted. One sister returned to police a few months later, to say more memories had arisen. “I now believe that both of my parents were practising members of the Occult,” she reported.

Heath on his yacht Peter Cade/Central Press/Getty Images

The case was resurrected only in the last year or so, with the added detail of Heath’s alleged participation in some of the abuse, but not the Satanic rituals. One sister told police she had seen his face on the news and “trusted my gut.” This crucial recollection came at a time when the police response to historical sexual abuse claims about public figures was in dramatic flux, in Britain especially.

Jimmy Savile, for example, a beloved British television performer, had been posthumously revealed as a pedophilic monster with more than 500 victims. The resulting panic led to a police investigation that took down big names — Gary Glitter, Dave Lee Travis, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris. But several widely publicized arrests of high-profile men were not followed by prosecution, such as pop star Cliff Richard. In one case, a former MP died without learning that police cleared his name months earlier. Other prominent politicians, including a former defence chief, may deserve compensation for false accusations about pedophile rings, according to the head of the Metropolitan Police.

Much of the VIP pedophile/murder ring investigation was based on the testimony of one man. No other witnesses were found to corroborate his extraordinary claims of child rape and murder. Met Police showed very poor judgement in allowing news of their investigation into the press, but, I assume, they were hoping others would come forward to corroborate the claims. No-one did, apparently.

That's not to say that VIP pedophile/murder rings don't or didn't exist. You have only to read my most-read blog post The Great Belgium Pedophile/Torture/Murder Scandal or the more recent post  Belgian Aristocratic Paedophile Ring - Boys & Girls Raped, Tortured & Murdered to know it exists, or existed in Belgium for decades, at least. Also, you can read the disturbing story of Demi and Nirvana with accusations of pedophile/murder/Satanic rings involving the once Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice, Joris Demmink.

These investigations changed the national tone in Britain, and prompted fears that the woefully belated legal response to child sex abuse was morphing into a witch hunt. Even Robert Buckland, Britain’s Solicitor-General, has privately raised concerns with Wiltshire’s police commissioner about an expensive “fishing expedition,” according to the Sunday Times.

In this context, Heath is a big fish, but he died in 2005, so any criminal charges would be against others. He served as Conservative prime minister in the early 1970s, and his term is remembered largely for economic turmoil, labour unrest, and strife in Northern Ireland. He is mentioned scornfully in the Beatles’ song Taxman, in the backing vocals “Haha, Mr. Wilson, Haha Mr. Heath.” (Harold Wilson, Heath’s Labour Party rival, was prime minister both before and after him.)

Hoskins, the author of the report, is a registered expert criminologist for the U.K. National Crime Agency, and a specialist in faith-based violence such as witchcraft, paganism and Satanism. Hired by police to explain this arcane subculture, she was given access to diaries, police statements, and interview transcripts, mainly about the sisters.

Edward Heath in 1971  AFP/Central Press

Their father worked at Wilton Barracks, an army facility that was closed in 2010. It was used by the United States Army in World War II, and became a strategic command centre for British forces afterwards. Many of the sisters’ allegations involve being forced into sexual abuse in the barracks by military men, some of whom are likely still living.

Wilton Barracks is in Wiltshire, near Stonehenge, and the image of neo-Pagan ritual plays largely in the controversy. Heath had a home nearby in Salisbury, where police held a press conference to solicit complainants.

This is not a ‘fishing trip or ‘witch hunt’

Malmo, a psychologist focused on childhood trauma and sexual violence, has been a court-recognized expert witness in Canada on cases about, for example, post-traumatic stress disorder. She was also profiled in the documentary When The Devil Knocks, about a woman whose dissociative identity disorder seemed to stem from childhood abuse, and left her with more than 30 distinct personalities, each unknown to the other. Malmo treated each as a distinct patient.

AFP/Central Press

Reached by email, Malmo said she could not discuss patient matters, nor confirm the identity of a patient. About Hoskins’ report, she wrote: “these false memory claims she seems intent on were disposed of in North America years ago by solid research and sound critique by many experts. It appears that just as the issue of child sexual abuse did not arise in Europe (except perhaps in the Netherlands) until decades after it was recognized in North America, the lack of substantiation of so-called false memories and the critiques of this position are slow to reach some professionals (this particular criminologist).”

Malmo said her own records are destroyed after 10 years.

“Whilst it is quite likely that a prolific pedophile would serially abuse all his daughters, the sequence by which the sisters retrieved their memories cannot be considered investigatively pure,” Hoskins concludes in her 150-page report.

How often, I wonder, do you find 'investigatively pure' evidence? Repressed memories, as the girls had because of the seriousness of their abuse, would have been difficult to retrieve. Repressed memories return, at least in part, suddenly, triggered by an event, a scene, a smell, etc., but parts of those memories may take years to come forth. The more one sister would talk about it, the more likely the other sisters would retrieve bits and pieces of the horror they suffered and buried for so long. To expect the sisters to recover repressed memories independently of each other is completely unrealistic.

Wiltshire Police have taken unusual steps to rebut Hoskins’ report, calling its leak “a significant breach of confidentiality and trust,” and threatening unspecified “pro-active action” in response.

“pro-active action” that sounds really serious!

Chief Constable Mike Veale said he was “duty bound” to investigate Heath, and is “very concerned and profoundly disappointed” about speculation that he is leading a witch hunt, which he fears could undermine confidence in police, or threaten any future prosecutions.

“This is not a ‘fishing trip or ‘witch hunt,'” he said. There are many allegations about a “significant number” of people, and the specific allegations about Satanism do not relate to Heath himself, he said. Rather, according to Hoskins’ report, two of the sisters report memories of Heath participating in their rapes, recalling him shirtless, with a “grotesque” face and “an element of cruelty.”

“If the force had received allegations of non-recent child abuse against a former prime minister and done nothing, what would the reaction have been?” Veale said.

Eddie Long And The Black Church’s Legacy Of Child Sexual Abuse

This is a highly provocative article by a survivor of child sex abuse that I hesitated, briefly, to post. It appears to be critical of the Bible, but, in fact is critical of the misuse of the Bible. It also points out how a preacher can command the love and devotion of his congregation as he is fleecing them and raping their children. 

Christians come under a lot of criticism for being blind and stupidly following what they are taught. It is because of churches like Eddie Long's that we deserve that criticism. Jesus never taught us to help ourselves to money or child abuse as, I'm sure, Eddie Long has already come to realize in his new home.

This article is specifically written for black churches but is certainly relevant to churches of any color.

The same Bible that is used against women, LGBTQ individuals and other marginalized identities is simultaneously used to shame survivors and privilege harm-doers

Written By Ahmad Greene-Hayes

On Sunday, January 15, Bishop Eddie Long passed away. Long was the prominent Atlanta pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, which at its height, boasted a congregation of over 25,000. A man of many controversies, Long had been closely scrutinized by the United States Senate for potentially profiting off of his church’s tax-exempt status.

He also came under fire for his homo-antagonistic sermons and his book, Deliver Me From Adam, in which he cloaks homophobia, misogyny and patriarchy in the lexicon of self-help. Long’s quest to cast out the spirit of homosexuality, however, did not stop there. Some have argued that he fathered and pastored a homophobic theological legacy at New Birth. In 2005, for example, he hosted his infamous “Sexual Orientation and Reorientation Conference” to convert LGBTQ Christians into heterosexuals.

Note: The author here unfortunately believes that gays are born gay and cannot be changed. Please read this article on my other blog if you also believe this.

Bishop Eddie Long Discusses Sex Scandal Allegations  Source: Pool / Getty

Just five years later, in 2010, Long was accused of sexually abusing four young men—Anthony Flagg, Spencer LeGrande, Jamal Parris and Maurice Robinson, who were teenagers at the time of their accusations. Like most predators, Long allegedly “groomed” these teenage boys into nonconsensual sexual activity. As noted on child rape survivor Oprah Winfrey’s website, grooming includes targeting vulnerable victims, gaining the victim’s trust, filling a need or void, isolating the child, sexualizing the relationship and maintaining control. Long was said to have used his prosperity gospel-accrued wealth to lavish Flagg, LeGrande, Parris and Robinson with private planes, expensive jewelry and luxury hotel rooms. According to the lawsuits brought by the young men, he then exploited his identity as a pastor and spiritual leader to add God’s blessing on his sexually perverse behaviors.

If you are far from God, as Long appears to have been, you cannot invoke God's blessing. You can pretend to, but there will be no real blessing. The lawsuits were settled out of court for undisclosed amounts. 

Yet Long’s members stood behind him. Although the New Birth Christian Academy closed down, the church doors remained open. 

The closing of the academy was, apparently, because of decreased enrollment and decreased giving. They had over 200 students, so it would have taken a large number, certainly in the dozens, to have withdrawn from the school as a consequence of Long's behaviour, for it to close its doors. The decreased giving also means that many members of the church also left. 

Congregants heard these children’s horrifying allegations of sexual abuse and many remained faithful to Long, even as he preached messages condoning homophobia, the subjugation of women and rape culture. In fact, after news of the child sexual abuse allegations surfaced, Long used the Bible to victim-blame and deny all charges in a sermon to his megachurch followers: “I’ve been accused. I’m under attack. As I said earlier, I am not a perfect man. But this thing, I’m gonna fight. . . . I feel like David against Goliath. But I’ve got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet.”

As a survivor of child sexual abuse and the son of Black churchgoing women and men, I am appalled by the ways that churches like New Birth create safe space for sexual violence. I am even more disturbed by the silence around rape and molestation, and the ways survivors are mocked and called liars. Meanwhile, abusers escape accountability, often keep their positions of power and manage to gain support as if they are the true victims.

I am too!

“To be called beloved is not only to shatter the silence, but to get rid of it altogether,” writes Emilie M. Townes in her essay “Washed in the Grace of God.” “We owe one another respect and the right to our dignity as people of God. If we deny justice, we are telling those who go without that they are worthless […] Folk need to hear the church say in a clear and unequivocal voice that sexual and domestic violence are not acceptable behaviors but they are lethal values.”

However, in a world where Bishop Eddie Long can be accused of being a child molester and garner the support of the majority of his congregation, it calls us to question the level to which some of our Black churches truly care about what happens to Black children. As blogger Son of Baldwin observes, “We love ovum and sperm. We love zygotes and embryos. We even love fetuses. But we do not — no, we absolutely do not — love children.”

Let me be clear, it is not uncommon for child abusers in the church—sexual and otherwise—to be protected by the incessant valorization of the Black male preacher. Long represented much of what the church prizes: fame, fortune and prominence. To see him in any other light than as a “man of God” would mean compromising conservative, prosperity gospel theologies, many of which excuse the church from enacting justice. “God” is characterized as the supreme judge who determines the outcome of all individuals. Long’s followers left him to God for judgment, even as God, like most adults, is regularly a passive bystander when children are sexually abused.

This is a bold, if not reckless statement for which the author may be held accountable. I certainly understand where it comes from for I know children are being sexually abused every day - millions of them (between 1 and 10 million by my count) every day. It is easy to blame God for standing by and allowing it to happen but we don't really know what God is doing; to say He is doing nothing is a big assumption and is probably wrong. Also, it places the responsibility that God gave man back onto God. God hasn't taken that freedom back from us; He allows us to suffer the consequences of our own choices. We, corporately, choose to be evil, lecherous people and our children suffer the consequences here on earth. In Eternity, the children will be blessed and the perverts will suffer. Meanwhile, we, if we are Christians, have the responsibility to pray for the children and for the perverts.

Long’s church continued with business as usual, shouting and dancing week after week to their pastor’s homophobic, sexist and classist interpretation of the gospel. All of which detracted from the severity of the survivors’ testimonies of sexual assault and sent the message that sexual violence within an intracommunal context is status quo and does not warrant the church’s collective action and strides toward justice. Long also used the Bible, one of the leading moral texts of the Western world, to excuse himself of communal accountability. This should not be overlooked. The same Bible that is used against women, LGBTQ individuals and other marginalized identities, was simultaneously used to shame survivors and privilege harm-doers. 

Alas, Bishop Eddie Long has passed away and he will soon be funeralized. However, Black church communities cannot bury his troubled past with him. The church—New Birth et al.—must reckon with the Goliath of child sexual abuse and rescue the true Davids, our children, from the perverse and death-dealing realities of molestation, incest and rape.

I couldn't agree more with this statement. There is rarely a week goes by that I haven't included at least one story on this blog of a pastor sexually abusing children from his congregation. There is clearly a lack of discernment in many, many congregations and elder's boards in American churches. This can only be because of a lack of intimacy with Jesus Christ. I fear many western churches, while well-attended and enthusiastic may be so far off-track as to be in a state of apostasy. The great 'falling-away' may be happening even while our church buildings are full.

Ahmad Greene-Hayes is a doctoral student in the Departments of Religion and African American Studies at Princeton University. He also currently serves as an inaugural cohort fellow of the Just Beginnings Collaborative (2016-2018), where his project, Children of Combahee works to eradicate child sexual abuse in Black churches. Follow him @_BrothaG.

Northern Ireland Child Abuse Inquiry Singles Out Police and Church

 Campaigners for alleged victims of historical institutional abuse outside the hotel where Sir Anthony Hart was making his statement. Photograph: Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images

Henry McDonald Ireland correspondent, The Guardian

Police were guilty of a “catalogue of failures” over the abuse of boys at a Belfast care home run by a paedophile ring, a comprehensive report into child mistreatment across Northern Ireland has found.

The historical institutional abuse inquiry, established in 2014, found that a Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) investigation into sexual abuse at the Kincora care home in east Belfast was “inept, inadequate and far from thorough”.

The report, released on Friday, also accused the Catholic hierarchy in Ireland of ignoring repeated warnings about a serial paedophile, Fr Brendan Smyth, who sexually assaulted and raped dozens of young victims.

The implications of the Smyth scandal and other clerical abuse in the region were so serious that a senior Catholic cleric was due to discuss the findings with the pope later on Friday.

Kincora care home was run by a number of paedophiles whom it was alleged were agents of the state. They included the prominent Orange Order member William McGrath, who was accused of being an informer for MI5 and special branch in the 1970s, spying on fellow hardline loyalists.

At least 29 boys were sexually abused by McGrath, the Kincora housemaster, and others at the home. One boy is said to have killed himself by jumping off a ferry into the Irish Sea in the late 1970s following years of abuse. Three senior staff at Kincora – McGrath, Raymond Semple and Joseph Mains – were jailed in 1981 for abusing 11 boys.

The retired judge Sir Anthony Hart, who chaired the inquiry, said if the RUC had carried out a proper investigation into Kincora many of the victims might have been spared. He said 39 boys were abused by McGrath and others running Kincora at the height of the Troubles.

Hart arrives at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Belfast to deliver the findings. Photograph: Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images

But Hart said the notion that the home was a homosexual “brothel” used by the security services to entrap paedophiles to spy on influential political figures was without foundation.

Controversially, he also dismissed the notion that McGrath was a state agent. “We are satisfied that McGrath was never an agent of the state. William McGrath was a sexual pervert who had political views of a bizarre type.”

Hart was extremely critical of a number of individuals who had previously made claims about Kincora, including the former army intelligence officer Colin Wallace, who first raised allegations of a paedophile ring at the home.

Wallace criticized the Inquiry because it wasn't given sufficient power, among other things. Hart could not compel a certain MI5 agent to testify, nor did he have the power to investigate several missing files related to MI5 and Army Intelligence. 

Wallace spent 7 years in jail framed for a murder he did not commit (it was later proven he was innocent). Some believe he was sent away to be quiet.

The judge said the cooperation of the current Police Service of Northern Ireland was in “marked contrast to the unwillingness of some individuals”.

He stressed that all requests by the inquiry for classified files relating to Kincora were “honoured” by government and security agencies.

Hart said there was “no credible evidence” to support allegations that a paedophile ring including senior British establishment figures had abused children in Kincora. The report had “stripped away decades of half-truths masquerading as facts in relation to Kincora”.

The inquiry, which sat at Banbridge courthouse in County Down for two years, investigated children’s care homes and institutions from the Northern Ireland state’s foundation in 1922 to 1995.

During the Kincora section of the inquiry it emerged that MI5 and MI6 were legally represented at Banbridge. Critics of how the hearing into Kincora had been framed expressed concerns the government would use the Official Secrets Act to prevent the inquiry gaining access to files from MI5 and MI6.

The report severely criticised the Catholic Church’s behaviour

Among the other scandals highlighted in the report was that surrounding Fr Brendan Smyth. He was a paedophile priest whom the Catholic hierarchy kept moving around parishes in both Ireland and the United States long after it knew about his abuse of children in places such as west Belfast.

“Father Brendan Smyth was able to carry out widespread sexual abuse of children, including some children resident in homes investigated by the inquiry, due to the failure of branches of the Roman Catholic church to properly address his behaviour from before he was ordained as a priest, despite clear warnings,” it said.

“There was repeated failure to assess the risk he posed to children, to confine him to his abbey, to thoroughly investigate allegations of abuse, to notify the police and social services, and to share information between dioceses and report matters to the appropriate civil and ecclesiastical authorities.”

The report also criticised an order of Catholic nuns, the Sisters of Nazareth. Of the homes they ran in Belfast and Derry, it said: “In each of the four homes, some nuns engaged in physical and emotional abuse against children. Emotional abuse was widespread in all homes.”

Hart and his team found that a disinfectant was used in baths in the orphanages. He said there was a significant number of cases of sexual abuse involving priests and lay staff. Many of these incidents were known to members of the clergy, who did nothing to stop them, the report said.

The leader of Ireland’s Catholics, Archbishop Eamon Martin, said he would discuss its findings with Pope Francis when he met the pontiff in Rome later on Friday.

He said the report “reminds us that much work remains to be undertaken in this regard”.

Public hearings were held into 22 institutions across Northern Ireland which were run by the state, local authorities, the Catholic church, the Church of Ireland, and other voluntary organisations. Hart’s report runs to 2,300 pages and contains 10 volumes of findings and testimonies.

The NSPCC children’s charity said: “This inquiry has shed light on horrendous and widespread abuse carried out against children in Northern Ireland in the past. Institutions must now be held to account for the prolonged, systematic failings against the children in their care. It is right that the survivors receive the justice they deserve and we support the recommendation for redress.”

Friday, 20 January 2017

Scotland's Exploding Problem with Child Sex Abuse in Football & Out

Two arrests as Police Scotland investigate 130 reports of child sex abuse in football
Football has been rocked by child sex abuse revelations
and 130 reports have been made in Scottish football

Police Scotland are investigating 130 reports of child sexual abuse in football, with two arrests made.

The sport has been rocked by claims from former players across the UK that they were abused by people in positions of authority and Police Scotland launched a major inquiry into non-recent child abuse in football at the end of last year.

Officers have now received 130 reports but believe there will be more to come.

A "significant number of perpetrators" have been identified, the force said, with two men arrested in Aberdeen and Paisley over incidents.

Police Scotland gave no further information on the arrests.

A number of professional clubs have started internal investigations while the SFA is setting up an independent review into allegations across the game in Scotland.

A chair is expected to be appointed by February, with work then starting immediately.

Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Taylor, of the national child abuse investigation unit, said: "Our ongoing investigation into non-recent child abuse in football has to date received 130 reports.

"It is difficult to estimate the true scale of non-recent child sexual abuse in football but we have identified a significant number of perpetrators and victims throughout football and across Scotland, and we believe there are more people who may wish to report.

"Child abuse is incredibly difficult for people to revisit and to talk about. Our officers are highly specialist (specialized?) and are trained to deal with all reports sensitively.

"We would ask anyone who has been the victim of abuse or has information about potential abuse to contact us.

"We will listen and we will investigate, and our first priority will be to ensure that there are no children at risk now.

"If you have suffered sexual abuse, or if you can assist this investigation or you know anyone who may have been a victim, then please call Police Scotland on 101. Or you can call the NSPCC helpline on 0800 2642."

Former Dundee United footballers David Goodwillie and David Robertson judged to be rapists and ordered to pay £100,000 in damages

David Goodwillie and his former teammate David Robertson have to pay £100,000 by a judge

David Goodwillie and, right, his accuser Denise Clair (Photo: CIARAN DONNELLY)

A former Scotland international footballer and his ex-teammate were ruled to be rapists and ordered to pay £100,000 damages today despite never facing a criminal trial.

Denise Clair, who was left "devastated" by a Crown decision not to prosecute, sued striker David Goodwillie and his then Dundee United colleague David Robertson claiming that they raped her at a flat in Armadale, in West Lothian, after a night out in nearby Bathgate.

The woman said she could not remember what had happened since she was in a Bathgate bar until she woke up in the strange flat the following morning.

The 30-year-old originally sought £500,000 in compensation, but damages were later agreed at £100,000 in the civil action at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

The woman maintained that she was incapable of giving free agreement to sex because of her alcohol consumption, but Goodwillie, who now plays with Plymouth Argyle, and Robertson claimed that intercourse had been consensual.

David Goodwillie and David Robertson during their time at Dundee United (Photo: SNS)

The judges thoughts

A judge said: "Having carefully examined and scrutinised the whole evidence in the case, I find the evidence of the pursuer (the woman) to be cogent, persuasive and compelling."

Lord Armstrong said: "In the result, therefore, I find that in the early hours of Sunday January2 2011, at the flat in Greig Crescent, Armadale, both defenders (the footballers) took advantage of the pursuer when she was vulnerable through an excessive intake of alcohol and, because her cognitive functioning and decision making processes were so impaired, was incapable of giving meaningful consent; and that they each raped her."

The judge said that he found neither Goodwillie nor Robertson to be credible or reliable on the issue of whether they had a reasonable or honest belief that she was consenting.

He rejected evidence relied on by the players that the woman was not particularly affected by alcohol and was no more drunk than anyone else in the company they had been in that night.

Lord Armstrong said there was evidence of flirtation between the woman and Robertson earlier in the evening, but the judge added: "The mere fact of sexual attraction does not preclude rape."

Lord Armstrong said that prior to the incident the woman had enjoyed life, but her life changed following the decision not to proceed with a prosecution. She was told by Crown Office in July that year that they were not going ahead with criminal proceedings.

Lord Armstrong said: "She found that decision difficult to understand and had felt that she had not been believed."

"She felt that her life had been destroyed by something which had happened although, because of her lack of memory, she was not fully aware of what it was that had caused that effect," he said.

She had experienced suicidal thoughts and it was only last year that she felt comfortable forming an intimate relationship again.

Lord Armstrong said: "She maintained emphatically that she would never voluntarily have had sexual intercourse with two men simultaneously, and that she had never ever done that before. As she put it, she would never ever agree to do that."

The judge said the woman's memory loss was best explained by "the phenomenon of alcoholic blackout".

He said that on the basis of expert evidence, eyewitness testimony and forensic findings of the woman's blood alcohol level he held that during the period the woman was in the flat she "lacked the level of cognitive functioning necessary to make reasoned decisions and consequently lacked the ability to give meaningful consent by free agreement".

It was only in the weeks after the rape that the woman knew with certainty that intercourse had taken place after DNA evidence was obtained from swabs taken from her.

What Denise remembers

She said that she had found herself naked and in pain after the incident at a flat in Greig Crescent, in nearby Armadale.

She said she had gone out for the evening for a drink with a friend on New Year's Day in 2011 but had no recollection of leaving a pub for a nightclub in Bathgate.

She remembered waking the next morning in strange surroundings and said: "I seemed to be running about the house in a panic. I ran into every single room to see if I could make sense of my surroundings."

Her counsel, Simon Di Rollo QC, asked her what she was wearing and she replied: "Nothing. I was naked, but I didn't realise that until I was in the kitchen."

She said: "I just felt sore. I felt sore inside as if something had happened to me, but I couldn't say what it was. I felt a lot of pain inside."

She saw two women and asked where she was and was told it was Greig Crescent and that she was in Armadale.

The woman said she found articles of her clothing in the flat "stuffed down" the side of a bed. She added: "My pants were never recovered."

Before the rape she had gone out with a friend to The James Young bar in Bathgate drinking Jack Daniels and coke, before moving onto the Glenmavis Tavern, known as Smiths, where Robertson was. She later went on to Chalmers nightclub but had no recollection of it and no memory of anything significant until the following morning.

Goodwillie had gone to join Robertson in Bathgate after the pair had played for Dundee United against Aberdeen on January 1 during which he scored an equaliser. He maintained that he did not think the woman was too drunk to consent to sex.

But a security firm employee working at the nightclub told the court that the woman was in need of an ambulance.

Gayle McGregor said: "She wasn't in control of herself. Her eyes were rolling in her head. She couldn't stand up straight. She couldn't speak to me properly. She wasn't compos mentis."

In the action it was said the players offered her a lift home in a taxi, but the driver was requested to drop all three at the flat in Armadale.

Career consequences

Goodwillie is currently signed by English outfit Plymouth Argyle while Robertson is with Cowdenbeath FC. Both clubs said the players would not be selected to play for the time being.

A spokesman for Plymouth Argyle said: “We note today’s judgment from the Court of Session in Edinburgh regarding David Goodwillie. “We await the full report, which we will consider in detail before making any comment. “Until such time, David Goodwillie will not be selected to play for Plymouth Argyle.”

A spokesman for Cowdenbeath FC said: “We are now aware of today’s Court judgement regarding David Robertson. At present, we can make no further comment until we have the full details available for us to consider and review. “In the interim, David Robertson will not be considered for selection by Cowdenbeath FC.

Twisted Scottish coach to be booted out Australia after tricking boys into sending him naked selfies
Stephen Gunn pretended to be a woman to lure the kids into his trap and he is now to be deported after being caught with 446 child porn images


A twisted Scots football coach jailed for tricking teenage boys into sending him naked selfies is being deported from Australia.

Stephen Gunn admitted posing as a woman called Sarah to lure young players into sending nude photos over 18 months.

The 24-year-old was sentenced to three years for child porn offences and has already served 250 days since his arrest.

Australian authorities will send Gunn, who lived in Edinburgh, back to Scotland after he pleaded guilty at Brisbane District Court yesterday.

Pervert football coach Stephen Gunn is to be deported back to Scotland from Australia

The sex predator, who admitted 31 charges, targeted youngsters aged 14 to 17.

According to his Facebook page, Gunn, an ex-student at Edinburgh’s Telford College, moved to Brisbane in 2014.

A former pupil at Queensferry High School, he’d earlier left his coaching role at a football and sports training programme in the capital.

Gunn was a coach at a Brisbane football club in 2014 when his offending started.

Pretending to be female online, he tricked eight boys into sending him dozens of images on social media platform Snapchat. Gunn used messaging app Kik to send child porn to an American teen who told him they were in “grade 10” at school.

The pervert, who lived on-site at the club, was busted after being sacked in mid-2015. When he returned his work laptop, the club secretary found child porn on it.

Police then discovered more than 446 child porn images and 11 videos on his six computer devices and USBs, including four considered of the “worst category”, portraying serious child abuse.

While officers searched his home, Gunn told them they wouldn’t find “any images of anyone under 18”.

Edinburgh's Telford College where Gunn previously studied

Crown prosecutor James Marxson said Gunn showed “a certain level of premeditation and planning” by “initiating” and “promoting” sexual exchanges via Snapchat and manipulating victims to send him selfies.

Gunn “catalogued” the images on USB sticks, a judge was told.

He tricked four boys, aged between 14 and 17, into sending pornographic selfies via Snapchat, and five into sending selfies in sexual poses.

Gunn admitted making child porn by taking screenshots of images sent to him by four victims, aged 14 to 15. He sent indecent images to three boys, aged 14 to 15.

The court heard Gunn was lonely at the time of offending and was struggling to come to terms with his bisexuality.

Gunn wrote a letter apologising for his behaviour, saying: “Not a day goes by that I do not regret one hundred per cent of my actions.”

Judge Julie Ryrie said he had inflicted a “clear breach of trust”.

Gunn’s work visa was cancelled and he has been in immigration detention since last month. He served eight months on remand, and will be deported after serving about nine months.

Gunn had faced a maximum sentence of 15 years for the most serious charge.

Sex crime convictions in Scotland hit record high as number of offenders soar 53% in five years
The number of people convicted is now 53 per cent higher than in 2010/11 with an increase in child porn prosecutions


A total of 1,156 people were convicted of sex crimes in 2015/16

A total of 1,156 people were convicted of such crimes in 2015/16, up slightly from 1,152 the previous year and a record high.

After four consecutive annual rises, the figure is now 53% higher than in 2010/11.

Statisticians attribute the longer term rise to an increase in prosecutions for child pornography offences as well as the increased confidence of victims to report rape and sexual assaults.

However the number of convictions for rape and attempted rape fell by 16% to 104, reflecting a 20% drop in the number of prosecutions for these crimes.

A total of 12,374 people were convicted of domestic abuse, compared to 8,566 in 2010-11 and a high of 12,440 in 2014-15.

Justice Secretary Michael Matheson said tackling domestic abuse is a "key priority" for the Scottish Government.

He added: I will shortly introduce to Parliament legislation creating a new criminal offence of domestic abuse that will include psychological abuse, which can be difficult to deal with under existing laws.

"Sexual offences are often the most complex and challenging to prosecute, partly due to challenges around evidence, so it is encouraging that as more people come forward to report these crimes, the police and the Crown are securing convictions in the courts."

Lord Advocate James Wolffe (Photo: Getty)

Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC said the Crown Office would continue to take a "firm and rigorous prosecutorial approach" to domestic abuse.

He said: "The number of convictions shows that the approach which we take, which involves prosecutors working with colleagues across the criminal justice system, is working."

Depraved Maybole paedophile hoarded hundreds of sick images of children being raped and abused
SICK Kenneth Campbell, 45, had 797 explicit pictures and 169 moving images on a computer in his living room which was raided by police

The paedophile had downloaded hundreds of explicit images of children (Photo: Pixabay)

Kenneth Campbell, 45, had 797 sick pictures and 169 moving images on a computer in his living room.

3 y/o raped by dad

Many were of the most serious category A – with one showing a three-year-old girl being raped by someone called ‘Dad’. Another showed a little boy being abused.

Police stormed his home in Maybole at 9.25am in December 2015 and seized the computer. He was taken to Ayr police office after they discovered the evil stash.

Depute fiscal Neva Houston told Ayr Sheriff Court this week: “During the police interview, he admitted downloading indecent images of children.”

Worst Sadist category

Computer forensic experts found 204 still pictures and 75 moving images graded as the worst sadist category along with hundreds of other indecent images.

The Maybole factory worker appeared in court on Tuesday.

Lawyer Peter Lockhart said Campbell expressed “relief that the matter had been detected”.

“He wanted to bring the matter to a head,” the court was told.

The solicitor also said his client “feared retribution and was concerned for his safety”.

He told the court Campbell gave up work after his father was diagnosed with cancer and receiving chemotherapy.

Mr Lockhart said his unmarried client started viewing pornography and “matters escalated”.

This supports my theory that pornography often leads to child porn and child porn escalates over time to include younger and younger children and ever-increasing violence. Sin is progressive!

Describing Campbell’s background, he said: “He disclosed he had been sexually abused as a child but not by a family member.”

Mr Lockhart continued: “He accepts the damage this type of offence does to vulnerable children and the rightful revulsion society feels for these offences.”

He said his client would move home but probably stay in Ayrshire.

Campbell admitted taking or permitting to be taken or making indecent pseudo or pseudo photographs of children. He also pled guilty to failing to attend court in August last year.

He was due to be sentenced this week.

Vile mechanic who raped primary school girl in Auchinleck jailed for 11 years
THE COURT heard how tyre fitter Greig had accused all three women of lying and still maintained his innocence despite the verdict.

John Greig, 51, outside the High Court in Glasgow (Photo: Spindrift)

A mechanic who raped a primary school girl and a woman was today jailed for 11 years.

John Greig, 51, from Auchinleck, was also convicted at the High Court in Glasgow of attempting to rape another schoolgirl.

Judge Lord Matthews told Greig: “You recognise that the jury has convicted you of very serious offences. You sexually abused two young girls and on one occasion raped one of them.

“You also raped a woman. The public expects these matters to be dealt with in a severe manner.”

Defence counsel Susan Duff told the court that Greig still maintains his innocence, but added: “He realise he has to accept the verdict of the jury.”

Tyre fitter Greig accused all three women of lying and claimed the schoolgirl he raped went to the police years later because she was annoyed because he refused to let her drive his Subaru Impreza.

In evidence, Greig said of his victim: “She's a bit of a poser and wanted to pose in it. She asked to get it and I said no and I'm here in the High Court. I just can't believe they are doing this to me. I feel embarrassed and degraded. It is as if they are trying to destroy me.”

He said that he never touched either of the schoolgirls and claimed that sex with the woman was consensual.

Prosecutor Mark McGuire asked Greig: “Is your explanation for this woman's allegations that you would not let her have your car,” and he replied: “Yes.”

Mr McGuire added: “You say all three women are liars. You must be the unluckiest man in the world,” and Greig replied: “I must be.”

Greig was found guilty of raping the schoolgirl when she was aged between 9 and 11.

He was also found guilty of sexually abusing her and attempting to rape another schoolgirl when she was aged between 9 and 12.

Greig was also convicted of raping a woman over a nine-year period when she was aged between 28 and 37.

The offences were committed in Ayrshire between 1983 and 2003.

The first victim came forward to the police in 2015 to claim Greig had repeatedly tried to rape her when she was a child.

The schoolgirl he raped, said nothing then, but went to the police and gave a statement in 2015.

Greig showed no emotion as he was led away to begin his sentence. He has been placed on the sex offenders' register.