Everyday thousands of children are being sexually abused. You can stop the abuse of at least one child by simply praying. You can possibly stop the abuse of thousands of children by forwarding the link in First Time Visitor? by email, Twitter or Facebook to every Christian you know. Save a child or lots of children!!!! Do Something, please!

3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
Give Thanks. There is more to this prayer here

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Monday, 31 August 2015

Abbotsford Man Charged with Child Sex Assault, Making Child Porn

 Police say man sold his laptop with images of child porn 
still on computer
CBC News
Jonathan Grunwald, 52, of Abbotsford, B.C. is facing several charges including
sexual assault of a person under 16 years of age (Abbotsford Police Department)
My home town is not that big - about 140,000; so when a story like this comes out, it is very disturbing and much too close to home.

A man from Abbotsford, British Columbia, is facing child sex assault and pornography charges after allegedly selling a laptop containing child porn.

Jonathan Grunwald, 52, has been charged with sexual assault of a person under 16 years of age, sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, making child pornography and possession of child pornography.

The police investigation was launched after someone who bought the laptop from the Craigslist website found disturbing images on the computer and brought it to police.

Police checked the laptop and found images of child porn, some of which they allege was made by Grunwald. So far, one child victim has been identified, and the investigation is continuing, Abbotsford police said.

The child is safe, and support has been established for the child's family, a police statement said.

Const. Ian MacDonald said the evidence uncovered was very disturbing.

"We don't want to do anything to identify the victim, but I can say this much: I believe the details of this investigation would shock any police officer or any community member."

Grunwald had no previous record, said MacDonald, but that's common in these sorts of cases.

"There seems to be a strong correlation between people having no prior criminal history, and then ultimately out of the blue being charged with child porn offences."

Unfortunately, child pornography affects people from all walks of life, from police officers to university professors to criminals. Not all are as spectacularly stupid as this man seems to be. No-one is safe from child porn, especially the children.

2 Abortions Before 13, Child Welfare Never Hears About it

By Donna Carreiro, 
CBC News 
Something went wrong in the system

Marion Willis, a child welfare advocate, says Manitoba agencies
have 'forgotten [they] exist to protect children.'
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The director of a Winnipeg-based child welfare agency says it did not get involved in the protection of a girl who was repeatedly raped by her stepfather, and was sent home twice to recover from abortions, because it wasn't notified of the case.

"It should have been an automatic referral, so I am shocked that we did not receive this one," said Sandie Stoker, executive director of the Child and Family All Nations Emergency Coordinated Response Network (ANCR). "That's very dangerous."

'It should have been an automatic referral.'
- Sandie Stoker, ANCR executive director

ANCR said Friday after the sentencing hearing for the stepfather that the case only came to its attention after he was later arrested for an unrelated attack on the girl's best friend and her mother. At that point, ANCR got involved.

By then, however, he had repeatedly raped his stepdaughter over 26 months.

Stepfather sentenced

On Friday, the 35-year-old man, who can't be named to protect the identity of the victim, was sentenced to 16 years in prison in connection with crimes including repeated sexual assault. During the sentencing hearing, court was told the man began sexually assaulting his stepdaughter in 2011, when she was in Grade 6.

16 years is nowhere near enough time for this criminal pedophile. He'll be out in 10 years raping some other little girl. Canadian courts seem no more interested in protecting children than any of the other agencies that are busy pointing their fingers at each other. Someone with more authority than the Office of Children's Advocate has to take responsibility for fixing this problem so this nightmare doesn't repeat itself with other children.

He went on to repeatedly rape her for more than two years. Twice, she got pregnant. Twice, he arranged for her to have an abortion — once in Newfoundland and Labrador, and once in Winnipeg. Despite the fact it is illegal to have sex with someone under 16, and any suspected case of child abuse must legally be reported, the girl was sent home to recover from the abortions, with the man who had abused her.

On Sunday, child welfare advocates told CBC News that something went wrong in the system, but there's little anyone can do about it, because there are not enough protocols in place to investigate who should be held accountable.

Stoker said if medical officials did not notify child welfare authorities, then either the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority or the province should review the case. If a child and family services agency received the information but failed to properly act on it, then Manitoba's Child and Family Services (CFS) or the family services minister should investigate.

System fails to protect

But since no one has been held accountable, no one knows which department should get involved. That, says a longtime critic of the child welfare system, is a dangerous oversight.

'It's almost as though the system has forgotten it exists to protect children.'
- Marion Willis, child welfare advocate

"In some ways, it's almost as though the system has forgotten it exists to protect children," said Marion Willis, who spent years working for Manitoba's CFS agencies.

"You want to know how many times I've sat down with the ministers of family services over the years, and they'll just say to me, 'You know what, Marion? We don't involve ourselves in individual cases.'"

A spokesperson for the family services minister also told CBC News that if someone was aware of an abuse of a child and failed to report it, that's a crime; therefore, it is a matter for the Winnipeg Police Service to investigate.

A spokesperson for the Women's Health Clinic — one of two facilities in Winnipeg that perform abortions — told the CBC the child did not receive the abortion there.

A spokesperson for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority said it was not conducting an internal review, but it would co-operate with any review called by child welfare officials or police.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the Office of the Children's Advocate told the CBC that officials they were disturbed by the case, and the family services minister was asked about it. But the office has no authority to investigate the case, order an investigation or disclose whether any other investigation is ongoing.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

7-Year Old Girl Raped at Playground in Germany

Rapist apparently from North Africa

The unknown man abused the 7-year old hidden behind trees. Then he ran away across the parking lot towards the railway station.

Park of Victims of Fascism
By Ronny Licht, Mopo4

Chemnitz, Germany – it happened in broad daylight. A unknown man abused a girl (7) on Monday night in Chemnitz.

The heinous act took place in the “Park of the victims of fascism”, next to the St. John’s Church. On the playground the children played while the mothers sat chatting.

Among the trees in the background the unknown man abused the 7 -year-old.
Then he ran through the parking lot towards the station
18.30 clock the man lured the 7-year-old in an unobserved moment into the bushes. Then the sex offender held the girl’s mouth and took advantage of her.

Police spokeswoman Heidi Hennig: “The suspect then fled across the parking lot at the Bahnhofstra├če/Augustusburger Stra├če towards the station.”

Although the victim told her mother immediately of the act, an investigation by the police brought no arrest.

Chemnitz Opera House
Now the police hope for more information. Witnesses can call this number: 0371/387-495808. According to testimony, the offender to which will be 30 years old, he wore a gray T-Shirt, a long blue pants and brown Nike sneakers at the time of the crime.

According to police, a scar on his left cheek was striking. He had a white cell phone and the manufacturing model, and according to witness accounts, indicating North African.

That little girl provided an amazing description of her attacker. God help her in dealing with this.

Chemnitz, Germany
Germany is planning on bringing in 200,000 more refugees, many of whom will come from North Africa, most of whom will be Muslim. Germany's rape statistics will soon be approaching Sweden's as a generation of young German girls are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

12 Year Old Utah Girl Raped and Murdered by 15 Year Old Boy

Prosecutors say a 15-year-old boy not only murdered his 12-year-old neighbor, but he raped her as well. 

Prosecutors say the teen lured Vijil from her home late at night,
asking for help finding his lost cat
The teen, who has not yet been publicly identified, appeared in court on Thursday as the new charges were filed against him. 

Prosecutors say the boy lured 12-year-old Kailey Vijil out of her home on July 17, asking her to help him find his missing cat. 

But instead, they say he took her out to a field where he sexually assaulted her and then strangled her to death. 

The girl's body was found naked in a field not far from her home in West Valley, Utah. 

Her Batman pajamas were strewn on the ground nearby and a shirt was tied around her throat.

The suspect will be back in court on October 15, when the judge will decide whether to try the case in juvenile court, or send the teen to district court to be tried as an adult.

In explaining the difference between the two processes, the judge held out his
hands on Thursday to show how much longer of a sentence the teen can
face if convicted as an adult
'I have many things to evaluate before I make the decision,' Michie said, before asking the boy if he understood.

The teen, wearing a baggy green sweater and restrained in handcuffs, let out a quiet 'Yes'.

If the case ends up in adult court and he is found guilty, the teen could face up to a life in prison. He is not eligible for the death penalty because he is a minor.

The teen's next court hearing will be in October when it will be decided whether he will be tried as a minor or as an adult.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the death penalty is unconstitutional for anyone who committed a crime while younger than 18.

Prosecutors allege in court documents that the teenager enticed Kailey from her house by knocking on her door and asking for help looking for a lost cat.

The 15-year-old boy tried to entice another girl with a similar ruse at her home in suburban Salt Lake City about 20 minutes before he knocked on Kailey's door, according to the charging documents.

After he was arrested, the teen acknowledged being with her in a field after she left home about midnight, authorities said.

Abandoned in a field:
Vijil's body was discovered in July,
naked in a field near her home.
The cause of death was strangulation 
The boy has a misdemeanor juvenile record of possession of drug paraphernalia, theft and burglary, with the oldest documented charge dating to last fall, according to court papers released Tuesday.

He had been put on probation less than two weeks before Vijil's death, the documents show.

When the teen knocked on Vijil's door in West Valley City around midnight July 17, the girl's 14-year-old sister initially answered but she wouldn't go with him, the charges state.

He then went and asked Vijil instead and she agreed, authorities said. Police have said they didn't appear to have had any relationship before that night.

The older sister told their mother, who started looking for the girl when she didn't return.

She reported her daughter missing to police at a convenience store about 1.30am; Vijil's body was found less than two hours later.

A juvenile court judge said during an earlier hearing authorities were also investigating possible sexual assault in the case, the Deseret News of Salt Lake City reported.

No such charges have been filed, and Gill declined to say whether they could be filed in the future.

West Valley is a suburb of Salt Lake City
Before the next court hearing, the boy's defense attorneys said he will be undergoing a competency evaluation that will examine his mental and emotional state as well as his upbringing.

They already know of a history of ADHD in the family 'but it could be more than that', according to defense attorney Michael Sikora.

It better be more than that - there are an awful lot of ADHD people out there.

Girl Raped and Abused from Age 3 to 9 by Teenage Boy

Maryland State Fair

A 17-year-old boy has been charged with raping a nine-year-old family friend at a state fair.

Jonathan Fleming was arrested at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium after the victim's father became concerned when he saw the pair together.

An investigation by the Crimes Against Children Unit alleges that Fleming has been sexually abusing the girl since she was about three years old. 

Jonathan Fleming
The girl reportedly told police that Fleming has forced her several times a year to engage in sex acts at different fairs in Maryland and elsewhere.

She claims he touched her inappropriately at the Cow Palace before moving to a more secluded area, including a trailer owned by the Fleming family.

Fleming allegedly forced her to perform various sex acts, including intercourse.

The girl's father notified police after being warned by a farmer who became concerned when he saw Fleming and the girl at the Swine Barn, police said.

Fleming has been charged with second degree rape, second degree sexual offense, perverted practice, fourth degree sexual assault and second degree assault. 

He is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center on $500,000 bond.

The investigation into the allegations of prior abuse remains ongoing.

Police have said additional charges are possible.

The girl reportedly told police that Fleming has forced her several times a year
to engage in sex acts at different fairs in Maryland (file picture) and elsewhere
Did the boy just lack any kind of moral upbringing? Whatever it was, it's done serious damage to two young lives.

Kids are Playing ISIS in Preschool - in Sweden

'We failed the vulnerable girls'
Sweden has the highest rate of rape in the world (except for Lesotho), and its rise is directly proportional to the number of Muslim immigrants

I'm more worried today than I was a year ago, says Mona Sahlin.
Former Social Democrat party leader Mona Sahlin is Sweden's official coordinator against violent extremism.

Mona Sahlin's vision of Sweden has changed due to her mandate as the coordinator against violent extremism, she says in a stunning interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen, where she admits that the Swedish immigration policy in general has failed.

- When I talk to a preschool teacher who says that kids at her kindergarten are playing ISIS outside, or when I hear about young people who ask: "Are you Sunni or Shia?", then it has gone much further than I thought, she says.

Why has this trend been able to go under the radar?

- A large part of the authorities in Sweden have abdicated our suburbs. And we are also afraid to touch issues regarding religion. The debate stops because we are too ignorant and too cowardly to challenge the extreme interpretation of a religion that ISIS is based upon, and which also exists in our country.

How do you think that the Muslim community has handled the rejection of IS?

- Many disagree (with IS), but too few are engaged in the public debate. If it is a distorted view of Islam that allows young guys to travel to join IS, then the religious leaders must say so. They will hardly listen to me who wear sneakers and jeans.

You've had a long political career. Are you self-critical, - and for the Social Democrats - over how it has become?

- When it comes to the honor culture, I curse myself, the social democratic movement and society in general. It was an example of how we consciously chickened out of a discussion because we were afraid of being associated with the wrong debaters. And therefore we failed the vulnerable girls.

- Integration has also been a failure. There, the Socialist Party gave a picture of us, where we were so much more successful and skilled at countering both class inequalities and gender differences than we actually were. And it has hurt the integration debate very much.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist about the future?

- I do not know. I'm more worried today than I was a year ago. On the other hand, I see more people doing fantastic work. If I'll be honest, I'm very ambivalent. But I'm a realist when I say that I believe we can and will do more.

Some will argue that Sweden's rape statistics have more to do with how they define rape and how charges are laid by police. However, Sweden's rape-rate is more than twice the nearest industrialized country and 40 times that of Canada.

Good to see one Swedish politician waking up - just a few more hundred to go.

Gang-rape of Sisters Ordered for Brother's Affair with Higher Caste Girl

Village elders who sentenced two sisters to be raped are facing arrest as a petition calling for a criminal case to be opened against them neared 100,000 signatures last night.

Organizers were aiming for 50,000 signatures.

A council of men in India ruled the sisters – one of whom is only 15 – would be raped as punishment after their brother started a relationship with a married woman from a higher social caste. 

The punishment was ordered in the impoverished farming village of Sankrot in Baghpat district, Uttar Pradesh, around 30 miles north of New Delhi. It is home to 200 people.

Uttar Pradesh file photo
India’s Supreme Court has ruled that these village councils – known as panchayats – are illegal but they continue to operate across India.

On 30 July, an unelected all-male village council known as a 'panchayat' ordered that the teenager and her elder sister Meenakshi Kumari, who is 23, be raped and paraded naked (with blackened faces) as punishment for the actions of their brother, according to Amnesty International.

The family home was ransacked shortly after they fled the village for safety in May.

Another one of the girls' brothers said members of the 'Jat' caste are powerful members of the village council and their decision is 'final'.

They are also worried about the safety of the Jat woman, who is now thought to be pregnant with the brother’s child.

According to Zee News, the pair's brother Ravi fell in love with a girl from the higher Jat caste and the couple eloped in March, even after they were forcibly separated and she was married off to another man in February.

The sisters fled the village in May fearing retribution, causing the family's home to be ransacked.

The Kumaris are Dalits, or untouchables, at the very bottom of India's ancient caste system, transgressions of which are still taken extremely seriously in many parts of society.

The couple reportedly surrendered after their family were allegedly tortured by police and members of the Jat community to avenge the brother's actions. 

Meenakshi has filed a petition with the supreme court asking for protection and her father has lodged a complaint with two national bodies saying that his family has been harassed not just by the family of the woman who has eloped but also by the police.

The Supreme Court building in New Delhi. Meenakshi Kumari has filed a
petition with the court asking for protection from the ruling of the village council

The Horrific Story of Two Rotherham Sisters

The website on which I found this story took the liberty of following the word 'Asian' with (Muslim). It is more accurate, although Pakistani Muslim would be even more so. The Daily Mail, unfortunately is doing exactly what Rotherham Police and Council did in their hyperbolic political correctness - protecting the criminals at the expense of the victims.

by, Lucy Waterlow | Daily Mail | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop

file photo
There are a few minor contradictions in this story, probably more to do with the writing of this article, but please don't let that detract from the impact of it.

For five years from the age of 11, Sarah Wilson was groomed and raped by Rotherham paedophiles who showered with gifts and made her feel special in what was to become one of the biggest abuse scandals in the UK.

The now 23-year-old admits she became so ‘brainwashed’ by the older British Pakistani men in the South Yorkshire town she considered it normal for them to expect to have sex with her in return for all they had given her.

Writing an emotional account of her harrowing experience in new book Violated, Sarah, whose sister Laura was murdered, reveals she was plied with alcohol and cannabis by sexual predators.

They habitually abused her until she was 17, when they lost interest because she was no longer underage.

The abuse, which sent shockwaves across the nation, took place in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013.

And Sarah, who is now a mother, was not alone. A report revealed that, since the 1990s, up to 1,400 young girls in the Yorkshire town had been regularly abused by sex gangs, predominantly composed of Asian [Muslim] men.

A National Crime Agency investigation, which could run until 2018, last month announced that it had so far identified 300 suspects.

The suspects are ‘predominantly’ Asian [Muslim] men from the South Yorkshire town and include two who have worked for the council. Their victims are mainly white, British, underage and ‘vulnerable’ girls.

Sarah, who has waived her right to anonymity, said had no idea she was a victim of grooming.

She was raped by a 30-year-old man in a school playground at night when she was just 11, leaving her feeling ashamed and disgusted.

And it was just after her 12th birthday that Sarah got into a car with a fat 35-year-old British Pakistani man who took her virginity.

She explains: ‘From the age of 11, I was showered with gifts from men in their twenties and thirties who pretended they were my friends.

‘They told me I was beautiful and bought me anything I wanted: phones, clothes, takeaway food, cigarettes and, of course, alcohol and drugs. Some even claimed that they loved me.

‘By the time they took me to strange towns to have sex with them and all their mates, aged 12, I was so brainwashed I thought it was normal.’

Such was the scale of the grooming in the South Yorkshire town at the time, Sarah said ‘lots of girls were being groomed like I was. To us, grooming was normal.’

Describing the horrific sexual abuse she was subjected to, Sarah said: ‘Some nights, I was driven hundreds of miles away and ordered to have sex with as many as seven men in a row.

She said refusing wasn’t an option.

‘How could I say no? I didn’t want to be stranded with no money to get home and they’d got me hooked on the alcohol and drugs they knew I couldn’t afford myself.

‘Plus, they’d threatened to petrol bomb my family home if I didn’t do as they said,’ she said.

Sarah said the police and social services did little to help her and she was only freed when she turned 17 – as she was then deemed ‘too old’ for the paedophiles.

She revealed: ‘My mum reported me missing countless times but the police barely batted an eyelid.

‘The reason? In their opinion, we’d agreed to this. We kept going back to these men, so surely they couldn’t be raping us.

‘As for my social workers, they put me in a children’s home, where my abusers collected me in taxis every single day. When they brought me back in the early hours of the morning, the staff even paid the fare.

‘Girls like me – and our families – were crying out for help, but no one listened. Politicians were worried that addressing the issue of grooming by British Pakistani men would “give oxygen” to racism.’

Sarah recalls: ‘When I was 17, I eventually escaped my abusers, with the help of my mum and a friend from the British Pakistani community who intervened. By then, I was too old for the men who’d groomed me.’

Justice started to be served in November 2010 when five men were jailed for a string of sexually related offences against girls in 2010. This was later revealed to be just the tip of the iceberg.

An investigation by The Times found thousands of girls had been victims of sexual predators.

This led to further investigations and by February 2015, South Yorkshire Police said up to 29 people had been charged with child sexual exploitation offences in Rotherham.

Now free of the men who abused her, Sarah is slowly trying to move on with her life.

She said: ‘The scars of years of abuse don’t heal overnight.

‘I’m 23 now and I still feel anxious going into town alone. I rarely use taxis, as so many of the men who raped me were taxi drivers.

‘I’ve struggled to do the things many young women take for granted, like going to college and getting a full-time job.

‘If I didn’t have such a supportive family, I worry I’d have turned to drugs or crime – or that I’d be dead.’

She continues to lives in Rotherham, where she is helping to bring up her niece, Alesha, following her sister’s death, and has recently become a mother herself.

She said becoming a parent has made her even more passionate about preventing child abuse which is why she has shared her story in a new book, ‘Violated,’ published by Harper Element.

Sarah said: ‘I’ve realised I don’t have to be a victim forever. I’m also a survivor, and I can make a difference.

‘Alongside other victims, I’m doing something about grooming. I’m working with the police and children’s charities to help professionals recognise the signs of child sexual exploitation.

‘I want to help them see that no child can consent to having a sexual relationship with a grown man and to understand that it doesn’t matter what colour someone’s skin is if he’s drugging and abusing a vulnerable teenage girl.

‘I’m taking a stand against grooming because I don’t want my children to be targeted like I was.

‘We’ve all got to act, or another generation of girls will be lost. My abusers stole my youth, but I won’t let them steal my future.’

Sarah’s mother, Maggie, agrees. Describing how difficult the period was for her, she said: ‘For six long years I watched helplessly as my beloved daughter was manipulated and controlled by merciless paedophiles.’

She said her ‘once quiet and caring daughter’ suddenly started staying out late, drinking and smoking at the age of 11 and she later discovered a group of older men were to blame.

‘When Sarah went missing for the first time, I was frantic and I called the police. She was barely a mile from home, but they told me they couldn’t find her,’ Maggie recalls.

‘A short while later, I found her on a street corner with two Asian [Muslim] men old enough to be her dad.

‘They laughed in my face when I told them to stay away from my daughter as she’d just turned 12.’

Maggie said she did ‘everything I could’ to keep Sarah away from these men but she was so scared of them, she would come running every time they called.

‘Every time it rang she had to do as they said, or face the consequences. They even threatened to petrol bomb our family home if she refused to come out,’ Maggie said.


Pictured left: Top Row left; Mohsin Khan, 21. Top Row right; Razwan Razaq, 30 — 2nd Row left; Umar Razaq, 24. 2nd Row right; Zafran Ramzan, 21 — Bottom; Adil Hussain, 20.

 ‘I tried locking all of the doors but she’d climb out of the bathroom window and scale down the drainpipe to the taxi which would carry her off into the night.’

Maggie said when she called the police, they were disinterested and unhelpful.

A probe into how police handled child sexual exploitation in Rotherham is currently looking into allegations against officers after complaints were sent to the force watchdog.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is also examining allegations against ten officers involved in the investigation into one of the country’s most prolific child abuse rings.

Describing her experience with the force, Maggie said: ‘Sometimes, Sarah would be gone for days.

‘Every time, I phoned the police, sick with worry and scared this would be the time she wouldn’t come home at all.

‘The sigh was always audible on the other end of the phone. The officers usually told me to give them a call when Sarah returned, rarely even pretending that they were looking for her.

‘Once, when she’d been missing for several days, I went to the local paper in desperation and asked them to circulate a photo.

‘Ten minutes later, I received a curt call from a police officer who accused me of deliberately trying to make the force look bad in the press.

‘I tried everything to get the police to listen. One day, I scrolled through the contacts book of Sarah’s phone and found the numbers of 177 British Pakistani men.

‘I copied them all down and gave them to the police but they told me they couldn’t do anything in case it breached the Data Protection Act.

‘Eventually, Sarah was taken into care to protect the rest of the family.

‘High on the cocaine these men plied her with, she’d threatened me with a knife when I’d tried to stop her going out.

‘Our social workers placed her in a children’s home, which was a known target for these predatory gangs who combed Rotherham looking for vulnerable girls to drug and abuse.

‘They hadn’t made it harder for these depraved men to reach Sarah, they’d made it much easier.’

Maggie was eventually able to help her daughter when she turned 17 and the men lost interest in her over younger girls.

Sarah's sister's story

Sarah Wilson’s sister Laura, from Rotherham, was 17 when she was stabbed and dumped in a canal by her Asian boyfriend in the UK’s first white honour killing.

Ashtiaq Ashgar murdered Laura in 2010 after she told his family about their secret relationship.

The teenager was left to die in a canal, after being stabbed more than 40 times, mostly to the head.

After Laura’s death, it was revealed that social workers had known for six years that the white teenage mother was at clear risk from predatory Asian [Muslim] gangs.

They had received information about certain adults who were suspected of targeting Laura from the age of 11.

Laura began her relationship with Ashgar in 2008, when she was 15 and he was 16.

Ashgar came from a traditional Muslim family who were planning an arranged marriage for their son with a girl from Pakistan.

But unbeknown to his family, he lived a double life where he drank, smoked cannabis, carried weapons and had numerous relationship with women, including Laura.

When Laura found out that he has been seeing other girls, they broke up and she slept with this married friend, 22-year-old Ishaq ‘Zac’ Hussein, to make him jealous.

Just 16 at the time, Laura fell pregnant and had a daughter, Alesha. Hussein refused to acknowledge he was the father.

After Alesha was born, Laura and Ashgar rekindled their relationship. But he insisted it must be a secret.

Laura soon became sick of being Ashgar’s secret and on October 6, 2010, she and her sister Sarah made the fatal mistake of revealing all to his family.

Laura and Sarah also visited Zac’s family to reveal how he is the father of her baby.

After that, Ashgar sent Zac a text message saying: ‘I’m gonna send that b***** to Hell.’

He also said he wanted to make ‘beans on toast’ of her, which is a phrase that means to spill blood.

Ashgar then asked Laura to meet him at the canal one evening where he murdered her.

Both Ashgar and Hussein were charged with murder. Ashgar pleaded guilty and was given a life sentence. He will be eligible for parole in 2029 when he is 34.

Hussein was acquitted of murder following a retrial.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

US Psychiatrist Tells Ontario Parents “Stand Firm” Against Dangerous Sex-ed

Ontario set to launch controversial sex-ed program in all schools

TORONTO, Ontario, August 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – American psychiatrist Dr Miriam Grossman pulled no punches when describing how the Ontario Liberal government’s controversial sex-ed curriculum is not science – as the government claims – but is instead an ideology intent on indoctrinating kids with a dangerous sexual agenda.

The upwards of 1,000 opponents to the sex-ed curriculum – which the Liberal government will roll into all publicly funded schools in about two weeks – responded to Grossman’s fact-packed, hour-long presentation with frequent outbursts of sustained applause, and a standing ovation at the end.

Grossman’s presentation, in which she made good on her promise to give parents “ammunition in your battle,” is hugely significant, noted Canadian Families Alliance (CFA) representatives, and equally significant are the two LifeSiteNews videos of the seminar. CFA and CFA affiliate HOWA (the main organizer of the event) hope the videos will be used as a major resource for concerned parents and others.

“The priority” of the Ontario curriculum “is not your child’s health,” the New York-based psychiatrist, sex-ed critic, writer and international speaker told her standing-room-only audience August 18.

Watch 1-hour video here
“The priority is to mould your child’s thinking and attitudes so that they respect and affirm and are comfortable with all sexual choices and lifestyles.”

Furthermore, there is no attempt in this curriculum to teach children how to recognize and deal with child sex abuse - a far, far, far bigger problem than discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Grossman commended the parents for their “phenomenal grassroots campaign” that sprang up after openly lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government introduced the radical sex-ed curriculum last February.

Within three months, outraged and concerned parents had formed the Canadian Families Alliance (CFA), a coalition of more than 25 parents’ rights organizations, associations and social media groups representing over 200,000 parents from a broad range of ethnic, faith and cultural backgrounds.

And their “amazing” mobilization – which included protests at the Ontario Legislature building at Queens Park, Facebook assemblies, large-scale use of Internet messaging to rapidly mobilize supporters when needed, car rallies, petitions and a “strike” in May where 35,000 (Grossman mentioned 20,000, but the actual number was greater) children were kept home from school – convinced Grossman to come to Toronto despite a hectic schedule. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” she marveled.

As part of this grassroots campaign, Jotvinder Sodhi’s Mississauga-based HOWA Voice for Change, a member of CFA, sponsored and organized Grossman’s seminar with the support of CFA affiliated organizations and leaders.

Sodhi said that Premier Kathleen Wynne has “labeled” the parents opposed to the sex-ed curriculum as “homophobes,” and “some of the so-called experts” have dismissed them as “illiterates.”

Moreover, the Liberals “wasted” $1.8 million to “advertise the government agenda,” Sodhi told LifeSiteNews, leaving parents having to “educate fellow parents” about what’s really going on in the controversial curriculum.

That’s why HOWA sought out sex-ed expert Grossman to speak at this event: “We wanted someone who knows the subject and who can speak the facts without fear – without fear, that’s very important.”

Commenting on the videos, Jack Fonseca, project manager for Campaign Life Coalition, stated that they “will completely debunk the myths and lies about the Liberal sex education curriculum that have been put out by Premier Wynne and her allies in the media”.

Watch 12 Minute video here
“With unassailable logic, and simple, down-to-earth language, Dr. Grossman has proven without a shadow of a doubt, that the Ontario sex-ed curriculum is not about protecting the health and safety of children, but rather, pushing an agenda of sexual revolution which make children more unhealthy and more unsafe.”

“In this dynamite lecture Grossman has set fire to the Liberal house of cards which claims that the updated curriculum is necessary to help students ‘develop healthy relationships’,” he added. “To the contrary, you will learn why this curriculum will lead children to developing very unhealthy relationships, not to mention a lot more sexually transmitted diseases.”

Lou Iacobelli, retired teacher, author of the Everyday For Life Canada blog and a leader in CFA, says the same, lauding Grossman’s presentation as “an incredible resource” that backs up, using documentation from the sex-ed curriculum, “what parents have been saying all along, that this curriculum is age-inappropriate and puts children at risk.”

He pointed out that Grossman has the credibility to make these claims because, as she told the crowd, she has seen for herself the consequences of such sex-ed agendas.

Indeed, Grossman’s campaign started when, as a physician at a clinic at UCLA for 12 years, she saw “thousands and thousands” of students, many of them women, who were suffering because of their “sexual choices.” That led to her research and two books: “Unprotected,” followed by: “You’re teaching my child WHAT?”

Grossman’s sex-ed critique is essential information not just for Ontario parents, but for parents everywhere, because the sex-ed agenda crosses all borders and is part of an aggressive worldwide push for “sexual rights” by International Planned Parenthood Federation and its allies, points out Matt Wojciechowski, CLC’s representative at the United Nations.

“What Wynne is bringing to Ontario is just scratching the surface of a larger global agenda,” he told LifeSiteNews. “Parents need to continue opposing her radical sex-ed curriculum for the well-being and safety of their children, but at the same time, they need to be made aware that this will not be the final assault.”

Wojciechowski explained that there is “a growing international ‘sexual rights’ movement that is very visible especially at the United Nations. It is championed by the International Planned Parenthood Federation and other like-minded organizations which are determined to expand their radical views to every corner of the planet.”

IPPF and its allies, Wojciechowski stressed, “are obsessed with exporting abortion on demand, redefining gender, altering the traditional family, and imposing sex-education programs on every culture, race and faith group.”

That’s why it’s imperative that parents protect their children.

Grossman urges them to “stand firm” even though “the creators and supporters of this curriculum see themselves as noble and compassionate” and that “you’re the problem,” and even though the mainstream media ignores them and that “the underlying message is that anyone who disagrees with this curriculum must be uneducated or a bigot.”

But Grossman’s critique was understood by her listeners to prove that these charges are false, and that the critique is an invaluable resource to convince skeptics who can’t or won’t see the dangers of the sex-ed agenda.

“Let’s set fire to the whole Liberal curriculum,” urged CLC’s Fonseca. “Share this powerful, evidence-based, science-backed lecture with teachers, school trustees, parents, politicians and everyone you know. It’s time for the Liberal lie to die.”

Or as Grossman told parents: “Your voices matter… Science is in your corner. Parents know what’s best for their children – not educator activists.”

See the LifeSiteNews feature page on the Ontario sex-ed curriculum containing nearly 100 LifeSite articles related to the issue.

Ontario readers may sign up for the September 2 province-wide protests at MPPs offices, go here. So far, there are protests planned at 90 of Ontario’s 107 constituencies. The parents’ movement seeking removal of the curriculum is urging all concerned citizens to join this special effort to influence individual Ontario legislators.

Culture of Rape in Prestigious New England Prep School

'Senior salute' rape trial: Former student at elite prep school convicted of sex charges

A graduate of an exclusive New England prep school was cleared of rape 
but convicted Friday of lesser sex offenses
Owen Labrie leaves Merrimack Superior Court with his attorney Jay Carney
in Concord, N.H. , on Friday, Aug. 28, 2015 in Concord, N.H.
(AP) CONCORD, Massachusetts: A graduate of an exclusive New England prep school was cleared of rape but convicted Friday of lesser sex offenses against a 15-year-old freshman girl in a case that exposed a tradition in which seniors competed to see how many younger students they could have sex with.

This is a prime example of the 'culture of rape' that permeates western universities and even high schools. It's where men (or boys) feel they are entitled to help themselves to a girl's body for their own pleasure. A generation of young men are growing up with this attitude, leaders in the coming generation. I believe the easy availability of pornography to adolescent boys is a large contributor to this attitude.

A jury of nine men and three women took eight hours to reach its verdict in the case against Owen Labrie, who was accused of forcing himself on the girl in a dark and noisy mechanical room at St. Paul's School in Concord two days before he graduated last year.

Labrie, who was bound for Harvard and planned to take divinity classes before his arrest put everything on hold, could get as much as 11 years in prison at sentencing Oct. 29. The 19-year-old from Tunbridge, Vermont, will also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

He wept upon hearing the verdict, and then, as his lawyers conferred with the judge, sat alone at the defense table, shaking his head slightly and looking up at the ceiling. His mother sobbed. His accuser appeared stoic and huddled with members of her family in the courtroom.

"Owen's future is forever changed," defense attorney J.W. Carney said, adding that the sex convictions will be like "a brand, a tattoo" that he will bear for life.

The scandal cast a harsh light on the 159-year-old boarding school that has long been a training ground for America's elite. Its alumni include Secretary of State John Kerry, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, "Doonesbury" creator Garry Trudeau, at least 13 U.S. ambassadors, three Pulitzer Prize winners, and sons of the Astor and Kennedy families. Students pay $53,810 a year in tuition, room and board.

Prosecutors said the rape was part of Senior Salute, which Labrie described to detectives as a competition in which graduating seniors tried to have sex with underclassmen and kept score on a wall behind a set of washing machines.

So, is there an investigation into other seniors? How many marks were on that wall? Shouldn't there be a conviction for each and every one?

The young man was acquitted of the most serious charges against him - three counts of felony rape, each punishable by 10 to 20 years in prison. But he was found guilty of three counts of misdemeanor sexual assault, using a computer to lure a minor for sex, and child endangerment.

Why 3 counts? It's a pity this report doesn't explain that.

Essentially, the jury by its verdicts signaled it didn't believe Labrie's assertion that there was no intercourse, but it also didn't believe the girl's contention that it was against her will. In the end, it found Labrie guilty of having sex with an underage girl.

The girl is "leaving with her head held high," said Laura Dunn, a spokeswoman for the teenager and her family. "It was a step in the right direction."

But the girl's family lashed out at the prep school, saying in a statement: "We still feel betrayed that St. Paul's School allowed and fostered a toxic culture that left our daughter and other students at risk to sexual violence. We trusted the school to protect her and it failed us."

St. Paul's rector Michael G. Hirschfeld commended "the remarkable moral courage and strength demonstrated by the young woman who has suffered through this nightmare," and said the prep school is committed to teaching its students to act honourably.

Labrie was allowed to remain free on $15,000 bail while he awaits sentencing.

The aspiring minister and captain of the school soccer team testified that he and the girl made out, but he said he stopped short of intercourse because he suddenly decided "it wouldn't have been a good choice for me."

He acknowledged bragging to friends that he had intercourse with the girl, but he said that was a lie told to impress them. He also admitted deleting 119 Facebook messages, including one in which he boasted that he "pulled every trick in the book" to have sex with her.

In graphic and sometimes tearful testimony, the girl, now 16, said she willingly went with Labrie to the rooftop of an academic building after he invited her to take part in Senior Salute, a tradition she knew about. But she said she was prepared for kissing at most.

She said that Labrie soon become aggressive and that she told him, "No, no, no" as he moved his face toward her crotch. She said he eventually penetrated her, and she felt "frozen" - incapable of moving or reacting.

"I tried to block out the feeling as much as I could," she said. "I didn't want to believe this was happening to me."

Under cross-examination, she said she helped Labrie remove her shirt and pants. And she acknowledged exchanging breezy email and Facebook messages with Labrie in the hours afterward, saying she kept the conversation light because she was trying to find out whether he had worn a condom.

After Labrie's arrest, St. Paul's announced it would expel anyone participating "in any game, 'tradition,' or practice of sexual solicitation or sexual conquest under any name." The school, which first admitted girls in 1971 and has about 530 students, also brought in experts to discuss such topics as harassment and relationships.

Carney, Labrie's lawyer, said the young man's boasts about having sex with the girl amounted to the most damning evidence against him. He said Labrie was convicted because he wasn't mature enough to tell his friends the truth.

Friday, 28 August 2015

North Vancouver Teacher Charged with Sexual Exploitation

Police say charge applies to authority figures who 
sexually assault a minor
CBC News
Police have charged a man who taught at a North Vancouver
high school with sexual exploitation of a female student.

British Columbia: Police have charged a man who taught at a North Vancouver high school with sexually exploiting a student.

North Vancouver RCMP allege a 39-year-old male teacher assaulted the student for more than two years, from October 2012 to December 2014.

Chad Jeremy Smith of Langley, B.C. was arrested Aug. 27, and charged with one count of sexual exploitation, according to a police statement.

The charge applies to authority figures accused of sexually assault a minor, police said.

Smith is scheduled to appear in North Vancouver court on Sept. 9. He has been released from custody with conditions.

Ex-Vatican Diplomat Accused in Child Sex Abuse Dies Before Trial

Rosie Scammell, Religion News Service 
USA Today
Papal Nuncio Josef Wesolowski
VATICAN CITY — The Vatican on Friday announced the death of Jozef Wesolowski, an ex-diplomat who was to be the first high-ranking Vatican official to stand trial for child sex abuse.

Wesolowski, 67, was found dead in his room at the Vatican early Friday, with Vatican authorities determining he died of natural causes. The Vatican’s Promoter of Justice immediately ordered an autopsy, the results of which have not yet been made public.

The Polish ex-nuncio — as Vatican ambassadors are called — had been due to stand trial on charges he paid for sex with children during his time in the Dominican Republic. Criminal proceedings were expected to get underway on July 11 but were halted after Wesolowski was hospitalized.

A lawyer for the former bishop said at the time he was unaware of Wesolowski’s suffering from health problems.

“I saw him two or three days ago, and, given his age and his state of mind, he was fine,” said Antonello Blasi, according to The Associated Press. The lawyer told the court that Wesolowski had been “willing and able” to come to court.

Wesolowski had been taken to the intensive care unit of a Rome hospital and later returned to the Vatican, without the Vatican releasing further information. His trial was due to recommence once his health had improved.

The case against Wesolowski centered on accusations that he had abused boys during his five-year term in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic capital. He had also been charged with possessing child pornography.

The stage was set for Wesolowski’s criminal trial after he was found guilty of child sex abuse last year by a tribunal operating within the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He was defrocked and arrested in September 2014, little over a year after being recalled to the Vatican.

Well, it's not like he does not have to stand in judgment. 

Pope Francis had paid close attention to the landmark case, in December saying that truth must prevail in the investigations.  In June, the pope approved a tribunal to hold bishops accountable if they fail to protect people from sex abuse at the hands of priests, an idea put forward by a commission established to guide the Vatican’s response to pedophilia.

St Gilbert's Catholic Approved School Abuse Investigation Widened

From BBC Hereford & Worcester
Catholic-run boy's homes seemed to be training grounds 
for gay paedophiles
Victor Aldridge has waived his right to anonymity
to speak about the abuse he endured at St Gilbert's
19 boys have now come forward with stories of abuse/sex abuse

January 2015 - An inquiry into a campaign of sexual and physical abuse at a Catholic approved school has been widened.

Police began investigating after the BBC reported what happened to boys at St Gilbert's in Worcestershire in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

As more victims have come forward the inquiry has been extended into the 1970s.

Although many of the abusers are dead, the later time frame means some could still be alive and face prosecution.

The treatment of the boys, who were described at the time as "delinquent", came to light at the end of last year.

Aged between 11 and 15, boys were sent to St Gilbert's in Hartlebury after being convicted of petty offences such as vandalism and shoplifting.

Some were beaten and raped by brothers from the De La Salle order, which ran the institute under the direction of the Home Office.

One of the abusers, Brother Roderick (pictured centre), died in 2012
The deputy headmaster, Brother Maurice, was convicted of six counts of sexually abusing boys at St Gilbert's but reinstated as a teacher after serving a four-year jail term.

Having heard reports of the recent investigation, Victor Aldridge, who was 12 when he was sent to St Gilbert's in 1963, told the BBC he was abused by Brother Roderick, who died in 2012.

Mr Aldridge, who has waived his right to anonymity, said: "It was continuous and went on throughout my time in the school."

"[Brother] Roderick was a horrible, vicious, violent man"

"He once asked me if I knew who broke his hair clippers, and when I said 'no' he bashed me all around the classroom and afterwards started stroking my neck and said he didn't mean it.

And then he interfered with me."

John - who does not want his surname to be used - was another victim of Brother Roderick.

A 1964 letter (l) from the Home Office notified the order that deputy head
teacher Brother Maurice had admitted indecent assault.
Other files (r) were embargoed until 2044
"He was my devil in there, yes. Because he abused me brutally but also sexually. He was an evil man."

"I just wish I could forget it all. I wish it would go. I wish it would go."

"If I could ask for anything out of this, it is for the other boys to come forward."

West Mercia Police has apologised after victims said they had tried to alert the force when they were still at St Gilbert's, and a review has been launched to discover why emails sent last year by a former pupil were ignored.

The Home Office has said "anyone who has been a victim of abuse, or knows of any abuse that has taken place at St Gilbert's Approved School, should report it to the police so it can be properly investigated".

A housing estate is built on the site where the school used to stand
One Arrest

April 2015 - An ex-member of staff at a Worcestershire school has been arrested on suspicion of indecent assault and grievous bodily harm.

The man was detained in Cambridgeshire, in connection with offences dating back to the 1960s and 70s, West Mercia Police said.

He has been bailed until June while investigations continue.

Hartlebury, UK

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Stephen Conrad Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Abuse Charges in Alabama

By WSFA 12 News Staff
Stephen Conrad (Source: Elmore County Jail)
An Elmore County, Alabama man who was arrested in 2013 in what was described as one of the county's most horrific sexual abuse crimes against children pleaded guilty Thursday, but to considerably fewer charges.

Tallassee resident Stephen Conrad pleaded to three counts of sex abuse of a child less than 12 and one count of first degree sex abuse. 

Conrad was arrested in June 2013 on more than 100 counts of child sexual abuse, rape, and sodomy. The case was so graphic, involving alleged incidences of incest and infants being handcuffed, that most details were unfit for publication. 

Before the case went to trial, the Elmore County District Attorney's office dropped the charges due to allegations that evidence had been tainted by then Tallassee Assistant Police Chief Chris Miles. Prosecutors claimed Miles physically coerced Conrad into admitting the crimes.

The case was reopened by the State Bureau of Investigation, and an Elmore County Grand Jury returned in April 2014 with a combined 21 counts against Conrad and his wife, Brandy. She pleaded guilty in February to two counts of sexual abuse of a child less than 12.

Stephen Conrad will be sentenced on October 2.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Scores of Children Saved, Perverts Arrested

Secret 'dark net' operation saves scores of children from abuse; ringleader Shannon McCoole behind bars after police take over child porn site
By the ABC News Australia
National Reporting Team's 
Mark Willacy

Scores of children have been saved from abuse after an elaborate sting by Queensland Police led to the identification and arrest of key members of a global online sex abuse network.

The 10-month operation led to the arrests of members in Australia and around the world.

Investigators say it identified and saved "potentially hundreds" of children who were being abused.

Queensland's anti-paedophile taskforce Argos targeted an internet bulletin board which had 45,000 members.

Users were ranked according to the volume and originality of the child exploitation material they uploaded to the site.

The board was hosted on the part of the internet known as the "dark net", which uses encryption software to hide identities and mask people's browsing history.

The site, the name of which remains suppressed by the South Australian District Court, was administered by an anonymous Australian.

He was later unmasked as Adelaide childcare worker Shannon McCoole.

Shannon Grant McCoole was head administrator of a highly sophisticated
1,000-member global child pornography website
This month, the Families SA employee was sentenced to 35 years in jail for sexually abusing at least seven children in his care and for transmitting child pornography on the internet.

McCoole's victims were in state care, and were as young as 18 months old. The oldest was three. The sentencing judge at McCoole's trial described him as "evil and depraved".

He shared images and videos of his abuse of children on the site he administered.

McCoole was arrested last year after a manhunt that involved law enforcement agencies around the world.

Unusual 'hiyas' greeting key to arrests

The key breakthroughs in the case were made by Taskforce Argos which pieced together clues about McCoole's identity by cross-matching an unusual online greeting used by the childcare worker.

"He used [the greeting 'Hiyas'] on messages on the board, as a greeting to other members on the board," Taskforce Argos Victim Identification co-ordinator Paul Griffiths said.

[It was] almost panic stations at that point because he's in a real position of control and access to children that we just can't allow to continue at all

"It sort of stuck in my mind as something that didn't look that common to me. So I focused on that."

Mr Griffiths searched for the greeting online, narrowing down a huge list of its users until he found a Facebook page and a photograph of a Volkswagen four-wheel drive utility.

"[The Facebook page] did point us in the direction of Adelaide," Mr Griffiths said.

"I actually found him asking questions online about how to raise the suspension of his four-wheel drive."

Using the visible registration plate on the 4WD, police came up with a name — Shannon McCoole. Background checks immediately rang alarm bells.

"He was a 32-year-old male. Lived alone, no real relationship or no recent partners from what we've gathered," Detective Brevet Sergeant Stephen Hegarty of SA's Sex Crimes Investigation Branch said.

"He'd immersed himself in child-related work."

"It was evident he was working for Families SA as a family care worker," Mr Griffiths said.

"[It was] almost panic stations at that point because he's in a real position of control and access to children that we just can't allow to continue at all."

McCoole was immediately put under surveillance.

Four days after he was identified, police knocked on his door and arrested him.

Inside they found evidence — including metadata on a camera and a freckle on McCoole's finger matching one in images of abuse — that proved he was the head administrator of the global abuse site and an active sexual abuser of children in his care.

Phase two: assuming control to 'cage the rats'

With McCoole in custody, Queensland's Taskforce Argos then activated phase two of the operation.

"Phase two was to take over the network, assume control of the network, try to identify as many of the key administrators as we could and remove them," Detective Inspector Jon Rouse said.

"Ultimately, you had a child sex offender network that was being administered by police."

We closed membership [of the site]. Nobody gets in. We didn't let any new 
membership come in. Effectively we caged the rats.
Detective Inspector Jon Rouse

But Detective Inspector Rouse said there was no way his team was going to allow the sexual abuse of children to go on.

"We closed membership [of the site]. Nobody gets in. We didn't let any new membership come in. Effectively we caged the rats."

Two officers from Taskforce Argos secretly assumed the online identity of Shannon McCoole, working around the clock for 10 months to dismantle the paedophile ring and identify abusers.

"This wasn't an 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday-to-Friday operation. Even when the guys knocked off work we were all communicating outside work," Detective Inspector Rouse said.

"[Assuming the identity of a child sex offender] can mess with your head. It's not something you want to do for really long protracted periods of time. It's inordinately challenging."

Detective Inspector Rouse said the sting resulted in the identification of paedophiles around the world.

"US, Europe, United Kingdom. [It was] global," he said.

"It's testimony to the work done by the team at Argos to make sure we were working in real time with those [international] agencies to execute search warrants.

"This required us engaging with those targets in real time while law enforcement went through doors. [There were] time zone challenges, but good work by authorities across the world."

The operation has also resulted in the arrests of suspected paedophiles in Australia.

"I won't give specific numbers, but there were several in South Australia, several in Victoria and in Queensland as well," Detective Inspector Rouse said.

But the head of Taskforce Argos said the true success of the sting should not be measured in arrests alone.

"I think in terms of the identification of child victims, that's what it was all about. There were a lot of kids that are in a better place now because of what happened across the globe."

Great work, guys. God bless you.

India's Women Maoists Face Grim Life on Front Line

India's Civil War is not well known in the west
Anjali Hembrom, pictured on August 5, 2015 during an interview with AFP,
was kidnapped four years ago after the Maoist rebels swooped on a
tribal village in the state of Jharkhand, looking for new recruits
(AFP Photo/Dibyangshu Sarkar)
By Abhaya Srivastava

A shiver runs down her spine each time Anjali Hembrom recalls the abuse she endured during six months spent with heavily armed Maoist guerrillas in their "liberated zone" deep inside India's remote forests.

Hembrom, 20, was kidnapped four years ago after the rebels swooped on a tribal village in the state of Jharkhand, looking for new recruits.

Taken to their self-declared "liberated zone" inside the jungles where the Maoists reign supreme, Hembrom endured repeated rapes as a punishment for refusing to join their ranks before staging a daring escape.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) is a merger of 3 former communist rebel groups. They account for about 9000 troops and 38,000 people's militia, which is armed with bows and machetes. They are often referred to as Naxalites. Maoists make up less than 0.4% of the population of India.

 "I still wake up with cold sweats in the middle of the night," Hembrom told AFP in an on-camera interview in Giridih town, her face silhouetted for fear of being identified.

Before fleeing her captors, Hembrom witnessed women combatants being subdued into "cooking, cleaning and pleasuring their seniors" in a cult-like setup.

While Hembrom says she was press-ganged into joining the Maoists, hundreds of women have willingly joined up to fight, desperate to escape grinding poverty in their deeply patriarchal communities.

But as well as the risk of sexual abuse if captured by security forces, the women fighters are frequently raped by their "brothers in arms".

"They must have joined the cadres with lofty revolutionary ideas," said Hembrom. "It's not a life they would have imagined ever."

Girl captured by Maoists
- 'Horrifying abuse' -

The Maoists, who dominate thousands of square miles of the 'Red Corridor' stretching across central and eastern India, claim to be fighting for the land rights of marginalised tribal communities.

Their insurgency has claimed around 10,000 lives, and is considered India's most serious internal security threat.

Hembrom's account of life inside Maoist camps resonates with a former cadre who has talked about rampant sexual violence in her autobiography.

In "Diary of a Maoist", Shobha Mandi, who surrendered in 2010, says she was repeatedly raped by her commanders over seven years.

"Every woman is seen as an object for satisfying the lust of the male cadres. What I experienced over there was horrifying, worse than the oppression that the women of rural India face," she wrote.

The women fighters, believed to number around 4,000, are mainly used for cultural or support activities although many have had weapons training.

A video recently seized by police from a rebel camp and shared with AFP showed young women fighters in olive green fatigues with machine guns slung on their hips joining their male counterparts on assault courses.

- 'Robin Hood allure' -

Dayamani Barla, a 49-year-old woman tribal activist and political leader who was briefly jailed for aligning with the Maoist cause, said women are often driven to join the rebels for money and food.

"Also, the Maoists have a certain Robin Hood kind of allure. The whole idea of taking on the rich and mighty appeals to women who have experienced some kind of exploitation at the hands of either the police or the landlords," she told AFP.

"So it's a case of the devil and the deep sea for these women."

Tens of thousands of paramilitary troops and police are stationed in the
tribal areas of central and eastern India, fighting thousands
of armed insurgents (AFP Photo/Dibyangshu Sarkar)
Barla said tribal women had also been subjected to the most extreme forms of violence by the Salwa Judum, a civil militia created and funded by the state to counter the Maoists in 2005 but disbanded later.

Allegations about police brutality and custodial rape abound but very few cases are reported for fear of retribution and a culture of impunity for among the armed forces.

The murder in 2006 of a tribal man for being a Maoist and the subsequent gang-rape of his wife over several days inside a police station in Chhattisgarh state is one of the few documented cases.

Booker Prize-winning novelist Arundhati Roy who has recounted the time she spent with the insurgents in her book "Walking with the Comrades", says women wronged by the state have no choice but to take up arms.

"When you have 800 CRPF (a paramilitary force)... marching three days into the forest, surrounding a forest village and burning it and raping women, what are the poor supposed to do?," she said in an interview to India's CNN-IBN news network in 2010.

Finding a place in Indian society where girls/women are relatively safe from rape is not an easy task. Jainism and Christianity are probably the safest demographics within themselves, but girls are still vulnerable to Hindu, Muslim, Maoist and Sikh men unable to control themselves.