Everyday thousands of children are being sexually abused. You can stop the abuse of at least one child by simply praying. You can possibly stop the abuse of thousands of children by forwarding the link in First Time Visitor? by email, Twitter or Facebook to every Christian you know. Save a child or lots of children!!!! Do Something, please!

3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
Give Thanks. There is more to this prayer here

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Sunday, 31 March 2019

SECRET SCARS: Mother, Daughter Find Hope in Wake of Father’s Sex Abuse

One Survivor, and Her Mother's Story

By Suzanne Hirt 

In the dark hallway outside her bedroom, a man in body armor confronted Sharon with a gun.

Arms raised in surprise and surrender, she obeyed his commands.

Keep your hands up. Go to the kitchen. Face the wall.

A helicopter churned overhead, and emergency lights flashed from the yard. Were police seeking a fugitive hiding out in the thick woods around her Edgewater home?

That illusion crumbled with the clink of handcuffs closing around her wrists and dissolved completely as agents roused her daughters, Carrie and Kylie, from their rooms and secured them beside her.

Her husband, Scott, was nowhere in sight.

Police swarmed their home, searching bedrooms and sifting through clothes strewn across the floor. What they sought, Sharon didn’t know.

She had begun to suspect that something was wrong under her roof but just beyond her field of perception. In the early morning hours of Dec. 3, 2016, her fears came into focus.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office investigators arrested Scott, a New Smyrna Beach city maintenance worker and Boy Scout leader, for molesting, recording and sharing pornographic images of Kylie — his 14-year-old daughter.

″(My husband) was doing this and that for the community, then his dark side is exposed,” said Sharon, 57, during one of several interviews. The News-Journal changed her name and the names of her family members to protect her daughter’s identity because she is a victim of sexual abuse. “To the arresting officer I said, ‘Thank you for getting me out of that hell.’”

The disturbing details that deputies revealed to Sharon that night in the backseat of a police car shed light on the source of her suspicions and propelled her toward an uncertain future.

Volusia Rape Crisis Center
24/7 Sexual Assault Helpline: 800-503-7621
Address: 311 N. Orange St., New Smyrna Beach
Therapy/support services: 386-236-3123

She would be forced to confront long-buried memories from her own traumatic childhood. She would find refuge with a close friend. She would discover that her friend, too, had survived sexual abuse, and together they would seek healing at the Volusia Rape Crisis Center.

Amidst the rising tide of the #MeToo movement — a global call to end sexual violence and support abuse victims that was sparked by a series of accusations against high-profile men — she would choose to share her story so that it might give hope to others.

But first she would have to face the truth about Kylie.

‘She wanted to protect her children’

Sheriff’s office investigator Chastity Burke was notified on Dec. 2, 2016, that her subpoena of Scott’s internet account records had been returned. She’d been up early executing a search warrant but felt compelled to go back to the office and review the files right away.

“Something in my gut told me (it was urgent),” said Burke, 40, a seven-year member of the North Florida Internet Crimes Against Children task force.

Burke started investigating Scott after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children — a Virginia-based nonprofit that helps law enforcement nationwide to identify victims of child sexual exploitation — tipped her in late September 2016 that Scott may have uploaded to the internet several images of adult men engaged in sex acts with female children as young as 1 or 2, an arrest report shows.

Scott’s subpoenaed account files contained explicit material he had emailed to others — including images of him in the nude molesting his daughter, according to the report. It was the probable cause Burke needed to arrest Scott and search his house.

The possibility that the girl was in peril prioritized the warrants, and just after 11 p.m. that same night about 30 Special Weapons and Tactics and Child Exploitation Unit agents descended on Scott’s secluded Interstate 95-adjacent property. Scott answered the door naked, Burke said.

SWAT agents scoured the house for electronic devices and secured Scott’s family while Burke questioned him outside.

He downplayed his interactions with Kylie at first.

“He said he was trying to fit her for a bra,” Burke said. But when presented with photos printed from his email account, “he confessed to having an attraction toward his children. He was trying to groom (Kylie). He was hoping she would at some point do the things he wanted her to do.”

Kylie told detectives that her dad had shown her pornography, measured her “top and bottom” and ordered her Victoria’s Secret bras and panties, but denied he had sexually abused her. She was “upset” and “overwhelmed,” investigators said. “She seemed afraid and guarded.”

Sharon acknowledged that Scott walked around the house naked and made his kids uncomfortable but said she was unaware he had done “anything inappropriate” to Kylie, Burke said.

Sharon was adamant that if Scott harmed her girls, she would leave him. “I know she wanted to protect her children,” Burke said.

Burke would spend the next year searching Scott’s 20,000-plus emails. Among them she uncovered more pornographic images of Kylie that Scott had manufactured and sent to others. No additional local victims have been identified.

Sharon and her daughters didn’t disclose many damning details, but that didn’t matter. The proof was in the pictures.

Scared silent

Skeptics may doubt Sharon’s claim that she didn’t know what was happening in her home. Some might question Kylie’s reticence with investigators and wonder why she didn’t confide in her mother.

But such scenarios are common, said Shinece Carr, director of the Volusia Rape Crisis Center. As part of SMA Healthcare, the grant-funded crisis center provides free psychotherapy, group counseling, forensic examination support and other services for victims of sexual assault.

Parents who were sexually abused as children may see their kids showing signs of abuse but assume it’s their own trauma bubbling to the surface, Carr said — or they may be in denial. “It’s kind of like they’re reliving it for themselves when it happens to their child.”

By the time of Scott’s arrest, Sharon had suppressed for four decades the sexual trauma that blinded her to Kylie’s plight.

At age 14, a live-in adult uncle “started having sex with me,” Sharon recalled. She told a friend, and word got back to her parents. “All they did was slap him on the hand and tell him to get lost.”

The untreated trauma cast a shadow over her life and influenced her behavior, she said.

She met Scott at church when she was 18 and married him four years later in February 1985. They had two children.

More than a decade into their marriage, Scott changed, Sharon said. He spent significant time watching pornography and became “sexually aggressive,” she said. “If I’d try to get away, he would grab me.”

Scott kept katana swords on his side of the bed, Sharon said, and “I was afraid one of these days he would use (one) on me.”

Kylie was born in 2002. When she reached late elementary age, Sharon sensed a shift. Kylie clung to her and didn’t want to be left alone with Scott.

″(In hindsight), I should have caught it because it was done to me,” Sharon said. “Everyone says the woman’s got to know something. I did know something, but I didn’t know what.”

Sharon made repeated attempts to connect with her daughter, but when Sharon asked if she was troubled, ”(Kylie) would say, ‘No, I just want to be with you.’”

Abused children keep quiet for several reasons, Carr said. They may not know how to articulate what they’re experiencing. They might fear repercussions or blame themselves.

“Or sometimes they think that a parent may not believe them over another adult,” Carr said. And if the abuser is someone they know and love, “it makes it difficult for the child to say anything.”

Boys start speaking up around ages 12 or 13, and girls at 14 to 16, Carr said. Kylie had reached that range and — made easier by Scott’s extraction from her life — the truth started trickling out in therapy and during conversations with Sharon.

Sample of Sharon and Kylie's artworks
Secret scars

A vandal painted the words “child molester” on the road in front of Sharon’s home with an arrow pointing toward her tree-shrouded driveway after media outlets reported Scott’s arrest.

Kylie had no safe haven. Memories of Scott’s abuse spoiled her sacred spaces. She grew withdrawn, hid herself inside hooded jackets and her mother worried she was entertaining suicidal thoughts.

She’d been an active participant in the family’s New Smyrna Beach church, where her artistic abilities were encouraged. She sang in the choir, performed interpretive dances, acted in skits and led children’s activities at summer camp.

But Scott had molested her at church, too — in between services when no one was around, and in the sound booth before concerts, Sharon said. “It was no longer a sanctuary for her.”

Sharon needed to move her daughters out of their house but didn’t have the money. Her longtime friend, Marissa, supplied a solution.

Marissa, whose name The News-Journal has changed because she also is a sex abuse survivor, was living alone in a three-bedroom house in Edgewater. When she heard about Sharon’s situation, she didn’t hesitate. “I said, ‘That’s it. You’re moving in with me,’” Marissa said.

The Volusia Rape Crisis Center helped pay for the move and purchased Kylie a new bed.

Relocation is a little-known service the center provides, but an essential one, Carr said.

“We know we can bring you for counseling 100 times and give it to you for free,” she said. “But my counselor is not going to be able to do anything for you until you feel safe.”

As Sharon and her daughters settled in with Marissa and started therapy at the crisis center, Sharon’s childhood trauma bubbled up.

During an interview with a victim advocate, she remembered afresh the hurts she had pushed down for years — the uncle in his 30s who moved in with her family, the times he raped her and his failed plan to prostitute her. She recalled the anger she felt when her parents chose not to pursue prosecution, and how she sought sex with peers as an act of rebellion.

“It was a double whammy,” Sharon said, reckoning with her daughter’s abuse as well as her own. “This is a scar deep down inside that you can’t see. Everyone that I pass, I wonder if they’re going through the same thing I am.”

Many crisis center clients are referred by law enforcement or nurses. Some, such as Sharon and Kylie, transfer from another agency when assistance is limited due to funding. And others, like Marissa, reach out directly.

Several months after Sharon’s family moved in, Marissa was flipping through old photos and came across one that “unlocked a memory,” she said. “All of a sudden it all flooded back to me.”

Her mind flashed to a family friend molesting her in her bedroom when she was 10 years old.

“I guess I had blocked it out because you don’t want to think about that,” said Marissa, 41. She panicked, and threw the picture across the room.

Her new housemates understood her pain better than most.

“I kind of curled up into myself and cried. Then (Kylie) came over and put her arms around me and said, ‘It’s OK.’ It was something she had gone through and she helped me through it.”

Trauma suppression is a safety mechanism, Carr said. “If your brain feels shutting down is the best thing for you and saves you, that’s what it’s going to do,” she said.

Something as seemingly innocuous as a fragrance, a person’s mannerisms or a spoken phrase can awaken memories of abuse many years or even decades later, Carr said.

When Marissa’s buried memories surfaced, Sharon took her to a group counseling session. There, Marissa signed up for individual therapy. And because crisis center clients can access SMA Healthcare’s mental health and substance abuse treatment services, she was able to get medication for the deep depression she’d been battling.

“It’s really, really helped me tremendously,” Marissa said. ”(Without the crisis center’s help) I’ll tell you exactly where I’d be — dead.”

‘Keep healing, keep going’

Kylie looked forward to testifying at her father’s trial but she didn’t get that chance.

On Feb. 21, 2018, Scott pleaded no contest to lewd or lascivious exhibition of a child under 16, promoting the sexual performance of a child and three counts of possession of a sexual performance by a child.

He was sentenced to 20 years in state prison and registered as a sex offender. He’ll be eligible for release in 2035.

His family and Marissa say it’s not enough.

“That sentence is way too light for him, especially given the overreaching things that (Kylie) has to deal with for the rest of her life,” Marissa said.

More than two years after Scott’s arrest, Kylie has been bullied at school, is still in therapy and, her mother said, suffers from blackouts — a suppression tactic she employed during her father’s abuse.

But she’s achieved breakthroughs, too — they all have.

Marissa decided together with her crisis center therapist that she has worked through her past trauma and no longer requires counseling.

She hopes speaking out about her experience “will help other people step forward and say, ‘That happened to me, too,’ and not be ashamed,” she said. “If you can help one person, you can help many.”

Sharon’s divorce from Scott is final, and she recently received her portion of proceeds from Scott’s retirement plan and the sale of their property. She and Marissa have purchased the house they live in, a much-needed layer of stability, and Sharon has ventured back into the dating scene.

Between shifts at the retail job she’s held for 20 years, she enjoys painting, photography and crafting beaded jewelry.

“I used to be cornered and fighting to get out, and (the crisis center) gave me the tools to get out,” Sharon said. “We’ve just got to keep healing, keep going.”

Helping clients gain independence is key to the crisis center’s mission, Carr said.

“I always like to tell victims that you finally found your lion inside of you,” she said. A painting of the fearsome animal hangs in her office as a reminder.

“Some have been stripped of their voice, their power,” she said. “We love to provide that safe blanket of support with different wraparound services, but we also help them find their voice, their self-esteem, to empower them.”

Kylie is a perfect example. She loved photography, and then her father took illicit pictures of her. She was interested in fashion, and he made her an unwitting model.

But the creativity that withered under Scott’s surreptitious gaze has begun to bloom again.

Kylie, now 17, plans to study sewing and fashion design at Daytona State College after she graduates high school next year. She draws dress patterns and often wears clothes she created herself. Her style has attracted some classmates’ admiration, Sharon said.

The girl who once cowered under loose-fitting clothes and hid behind her mother in public is no longer in retreat. She’s turned her armor into art.

Child Abuse CRACKDOWN: Do You Recognise This?

The public have been asked to identify objects in child abuse images
to help trace their origin.

The initiative launched by Europol has released censored images from child abuse crimes as part of their Stop Child Abuse - Trace an Object campaign. 

Followers of the campaign have helped by identifying objects from the background of sexually explicit material or geolocating the surrounding area. The public have sent in 18,300 tips since 2017 about the origin of the objects.

Europol have so far located eight victims and prosecuted one offender.

The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement said out of 70 objects identified, 25 have been identified to one or a reasonable number of likely countries of production.

A spokesperson said: “This means that we are almost certain that the image containing child sexual abuse was produced in those countries.

“All of the tips for these 25 objects have been transmitted to these countries and several investigations are currently ongoing.

The images include relatively unique versions of objects or backgrounds (Image: EUROPOL)

Up to 25 images have been identified since the campaign was launched (Image: EUROPOL)

“These investigations are very complex and can take months, even years, but these tips are very important as they can be the vital clue that acts as the starting point for an investigation or links other pieces of evidence.”

The images include relatively unique versions of objects such as backpacks, jumpers and parks.

After images are shared on social media, users suggest locations where the picture was taken.

Europol currently hold more than 40 million images of child sexual abuse from across the world.

There are many more pictures and contact info here (Same link as above).

Cop, Teachers, XRay Tech, School Bus Driver Lead Today's USA PnP List

Convicted Tennessee sex offender caught living
at house with children – again

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police caught a convicted sex offender living in the same house as children who were previous victims of his sexual abuse, and according to charging documents, this isn't the first time it happened.

James Augusta Davis has a long history of run-ins with the law. Most notably, in 2014, police charged him with rape of a child and incest, according to WREG.

Davis pleaded guilty to the second charge and went to prison. But he did not stay his entire six-year sentence.

Rape and incest, and he got 6 years with early parole? Someone failed in their job and failed children.

Records show he was busted last year for living at a home with children — a clear violation of sex offender laws.

Diane Spencer lives near the home where police said Davis was staying with a woman and her children, providing a fake address to authorities so they wouldn’t know.

Davis was busted again in March for the exact same thing. “To me, he's sick," Spencer said. "He isn’t supposed to be around kids at all."

Beryl Wight works for the Child Advocacy Center, who said the community shares a responsibility to protect children.

“The long-term risks for kids who are abused range from increased risk for mental illness, suicide, increased risk for teen pregnancy, learning problems in school," Wight said. Her organization works with law enforcement partners to investigate child sexual abuse.

In Davis’s case, it went through the courts, and then he was supposed to be wearing an ankle monitor.

WREG knocked at the door where Davis was caught, but no one answered.

According to arrest records, “Davis has been informed on several occasions that he is not allowed to live at that residence due to the nature of his previous sex offense.”

It’s still unclear why authorities let him continue getting away with it.

Is it because they are pathetic at their jobs and don't have any compulsion to protect children from predators?

Idaho elementary school teacher arrested
for sex abuse of a minor
Author: Ian Smay, KREM2

HAYDEN, Idaho — Police arrested fifth-grade teacher, Ron Stone, at Hayden Meadows Elementary School for two counts of lewd conduct with a minor and one count of sex abuse of a child under the age of 16.

According to Coeur d'Alene School District Superintendent Steven Cook, the district was contacted by the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office late Friday to inform them of Stone's arrest. 

The Kootenai County Jail roster lists the time of Stone's arrest as Friday night at about 8:30 p.m.

The alleged victims aren't students in the Coeur d'Alene School District, according to Cook.

The district placed Stone on administrative leave "until further notice," according to Cook.

Oregon pedophile dies in prison 

Posted By: Jamie Parfitt, KDRV

UMATILLA, Ore. — A Josephine County man convicted of child sexual abuse in 2010 has died in prison at the age of 75, according to a statement from the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC).

Dennis Willian went to prison in July of 2010 after pleading guilty to five counts of Sexual Abuse in the First Degree. His earliest possible release date was set for June 8 of this year — but Willian did not live to seek parole.

According to the DOC, Willian was incarcerated at Two Rivers Correctional Institution in Umatilla and died in the infirmary while on hospice care.

"DOC takes all in-custody deaths seriously," the agency said. "While crime information is public record, DOC elects to disclose only upon request out of respect for any family or victims."

News reports from the time of Willian's trial said that he had been living near Cave Junction at the time of his arrest. Deputies took Willian into custody on suspicion of sexually abusing a 5-year-old girl in 2002. Willian was reportedly living near an elementary school prior to the arrest, and law enforcement suspected that he may have victimized others.

Florida Community College Professor Pleads Guilty to Child-Infant Pornography
TB Reporter

TAMPA – A former Hillsborough Community College professor pleaded guilty Friday (March 29) to charges of possessing and distributing child pornography, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida.

Howard Joseph Vorder Bruegge, III, 36, of Tampa, who taught mathematics at HCC, faces a minimum mandatory penalty of five years, and up to 40 years, in federal prison. A sentencing date has not been set.

According to the plea agreement, Vorder Bruegge, using the internet monikers “JoeBlow73” and “JoeBlowFL,” distributed child pornography on multiple occasions. He also collected child pornography on his cellphone, including sex-abuse videos of babies and toddlers.

Vorder Bruegge also used his phone to film and publically share voyeur videos on the internet. He employed peepholes in bathrooms on the HCC campus to film college students while they were in restroom stalls. He then distributed those videos on websites that host voyeur content. Vorder Bruegge’s phone contained at least four videos capturing adult males through peepholes in public HCC restrooms.

No verdict reached in Upstate NY child sex abuse trial
Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — A jury could not reach a verdict Friday in Jefferson County Court on a case involving a Watertown man accused of repeatedly sexually abusing a girl.

Prosecution against Sheldon B. Dukes, who was charged with felony first-degree course of sexual conduct against a child and predatory sexual assault against a child, will continue despite the jury not reaching a conclusion after a day of deliberations. Chief Assistant District Attorney Patricia L. Dziuba said the case will have to be retried and a new jury selected.

Mr. Dukes has been accused of engaging in sexual activities with a girl who was less than 10 years old from June 2011 to July 2013.

NY State man sentenced to 10 years in prison
for child sex abuse

TROY, N.Y. — Rensselaer County District Attorney Mary Pat Donnelly recently announced that Kevin Andrews, 55, of Schodack, was sentenced to 10 years in state prison to be followed by 10 years of parole supervision after pleading guilty to one count of first-degree criminal sexual act on Feb. 1, 2019.

Upon his release from state prison, Donnelly said that Andrews will be a registered sex offender.

During his plea, officials said Andrews admitted that he engaged in oral sexual conduct with a child under the age of eleven.

“This outcome could not have been achieved but for the professionalism of the Schodack Police Department along with the cooperation of the victim’s family. I also commend the START Center and Assistant District Attorney Cheryl A. McDermott for their hard work in bringing this matter to justice,” Donnelly said in a news release.

Queens sicko arrested for storing and sharing thousands of child sex abuse pictures
 Leonard Greene
A depraved Queens man downloaded, saved and shared thousands of photos and videos of children — some as young as 4 — being sexually abused by adults, authorities said Thursday.

Dodelyn Vertilus, 40, of Long Island City, stored the images on his home computer, cell phone and other electronic devices between July and October of 2017, said prosecutors, who announced a 3,201-count indictment against him.

“The defendant in this case is alleged to have accumulated a vile collection of children being sexually abused by adults,” said Queens Chief Assistant DA John Ryan.

“The photos and videos are in fact crime scene images where youngsters are violated in the most horrific ways. This defendant allegedly kept the demand for these computer files going by collecting and sharing this content.”

Acting Queens Supreme Court Justice Stephanie Zaro set bail at $50,000 cash, and ordered the defendant to return to court June 27.

If convicted, Vertilus faces up to seven years in prison.

Ryan said Vertilus was tracked with software designed to search and identify individuals, via their Internet Protocol addresses, who are offering to distribute child sexual abuse material.

Most of the material contained in the defendant’s collection depicted children under 12 years old being sexually abused by adults.

The material will be sent to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Child Victim Identification Program to determine which of the children have been identified and saved by law enforcement..

Iowa man faces child sexual abuse charges


A Fort Dodge man is facing two felony charges after he allegedly confessed to committing sexual acts on a child.

Joseph D. Peterson, 34, is charged with two counts of second-degree sexual abuse, a class B felony.

The complaints filed against Peterson allege that he committed multiple sexual acts on a child, only identified as being less than 12 years old, on at least two occasions between Jan. 1 and March 29.

One of the incidents happened about three months ago, according to the complaint, and the other happened about a month ago.

The complaint further stated that Peterson allegedly admitted to a Fort Dodge police detective that he committed the acts upon the child.

Peterson made his initial appearance in Webster County Magistrate Court Saturday morning.

He said very little during his appearance, only acknowledging to Magistrate William Thatcher that he understood his rights and clarifying a few questions that Thatcher had about his application for a court-appointed attorney.

Thatcher appointed Judd Parker, of Adel, to represent Peterson in the case. Additionally, Thatcher also ordered Peterson to stay away from the unnamed victim and their family via a no-contact order.

Peterson’s preliminary hearing has been scheduled for April 9. He is being held in the Webster County Jail on a combined $50,000 cash-only bond.

California school bus driver arrested for
child sexual abuse
By:  Sam Benson Smith, KESQ   

INDIO, Calif.- - A man who was formerly a bus driver employed by First Student in the Coachella Valley is facing several child sexual abuse charges following a January arrest. 

59-year-old Samuel Ortega is facing three charges of committing lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14, according to county jail records. He was set to appear in court at the Larson Justice Center in Indio Thursday for a preliminary hearing, but it was delayed. 

According to court records, the alleged abuses occurred between August and November of 2018. 

A news release written by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department reveals that on November 26, deputies first learned of a possible sexual assault of a minor in the 100 block of Clearwater Way in Rancho Mirage. Investigators were able to find evidence which corroborated accusations of sexual assault. 

Ortega was arrested on January 24 at 3:00 p.m. in Cathedral City by deputies, according to jail records. 

No additional information is available for release due to the age of the victim and sensitivity of the investigation.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station Investigations Bureau at (760) 836-1600.

Former Texas X-ray tech accused of child sex abuse
may have more victims
Tom Steele, Breaking News Producer
Dallas News

Police in Allen say there may be additional victims in the case of a former X-ray technician who is accused of child sex abuse.

Justin Lloyd Strickland, 35, was arrested in November 2016 after authorities say he had sexual contact with an 11-year-old girl in Allen. The incident occurred while he was taking an X-ray of the child's knee, KTVT-TV (Channel 11) reported at the time.

The Texas Board of Medical Radiologic Technology suspended his license shortly after his arrest.

Since then, others have made similar accusations against Stricklin, police said this week. The incidents occurred while the children's parents were out of the room during exams.

Stricklin, a Gainesville resident, was indicted in Collin County last month on one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child younger than 14. He is free on bond as he awaits trial.

Police believe that there may be other potential victims and ask that anyone with information call Investigator Carolyn Crawford at 972-633-6778.

People who want to leave an anonymous tip can text ALLENPD and the tip to 847411.

Texas man convicted in child sex abuse case

By KLTV Digital Media Staff

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A Tyler man has been convicted and sentenced in a child sex abuse case.

Thursday, Mark Vanhouten, 55, of Tyler was sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole for continuous sexual abuse of a child.

According to the Smith County District Attorney’s Office, Tyler Police Department officers began investigating the case when the victim notified her mother of the incident.

The incident? He was convicted of continuous CSA - there were many incidents!

Officials were able to identify Vanhouten’s DNA from collected swabs, incriminating pictures and the internet search history on his computer.

Illinois man charged with child sex abuse

O’FALLON, Ill. – The St. Clair County State’s Attorney’s Office charged a 23-year-old Damiensville, Illinois man for sexual abuse of a minor.

According to Det. Sgt. Craig Koch, a spokesman for the O’Fallon Police Department, a parental complaint led to an investigation of possible inappropriate contact involving an adult and child via social media.

Police arrested Paul Jansen on Tuesday.

He was charged with three counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, three counts of traveling to meet a minor, one count of grooming, and one count of indecent solicitation of a child.

Koch said O’Fallon police were still investigating Jansen’s past activity.

Documents detail years of alleged child sex abuse by Florida police officer
By: Rich Jones , News 104.5 WOKV

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - When the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office first announced the arrest of a 9-year veteran officer for capital sexual battery, they said the investigation began with the discovery of an image of a nude girl on a phone. 

An affidavit for arrest warrant obtained by WOKV provides more clarity about years of abuse that led to the arrest of Matthew Butler on Tuesday. Butler was an officer assigned to Zone 1, which covers Downtown, but he resigned following the arrest. 

The Integrity Unit started their investigation into Butler last Friday, when they received information claiming Butler had a nude photo of a young girl. The affidavit states that a witness alerted a JSO Detective to potential sexual abuse of a victim, in addition to the photo. 

The victim detailed how the sexual abuse took place at an apartment and later at home, over the course of six years. The affidavit says the abuse occurred between 2010 and 2016. It did not describe the relationship between Butler and the victim. 

Butler, who is now 39 years old, was booked into the Duval County Jail on a felony charge of capital sexual battery and a judge set his bond at $1 million. The judge also ordered Butler to have no contact with the victim or other minors. His next court date was scheduled for April 17.  

Butler is the second Jacksonville officer to be arrested in just a matter of days. Over the weekend, an officer was arrested for allegedly pointing his gun at three women, including one he was dating, and threatening them. 

Friday, 29 March 2019

Another Hindu Girl Stolen and Other Awful Stories of CSA on Today's Global PnP List

16yo Hindu girl kidnapped in Pakistan amid spate
of forced conversions, child marriages

File photo: © Reuters TV via REUTERS

Another Hindu girl has reportedly been kidnapped in Pakistan after a spate of alleged abductions, forced marriages and conversions to Islam in the country in recent weeks. This case would bring the total number to seven.

The latest incident involved 16-year-old Male Kumari Meghwar, who was kidnapped. An unnamed local Hindu leader told the Times of India that local police had refused to launch an investigation into the incident.

According to the complaint filed by the girl's father, on the night she was taken, four men broke into her home at roughly 3am local time and dragged her outside to a waiting vehicle and sped off into the night.

Reports of the abduction come just days after two sisters, Reena (15) and Raveena (13) (last story on link), were allegedly kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men. On Tuesday a Pakistani court ordered special protection for the the girls as an investigation is conducted to determine the circumstances of their alleged kidnapping.

“The girls appeared before Islamabad High Court on Tuesday morning,” Farrukh Ali, a police official in their home district of Gothki, said. “The court has directed the deputy commissioner to take their custody.”

Some 10 people, including the cleric who officiated the wedding, have been detained in connection with the case of alleged kidnapping and robbery. India’s Minister of External affairs Chowkidar Sushma Swaraj issued a rare statement on affairs in neighboring Pakistan, sparking a war of words with Pakistan’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry.

Vancouver suburb mayor denies sexual assault allegation, takes leave of absence to fight charge
By Sean Boynton
Online Journalist Global News

Port Moody Mayor Rob Vagramov is taking a leave of absence from council to fight the sexual assault charge filed against him, which he said stems from a false allegation.

The mayor said his upcoming legal fight will include filing a defamation suit against the alleged victim.

He also confirmed that the allegation first came to light during last fall’s municipal election campaign, and said he has been cooperating with investigators ever since.

“When the allegation first surfaced … I was horrified and taken completely by surprise,” Vagramov told media following an emergency council meeting Thursday afternoon.

“The tale grew as it was being told, and I want to be absolutely clear: this allegation is false,” the mayor added. “I intend to pursue them in the court of law, where they belong.”

The charge, which was announced Thursday, relates to an incident alleged to have happened in Coquitlam on April 1, 2015, when Vagramov was a Port Moody city councillor.

According to the alleged victim, whose identity can’t be shared, the pair went on several dates in the spring of 2015 after meeting on the Tinder dating app.

On their last date, the accuser alleges Vagramov became “sexually aggressive.”

Vagramov said he has already submitted to a polygraph test for investigators, which he said he passed, and the results have been handed over to police.

The mayor said he intends to step back from his position starting Friday in order to focus on preparing his legal defence. Council approved the request for paid leave, which will last indefinitely.

2,442 Cases Of Child Abuse Reported in Bahamas
From 2015-2018

SOCIAL Services Minister Frankie Campbell.

Tribune Staff Reporter

THERE were roughly 2,442 cases of reported child abuse from 2015 to 2018, according to Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell.

The figures were given yesterday at the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development’s launch of Child Protection Month.

According to records provided by the Southern Shores MP, 2,442 cases of child abuse were reported across the country during the same period.

Of that number, there were 562 cases of physical abuse, 600 cases of sexual abuse, 1,070 cases of neglect, 53 cases of abandonment, 96 cases of incest, 30 cases of verbal abuse and 31 cases of emotional abuse.

Mr Campbell said while much of the thought given to child abuse cases often goes toward physical and sexual abuse, the other forms carried out on children have equal or an even greater impact.

Referring to his own trauma, Mr Campbell called on society to view all forms of abuse as critically important and do all necessary to eradicate them.

Addressing specifically emotional and verbal abuse cases, he said: “…These may actually be the highest in occurrence, and these might be ones that have the worst and longest lasting effect.

“I stand here before you with lasting memories of having been told that I will be nothing, with memories of having been told that I am nobody, with memories of having been belittled because of my mother’s nationality,” he added. Mr Campbell’s mother was a Haitian immigrant to this country.

Mr Campbell, citing the work of psychotherapist and author David Calof, noted that survivors of chronic childhood abuse often always deny or minimise their memories of the abusive situation.

He continued: “But while the knowledge, body sensations and feelings are shattered, they are not forgotten. They intrude in unexpected ways: through panic attacks and insomnia, through dreams and artwork, through seemingly inexplicable compulsions, and through the shadowy dread of the abusive parent.

“The show up through uncontrollable behaviour, drug abuse, suicide ideation or actual suicide, depression, low self-esteem, criminality, bruises and welts, burns, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, promiscuity, and so many negative physical, behavioural, psychological and social challenges.”

To that end, Mr Campbell called for parents and guardians to be vigilant and more receptive to the emotional and mental health of the children around them.

He further implored parents to step up their parenting skills, urging them to be more capable of speaking to their children as they develop about the things they face daily.

Mr Campbell also took aim at the modern practice of raising a child between multiple homes. He claimed the action often leaves children exposed and susceptible to negative influences.

“So the child is living between mommy and grammy, and grammy thinks that the child is with mommy and mommy thinks that the child is with grammy, and 48 hours later they both realise that the child is missing. Even where those circumstances exist. We have the benefit of communication tools,” he said.

In addition to media programmes and educational campaigns, Child Protection Month will also feature a church service on April 11, a blue carpet event on April 25 and an award service on May 2.

The Department of Social Services, through its Child Protection Unit, currently operates a 24-hour hotline to provide assistance to those seeking help.

If you suspect that a child is being abused or is in need of help, you are asked to call either 322-2763 from 9am to 5pm, or 422-2763 at any time, where trained professionals are available to provide assistance.

Anglican Bishop accused of covering up child sex abuse scandal gives up safeguarding powers

Bishop Peter Forster,  CREDIT: TELEMMGLPICT000191276879

Gabriella Swerling, religious affairs editor,
The Telegraph

A bishop accused of covering up a child sex abuse scandal will no longer have powers to appoint and screen clergy, in what is believed to be the first case of its kind.

The Bishop of Chester, Rt Rev Peter Forster, the longest-serving bishop within the Church of England (CoE), discovered that the Rev Gordon Dickenson had been accused of sex offences decades earlier when the allegations were referred to in a letter to the diocese in 2009.

However Bishop Forster failed to tell police about the allegations against the priest because of promises made by Dickenson. The Bishop left him free to act as a retired priest for a further five years, meaning he was continuing to conduct church services with the diocese’s blessing.

Earlier this month Dickinson was convicted  (3rd story on link) of eight counts of sexual assault after pleading guilty to abusing a boy during the 1970s inside a church hall and in his vicarage. The 89-year-old, who is now in the early stages of dementia, was jailed for 27 months at Liverpool Crown Court.

 Following a conversation with the Archbishop of York, Bishop Forster issued a statement saying that he has “formally delegated” all safeguarding responsibility to the Bishop of Birkenhead, Keith Sinclair, with immediate effect. 

Following a conversation with the Archbishop of York, Bishop Forster issued a statement saying that he has “formally delegated” all safeguarding responsibility to the Bishop of Birkenhead, Keith Sinclair, with immediate effect  CREDIT: CHARLOTTE GRAHAM/©2018

Bishop Forster had faced calls to resign following his involvement in the scandal. However he announced yesterday that he will no longer be responsible for safeguarding within his diocese, in what is believed to be the first case of its kind.

The Telegraph has also learnt that the Church of England has also commenced formal proceedings regarding Bishop Forster’s conduct. He has been reported to the Church’s disciplinary body by its most senior safeguarding watchdog. Sir Roger Singleton CBE, interim director of the Church of England's National Safeguarding Team, has instigated the start of the Church Disciplinary Measure (CDM) process. This can result in a tribunal or hearing overseen by the watchdog, if evidence of malpractice is found.

Following a conversation with the Archbishop of York, Bishop Forster issued a statement saying that he has “formally delegated” all safeguarding responsibility to the Bishop of Birkenhead, Keith Sinclair, with immediate effect.

"I have taken this decision in response to recent comment into my handling of the Gordon Dickenson case in 2009,” he said. "An independent review will seek to identify where any failures in procedures arose, and what lessons can be learned and I look forward to contributing to the review and to giving a full account of my actions in relation to this matter.”

"The Diocese of Chester takes seriously its safeguarding responsibilities at every level. Whilst an independent review into my actions takes place, I recognise that I should not continue to lead the safeguarding arrangements in the Diocese.”

According to the latest CoE guidance on roles and responsibilities for diocean bishops, they are “ultimately responsible for ensuring good safeguarding arrangements and practice”. It adds that in exceptional circumstances, they can delegate such tasks to a less senior, suffragan bishop.

Bishop Forster will continue in other duties relating to his role however it is rare for bishops to relinquish such powers. Safeguarding responsibilities for bishops include having the final authority on whether priests can have permission to officiate (PTO). Such cases arise when priests wish to come out of retirement but have not received a full Disclosure and Barring Service background check, providing support for survivors of abuse, training all clergy on safeguarding, keeping central record of all church officers who have a role with children and keep a record of their DBS compliance.

It also includes “exercising discipline” to ensure priests who have PTO undergo risk assessments, suspend priests if they present a risk of harm.

Ten years ago, Dickenson wrote a letter to the Diocese of Chester, which was conducting a review of past abuse cases, in which he admitted that he had been accused of abuse during the 1970s and he promised he would never do it again.

Despite the admission, Bishop Forster did not pass on the letter to police, nor did he order an internal church inquiry.

Chester Crown Court heard details how Dickenson’s victim - who was aged 12 and 13 at the time of the abuse - was driven to alcoholism and left feeling like he had “buried away a dirty secret”.

His ordeal only came to light when police stumbled across the case in 2017 while investigating a previous Bishop of Chester, Victor Whitsey, who had also been accused of abuse.

‘Rip up this Redress’: Sex abuse survivor’s tearful encounter with ‘token gesture’ scheme

One survivor's dreadful story of revictimization thanks to
Australia's Redress Scheme

Child sex abuse survivor Georgie Burg

Georgie Burg attended a roundtable on the National Address Scheme on Thursday.

Georgie Burg is a child sex abuse survivor who last year jailed pedophile Anglican priest John Philip Aitchison (5th story on link).

She hoped to deliver this speech on Thursday when she attended a government roundtable on the National Redress Scheme, attended by Social Services Minister Paul Fletcher.

Despite not being eligible, she had called the Redress hotline to see how it functions for survivors. What she found, she says, was not acceptable and she aims to improve the process.

On the day of George Pell’s sentencing, I sat in a similar meeting room – this time for the National Office of Child Safety, discussing the implementation of the recommendations from the royal commission. I was missing my daughter’s 18th birthday to be there, on a day we know was loaded with meaning for survivors like me.

I was glad then and proud too, about what I did over Christmas last year, putting together a list of questions that I think a survivor would want to know about the National Redress Scheme. I’m not eligible for redress, I’m not a paid employee or affiliated with anyone. It’s too late for my family and me. There is nothing for me to gain.

I couldn’t find an email for the Redress scheme. I don’t have the contacts to know who to talk to, so I simply called the hotline.

What happened next was so awful it has profoundly affected the way I see the people in this room and the leaders of our country, including Social Services Minister Paul Fletcher.

Within a minute of calling Redress, I experienced the automated clinical voice so familiar to Centrelink callers. The operator quickly began probing me to ‘share’ my personal story with her, demanding it was mandatory for her to help.

I asked her what training she had as a front-line worker and she defensively replied that all Redress staff had received a comprehensive training session. She again demanded that I tell her my story, telling me that the privacy of survivors was their utmost concern.

I began to cry. Like at the trial a few months earlier, I was being forced to tell a stranger what was done to me. It was re-victimising, re-traumatising and completely unnecessary. I did this for you, to be valuable to you.

Georgie Burg doesn’t know where she’d be if she hadn’t met her husband Phil when she was 22.

At last, after putting me on hold twice, she gave me an email address that I could send my questions to.

The email bounced back. It was a dead link.

I went and threw up. I asked myself why I was putting myself through this, why it has to be me, why I want to be here so badly. Like when I was 13, fighting for my life, I decided to be brave. And then I called again. Believe me, it was bloody hard to do.

This time a man answered. Again, in under a minute, he asked me to share my story with him, so that he could be better informed on how to help me.

Whilst this man was more sympathetic and was demonstrably concerned at the dead email link, I was again forced to say the words. Twice in one morning to re-live my story, to justify my inclusion at this roundtable. I bit my tongue so hard that blood rolled down my throat.

After a period on hold, I was told the only option was to put the questions in the auto-fill contact form. He was confident that because I was a member of this panel, it would be prioritised, with a fast response.

He was wrong. It took a month for a response, a cut-and-pasted reply that began with the error “Good morning afternoon”, with a signature that said it was from the “Refrom Group”. No survivor would accept the ‘answers’ I was given, because they said precisely nothing.

Do not tell me that you will ‘take note’ of this.

If you are human beings, you will look at me, you will hear my voice, see the cost of this, the humiliation of what that was like for me.

We will leave this room today and go our separate ways.

Tonight, I’ll sit in the darkness of the paddock beside my house and hold my dog, wondering what sort of prime minister and opposition leader would allow department staff to do this to survivors.

You have your token gesture of a Redress Scheme, where you can say you’re ‘doing something’. But you have no right to try to reframe this so that you can feel better about yourselves.

I would rather stay number 577 – anonymous in the royal commission’s Book of Messages held at the National Library – than hear you say my name. Start saying the names of survivors whose experience of bravery far outweigh anything you have achieved. Rip up this Redress Scheme and start again. Give survivors the compensation they deserve.

We aren’t stupid. We were children who were raped and abused and somehow some of us survived it.

You’re seriously telling me that this is the best you can do?

*The speech has been edited for publication