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3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Pedophile Lists from 5 Texas, 1 Louisiana, & 1 California Diocese on This Week's Catholic PnP List

A link to a list of all those named in Texas dioceses
is found in the last story on this post

Texas dioceses release list of clergy
credibly accused of sex abuse

The Dallas Catholic Diocese Thursday afternoon joined Catholic leaders across Texas to release the names of hundreds of clergy members who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of children going back nearly seven decades.

The Dallas diocese said its list of 31 includes those who were accused of sexual abuse of a minor since 1950 and does not constitute a determination of guilt. Seventeen of them are dead. Four of the living have already been "laicized," meaning they were removed from the clergy.

Dallas Bishop Edward J. Burns said in a letter accompanying the list that a credible allegation "is one that, after review of reasonably available, relevant information in consultation with the Diocesan Review Board or other professionals, there is reason to believe is true."

Some of the names on the list are likely familiar to Dallas Catholics, and their cases had been covered by The Dallas Morning News and other media. One of those on the list is Rudolph "Rudy" Kos, a Dallas priest found guilty and sentenced to life in prison on child sexual abuse charges in the late 1998.

The year before, 11 families won a $119.6 million verdict against the Catholic Diocese of Dallas in a civil trial on the Kos case. At the time, the verdict was the largest ever awarded involving clergy sex abuse of minors.

By Thursday afternoon, seven Texas dioceses, including Dallas, had released their lists. Among them, the list included dozens of priests, two deacons and one bishop. Three in Dallas also served as military chaplains. Two others served as chaplains at Southern Methodist University. One served as chaplain at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas.

Archdioceses of San Antonio and Galveston-Houston have yet to publish their lists. Burns said at the news conference that all the lists, once released, will show about 280 names.

But victims' advocates immediately questioned whether the lists will be complete and credible.

"The only way to ensure that the bishops here in Texas are truly sincere about rebuilding their sacred trust is to allow for independent, properly trained experts in law enforcement to review all files and allegations related to clergy sexual abuse," said a statement released by the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

Dallas lawyer Tahira Merritt, who has represented many church abuse survivors over the past three decades, said the list deserves a skeptical eye. "The public should keep in mind that church officials should have released these names decades ago," she said.

Merritt said until law enforcement conducts an independent audit, "the 'lists' will be incomplete. It's simply another version of 'trust us.'"

The 15 dioceses in the state decided to release the lists in September during the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops. The transparency measure came as the Catholic Church in Dallas and around the world has come under increasing pressure to address the ongoing sexual abuse crisis.

The Dallas Catholic Diocese in August disclosed that Edmundo Paredes, a former longtime priest at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Oak Cliff, was credibly accused of molesting three teenage boys in the parish over a decade ago.

Paredes, whose name was on the list Thursday, fled Dallas almost a year ago and is believed to be living in his native Philippines.

The diocese confirmed in September it had reached a financial settlement with the three accusers. But the settlements' details were kept confidential.

The three men declined to speak with police investigators, according to a statement released by Dallas police in August. But in mid-January, Dallas police issued an arrest warrant for Paredes after a fourth accuser reached out to Dallas police.

Burns in October told St. Cecilia parishioners that the diocese had hired former law enforcement investigators to comb through priests' files. He announced the plan to release the list the next day at a news conference.

Burns, whose diocese counts 1.3 million Catholics in nearly 75 parishes over a nine-county area, said the church wanted to "protect our children, create a safe environment, to promote healing for those who've been abused, and to demonstrate that we are focused on facing this issue."

Many U.S. dioceses have recently published similar lists. And the Jesuits of the USA Central and Southern Province released a list in December that included 11 clergy members who had previously worked at Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas.

A recent review by The Associated Press determined that over the past four months, Catholic dioceses across the United States have released the names of more than 1,000 priests and others accused of sexually abusing children.

Those lists followed a scathing Pennsylvania grand jury report alleged decades of abuse and cover-ups in Catholic dioceses in that state.

The diocese of Fort Worth had been releasing names of credibly accused clergy since 2007 on its website and had no new ones to reveal Thursday, spokesman Pat Svacina said.

The Dallas Police Department also has a detective assigned to investigate accusations of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy.

Report Names 84 San Bernardino Priests
Accused Of Child Sex Abuse

Attorney Mike Reck presents San Bernardino report alongside clergy abuse survivors Manny Vega and Tom Emens. (Photo by Aaron Schrank for LAist)

A law firm representing California survivors of child sexual abuse by Catholic priests has released a new report detailing alleged abuse by clergy in the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino.

The 70-page report by Minnesota-based Jeff Anderson and Associates provides background information and assignment history on more than 80 clergy accused of sexual misconduct in San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

The firm — which is representing a Camarillo man in a public nuisance suit against California's Catholic bishops — has released similar reports on the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the Diocese of Orange in recent months.

At a news conference in Ontario Thursday, attorneys demanded San Bernardino Bishop Gerald Barnes release the names of predatory priests and Church officials who hid their behavior.

Attorney Mike Reck says today's disclosure makes children safer. "This information is information that could have and should have been shared by Church officials long ago," Reck said. "We're doing this because the Diocese of San Bernardino did not."

In October, the Diocese of San Bernardino County released a list of 34 priests who have been accused of sexually abusing children since the diocese formed in 1978. Officials added one name to that list the following month.

Anderson's report includes those 35 names, as well as 32 names of priests accused of abuse in San Bernardino before 1978, when the region was still part of the Diocese San Diego.

Those 32 names can be found on the Diocese of San Diego's list of credibly accused priests, which recently added 8 new names, including Rev. Raymond Etienne, who served as pastor in a San Bernardino church 20 years ago. Etienne allegedly sexually assaulted seminarians in Riverside.

The San Bernardino Diocese says it's made a good faith effort to be transparent about reports of sexual abuse by clergy.

"Our list is our very best effort to disclose the clergy abuse cases that happened in the years that we actually existed as a diocese, since 1978," said San Bernardino Diocese spokesman John Andrews.

"But because we did used to be part of San Diego, we also published the list that they put out and encouraged people to look at the two lists together to get the full picture of abuse cases in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. There was no attempt to mislead anyone."

Reck says 17 of the names in today's report aren't on either list produced by Church officials. They were verified based on court documents or media reports. Reck says there are likely more examples of abuse hidden in the Church's personnel files.

"This report is incomplete," Reck said. "Survivors and survivors' advocates created this report with publicly available information. The rest of this information is still held under lock and key by Church officials in San Bernardino and around the state."

Andrews said the Diocese of San Bernardino is open to looking into other cases and amending its list.

"The whole reason we're doing this is to be transparent and forthcoming with the people and in the name of healing for victims, because that's what we're called to do, and we're going to continue to do it," Andrews said.

Jeff Anderson and Associates' report highlighted the history of abuse handling in San Bernardino, including a 1950 letter from the Bishop of San Diego to Church officials in Rome complaining of the Franciscan Order using the communities of Beaumont and Banning as "a dumping ground for their moral, mental and physical problems."

The report also pointed out that the Diocese of San Bernardino was home to a halfway house for problem priests run by a religious congregation called the Servants of the Paraclete, which attorneys argue may have exposed parishioners in the region to abuse.

Attorneys tracked the movements of the priests over time, noting clergy members who were transferred both in and out of the country.

In recent months, dozens of Catholic jurisdictions around the country have released lists of priests credibly accused of child sex abuse. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles released the first update to its list in a decade — adding the names of 54 priests who were all accused of abuse since 2008.

Last month, however, L.A. auxiliary bishop Monsignor Alexander Salazar — whose name was not on the updated list — was removed from ministry after an oversight board in the L.A. Archdiocese found misconduct allegations against him credible.

The current wave of disclosures follows a Pennsylvania grand jury report released in August detailing allegations that Pittsburgh-area priests had molested more than 1,000 children.

San Antonio Archdiocese releases list of accused clergy with credible child sex abuse accusations
by Zack Hedrick, NEWS4SA

SAN ANTONIO - The Archdiocese of San Antonio has released a report on allegations of child sexual abuse by clergy members in the Archdiocese.

The report goes back to 1940, outlining more than 150 credible accusations and naming 57 clergy members. “We were not where we should have been," said Garcia-Siller. "We did not act in a timely manner.”

From 1940 to 2019, the report states more than 3,000 priests have ministered in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. The most recent allegation was actually submitted in the last few weeks, Garcia-Siller says.

The Archdiocese states most of the priests identified in the report are either dead or have been removed from ministry. “This report can bring more people to come forward and it’s part of what we intend," said Garcia-Siller.

The report shows no one has alleged they were sexually abused by a clergy member in the Archdiocese between 2010 and 2019.

While the list was being compiled, Archbishop Garcia-Siller says he met with survivors of sexual abuse here in San Antonio. “They disclosed their pain, their struggles, their anger towards society, the anger with the Church, their anger toward God,” said Garcia-Siller.

The investigations into the allegations and the report was prepared by an independent lay commission. After releasing the report, Garcia-Siller tells us most of the cases took place in the 60's, 70's and 80's and 55 total clergy members. Of those, some have died and all are out of ministry.

The archbishop was asked if he expects more to come forward after the release of this report. "I wish that there will not be," Garcia-Siller tells us. "But we are of the awareness that this report can bring more people to come forward and it's part of what we intend, that people who have been abused contact us or law enforcement directly."

The report says only two allegations were found to be credible in the years 2000-2009. Many of the priests named in the report are now dead, or the allegations against those still alive are decades old.

News 4 Trouble Shooter Jaie Avila was the only reporter to interview Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales on Thursday about the chances of prosecuting any of these cases. Gonzales said it gets very complicated because the statute of limitations is different depending on how far back the abuse took place.

For example, sex abuse crimes in the 1960's couldn't be prosecuted unless the victim came forward within one year to report them. In the 1970’s, they only had about three years to file a case. Even though the legislature slowly increased the statute of limitations, older crimes still can't be prosecuted.

“We know that anything that occurred prior to September of 1987 probably cannot be prosecuted, because it's just too old of an offense," Gonzales said. Since 2007 there is no longer a statute of limitations for child sex abuse, but you can't go back and apply that to older crimes.

Gonzales says any cases since the late 1980’s that could possibly be prosecuted would have to be investigated first by law enforcement. He says he's hopeful the archdiocese will help put them in touch with victims and witnesses.

News 4's Avila cross checked the list released Thursday with abuse allegations that we've reported on over the years or that were made public in court records. He counted 33 abuse cases we didn't know about before.

One example is James Patrick Orr, a deacon at Our Lady of the Atonement on the Northwest side. Over the years several victims came forward and accused Orr of molesting them while he worked as a volunteer at the parish in the early 1990's before he became a deacon.

According to today's report the current pastor at Our Lady of the Atonement knew about one of the allegations, but determined it wasn't credible and did not tell the archbishop until 2016. Orr died just ten days ago, but he'd been forbidden to function as a deacon since 2015,

John Fiala was a priest of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity who wanted to join on with the archdiocese. He was assigned to churches and in Leakey, Rocksprings, Camp Wood and Harper from 2005 to 2008.

The archdiocese says the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity withheld information about abuse allegations against him. Fiala died in prison in 2017 after being convicted of child sex abuse charges.

The report also says 3 priests who had credible allegations against them cannot currently be located by the archdiocese.

News 4 Irene Cruz has been combing through the list and has found nearly half of those names we have reported on in the past, 24 to be exact.

A couple examples are Virgilio Elizondo who was ordained a priest in 1963. A man claimed he was sexually abused by a different priest in the eighties and says when he tried to report it to Elizondo, Elizondo kissed and touched the alleged victim.

In another case, just last year, Edward Pavlicek was accused of child sexual abuse between 1986 and 1988. Pavlicek was ordained in 1983 and was assigned to Saint Ann, Saint Leo and Saint Benedict's.

Again, 24 total names we've reported on in the past, some accused of possessing child pornography and some with up to 16 allegations per priest.

Another list that has been combed through is Bishopaccountability.org. We found that 11 more priests, nuns and brothers who may have passed through San Antonio in the 70, 80s and 90s as teachers, pastors or seminarians have credible allegations against them.

Austin Diocese releases list of 22 clergy
accused of child sex abuse
By:  Sarah Rafique

AUSTIN (KXAN)As the Roman Catholic Diocese of Austin released the names of 22 clergy "credibly accused" of sexually abusing children, Bishop Joe S. Vasquez said three of those cases have been referred to law enforcement.

After the list was released Thursday, Vasquez encouraged other child victims to call authorities, instead of just reporting their concerns to church leaders.

“Any cases that we saw that needed to be referred to the law enforcement, we referred them to the law enforcement," Vasquez said. "We say it again now to all possible victims, please go to the authorities and report these cases and then if you believe that we can help in some way in that process, then come to the church and we’ll also be helping.’

The three cases that have been referred to law enforcement all came to light after 2002. If more accusations are brought forth, he said additional names could be added to the list and, in some instances, turned over to law enforcement.

"That’s my promise as a bishop," he said. "We’re going to do everything possible to be able to maintain that trust, and the only way that happens is if we’re transparent and I think this is one evident way to be transparent, saying we’ve heard the victims."

The diocese hired an independent investigator who compiled the list after reviewing 70 years’ worth of files and recommending whose name should be released. Vasquez declined to name who the third party investigator was.

When KXAN asked if the diocese would turn over internal files to law enforcement if officials asked for them, he said, "if they ask for that, if this is what they’re going to do, you know those are particular issues I don’t know the situation, so it’s all hypothetical until it becomes real."

Below is the list of those members of the clergy and what we know about them so far. Their inclusion on this list does not mean they have been charged or convicted of any crimes. Four of the people below have been laicized, or barred from all priestly ministry:

Aguilar, Ricardo:  He was ordained in 1995 and removed from the ministry in 2011. He was laicized in 2017. 
Clogan, Paul M.: He was ordained in 1999 and died in 2012.
Delaney, Daniel Joseph: He was ordained in 1973 and died in 2008.
Drinan, Daniel Michael: He was ordained in 1977, removed from the ministry in 2002, expelled in 2006 and laicized in 2014.
Eggerling, Milton: He was ordained in 1954 and died in 2008.
Faust, Claude: He was ordained in 1939 and died in 1973.
Gallagher, James: He was ordained as a Deacon in 1984 and died in 2005.
Garcia, Jim Castro (a/k/a Santiago): He was ordained in 2017 in the Archdiocese of Kingston, Jamaica, after he was dismissed from seminary in Austin in 2011.
Greenwell, James H.: He was ordained in 1954 and died in 2012.
Hand, Jr., Chester Culver: He was ordained in 1986 and died in 2002.
Kinder, Conrad: He was ordained in 1921 and died in 1978
Krol, Michael Francis: He was ordained in 1945 and died in 1996.
Muller, Gerald: He took his vows in 1946 and was removed from the ministry and restricted in 2017.
He was a former teacher at St. Edward's University, who stopped teaching there in 2014, according to a letter the school sent Thursday. It said in 2017, the university found out about an incident with a 17-year-old student in 1986 and opened a Title IX investigation.
A former student who requested to remain anonymous said Muller was "kind of a rock star" at St. Edwards and that she never heard anything negative about him. "He was very revered there, because he was one of the oldest professors. He has quite the past. Used to brag about his old teaching days in California where he taught celebrities."
According to his blog, Muller taught high school in California and instructed celebrities like Mark Harmon, William Katt Jr. and Jerry Mathers. He also taught music history at St. Edward's and conducted choral groups throughout Austin.
Nowery, C. Richard: He was ordained in 1968 and died in 2018.
O'Connor, James R.: He was ordained in 1969, removed from the ministry in 2004 and laicized in 2018.
Ozuna, Rafael Rendon: He was ordained as a Deacon in 2007, removed from the station in 2010 and laicized in 2013.
Reyes, Longinus Juventius (a/k/a Lonnie): He was ordained in 1969 and was removed from the ministry and retired in 2004.
He was removed from the ministry after he admitted to a bishop that he had sexual relations with two teenage girls in the 1970s while on duty in Austin. In 2004, Reyes said he regretted his behavior.
Robles, Victor G.: He was ordained in 1986, removed from the ministry in 2002 and retired in 2009.   
Tijerina, Alberto Matta: He was ordained in 1980 and removed from the ministry in 1993. 
Waiches, Vincent: He was ordained in 1946 and died in 1995.
Willemsen, Adrianus Johannes (a/k/a Andy, Andrew, Andre): He was ordained in 1954 and died in 2012.
Wozniak, Louis J.: He was ordained in 1951, retired in 1999 and removed from the ministry in 2015.

Diocese of Tyler releases names of clergy 'credibly accused' of child sexual abuse

The decision to publicly identify those accused was made on September 30, 2018, and was agreed upon by the 15 Catholic dioceses in Texas and the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.

Author: KYTX Staff

TYLER, Texas — Bishop Joseph E. Strickland and the Diocese of Tyler have released the names of clergy who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing a minor, dating back to at least 1950.

The letter Bishop Strickland released reads as follows:

My Dear Clergy, Consecrated Religious, and Faithful of the Diocese of Tyler,

Today, I join with the other bishops of Texas in releasing the names of clergy (priests and deacons) in our dioceses who are subject to credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. Personally, and with my brother bishops, I express my deep sorrow to the survivors of abuse and my commitment to providing pastoral care for each survivor. I apologize for the failings and sins that have hurt the Church so deeply, especially with our most vulnerable members. I especially ask forgiveness for the failings of those who have held positions of leadership in the Church. I have only one name to release for which a credible allegation exists in the Diocese of Tyler since its creation in 1987. But even that is one too many. The abuse of minors - physical, emotional, and above all, sexual - should NEVER happen in churches, in homes, in schools, or anywhere. All of us are called to holiness and to serve as examples of virtue, but our priests and deacons are to be held to a high standard – and rightly so.

The name I am releasing to you today is that of Gustavo Cuello. See his story immediately below.

Smith County judicial records
The acts of abuse he committed were deplorable, and it is fitting and just that he received the maximum criminal penalty from the courts - life in prison - as well as the most severe canonical penalty the Church can impose - dismissal from the clerical state.

Mr. Cuello represents less than one percent of the 448 priests and deacons who have served in the Diocese of Tyler since its creation by Pope St. John Paul II in 1987.

While the Cuello case is the only one which took place in the Diocese of Tyler, I share with you that the Archdiocese of San Antonio has included the name of Msgr. John Flynn in their release today. The summary of the case can be found on the website of the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

Msgr. Flynn is a native of Ireland. He was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of San Antonio in 1952. Msgr. Flynn resigned from ministry in the Archdiocese in 1997 and came to Tyler in 1998 with the permission of Bishop Edmond Carmody. He retired as a pastor in 2002 but continued to provide priestly service. 

In 2005, the Archdiocese of San Antonio presented new information about Msgr. Flynn to Bishop Alvaro Corrada of Tyler which indicated a possible credible allegation of sexual abuse of a minor female which was reported to have occurred in the 1960s/70s in the San Antonio area.

The Diocese of Tyler immediately removed Msgr. Flynn from priestly ministry and the case was submitted by the Diocese of Tyler to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome as required by Church law. In this case, the Congregation did not dispense from prescription (a canonical term barring the case from prosecution because of the passage of time) and returned the case to Bishop Corrada, instructing him to take the precautions he thought were appropriate. With some restrictions, Bishop Corrada restored priestly faculties to Msgr. Flynn in 2008. 

In early 2018, Bishop Joseph E. Strickland ordered a thorough review of these matters. No new information came forward, but in light of the seriousness of the matter, Bishop Strickland removed Msgr. Flynn from priestly ministry. 

Sadly, on Jan. 30, I was informed that the Diocese of Dallas will be including the name of Rev. Michael Barone, a retired priest of the Diocese of Tyler who is not currently in active ministry and does not reside in the Diocese of Tyler, on their list of those credibly accused. Father Barone was ordained for the Diocese of Dallas in 1975 and served there before becoming a priest of the Diocese of Tyler in 1987. The Diocese of Tyler is surprised at his inclusion because we are unaware of any credible allegations of abuse of a minor. Once additional information is received from the Diocese of Dallas, I will be presenting this case to our Review Board, in accord with our policies. Additionally, based on the determination of the Diocese of Dallas and in accord with Church law, Father Barone has been placed on administrative leave.

As I have said before, we have all been deeply hurt and saddened by the scandals in the Church. Please know that the Diocese of Tyler will do everything possible to prevent abuse of any kind. As your bishop, I am personally committed to this and I will support our priests and Page 3 deacons as we seek to joyfully live out our ministry in Jesus Christ.

I will also ensure that we are held to the standards of Christian virtues proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

May God, who is all-loving and all-merciful, watch over his Church and protect all of his people, especially the children and the vulnerable – the “little ones” for whom Christ the Lord has a special love.

The Diocese of Tyler oversees the Catholic Church in 33 East Texas counties.


Another person mentioned in Bishop Strickland's report was Monsignor John Flynn. Flynn's alleged acts were detailed in the report issued by the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

Flynn was ordained a priest in Ireland for the Archdiocese in 1952. In 1997, a female brought forth an allegation that Flynn had sexually abused her as a minor teenager in the 1960s and sexually assaulted her as a young adult in the 1970s.

The Archdiocese found this to be a credible allegation.

According to the report, in his initial statement to the parish, Archbishop Patrick Flores did not identify the survivor was a minor at the time of the abuse and appears to have made statements that left many people thinking that the victim had a lawyer and was contemplating a lawsuit, which was not the case.

While Archbishop Flores later clarified the abuse was child sexual abuse and apologized to the survivor for his words, the report released Thursday expresses the sorrow of the Archdiocese for the unnecessary additional pain caused by his communication, as well as for any resistance or resentment that it fostered or allowed in the community.

"Our shared responsibility and care must be for the survivor who was sexually abused as a child by an adult who violated a sacred religious trust," the Archdiocese said in a statement.

In 1997, Flynn resigned from his position as pastor of St. Matthew and retired from all ministry. Archbishop Flores removed his faculties and forbade him from exercising any priestly ministry. Nevertheless, Bishop Edmond Carmody, former auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese and then bishop of the Diocese of Tyler, soon thereafter assigned Flynn to ministry in the Diocese of Tyler.

In 1999, Archbishop Flores reaffirmed his order that Flynn not exercise any priestly ministry, and Flynn formally left the Archdiocese and joined the Diocese of Tyler.

According to a May 2002 article by the Longview News-Journal, in 1999, Bishop Carmody appointed Flynn as the parishioner of the new mission of St. Matthew's Catholic Church in Longview, which was established as a Catholic presence to draw parishioners from Pine Tree, White Oak, Greggton and Spring Hill.

In the process, Bishop Carmody was reminded of the allegation.

In 2005, Archbishop José Gomez, becoming aware of the matter, brought it to the attention of the new bishop of Tyler, Bishop Alvaro Corrada.

Bishop Corrada removed all priestly faculties from Flynn (who was asked to retire in 2002, but still ministering) and after conducting a preliminary investigation, he referred the matter to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

In this case, the Congregation did not dispense from prescription (a canonical term barring the case from prosecution because of the passage of time) and returned the case to Bishop Corrada, instructing him to take the precautions he thought were appropriate.

With some restrictions, Bishop Corrada restored priestly faculties to Flynn in 2008. Since that time, the current bishop of Tyler, Bishop Strickland, has removed all faculties from Flynn and forbidden him from exercising any priestly ministry.

Since 1997, the archbishops of San Antonio have consistently forbidden Flynn from exercising any ministry in the Archdiocese.


The Diocese of Dallas released the name of Rev. Michael Barone, who retired from the Diocese of Tyler in 2017. The Diocese of Dallas removed him a year later.

His assignment history includes:

All Saints
Chaplain - Southern Methodist University
Holy Spirit - Duncanville
Our Lady of Victory - Paris
Sacred Heart - Nacogdoches
St. Bernard of Clairvaux
St. Elizabeth of Hungary
St. Francis of Assisi - Lancaster
St. Joseph - Richardson
St. Joseph Mission - Clarksville
St. Mark the Evangelist - Plano

According to Barone's LinkedIn page, he currently focuses on ministry to those who sail the seas with Apostleship of the Sea. He says he volunteers as a chaplain with the Holland America Line offering daily mass, confessions and tends to the spiritual needs of the crew.

The exact allegations made against Barone have not been disclosed.

The decision to publicly identify those accused was made on September 30, 2018, and was agreed upon by the 15 Catholic dioceses in Texas and the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.

The release of names is part of an ongoing effort by the dioceses to provide a safer environment for children. The lists will be updated as new information becomes available.

Ex-Texas priest serving life sentence for sex abuse
Author: KYTX Staff

TYLER, Texas — The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops ordered dioceses across the state to publicly release the names of priests credibly accused of child sexual abuse.

The lists brought to light the identities of clergy who never answered for their alleged crimes. However, it also highlighted some who were prosecuted, but may have been forgotten over time.

Gustave DeJesus Cuello

In the mid-1990s, South American priest Rev. Gustavo DeJesus Cuello was serving Our Lady of Guadalupe on Old Omen Road in Tyler.

According to the Associated Press, Rev. Cuello was arrested in Smith County on April 12, 1997, for raping a female. Parishioners helped Cuello make bail and he was released on bond on April 14, 1997. 

Arrrrgh! Parishioners can be real idiots with their faithfulness to priests and pastors who are raping their children. It seems, as long as it is not specifically their children, they will side with the lying pedophile over the abused children. No discernment there whatsoever.

At the same time, Alicia Barkley was working as a district attorney in Smith County. She was assigned to work the case against Cuello.

“It was a terrible case," Barkley remembered. "The abuse had been ongoing for a long time. It was a very sad case, and there was, I believe, a significant amount of evidence.”

In July of 2013, Cuello was formally indicted for the crime. Meanwhile, Barkley and the district attorney's office began to further investigate the allegations against Cuello to build their case.

"You’re trying to speak with every potential witness. You’re trying to just learn everything that you can about the case and about the allegations,” Barkley said. “I was met with a lot of resistance.”  

Cuello was indicted for the crime on July 17, 1997. Before his next court appearance, Cuello fled the country to Ecuador. 

“In 1997, we were preparing for trial to try him for aggravated assault of a child," Cuello said. "There was evidence that he had assistance in making that bail and in leaving the country. We did some significant searching for him, at that time, but we were not able to locate him, at that time.”

Barkley says the district attorney's office reached out to the Church for help finding Cuello. “At the time, in 1997, there was not a lot of assistance from the Church in attempting to apprehend him,” Barkley remembered.

In 2003, based on information provided by the FBI in Tyler to Ecuadorian officials, Cuello was taken into custody in Guayaguil, Ecuador. He was brought back to Smith County to face a jury. He ended up pleading guilty to the offense and was sentenced to life in prison. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, Cuello was defrocked by the Vatican following his conviction.

He wasn't defrocked for skipping bail and avoiding prosecution?

Cuello, 55, is currently an inmate at the George Beto Unit in Palestine. He is eligible for parole in 2033, when he will be 70-years-old.

Barkley has since left the district attorney's office. She now works for the Family Law Firm in Tyler.

More than two decades after Cuello's original arrest, she believes the Catholic Church has come a long way in dealing with sexual abuse.

"I think that the steps that are being taken by the church are positive," Barkley said. "I think that it is more than timely, and I think that it is a step in the right direction that they are attempting to protect their parishioners."

Bishop addresses list of Baton Rouge-area priests accused of abuse: 'This list is not the end.'


The bishop of the Diocese of Baton Rouge said releasing a list of clergy who have faced credible allegations of sexual abuse against minors or vulnerable adults is "not the end but an attempt to open the door on child sexual abuse that none of us want to open."

Bishop Michael G. Duca's comments came in a press conference held Thursday at noon where he announced the release of a list of 37 clergy, including one bishop and one seminarian, who were identified during a review of the diocese's 1,033 clergy files.

An allegation of sexual abuse is considered credible when the bishop believes that, after a careful investigation and upon the recommendation of the Diocesan Independent Review Board, an incident of sexual abuse occurred, or probably occurred, with the possibility that it did not occur being highly unlikely. Duca said he shared the list and information concerning the abuse with local law enforcement for review.

See the full list of clergy here.

"This list is not the final piece of 'dealing with this' but rather I see it as a beginning step in a foundational change in our Church’s way of acting that will renew all the programs we have in place to protect our children with a focus on the healing of the victims of abuse rather than the protection of the status quo," Duca said.

During the press conference, Duca responded to a comment from a man who identified as a survivor of clergy sexual abuse, who said the diocese had hidden the abuse for decades.

"It’s hard for me to answer for the past, but I can tell you there was a culture that was always trying to protect and somehow never allowed the voices of the victims to come forward," Duca said. "They were scared to even reach out to everyone, lest they have to pay lots of money, to be real honest. It was a closing down of things," Duca said.

Duca said that in preparing the list, he heard from people who wanted to "move beyond the crisis mode and get back to normal. But I have come to see quite clearly that in this thinking there is already a return to an old standard to once again 'sweep it under the carpet,'" he said.

Duca said he hopes the list will be a "concrete sign that we do want to talk about this."

He said that he hopes the list will be an "important step" in helping victims of sexual abuse who previously felt "betrayed and unsupported by the church" and that it might encourage them to tell trusted friends, family, counselors and even the bishop and "no longer bear the pain alone."

"My prayer is that this list will be a sign of a new level of transparency and openness in the way we respond to allegations of abuse and care for victims," he said.

He said the list is a dynamic document and will be added to if new allegations are made against clergy members in the diocese. Duca said the diocese will find a way to communicate those additions publicly.

Duca announced two recent allegations against people working in area parishes, which will be read on Sunday at their respective churches. Parishioners will be asked to contact the diocese's victim assistance coordinator if they were victims of such abuse or know of it.

In St. Aloysius Parish, the diocese recently received credible allegations of sexual abuse against altar boys by Everett Gauthier Sr., a volunteer worker there in the mid-1960s, Duca said.

In St. Thomas More Parish, the diocese is investigating an allegation of sexual abuse dating to the mid-1970s, but the victim is uncertain of the identify of the perpetrator, Duca said.

During the news conference, Duca encouraged victims of clergy sexual abuse to continue coming forward to the diocese's victim assistance coordinator.

"Right now I can honestly say, I am not aware of any hint or possibility that this is going on in our Diocese right now. No one has come to me with any kind of recent complaints. But part of our program in the best sense of the word is this has got to be, the church has got to have our eyes open all the time," Duca said.

Diocese of Corpus Christi releases names of priests 'credibly accused' of sexual abuse

Author: Jeremy Landers, Jonathan Munson

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Diocese of Corpus Christi is joining Texas Catholic dioceses from all over the state to release the names of priests that have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors dating back to 1950.

The groundbreaking decision between the bishops across the state was made in September of 2018 as an effort to restore trust in the Catholic Church and promote healing.

The list has been compiled over the last several months from 1,320 Catholic parishes in Texas. According to the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops the list will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

Below are the names listed released Thursday by the Diocese of Corpus Christi:

(Clerics not from the Diocese of Corpus Christi)
Name: Bishop Joseph V. Sullivan
Date of Birth: 8/15/1919
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  6/1/1946 (Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph)
Episcopal ordination: 4/3/1967 (Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph; Diocese of Baton Rouge)
Extern cleric who visited the Diocese of Corpus Christi
Current Status: Deceased 9/4/1982

Name: Rev. Russell Gerard Appleby, MSF
Date of Birth: 10/3/1934
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  3/26/1966 (Missionaries of the Holy Family)
Current Status: Removed from ministry in Diocese of Corpus Christi, September 1983

Name: Rev. Robert J. Bedrosian, MSF
Date of Birth: 7/7/1937
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:3/26/1965 (Missionaries of the Holy Family)
Current Status: Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1979
Left Missionaries of the Holy Family order 1982

Name: Rev. John M. Fiala, SOLT
Date of Birth: 10/14/1960
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination: 6/2/1984 (Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity)
Current Status: Criminal conviction (I): 5/17/12
Criminal conviction (II): 12/2/2014
Deceased 2017

Name: Rev. Edward J. Horan, SOLT
Date of Birth: 3/1/1918
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  6/27/1987 (Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity)
Current Status: Retired 1996
Deceased 1997

Name: Rev. Patrick Koch, SJ
Date of Birth: 11/8/1927
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination: 6/12/1957 (Society of Jesus)
Current Status: Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1966
Deceased 9/9/2006

Name: Rev. Eusebio (“Chevy”) Pantoja, CMF
Date of Birth: Unknown
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  1968 (Claretian Missionaries)
Current Status: Removed from ministry in Diocese of Corpus Christi 1980
Expelled from Claretian Order 1980

Name: Rev. Alfredo Prado, OMI
Date of Birth: 1930
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  1958 (Oblate of Mary Immaculate)
Current Status: Suspended 1991

Name: Rev. Christopher Joseph Springer, CSSR
Date of Birth: 11/7/1925
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  6/26/1952 (Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer)
Current Status: Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1971

Name: Rev. Jerome Caponi
Date of Birth: 9/15/1925
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  6/11/1960 (Order of St. Benedict)
Incardinated into Diocese of Corpus Christi 1971
Excardinated from Diocese of Corpus Christi 1982
Current Status: Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1982
Deceased 2/27/2009

Name: Msgr. Hugh Clarke
Date of Birth: 12/30/1924
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  7/16/ 1950 (Dublin, Ireland)
Incardinated into Diocese of Corpus Christi 8/15/1975
Current Status: Retired 1997
Deceased 12/16/2002

Name: Rev. William Daly
Date of Birth: 4/21/1924
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  6/17/1957 (Ordained in Dublin, Ireland for the Diocese of Corpus Christi)
Current Status: Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1971
Deceased 11/9/1982

Name: Rev. Domingo De Llano
Date of Birth: 10/19/1939
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  5/28/1966 (Ordained in Laredo, TX for the Diocese of Corpus Christi)
Current Status: Retired 1999
Deceased 5/4/2013

Name: Rev. Steven T. Dougherty
Date of Birth: 10/11/1956
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  6/14/2003 (Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity)
Incardinated into Diocese of Corpus Christi 7/8/2008
Current Status: Removed from ministry 12/16/2011
Criminal conviction:  2/28/2018

Name: Rev. John J. Feminelli
Date of Birth: 10/12/1946
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination: 6/6/1987 (Corpus Christi, TX)
Current Status: Retired 4/16/2007

Name: Rev. Adelhard M. Francois
Date of Birth: Unknown
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  2/24/1935, Wuerzburg, Bavaria (Mariannhill Missionary Society)
Incardinated into Diocese of Corpus Christi:  1/14/1950
Current Status: Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1959

Name: Rev. J. Frank Gomez
Date of Birth: 10/28/1928
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  5/27/1961 (Corpus Christi, TX)
Excardinated from Diocese of Corpus Christi 1965
Current Status: Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1965

Name: Rev. Clement Hageman
Date of Birth: Unknown
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination: 6/10/1930, St. Meinrad, IN
Current Status: Removed from ministry in Diocese of Corpus Christi April 1939
Deceased 7/2/1975

Name: Msgr. Michael Heras
Date of Birth: 6/7/1958
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  6/15/1984 (Corpus Christi, TX)
Current Status: Removed from ministry 6/24/2014

Name: Rev. Jesus Garcia Hernando
Date of Birth: 10/7/1960
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  6/22/1984, Burgos, Spain
Incardinated into Diocese of Corpus Christi:  1/10/1994
Excardinated from Diocese of Corpus Christi:  2/11/2000
Current Status: Removed from ministry 9/15/1994

Name: Rev. Flover Antonio Osorio Herrera
Date of Birth: 10/7/1954
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  3/19/1985 (Diocese of Villavicencio, Meta, Columbia)
Incardinated into Diocese of Corpus Christi 12/4/2003
Current Status: Removed from ministry 10/29/2007

Name: Rev. Peter J. Hughes
Date of Birth: Unknown
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  6/10/1956 (Ordained in Carlow, Ireland for the Diocese of Corpus Christi)
Current Status: Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1963
Deceased 12/7/1990

Name: Msgr. William J. Kelly
Date of Birth: 10/11/1916
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  6/24/1944 (Ordained in Dublin, Ireland for the Diocese of Corpus Christi)
Current Status: Deceased 3/12/1983

Name: Msgr. William C. Kinlough
Date of Birth: 8/29/1918
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  6/20/1943 (Ordained in Ireland for the Diocese of Corpus Christi)
Current Status: Retired 1999
Deceased 9/29/2000

Name: Rev. Msgr. Thomas Meany
Date of Birth: 5/12/1928
Ordination & Prior Status: Ordination:  5/31/1955 (Corpus Christi, TX)
Current Status: Retired 2004
Deceased 7/20/2008

Name: Rev. Robert Trevino
Date of Birth: 11/10/1958
Ordination & Prior Status:
Ordination:  12/28/1985 (Corpus Christi, TX)
Current Status: Removed from ministry 1995
Laicized 12/6/2012

Here's a list of every pedophile priest reported by Texas Dioceses

Corpus Christi Bishop Michael Mulvey sat down for a one-on-one interview with Kiii News Anchor Joe Gazin to discuss the release of the names and what it means for the Diocese of Corpus Christi.

“This is an action in response to the faithful’s call for greater accountability and transparency,” said Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, archbishop of Galveston-Houston. "Every bishop in our state has made a statement expressing his concern for all who have been hurt and I want to express my personal sorrow at such fundamental violations of trust that have happened. We are completely committed to eradicating the evil of sexual abuse in the church and promoting healing among the faithful and those injured by this crime.”

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops say by releasing the names of priests that this decision is just part of a continuing effort to provide an even safer environment for children. The group has organized a plan of action to help prevent the sexual abuse of minors by implementing policies and practices in each diocese in Texas.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Amazing the Number of Responsible People on Today's USA PnP List

Disgraced NY AG used campaign cash
to defend against sex abuse claims

This is the guy who filed a lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein

Schneiderman, in better times © Reuters / Brendan McDermid

Former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman used funds from his reelection campaign to pay for his legal defense during an investigation into allegations he slapped, choked, and otherwise abused multiple women.

Schneiderman, who portrayed himself as a champion for women and gallant #MeToo supporter while in office, resigned suddenly last May, hours after reports from four women claiming he’d slapped or choked them surfaced in a New Yorker article. It was the ultimate irony for the state AG, who had filed a lawsuit seeking better compensation for the women accusing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and misconduct earlier that year.

Using campaign funds to pay for legal defense does not break any rules in New York, as long as it involves matters related to an elected official’s duties. Responses to the revelations – reported by AP, based on Schneiderman’s own campaign finance reports – have not been kind to the fallen prosecutor.

“What a luxury to be able to assault women who donated to your campaign and then use the money to defend yourself,” said Michelle Manning Barish, a Democratic activist who accused Schneiderman of abusing her while they were dating in 2013. She was horrified to find out he’d paid for his legal defense out of the contributions of women like her, saying: “That money was given in good faith by donors who expected Mr. Schneiderman to help women.”

Schneiderman made his last payment to law firm Clayman & Rosenberg LLP in December, for a total of $339,710, a month after a special prosecutor closed the investigation without filing charges. The ex-AG did release a somewhat equivocal statement afterward, declaring he accepted “full responsibility for my conduct in my relationships with my accusers, and for the impact it had on them.”

One could say Schneiderman got his money’s worth, dodging charges for a sum amounting to less than half his re-election committee’s spending in the eight months following his resignation. He also continued to rent a Manhattan office and pay employee wages.

“Once the committee has honored all its commitments, the remaining funds will be donated to worthy and appropriate causes, consistent with the law,” a spokeswoman for Schneiderman said. The committee did refund about $1.5 million in contributions, but still has about $6.5 million in the bank. Barish called on donors to demand that the rest is given to charities for battered women and abuse survivors.

Spending campaign cash on legal defense
is almost an institution in New York politics

Spending campaign cash on legal defense is almost an institution in New York politics. Both former State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R) and former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D) spent millions of campaign dollars fighting corruption charges in recent years, though they were both eventually convicted.

“The system is a scandal,” said Blair Horner, executive director of the New York Public Interest Research Group.

Texas man sentenced to 55 years in prison
for child sexual assault charges

By LouAnna Campbell, lcampbell@tylerpaper.com

A Gladewater man pleaded guilty and recently was sentenced to 55 years in prison on five child sexual abuse charges, according to Smith County judicial records. 

Joseph Rodriguez, 39, was arrested and booked into the Smith County Jail on July 9. 

Rodriguez was charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child with conditions, two counts of indecency with a child through sexual contact with conditions and one count of indecency with a child exposure with conditions, according to jail records. 

Colorado Springs police arrest man for child sexual
abuse cases that may stretch back 35 years
By:  LeighAnne Coleman, KRDO
Police are investigating a man accused of multiple sex crimes against children that took place over the last three decades.

The Colorado Springs Police Department was dispatched to the 900th block of East Fountain Boulevard on December 12, for a preliminary investigation. When they arrived at the scene, the Colorado Springs Police Department's Crimes Against Children's Unit was called with accusations of a 67-year-old man coming in sexual contact with a juvenile victim.

That man was later identified as Joseph Davis of Colorado Springs. Davis is currently in custody for sexual assault on a child. 

After an investigation, detectives determined Davis was also sexually abusing other children inside the home. It's abuse that stretched back to at least 35 years. 

According to police, Davis has lived near a local school, community center, and park that was frequently visited by juveniles. Detectives are now asking the public to come forward with any information they may have regarding these cases. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Colorado Springs Police Department at (719) 444-7000. You can also contact the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at (719) 634-STOP. 

NY man arraigned on sex abuse, child porn charges

Jeremy Casey, 24, of Lancaster, was arraigned on one count of sexual abuse in the first degree, a class “D” felony, one count of sexual abuse in the second degree, a class “A” misdemeanor, and two counts of possessing a sexual performance by a child, class “E” felonies, according to Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn.

It is alleged that on July 4, 2018, the defendant subjected two underage victims to sexual contact. During the investigation into these allegations, several images of child pornography were found on the defendant’s cell phone.

Casey is scheduled to return at 4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 28, for a felony hearing. If convicted on all charges, he faces a maximum of seven years in prison.

Flynn commended the investigative work of Detective Robert Cornell and Detective Lieutenant James Robinson of the Lancaster Police Department.

Maryland man gets 420 years for 'horrific'
child sexual abuse of 2-4 y/os
by Associated Press

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Maryland man has been sentenced to 420 years in prison for a series of sexual assaults on three girls who were between 2 and 4 years old when they were targeted for abuse.

U.S. Attorney Robert Hur described Kyle Thompson's assaults on the young children as "horrific."

The 33-year-old Burtonsville man took video recordings of his assaults, which occurred from May 2015 to January 2017. Court filings say the commercial HVAC technician had gained the trust of the youngsters' mothers.

An affidavit filed in the case says Thompson could be seen on one video assaulting a child who was restrained on a bed and crying for her mother.

Thompson was sentenced Wednesday. He was convicted in September on 18 counts of producing child pornography.

Florida sex offender ‘Dr. Love’ is
jailed again in sexual abuse of child
By Dan Scanlan, Florida Times-Union

A 62-year-old registered sexual offender with the nickname “Dr. Love” is back behind bars charged with sexual battery of a victim younger than 12, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Thomas Andrew Carswell of 5278 Commonwealth Ave. also was charged with lewd and lascivious molestation of someone that age and is ineligible for bail since his Jan. 25 arrest, according to court records.

Details are limited due to the nature of the charges. But the Florida Department of Children and Families was recently informed that the person disclosed sexual abuse from October 2011 and February 2013, according to the arrest report.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement records state Carswell was charged with sexual battery of a victim younger than 12 in 2001 in Miami and failing to register as a sexual offender in 2009 in Broward County. He is listed as living at the Commonwealth Avenue address in the FDLE sexual offender website at offender.fdle.state.fl.us.

Oregon babysitter pleads not guilty to
encouraging child sex abuse
By Jim Ryan | The Oregonian/OregonLive

A Portland babysitter has pleaded not guilty to accusations of encouraging child sex abuse, prosecutors say.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday that a 25-count secret indictment against Stacy Lee Curtiss had been unsealed. He’s accused of developing, duplicating “and/or” distributing recordings of sexually explicit conduct involving a child, the agency said, citing court records.

He’s also accused of having a recording of someone engaging in sexual conduct with an animal, prosecutors said. He’s pleaded not guilty to each of the charges.

The district attorney’s office said Curtiss, 33, worked as a babysitter.

NO, no, no, please mothers, don't let men babysit your children.

The agency didn’t specify whether the accusations against him are connected to his work as a babysitter. A Portland police spokesman declined to release additional information, citing the ongoing court case and investigation.

Curtiss faces 10 counts of first-degree encouraging child sexual abuse, 14 counts of second-degree encouraging child sexual abuse and a single count of encouraging the sexual assault of an animal.

He’s being held in the Multnomah County Detention Center.

The district attorney’s office said anyone who has information about Curtiss is asked to call 503-823-0400.

Pennsylvania restaurateur charged with
sexually assaulting child
by Katie Park, The Inquirer

The owner of a Montgomery County gastropub sexually assaulted a boy for months in attacks that took place in the restaurant’s office, authorities said.

Abraham Maman, 28, the inspiration behind the East Norriton restaurant Roots, was charged with statutory sexual assault, false imprisonment, and related crimes. According to court documents, the sexual abuse took place at the restaurant on West Germantown Pike.

Beginning last May, Maman, of Lansdale, brought the boy, whose age authorities did not disclose, into the restaurant’s office and groped him, according to an affidavit of probable cause for his Jan. 10 arrest. The boy told him to stop, investigators said, but he continued, at one point offering the boy $100 if he would allow him to perform a sex act. Authorities did not say how the two were acquainted or how the victim came to be at the restaurant.

The boy’s parents reported the assaults to East Norriton police on Dec. 10, according to the affidavit.

Maman was initially held in the Montgomery County prison on $500,000 bail. At a preliminary hearing Tuesday, bail was reduced to $250,000, and he was later released.

South Dakota police chief gets sweetheart deal
in two child sexual abuse cases
Arielle Zionts Journal 

A former Whitewood police chief was sentenced this week in Butte and Lawrence counties after pleading guilty to sexually abusing a minor girl. 

Ben Koens, a 69-year-old from Belle Fourche in Butte County, was sentenced Monday in Belle Fourche to the maximum punishment of 15 years in prison for having sexual contact with a minor under the age of 16, court records show. Five years of his sentence will be suspended if he meets certain conditions, including paying fines and fees, not contacting his victim and participating in treatment programs. 

Koens was sentenced Tuesday in Deadwood in Lawrence County to 10 years in prison for the same type of crime, records show. The two sentences will be served at the same time and once Koens is released, he must register as a sex offender. 

The victim was the same person in both cases, court records show. The incident in Butte County allegedly occurred between Aug. 1, 2015, and May 31, 2018, when the girl was between the ages of 9 and 12. In Lawrence County, the sexual contact allegedly occurred between 2014 and 2015 when the girl was between 8 and 10 years old.

As part of the plea deals, prosecutors dropped four counts of first-degree rape against a child under the age of 13, court records show. Those alleged rapes, two in each county, occurred during the same time periods as the sexual contact. If Koens had been found guilty of the rape charges, he would have spent at least 15 years and up to life in prison for each count.

Instead he gets concurrent sentences and will likely be out in 10 years. What a sweetheart deal!

Koens admitted to a detective that he first had sexual contact with the girl in the basement of a Spearfish home, according to a motion by the Butte County prosecutor. He admitted that similar incidents occurred in Butte and Lawrence counties.

In September 2011, before any of the abuse allegedly occurred, Koens was fired from his position as the Whitewood police chief. The mayor at the time said she felt she had no choice but to fire him but did not say why.

There's "no reason" to think that Koens committed similar sexual abuse when he was police chief, John Fitzgerald, state's attorney for Lawrence County, previously told the Journal. 

Former NY State school employee charged with rape
by Tanner Jubenville, WHAM

Webster, N.Y. – A former employee of the Webster Central School District has been charged with two counts of rape.

Kali Watkins, 42, was arraigned Wednesday on first and second-degree rape charges.

"Whenever you hear about something like this, it’s disturbing, it’s concerning," said said Assistant District Attorney Meredith Vacca. "You trust teachers, you trust coaches, you trust principles, to keep their kids safe."

Not if you're smart! There are teachers, coaches, or custodians on this blog almost every day.

Webster Police said an investigation into Watkins began in December 2017 after being notified of a sexual abuse disclosure. Police say the Webster School District has been cooperative with the investigation throughout.

Watkins was employed as a special education teacher at Webster Schroeder from August 2015 through his termination in December 2017. He had served as an athletic coach in prior years and during his time as a special education teacher. He served as the school's Varsity Football coach from 2010-2017, the Junior Varsity Girls Basketball coach from 2008-2017 and the Varsity Football offensive coordinator from 2006-2010.

The district says, in November 2017, it was made aware of concerns about Watkins’ conduct with students and staff, and he was placed on leave. He was fired the following month.

The district said it was alerted to an unrelated criminal allegation shortly after Watkins was placed on administrative leave. The district immediately alerted the police department. Following their investigation, police referred the case to the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office.

Watkins was arraigned Wednesday in County Court. On the first-degree rape charge, Watkins is accused of engaging in sexual intercourse by forcible compulsion. On the second-degree charge, he is accused of raping a child under the age of 15.

Bail was set for $20,000 cash bail or $40,000 bond.

When asked if Watkins had been back to the school since he was fired, Webster School District Superintendent Carmen Gumina replied, "He is a parent, and there have been times he’s been watching his child."

But Gumina insisted schools are safe. "All of our policies are in place is with safety at the forefront," said Gumina. 

Investigators are not releasing many details on the case at this time. The District Attorney’s Office says it believes the alleged crimes took place between 2016 and 2017. They encourage anyone who thinks they have information on the case or thinks they may know of additional victims to call Webster Police or 911.

"Whenever parents hear about something like this, it's disturbing, it's concerning," said Assistant District Attorney Meredith Vacca. "And I would urge all parents out there to just take this opportunity to talk to your children, talk to them about not only about what's appropriate or inappropriate, but also, talk to them about the importance of telling you right away if something bad happens to them."

His next court appearance for a motions hearing is scheduled for April 9. A trial is tentatively scheduled for mid June.

Oregon man arrested after child pornography images found on phone left in Starbucks bathroom
FOX 12 Staff

NEWPORT, OR (KPTV) - A Newport man was arrested Monday on several counts of sex abuse after police say child pornography images were found on his cell phone.

Officers responded to a Starbucks in Newport after someone found a cell phone in the bathroom and reported they saw images on it that were consistent with being child pornography. A witness was able to describe the man who left the phone.

Police said while an officer was at the Starbucks, a man who matched the witness description, identified as Martin Shane Lafever, entered the business and asked staff about the cell phone he left in the bathroom.

The officer contacted Lafever who said that it was his phone that was found in the bathroom.

According to police, Lafever denied any knowledge of the images on his phone.

Police said Lafever consented to a search of his phone. The officer found images depicting child pornography and internet search terms relating to child pornography during the search.

According to police, Lafever admitted to using the internet search terms, but denied any knowledge of the images. He later admitted to having the images on his phone after more images and videos were found.

Lafever then told the officer that images had loaded and saved themselves on the phone.

I'm guessing, he's not a rocket scientist?

Former Texas teacher’s charge evolves to Sex Abuse Of Child Continuous: Victim Under 14
By Mike Taylor

CENTER POINT, Texas (TexasBreaking.com) – According to Kerr County public court records, Russell Lynn Berry’s charge has evolved from Indecency with Child by Sexual Contact to Sex Abuse of Child Continuous: Victim Under 14.

Berry was employed at the Center Point ISD Elementary School until he was accused and reportedly admitted to touching a first-grade student in an inappropriate manner.

Berry has remained in the Kerr County Jail since he was extradited from Bexar County Jail to Kerr County Jail in early November.

He has two pre-trial dates set for April 4, 2019, and May 2, 2019, with a trial date scheduled for May 28, 2019.

With Berry’s new indictment on January 14, his bond increased to $75,000. Berry remains in the Kerr County Jail.


CENTER POINT, TX – A Center Point Independent School District elementary school teacher was arrested Wednesday, November 7th, and charged with Indecency with a Child by Sexual Contact.

Kerr County Sheriff, Rusty Hierholzer, released a press release late this afternoon that stated, “On November 2, 2018, Center Point Independent School District (CPISD) Superintendent Cody Newcomb contacted the Kerr County Sheriffs Office and requested assistance with investigating complaints against a first grade teacher whom he identified as 36-year-old Russell Lynn Berry.”

“CPISD placed Berry on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation into allegations of inappropriate contact with his female students.”

“Sheriffs Office Investigators conducted interviews with students who indicated inappropriate touching by Berry. Berry was also interviewed and confessed that he did in fact touch a student at CPISD in a sexual manner and that he had done so at a previous place of employment.”

“Berry has been employed with the CPISD during the 2017-2018 school year and at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. Mr. Berry was employed previously with the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas and they were notified of his confessions”

“Kerr County Sheriffs Office Investigators were able to gather enough evidence to charge Berry with the Offense of Indecency with a Child by Sexual Contact.”

“Berry was arrested by the San Antonio Police Department On November 7, 2018, at approximately 1:30 PM after he was released from a San Antonio area hospital.”

This is developing. As more information is gathered, this article will be updated.


UPDATE 8:48 AM: Berry has been transferred to the Kerr County Jail. His bond remains at $50,000 and his charge is listed as Indecency W/Child Sexual Contact.

ORIGINAL: Russell Lynn Berry, the 36-year-old Center Point ISD elementary school teacher accused of Indecency with a Child by Sexual Contact, sits in the Bexar County Jail with a bond of $50,000.

Kerr County Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer said that on November 2nd, Center Point ISD Superintendent Cody Newcomb requested their assistance to investigate a complaint against a first-grade teacher.

Sheriff officers conducted interviews with students who had indicated improper touching by Berry, according to a November 7th press release.

“Berry was also interviewed and confessed that he did indeed touch a student at CPISD in a sexual manner and that he had done so at a previous place of employment”

Berry’s previous place of employment was Northside ISD in San Antonio.

Community members have asked why Berry was hired in Center Point if he had inappropriate contact with students at another school district.

CPISD Superintendent Cody Newcomb addressed this issue in a press release on November 7th, 2018.

“Prior to his 2017 employment at Center Point ISD, Mr. Berry passed a Federal Bureau of Investigations criminal background check, which is part of our district’s hiring requirements.”

“There were no other reports of potential misconduct or suspicious behavior prior to the inquiry we received on November 1.”

”As soon as Mr. Berry was placed on administrative leave, the District initiated an investigation with the assistance of Center Point ISD’s Chief of Police, Jimmy Poole.”

CPISD Superintendent Cody Newcomb also stated, “If you have any questions or want to share any information related to Mr. Berry’s time in our schools, please contact my office, a campus administrator, or local law enforcement. You may also use the Crime Stoppers hotline at (830)896-8477 to anonymously make a report.“

Berry was arrested in San Antonio on November 7th and is expected to be transferred to the Kerr County Jail unless he is able to post bond.

Trial of Brookville Behavioral Health co-founder accused of child sexual assault begins in PA

By Elaine Haskins ehaskins@thecourierexpress.com 

BROOKVILLE — The trial for Glenn Edward Tetro, 57, of Summerville, who is accused of sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl over a four-year period, began Tuesday before Jefferson County Judge John H. Foradora.

Tetro, co-founder of Brookville Behavioral Health, is charged with 43 counts of rape (4th story on link) (felony 1), 86 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse (felony 1), nine counts of statutory rape (felony 2), 34 counts of statutory sexual assault (felony 2) and 43 indecent assault charges (misdemeanor one).

In his opening statement, Jefferson County District Attorney Jeff Burkett said evidence and testimony at the trial will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Tetro sexually assaulted the victim from 1994 to 1998, when she was between the ages of 6 to 10. Charges were filed against Tetro on March 1, 2018.

“She was subjected to things that no child should have to bear,” Burkett said.

In his opening statement, Tetro’s attorney, Matthew Thomas Ness, of Worgul, Sarna & Ness, Criminal Defense Attorneys, LLC in Pittsburgh, argued that the commonwealth’s evidence does not show his client is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt for three core reasons:

Why did the victim wait 20 years to tell anyone in law enforcement?
The first time the allegations were brought to the legal system’s attention was in 2011 when Tetro and the victim’s mother were in the midst of a “bitter” divorce/child custody battle.
Tetro will take the stand in his own defense and tell the jury that he never molested the victim.

The victim testified that Tetro and her mother married when she was approximately 6 years old and they moved to a home in Summerville. She characterized their relationship as “normal” and that he treated her like a daughter.

“I loved him like he was my father,” she said, noting that he made her feel special. She admitted that sometimes she became jealous of her mother like when he took her mom on their honeymoon. She said she was happy when her younger sister was born in 1998 and she got some “alone time” with Tetro while her mother was in the hospital.

The victim, emotional at times, admitted that there were aspects to her relationship with Tetro that were not right – testifying that he sexually assaulted her multiple times at their home. She testified that she had memories of four specific incidents that took place in the “TV room when the sun was shining” or in her bedroom when he tucked her in at night.

The victim said she “felt programmed” to touch him and perform sex acts on him “whenever we sat on the couch.” She also said he would perform sex acts on her.

She stated that after her sister was born when she was approximately 10 years old the sexual acts stopped.

She testified that Tetro told her, “Honey, we can’t do this anymore.”

The victim testified that the first time she told her mother about the incidents was years later after learning about sex education in a high school health class. She said they were taught how abstinence was important and that it was important to wait until marriage. It was then she said she realized her stepfather had touched her inappropriately. She said she went home and told her mother, who started asking questions.

“I emotionally shut down,” she said.

Brookville Behavioral Health Services

When the victim’s mother later took her and her siblings to the former Days Inn in Brookville so that they could be alone and asked more questions about what the victim had said about Tetro, the victim testified that she still didn’t talk about it because she was afraid of breaking up her mother’s marriage and that her younger sisters would hate her and not believe her.

In 2008, the victim’s mother filed for divorce. In 2011, during a custody evaluation, the victim said she was interviewed by a doctor, who she told about the sexual assaults.

“I thought I would be able to finally be set free. I thought that was my chance but nothing happened,” she said. “Absolutely nothing.”

In August 2017, the victim said she sought counseling from PASSAGES Inc. She said she discovered that being a victim of sexual assault she needed to come forward before she turned 30 years old.

“I wanted to be strong for my daughters ... that they could be strong no matter how high someone is in the county,” she said.

She testified that she waited so long to come forward because she was “trying to work up the courage.” She said she was afraid to come forward because Tetro was an influential person in the county and “there were rumors he knew the judge and district attorney.”

However, with the help of her husband, she said she found the strength to come forward and her husband called the state police in Punxsutawney to report the sexual assault.

The jury listened to two telephone calls that the victim, while wearing a wire, had with Tetro in February of 2018 during the police investigation. The jurors could hear Tetro telling the victim that he hopes she knows he loves her and he’d do anything to make it go away.

At one point in the conversation, Tetro can be heard saying, “Remember that night I said sorry we can’t do this anymore. Young ladies don’t do this. I want you to grow up to be a beautiful young lady.”

In a phone call, the victim asks Tetro if he loved her or was it just a sexual thing. He tells her, “It was a sexual perversion.”

Under cross examination by the defense, the victim was asked about what she or her stepfather were wearing, what time of day it was, where her mother was and how the sexual acts started or stopped but she testified that she couldn’t recall. She denied that her decision to come forward had anything to do with influencing the custody case between her mother and Tetro in 2011. Ness also noted that the victim came forward again in 2017 at the height of the “Me Too” movement.

The victim’s mother testified that nothing stood out between her husband and the victim’s relationship during the time of the allegations.

Second person arrested in horrific Iowa
child sex abuse case
by Alonso Reyna

BLOOMFIELD, Iowa - A horrific case of sex abuse in Bloomfield, Iowa, has landed a second person in jail.

Bloomfield Police Chief Shawn Armstrong told KTVO on Wednesday that his department has charged Kendra Hoover, of Bloomfield, with 14 felony counts.

Those charges include seven counts of Neglect of a Dependent Person and seven counts of Child Endangerment.

Hoover was the live-in girlfriend of Steven Crook Jr. when he was charged with dozens of federal counts of sexual exploitation and child pornography.

He was taken into custody after video evidence of him sexually assaulting a minor child was discovered.

In December, Crook pleaded guilty to four federal counts of sexual exploitation. He will be sentenced in April.

Armstrong told KTVO that the charges against Hoover are directly related to Crook’s actions.

Hoover’s case hasn’t been posted to Iowa Courts Online yet, but Armstrong says she is being held on $200,000 bond.

Bloomfield man pleads guilty in child sex case

by KTVO News Desk, Wednesday, December 19th 2018

DES MOINES, Iowa — A Bloomfield, Iowa, man has pleaded guilty to sexual exploiting a child.

Steven Crook Jr. entered the plea in a federal courtroom on Tuesday afternoon.

Online court records show that Crook pleaded to four separate counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Child.

In the court documents, Crook told the court that he was happy with his lawyer and understood the consequences of his plea.

Crook faced a 33- count indictment. The remaining charges were dropped as part of the agreement.

He was arrested earlier this spring and accused of repeatedly raping a young female.

At the time of his arrest, law enforcement indicated there was recorded evidence of the attacks.

The plea agreement has been sealed so it's not clear how much jail time Crook is facing.


Next up in the case is an April 10 sentencing hearing.