Everyday thousands of children are being sexually abused. You can stop the abuse of at least one child by simply praying. You can possibly stop the abuse of thousands of children by forwarding the link in First Time Visitor? by email, Twitter or Facebook to every Christian you know. Save a child or lots of children!!!! Do Something, please!

3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
Give Thanks. There is more to this prayer here

Please note: All my writings and comments appear in bold italics in this colour

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Controversial Cardiff Imam Implies Sex Slaves OK Under Islam

It's hard to believe the British government is impotent to stop this kind of preaching in Britain. There is only one way to stop the coming wave of violence that has already affected France and Germany, and that is to lock up or deport all Muslims who have been radicalized. This Imam has been radicalized and needs to be shut up.

© Ali Hammuda
© Ali Hammuda / Facebook

A British Muslim preacher in Cardiff has stoking tensions with his radical sermons by saying it’s ok to take prisoners and sex slaves under Islam. The imam preaches at the same mosque that saw three young radicalized jihadists leave the UK for Syria.

Preaching to boys as young as 13, Ali Hammuda would deliver many of the messages associated with radical Islamic groups like Islamic State, including that “the day of judgment is close,” according to the Daily Mail.

Hammuda is officially known as an English Islamic Programmes officer. He still preaches at the Al-Manar mosque, two years after three of its young members traveled to Syria to fight for terrorist organizations.

A secret recording a Koran study group was made by undercover reporter Rizwan Syed, who sent a copy to the Daily Mail. The tape was part of an investigation into jihadism by the company Hardcash Productions. It was made in October 2014.

There are a lot of confusing messages delivered by Hammuda, but what mostly shocked the British public about his sermons, is his interpretation of Hadiths, particularly ones concerning to slavery.

In one example, he says one of the signs of doomsday would be when a mother gives birth to her master, who then treats her as a slave.

“One of the interpretations as to what this means is that towards the end of time there will be many wars like what we are seeing today, and because of these wars women will be taken as captives, as slaves, yeah, women will be taken as slaves,” he says.

“And then, er, her master has relations with her because this is permissible in Islam, it’s permissible to have relations with a woman who is your slave or your wife.”

But with your mother? If that doesn't tell you where Islam is from, nothing will.

What Hammuda apparently fails to mention is that slavery isn’t legal anymore – in Islam, never mind the UK, where he was brought up after leaving Palestine, while he also stated that music is a “tool of Satan.”

Islam is a tool of Satan!

The undercover reporter Syed recalls seeing a number of extremist readings at the mosque, including Music Made Me Do It, which describes how music supposedly corrupts the individual.

Another book looks at punishments admissible under Islam, such as stoning, beatings, amputations and beheadings, which are also used by IS.

“I saw books preaching brutal violence, sexism, homophobia, aggressive physical jihad, dismemberment and capital punishment implemented by the state. It reinforces the idea that what these militant groups are doing, what IS is doing, is legitimised by history,” Syed said.

Although the mosque itself says it rejects radicalism, it has hosted a number of extremist religious speakers in the past, including Al-Qaeda ally and former leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Muhammad Mustafa Al-Muqri.

However, speaking on Friday the controversial Cardiff preacher Hammuda said he had always condemned the tactics and ideology of “so-called Islamic State,” according to the Mail. He said he only spoke for himself and the mosque.

Meanwhile, the Home Office released new figures relating to the number of children saved from being taken to Syria by their parents as part of the anti-terrorism Contest strategy.

Approximately 50 minors were prevented from traveling this year, and more than 150 in 2015.

Truckers Against Sex Trafficking - Great Idea

Trucker Kevin Kimmel spotted an old RV at a truck stop last year that caught his attention. He says that he noticed “a young girl peek out and be abruptly pulled back from the window, and the shade pulled back over it.” Kimmel called the police because he recognized the warning signs of forced prostitution thanks to training from an organization called Truckers Against Trafficking or TAT; that call ended weeks of physical and sexual abuse for the victim.

Since its founding six years ago, truckers partnering with TAT have helped free hundreds of trafficking victims, including nearly 250 minors. Kylla Lanier, one of TAT’s co-founders, says Kimmel’s actions are exactly what TAT is all about: “Trafficking happens everywhere. It's happening in homes, in conference centers, at schools, casinos, truck stops, hotels, motels, everywhere," she explains. "You know, it's an everywhere problem, but truckers happen to be everywhere." 

Although people often think trafficking doesn’t happen close to home, the truth is that trafficking takes place in all types of communities around the world. Fortunately, according to TAT, truckers are in an excellent position to help: “As the eyes and ears of our nation's highways, [they] are in a unique position to make a difference and close loopholes to traffickers who seek to exploit our transportation system for their personal gain.” TAT provides training in how to recognize possible trafficking victims, including subtle signs like a lack of access to their own ID and cash or conversation that sounds scripted, as well as resources to help those trapped by traffickers and pimps. 

TAT has partnered with hundreds of trucking companies to make their resources widely available. Since starting their training programs, over 225,000 truckers have been trained and officially registered with the organization. Law enforcement is also on board, with many states actively encouraging TAT training for all truckers; beginning this summer, the state of Ohio will require TAT training in order to receive a commercial driver’s license.

Most importantly, the truckers and truck stop employees who work with TAT now recognize that traffickers are out there -- and just how much they can do to help. “Before if I saw a prostitute, I would have thought, 'Hey, that's what they want to do,'” says Sam Tahour, District Manager for TA Travel Plaza. “Now I know what signs to look for. I know what actions to take... This is what's going on out there, and these people need a hero.”

To learn more about Truckers Against Trafficking on NPR, visit http://n.pr/29SMWYt or visit their website at http://www.truckersagainsttrafficking.org/

The powerful young adult novel, "Dime," tells the story of a young American teen who is trafficked into the sex trade, for ages 14 and up, at http://www.amightygirl.com/dime

For an excellent though challenging novel about one Nepalese girl's experience being trafficked into prostitution, we highly recommend "Sold" for readers 14 and up at http://www.amightygirl.com/sold

For books to inspire children and teens to make a difference in the lives of others, check out our blog post “Making an Impact: Mighty Girl Books about Charity and Community Service” at http://www.amightygirl.com/blog?p=10983

For a gripping memoir by a woman dedicated to ending the trafficking of girls in the U.S. as the founder of Girls Are Not For Sale, who herself is a survivor, check out “Girls Like Us: Fighting for a World Where Girls Are Not for Sale” at http://amzn.to/1X2brW7

PH'er Aubrie Starr's Family Needs Help Now

Aubrie Starr, the smallest girl with the soother in the photo below, has Pulmonary Hypertension, a very serious and often fatal disease with no cure. 

Aubrie's mom lost her job and her home and they resorted to living in their car for a few days until some crowdfunding allowed them to take a room.

We have been following little Aubrie's harrowing struggle through life for a couple of years now and this girl and this family really needs a break.

Please pray for them and if you can help financially, that would be great too.

You can contribute at: https://www.youcaring.com/my-children-604835/update/507689

Help our family get back on our feet! (My children)

The Story - Kenya Blum - Aubrie Starr's Mom
I lost my job after my youngest child's last fight with pneumonia. I have not been able to locate a new job. My children and I slept in our car for a few nights and we have tried shelters in our area but they are all currently full or have a waiting list.  Salvation Army allowed us time in a hotel but funding has run out. My youngest is 3 years old and suffers from lung disease called Pulmonary Hypertension and requires oxygen at night while she is sleeping.  For her to sleep in the car is not safe and with this heat it puts her at risk.  We are asking for help staying in one place until a spot opens for us in the mother/children' shelter where we can receive the resources we need to become independent again.

Posted on July 21, 2016 by Kenya Blum
On my family’s behalf and mine I would like to express our heartfelt thanks. We continue to be humbled by your gift during these hard times. By your generosity we will be able to rebuild and become independent again. With your help we are able to have shelter until we are accepted into the mother and children's shelter where I will receive the resources I need to finish college, get back to work and become financially stable once again. I have always said it would never happen to me or my children but it did. It can happen to any of you. Hug your babies tight and Thank God for what you have it could all disappear. Be grateful and consider everything you have as a blessing. You have all blessed us beyond belief in these past few days. We thank you so much!

Posted on July 24, 2016 by Kenya Blum
We will not be able to get into the Mother and Children's program until mid August.  Please continue to pray for us and help share our story.  We still need to get nearly 2 weeks covered so we are not sleeping in the car until then.  Right now it looks like we will have a place through Saturday morning.  Thank You again for all the help we have received this far. I have continued to apply for positions and follow up on leads. Please continue to pray for us and this journey ahead.

Posted on July 26, 2016 by Kenya Blum
Through your donations another week has been paid, we are still in need of almost 2 weeks until Mother and Children House opens their doors again.

We would again like Thank You for helping us stay some where with A/C and not in our hot car. It really makes it easier on Aubrie and her breathing, her oxygen use at night and being able to take cool breaks during the day.

Yesterday at 09:15 · 
Update from Little Aubrie's Mom, one of the hardest working people I know...

½ Our room is cover until August 5th. We are 10 days short on funding. Each night is $39plus tax If you are able to cover at least 1 night it would mean more than you know. Also please continue to keep us in your prayers as I am trying to find a qualified child care center for Aubrie and still looking for a new job. Please pray that when the Mother and Children's house opens mid August that we are accepted as there is no guarantee. We want to thank everyone who has helped us during this time.

More history on Aubrey Starr:

Little Aubrie Starr's Condition Worsens as Doctors Undecided as to What to Do

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
17 July 2014
Have to leave here in the morning at 6:30am to take Aubrie to the specialty children's hospital to see her cardiologist and PH team. She had some episodes of passing out over the weekend, a couple nights of low stats and has been exhausted more than normal. Hopefully we can finally find out if anything has changed with her Pulmonary Hypertension. I will keep everyone posted!!

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
18 July
Aubries drs feel that with her condition being so difficult to truly know what is going on all the time it is in our best interest to get a second opinion from a lung transplant specialty team. They will begin sharing notes and information with a team in Chapel Hill. It may be that she is fine where she is right now or it could mean she needs a central IV line or a sub q line. It may be that a transplant is best. Nothing has been decided they are just seeking a more experienced decision. It does appear her condition may progressing. As I am made aware of thing with her care I will let all of know as well. Thank you all for being such wonderful prayer warriors for our family! God's got this, he has a plan laid out etched in stone. The Lord is our strength!

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
3 hours ago
Aubrie has been so tired today and she hasn't done much except ride in her car that I push and get carried around every where.  She was so exhausted she went to sleep for her nap around 1:00pm and didn't get up until 4:30pm. She was already back to sleep at 9:00pm. Pray for her body to get the rest it needs. With God all things are possible!

The official page for Aubrie Starr a patient diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and branch pulmonary artery hypoplasia. Please pray for Aubrie Starr!


Pulmonary Hypertension - The Monster Claims Another

Another Facebook PHriend gone! And 2 little girls fighting for their lives. They need your prayers and they need a cure.

Patricia McFarland-Myers    28 Dec 2014

I don't mean to go all PH on you today. But we've just lost another beautiful phriend to this monster. RIP Lori Rodriguez. Lord we need a cure!

Lori Sobrowski Rodriguez - beautiful, happy, young woman passed away yesterday from PH-related heart failure. This photo is stunning in that it was taken Christmas Day, 2014.

Right - the last photo that she posted. How poignant an you get?

Breathe For Riley
Yesterday at 13:57 ·

Had to call Dr Hanna today. Always glad when he is the one that answers the pulmonary hypertension emergency cell phone for CHOP families.

Riley looked funny (extremely pale, dark nails) this morning so I put her monitor on and her oxygen level was only 65% on 4 liters. He told me to give her extra lasix and keep him posted since coming home (all fluid). She then got her dose of steroids and came up to about 80% on 5 liters.

She hasn't really left the couch since coming home. Most of her toys haven't even been taken out of boxes because she hasn't had much interest in anything but laying down.

We have tickets tomorrow for Disney on Ice, and I'm hoping we can have her stable enough to go because she is really looking forward to it.

Riley Buchanan is 6 years old and awaiting a lung transplant at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

http://www.gofundme.com/rileysnewlungs   I don't know Riley's condition. Her gofundme page has not been updated in 16 months and her facebook page has not been updated in 6 months.

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr

Sunday morning Prayers for Aubrey please.
Aubrie still has a fever, no word on her test. She still will not eat and sleeping a lot :-(

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
Yesterday at 04:47 ·

Aubrie is back in the hospital again. Fever was up to 103.5 last night so we brought her to the ER. Aubrie has an infection in her lungs, they are testing to find out why. It could possibly be the Flu, if that comes back negative then it's on to the next test. We are also waiting on blood cultures taken last night. Fever was down last night but back up this morning.

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
18 December at 20:10 · Edited ·

Today I received a call, Aubrie's case was denied by the specialty center at Chapel Hill. Now I will begin working with her team to find her a good out of state lung transplant specialty center.

Then we will have to send them her case and pray we find someone experienced enough to agree to guide us in her care.

We will begin trying to setup fund raisers to help pay for traveling and extended stay expenses soon. Once we are with a specialty center and she is listed for transplant it is possible we may have to completely relocate until she has her transplant and completes all recovery. Please continue to keep us in yourprayers!

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
2 December at 20:01 ·
Update: Aubrie's breathing has been so much better!!! She is playing again and happy as ever. So glad that tomorrow on my day off I will be able to spend some time with her having fun and not at any appts or with her feeling bad, tomorrow's mommy and me time is going to be great!!

2 Yr Old Aubrie Starr Preparing for Lung Transplant - Please Pray

Below are a series of brief Facebook posts from Aubrie Starr's mom. Aubrie has Pulmonary Hypertension and Branch Pulmonary Artery Hypoplasia. PH, itself, is often fatal without a lung transplant, or sometimes a lung and heart transplant.

See previous posts on Aubrie herehere, and here

For an amazing story on pulmonary hypertension and prayer see here

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
7 May 2015 at 16:28 ·
Little Miss Aubrie has a low grade fever
I will monitor her through the night, if it begins to rise we will see a Dr tomorrow morning. Praying it is something simple and goes away quickly!!

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
7 May at 20:27 ·
Aubrie's fever is still going up
She is now at 101.4 and breathes are shorter and faster. I hate to admit it but we will more than likely end up in the ER tonight.

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
8 May at 01:39 ·
So we have been at the hospital for hours and have not had contact with anyone since we checked in, we were placed in a room immediately and had been sitting there all night. Not one nurse even came to check on her the entire time. I just went off on the nurses and told them i would have her seen somewhere else and left. Now off to another hospital.

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
8 May at 06:27 ·
We are finally back home... Aubrie is going to be better soon!!

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
8 May at 13:32 ·
No energy to get up. She is still in bed watching videos on her ipad.

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
Yesterday at 13:51 · 16 May
In just 1 week we will be on our way to Ohio (from North Carolina, I believe) for an entire week of testing and meeting so many new people who will change our lives forever. This journey will be filled with so many emotions, but we are going to make the best of every moment. Each day i will post updates for everyone. Please continue to pray for our family as we embark this next path in life. Pray that nothing goes according to the itenerary but everything goes according to God's plan. I have faith in him!
I don't know how you would survive without it!

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr 
Yesterday at 16:10 · Edited · 16 May
We need your help!! We would like to find as many prayer warriors as possible before we leave next week for Aubrie's lung transplant evaluation.

Please "SHARE" and "LIKE" 'HOPE PHOR AUBRIE STARR'....then comment where you are praying from, lets see how far the prayers spread!

This week, Aubrie will be going to Ohio for evaluation, testing, and perhaps planning for a transplant. The family is asking for prayer cover for this week, so I am posting this and asking for you to either go to facebook - Hope PHor Aubrie Starr and let them know you are praying and what country you are praying from,  or, please let me know what country you will be praying from and I will pass it on. This will be an incredible gift for Aubrie both now and when she is older.

I expect that when the opportunity for a transplant comes that it will be very sudden and there may not be time to ask for prayer at that moment. So please keep that in mind when you pray.

Please RT, +1, repost, forward any way you can until we get thousands praying for this amazing little girl. God bless.

Unnamed and Unknown - Christine Caine's Story

The smile on Christine Caine’s face is as striking as the shock she felt when she uncovered the secret her parents kept from her.

Christine’s desperate search for her roots turned up a birth certificate. Her mother’s name was listed as “Panagiota.” Her father’s name was listed as “Unknown.”  Only one word with seven letters numbed her.

Her own name was recorded as “Unnamed.” She was simply “birth number 2508 in 1966.”

Could anything be worse than being abandoned by those who conceived and bore you?

The Pain and Shame of Sexual Abuse

Christine was sexually abused by several men from the time she was 3 until she turned 15. She tried to tell somebody that could have intervened, but 40 years ago in Australia, the word “abuse” didn’t even exist. Nobody talked about that stuff.

She never went from one developmental stage to another in any healthy kind of way. She was unforgiving, filled with shame, guilt, bitterness and anger.

“I was messed up. My soul was damaged. I believed I was nothing and would become nothing.

When I was young, I cried out to God in my naivete and innocence, and in my desperation felt he wasn’t stopping anything. He wasn’t helping me. That marred my image of God. A lot of my adult life has been a journey of learning to trust him.”

Rejection, Fear, Insecurity

“When you’re first abused, you’re filled with shame about what is happening to you. When it happens over a long period of time, you then begin to think it’s happening because of who you are.

So I grew up feeling a lot of rejection, shame, insecurity, fear, and anger. Over the years I’ve had to fight to renew my mind to a place where I understand at the core of my being that Jesus is trustworthy.”

Christine caine broken

Injury and Recovery

“The pain of recovery is great. When I tore my ACL while downhill skiing, the pain was excruciating, but nothing like the physical therapy afterward. For four months following the surgery, every minute of every day was excruciatingly painful.

At one point my therapist said, ‘Christine, your recovery is totally dependent on you. You know the degree to which you’re willing to embrace the pain of recovery is the degree to which your knee will heal.

The pain of recovery will be greater than the pain of the injury, but if you do it, your leg will be stronger than your other leg for the rest of your life.’

I think in the same way, most of us don’t embrace the pain of emotional or spiritual recovery because there is pain.”

Wounded Souls

“If your soul has been wounded before you come to Christ, it will likely still be wounded immediately after.

In the same way, if our body is broken before we pray the sinner’s prayer, it’s still broken the minute after we pray it. There’s not often this instant physical healing.

We have to undergo a process of restoration to have the wounds of our soul healed, and to allow Jesus to touch those dark places.”

Christine Caine Husband

Redeeming Your Pain

In 1996 Christine married Nick Caine and they have two children, Catherine Bobbie and Sophia Joyce Grace. In 2008, she and Nick founded The A21 Campaign, an organization that fights to end injustice in the 21st century. They now have 10 offices in 9 countries, 5 victims aftercare programs.

Their aim is to prevent human trafficking through awareness, to protect trafficked victims in their shelters and transition homes, to prosecute traffickers and strengthen the legal response to human trafficking.

“What I’ve noticed is that with a bit of boldness and a little light, you don’t actually need enough light to illuminate everything; just enough light to illuminate the next step.

Learn more about Christine’s Ministry at A21.

APPLICATION: Christine’s story says “you’ll get through this.” Whatever your mess, God can turn it into your message. 

Start now by sharing Christine’s story with others.

Day Care Worker Accused of Molesting 5 y/o Boy is on the Run

I can't say this strongly enough - 
don't employ boys or men as day-care workers, ever!

(KUTV) A former day care worker, accused of 
sexually abusing a 5-year-old boy, is on the run

Police are looking for 19-year-old Carlos Rodriguez, who’s being investigated for allegedly fondling the boy and pulling his pants down multiple times during nap time.

Court documents show that the boy’s mother picked up her four kids from Destinations II Children’s Center, off 581 N. Redwood Road, in March and the boy told his mother about what happened then stated, “I told him no, but he did it anyway."

Salt Lake City Detective, Cody Lougy said they’ve followed up on a few leads but need the public’s help in finding Rodriguez.

Police have no photos of Rodriguez so don't really know what he looks like.

"It certainly gives us grave concern that this individual is on the streets and we're actively looking for him." Lougy said.

Lougy said after weeks of investigating and screening the case with the district attorney charges were filed on Rodriguez Thursday.

"This individual has been charged with first degree felony one sexual abuse of a child." Lougy said.

2News stopped by the day care and found that it had been sold by the old owner to Patricia Garay, just weeks after the abuse and she had no idea this incident occurred until after she took over.

If you have any information on Rodriguez or this case, you’re asked to call Salt Lake City Police Department.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Seattle to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

Can they do that? Does a municipal government have authority in that area?
© Space Needle
© Space Needle / Facebook

Gay conversion therapy for minors could soon be banned in Seattle, Washington after a city council subcommittee voted on a bill to ban the controversial practice.

Sponsored by council-member Lorena Gonzalez, the bill calls for a ban on licensed mental health providers practicing the therapy on minors. The bill is supported by Seattle mayor Ed Murray and gay activists.

The bill will be voted on by the full council on Monday and should the measure pass, offenders will face a fine of up to $1,000 for carrying out the practice.

Advertising gay conversion therapy would also be banned, leaving practitioners open to consumer related laws surrounding misleading ads.

Gay conversion therapy is an attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation through a range of controversial methods, which include shaming, inducing nausea and even shock therapy. It works off the incorrect theory that sexual orientation is a mental illness that can be “fixed.”

Maybe you should read this before accepting statement: Ex-gay Man:Homosexuality is Just Another Human Brokenness

It has been widely discredited and is considered damaging to young people. - by the LGBTQ lobby and liberal media.

“It’s absolutely offensive to me, that instead of providing these children, who are going through perhaps a moment of confusion … instead of providing them the support that they need, there are people out there who believe it’s appropriate to convince these children that their same-sex orientation is somehow a disease, or an illness, or something that can be cured.” Gonzalez said.

A moment of confusion is right. Children deserve and need truth, not the foolishness that goes around today because of the gay lobby and supportive media. The truth has been known for millennia; it hasn't suddenly appeared in this generation. But it has suddenly been repressed in this generation.

Arguing against the conversion ban at the subcommittee meeting, Kevin Amos said it was an issue of religious freedom. “We’re really talking about parents who have a right, in a civil right, to rear their children,” he said.

Five states have banned licensed mental health providers from offering gay conversion therapy for minors. California, New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois and Vermont. New York State has taken action against the practice by barring practitioners from getting insured. In Oklahoma, a bill introduced in 2015 sought to protect gay conversion therapy from government restrictions.

In 2015, federal legislation was introduced to classify conversion therapy as fraudulent, which would allow for a countrywide ban. The Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act is yet to be passed.

There is a lack of detail surrounding how much gay conversion therapy is taking place in the state of Washington.

Banning gay therapy would increase the gay population which is what the gay lobby wants. They also don't want you to know that it actually works because then you might come to believe that maybe gays aren't actually born gay. That would be catastrophic for the gay community for it would lend credence to the Biblical view of homosexuality. And if the Bible is true, then there is nothing but a horrible judgment for practicing homosexuals.

The fate of Sodom and Gomorrah is mentioned several times throughout the Old and New Testaments. It is also mentioned in the Quran and the Hadith. But Jesus said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Supporting children in acting out homosexuality is another form of child sex abuse and a slap in God's face. One ought not to be very comfortable in that position.

60yo Cleric Arrested After Marrying a 6yo Girl in Afghanistan **Update**

**Update** video added

Child brides are illegal in Afghanistan as they are in most countries, nevertheless, 7600 girls under the age of 15 are married everyday around the world. But it is always surprising when someone is actually charged with the crime, particularly a Muslim cleric. Good for the Ghor police.

© Jorge Silva
© Jorge Silva / Reuters

A cleric in his 60s has been arrested in Afghanistan after he married a six-year-old girl. The religious leader says that the child was sent to him as a “gift.” However the rescued girl has a different opinion saying: “I am afraid of this man.”

The arrest took place in a village in the Ghor province in central Afghanistan. Mohammad Karim claims he married the child as a "religious offering,” adding that the parents of the girl were fully aware of their marriage.

"The girl was given to me as a gift and we were married so I could raise her," Karim, who was arrested on Wednesday, told Radio Free Europe. "After the parents gave their daughter to me, they said, 'you can take her wherever you want.’”

Karim claimed that the marriage was performed “during [the holy month of] Ramadan in the presence of 30 to 40 people.”

However, the parents tell another story – they say they are in shock, adding that the child was kidnapped from western Herat province.

"This man has said his wedding to this girl was approved by her mother and father," said Mohammad Zeman Azami, the deputy police commander of Ghor.

"We spoke to her parents and they strongly deny they attended the wedding. On the phone, the parents told me their daughter was kidnapped."

The girl’s parents have already headed to take her back from a woman's shelter in Ghor where she has been held ever since, government officials told AFP.

"This girl does not speak, but repeats only one thing: 'I am afraid of this man,’" said Masoom Anwari, head of the women affairs department in Ghor.

According to Dr. Nashafarin Shihab, who works at the main hospital in Firuz Koh, the medical examination showed that the girl had endured no physical or psychological harm." 

Curious, yet she only repeats, 'I am afraid of this man.’ I think I want a second opinion.

The governor's spokesman Abdul Hai Khatibi confirmed that the cleric "has been jailed and our investigation is on going.”

The Afghan Civil Code states that the legal age of marriage is 16 years for women and 18 years for men. However, the father of the girl may give consent to her marriage if she is as young as 15.

Poor families consider a daughter “as an economic burden who must be married quickly to reduce the financial strain,” UNICEF report says, adding that with the on going conflict in the country many parents marry their daughters at young ages to secure their futures.

“Forced and early marriages entrap girls and deprive them of their basic rights,” the organization says.

Friday, 29 July 2016

3 Men and a Boy on Today's Disgusting List of Pedophiles

Covington man sentenced to 3 years in 
child sex abuse case

Andrew Krogman sentenced Monday

Andrew Krogman was sentenced in a Kenton County courtroom on Monday.

He was arrested on a rape charge in January, and pleaded guilty to sexual abuse in May.

The victim was younger than 12 years old, according to court documents.

So, he's arrested for an apparent rape of a child under 12, and he gets 3 years, undoubtedly because of a plea bargain. That means he will probably be out of jail next year while the girl may not have even reached puberty yet. How scared do you think she might be?

Have I mentioned how much I hate plea bargains - the are great deals for pedophiles but certainly no bargain for the victims.

Strange - in April 2015, another Andrew Krogman was caught in an online child sex procurement sting in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Andrew Richard Krogman of Doon, IA, wasn't charged with the five other men caught in the sting. I can find no further information on him.

    Covington, Kentucky

Santa Barbara School employee facing
child sex abuse, pornography charges

Willis Jacobson 
Royce Warner arrest
                       Royce Warner arrest

A Lompoc Unified School District employee is facing charges of sexual abuse of a child and also awaiting extradition to North Dakota on charges of possession of child pornography.

Royce Devin Warner, 36, is being held at the Santa Barbara County Jail. Warner initially was arrested June 20 for the child pornography possession warrant out of Fargo, North Dakota, but now is also facing local charges of continued sexual abuse of a child following an investigation conducted over the past several weeks by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

Warner had worked in the LUSD print shop since July 2015. He was placed on administrative leave, according to the district, following his arrest last month and will officially be terminated by the district as of Aug. 2.

“During Mr. Warner’s employment with the district in the print shop, Mr. Warner did not have contact with students,” read a statement released Friday by LUSD. “The district is fully cooperating with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s (Office).”

Warner’s June arrest was carried out at the LUSD print shop.

The Sheriff’s Office is concerned there may be more victims and is seeking the public’s assistance, according to a sheriff's spokesperson.

Anyone with information concerning the investigation or any other related crimes is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division’s Santa Maria office at 934-6170.

Warner is being held at County Jail on $500,000 bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 8 in Lompoc Superior Court.

The Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office filed the additional charges of continued child sexual abuse at his arraignment July 15. Warner will face his charges in California before consideration of his extradition to North Dakota, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Iowa teen charged in Cerro Gordo
child sex abuse case

MASON CITY | A 16-year-old from Waterloo has been charged with the sexual abuse of a child under the age 12 in Cerro Gordo County.

The criminal complaint charging Matthew Stickley with second-degree sexual abuse, a Class B felony, was filed this week by Assistant Cerro Gordo County Attorney Nichole Benes.

The alleged offense took place in December, according to the complaint. Stickley was 15 at the time.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Stickley. District Court Judge Rustin Davenport said to his knowledge Stickley had not been arrested as of Friday afternoon.

Stickley's arraignment is set for Aug. 9.

— Mary Pieper

I am amazed that his name was released having been only 15 years old at the time of the alleged crime.

    Cerro Gordo Co., Iowa

Texas man is accused in a horrific case of 
child sex abuse of a 7 year old

Esparza Mug.JPG
The man, 41-year-old Carlos Esparza, is charged with the sexual assault of a 7-year-old girl. (Photo: Bexar County Sheriff's Office)

SAN ANTONIO – A man is accused of a horrific case of child sex abuse.

The man, 41-year-old Carlos Esparza, is charged with the sexual assault of a 7-year-old girl. 

According to an arrest affidavit, the girl's mother noticed she appeared to be in pain. When she asked her about it, the girl described the sex acts Esparza allegedly forced her to perform.

The affidavit states Esparza has previously been arrested for aggravated assault and drug charges.

That's Pants! Watch the Dinosaurs Helping the Fight Against Child Sex Abuse

Dinosaurs have been brought back from extinction
to help keep children safe from sexual predators

A total of 10,757 offences against under-10s – 29 a day
 – were reported last year to police in England, 
Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Now, leading children’s charity, the NSPCC, has launched an advert at cinemas across the country featuring dinosaurs explaining how to stay safe from abuse.

The 30-second animation has been made by Aardman, creators of Morph, Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, and stars a pant-wearing dinosaur character called Pantosaurus

Leading children's charity, the NSPCC, has enlisted the help of dinosaurs to get parents talking to their children about sexual abuse with a video to be shown in cinemas

It is aimed at four to eight-year-olds as talking to children about staying safe has been found to be most effective when taught at an early age.

The film is part of the NSPCC’s PANTS campaign, which has already helped over 400,000 parents talk to their children about sexual abuse since its launch three years ago. It has also led to one conviction and a number of other disclosures of abuse from children.

PANTS, which is taught in schools, stands for:

• Privates are private;

• Always remember your body belongs to you;

• No means no;

• Talk about secrets that upset you;

• Speak up, someone can help.

Peter Wanless, chief executive officer of the NSPCC, said: “We know many parents will struggle with the idea of talking to their children about sexual abuse, but it’s vital if we want our children to understand how to stay safe.

“Parents know it’s an important conversation to have, but don’t always know how to go about it. We hope our new child-friendly and catchy animation will act as a conversation starter, helping parents to address the topic of sexual abuse without using scary words or even mentioning sex.”

Heather Wright, executive producer at Aardman, said: “Humour, animation and music are a great way of making it less awkward for parents and young children to talk about this very difficult subject.”

This is great, you guys. Well done!

Ohio Court Strikes Down Law Banning Cops from Having Sex with Minors

© Aaron P. Bernstein
© Aaron P. Bernstein / Reuters

Ohio’s Supreme Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to hold police officers’ sexual conduct with minors to higher standards that those applied to the general population based on their profession alone.

The divided 4-3 decision passed on Thursday overturned a two year sentence of former Waite Hill police officer Matthew Mole, who was convicted by the state in 2012 for having a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old boy.

The teen, identified as J.S. in court papers, hooked up with Mole, who was 35 at the time, through a dating app. He told Mole that he was 18 and a high school senior. The fact that Mole was a peace officer was not known to J.S. until after their encounter.

Mole faced separate charges under unlawful sexual conduct law, which prohibits people aged 18 or older from having sex with a minor between 13 and 15 and under the sexual battery stature, which prohibits sex with a minor by members of certain professions, if the age difference between them is more than two years.

The first charge required that the alleged offender knew the minor’s age or acted recklessly in that regard. In Mole’s case the charge was put before a jury, which deadlocked leading to a mistrial.

The second charge on the other hand requires the state only to prove that there was sex between the alleged offender and the minor. Mole was tried by the bench, found guilty of sexual battery, and convicted to two years in prison, which he has since served.

Mole appealed the conviction, arguing that the sexual battery statute was aimed at protecting minors from being taken advantage of by adults in a position of authority over them, like legal guardians, teachers or mental health providers. His relationship with J.C. was not occupation-based, Mole argued, but the wording of the stature makes it applicable to peace officers regardless and was discriminatory.

The Eighth District Court of Appeals overturned the conviction, but the state appealed the ruling only for the Supreme Court to side with the District Court of Appeals.

“We do not agree that a person’s status as a peace officer justifies the imposition of different sexual-conduct standards for peace officers in circumstances in which the officer’s status is irrelevant,” Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor wrote.

“And the jury’s failure to convict him of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor makes clear that, but for his status as a peace officer, Mole would not be subject to criminal liability for the sexual conduct at issue in this case,” she added.

Dissenting Justice Sharon Kennedy, a former police officer, said prohibiting police officers from having sex with minors serves a legitimate state purpose.

“If a peace officer discovered after the fact that the person with whom he engaged in sexual conduct was a minor, he would have a strong incentive to do whatever is necessary to ensure that his employer never found out, even to the point of compromising his integrity. Moreover, there is the potential for blackmail, which could lead to corrupt behavior or worse,” Kennedy wrote.

Veteran of Performing Arts School to Stand Trial on Child Sex Abuse Charges

The Canadian Press

Calgary, Alberta - A former long-time employee of the Young Canadians, a Calgary performance group, has been ordered to stand trial on a string of child sex abuse charges.

The Young Canadians School of Performing Arts

The Young Canadians School of Performing Arts is an engaging opportunity to train in dance, voice, and performance, by a professional faculty. Training is provided by a diverse team of specialists who foster technical development, artistic creation, and performance excellence.

The Young Canadians School is comprised of 120 dedicated youth from the Calgary area who wish to train in a professional setting. Members train to deliver exceptional performance experiences representing the Calgary Stampede Foundation, and the Calgary Stampede.

Following a preliminary inquiry, a judge ordered Philip Heerema to stand trial Thursday on 22 of 24 charges laid, including sexual assault and making child pornography.

Police launched an investigation into the 52-year-old in January, 2014, after a man came forward claiming he had been victimized as a teen in 1997.

The complainant said he was a teenage performer and Heerema was in a position of authority over him at the time.

After receiving the initial complaint, the Calgary Police Service said multiple complainants came forward, all of whom are males who were between the ages of 15 and 18 years old at the time.

Following a preliminary inquiry, a judge ordered Philip Heerema to stand trial Thursday on 22 of 24 charges laid, including sexual assault and making child pornography.
Philip Heerema

Heerema was with the Young Canadians for 36 years but resigned from the organization at the beginning of the investigation.

The case will be back in court in September to set a date for trial.

Over 500 Potential Victims Identified in Single Child Sex Abuse Investigation

© Yannis Behrakis
© Yannis Behrakis / Reuters

A major investigation by Police Scotland has identified 523 children as potential victims of online sexual abuse after it uncovered as many as 30 million indecent images.

Operation Lattise has resulted in the arrest of 77 people and 290 charges so far, with investigations ongoing.

The child victims, some as young as three, had been found after the homes of 83 suspects were searched and 547 computers and other devices seized during the operation.

Charges include rape, sharing indecent images of children, indecent communication with children, sexual extortion, bestiality and grooming.

In one instance, a computer that featured 10 million images depicting child abuse was found.

Examination of one device led officers to conclude that one adult suspect had been sexually communicating with more than 110 children and young people.

Of the 523 potential victims, 122 have been referred to child protection services.

The operation, carried about between June 6 and July 15, involved 134 investigations.

Police Scotland’s Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham, who led the investigation, told the BBC: “This is not sexting in terms of people sending abusive messages to each other.

“This is children being sexually abused and these images behind shared.”

He told the Press Association: “Online sexual abuse is a national threat, the reality is it is happening now, not only in Scotland but across the world, to children of all ages, from infants to teenagers.

“Let me make it clear: child sexual abuse and exploitation, which can range from sharing images depicting the rape, sexual torture or assault of a child to grooming or sexually extorting a child, takes place solely because of the decisions made on the part of the abuser.

“Online child sexual abuse is not a victimless crime: children, from toddlers to teenagers, are being sexually abused and exploited now in Scotland and when an image or video clip is shared or viewed, they are being re-victimized.”

Graham called on parents to be “alert” but not alarmed.

Figures from Police Scotland released to the BBC show the number of recorded offenses are growing each year.

In 2014-15, there were 23 offenses of grooming children for the purposes of sexual offenses.

In 2016, it was at 50, an increase of 117 percent.

The offense of taking, distributing or possessing indecent images of children increased from 605 in 2014-15 to 645.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Inuit MP May Have Had an Inappropriate Affair with Junior Staffer

Hunter Tootoo evades questions about alleged sexual relationship with staff member

'My issue was with alcohol,' says Nunavut MP
and former cabinet minister
CBC News 

Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo is seen at the CBC studio in Iqaluit in October 2015.
Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo is seen at the CBC studio in Iqaluit in October 2015. (Sima Sahar Zerehi/CBC)

This may be the missing link in the story of Hunter Tootoo's dramatic departure from his office and the Liberal caucus. Just a few months into the new Liberal government, the then Fisheries Minister was dropped like a hot potato. An alcohol problem might warrant a temporary absence from his position, or possibly even a loss of the position as happened. But being turfed from caucus indicated something more than alcohol was involved; it appears sex was the 'something more'.

The article, unfortunately, does not give the age of the staffer, only that it was a girl. Again, a relationship with a staffer probably shouldn't warrant the complete disassociation Tootoo suffered, unless the staffer was underage. But the age of consent in Canada is 16, so it is pretty unlikely that she was younger than that. So why the drama? If she was under 16, Tootoo needs to be charged with statutory rape, and the government needs to explain why it didn't report the matter to police?
There are still a few more legs on this story.

'I believe in the Trudeau government,' says Hunter Tootoo upon return to office

'We all make mistakes': Iqaluit residents on MP Hunter Tootoo's return after addiction treatment
Hunter Tootoo, Nunavut MP and former fisheries minister, evaded questions this morning about allegations he had an inappropriate relationship with a female junior staff member.

Tootoo abruptly resigned his cabinet post and stepped down from the Liberal caucus late in May to seek treatment for alcohol addiction.

A Globe and Mail report Thursday cited anonymous sources who say Tootoo was involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a staff member.

    Nunavut, Canada

In an interview with Kevin Kablutsiak on CBC Nunavut's morning show Qulliq, Tootoo did not directly address questions about the allegations.

"I know that there's lots of rumours and allegations out there," he said.

"The fact of the matter is that I recognize that my issue was with alcohol, and there's been some deeply personal and private issues that have haunted me, and unfortunately alcohol is a coping mechanism for dealing with trauma and I've been personally affected by those impacts."

When asked why he left the Liberal caucus when he sought treatment, while MP Seamus O'Regan did not when he sought treatment in December, he said it was a personal choice. 

And if you believe that, I am taking bids on a tropical island off the coast of Labrador.

"I knew that this was going to be a very difficult journey for me to get healthy and I knew I had to focus all my attention and my energy on getting healthy and that's what I chose to do.

"I've said it over and over again. It was my decision and mine alone to step away from cabinet and from caucus because I knew I needed to devote all my energy to my healing."

Tootoo also evaded questions on CBC's Northbeat Wednesday night on what prompted him to resign in May.

In a statement Thursday, the Prime Minister's Office refused to say if it was aware of the allegations when Tootoo resigned at the end of May, repeating its best wishes for Tootoo and saying that he won't be rejoining the Liberal caucus any time soon.

Louisiana Priest Arrested for 500 Counts of Child Pornography

Felix Broussard © Louisiana State Police
Felix Broussard © Louisiana State Police

A Catholic priest from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana was arrested and subsequently released on bail for possessing a large quantity of child pornography.

The Rev. Father Felix Broussard, pastor of St. Bernard Roman Catholic Church in Breaux Bridge, was arrested on Wednesday by Louisiana State Police on 500 counts of possession of child pornography.

Broussard was released on a $25,000 bond, according to the Associated Press.

Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel of the Diocese of Lafayette said that Broussard was “immediately” placed on administrative leave by the diocese pending the criminal investigation.

“If he’s guilty, he needs to follow the penalties of the state for what was done,” Deshotel said at a Wednesday press conference. “Then there are also ecclesiastical steps, church steps, that have to be taken with regard to his future ministry, and, whether or not that’s possible.”

Broussard, 50, has served as pastor at St. Bernard for two years and has been ordained as a priest for 23.

The bishop said that there was no previous indication that Broussard had problems involving child pornography or sexual abuse.

“Never any complaints to any of us from anyone. In fact he was a much loved pastor, the irony is a very loved man in the parish,” Deshotel said, according to The Advocate. “No complaints have been made that anything physical or any kind of physical abuse occurred.”

The priest was arrested after the Texas State Police’s Special Victims Unit received a complaint earlier this month that a computer Father Felix David Broussard had primary access to contained images indicative of child pornography.

More than 500 images of suspected child pornography were identified on the computer, according to State Police.

In a statement, the Diocese said that it takes the allegations very seriously and is fully cooperating with the investigation.

“Bishop Deshotel and staff are providing pastoral care to the congregation of Saint Bernard Parish in Breaux Bridge, and will preach at all Masses at Saint Bernard Parish this weekend. The prayers of the diocesan community are requested,” the statement said.

While Deshotel said that Broussard is innocent until proven otherwise, he pointed out that taking immediate action was necessary because of the lessons learned by the church and other institutions that serve the public.

“Transparency, informing the public and taking immediate action once something is known are lessons that we and other institutions, public schools, the Boy Scouts — all of those have learned over the years that this is how this is addressed,” Deshotel said.  “So that’s the modus operandi we use.”

Good! We're finally getting somewhere!

Dubai Woman Murdered in Honour Killing?

Expat accuses in-laws of murder following wife’s 
mysterious death in Pakistan during her first trip
to the country since their love marriage

Samia Shahid was reluctant to go to Pakistan, according to her husband Image Credit: Supplied

By Abhishek SenGupta, Staff Reporter, Xpress

Dubai: A Dubai man has accused his in-laws of murdering his wife in an honour killing. British-born Samia Shahid, 28, who worked here as a real estate agent, died mysteriously in her ancestral home in Pakistan on July 20, just a day before she was due to fly back to the UAE.

Her husband Syed Mukhtar Kazam, 30, told XPRESS his wife was killed by her family as they never approved of their love marriage. “This is a straight forward case of honour killing,” said Kazam, who married Samia in the UK in September 2014, much against the wishes of her Bradford-based family.

This was Samia’s second marriage after she left her first husband - a cousin from their family village in Pandori in north Punjab – Kazam claims she was forcefully married to.

Syed Mukhtar's last text message to his wife Samia Shahid Image Credit: Supplied

Damning allegations

“For her family, I was always an outsider. They wanted Samia to leave me and return to them. Her father often said that he’d kill her daughter, and he’s done just that in her first visit to the country since our marriage,” said Kazam who first met Samia during a holiday in Bradford in October 2013 before marrying her a year later in a small ceremony in Leeds Town Hall.

“Police told me the body had no visible injuries or signs of violence but there was frothing at the mouth. I suspect she was poisoned,” he said from Islamabad where he is awaiting forensic reports from local authorities.

Samia Shahid, 28, married Syed Mukhtar Kasam, 30, in 2014 before moving to the UAE Image Credit: Supplied

Agencies in both the UK and Pakistan are investigating the death while Bradford West MP Naz Shah has separately demanded a high level probe.

Samia’s parents have denied the allegation but Kazam is far from convinced. “Initially her family members claimed she had a heart attack while her father told local media she committed suicide. Neither sounds believable as Samia looked just fine – mentally, emotionally and physically when she left for Pakistan on June 14,” he said.

Kazam who works as a technical advisor in a Dubai chemicals company alleged his wife was emotionally blackmailed by her family to travel to Pakistan following the death of one of her relatives earlier this Ramadan. “She was reluctant but gave in when she was told that her father had taken ill. They were so desperate that they even sent her a ticket,” recalled Kazam, who grew up in Dubai and has a bachelors degree in business administration from a UAE college.

Transgenders are Normal, Would You Believe?

Transgender identity is not a mental illness, study says
© Jonathan Drake
© Jonathan Drake / Reuters

People who identify as transgender should not be considered to have a mental health disorder as many professionals have assumed for decades, a study has found.

The World Health Organization (WHO) currently lists transgender identity as a mental health disorder, as was previously the case with homosexuality.

The report, ‘Removing transgender identity from the classification of mental disorders’, says the distress experienced by many is primarily a result of social rejection and violence, not solely the result of being transgender.

The distinction matters because it has implications for how transgender people are treated in a healthcare setting and how they are viewed by society.

The findings, published in UK medical journal the Lancet, show that viewing transgender people as having a mental illness might force them into psychiatric care rather than the physical care they need. 

That wording makes it sound like they don't need psychiatric care; that's crazy! How can a man look at his scrotum and decide that he is a woman and not need psychological help? 

A report published by a UK parliamentary committee earlier this year found as many as 650,000 Britons are “gender fluid” to some degree.

'Gender fluid' can also be expressed as 'gender confused'.

The Commons Women and Equalities Committee heard how transphobia undermines careers, incomes, living standards, and mental and physical health.

Of course it does! Who wants an employee who lives in a world that is unrelated to reality?

A third of transgender adults and “gender variant” young people attempt suicide, the committee found.

That should cinch it right there! Mentally well people do not commit suicide. 

Changing the classification would have an impact on how transgender people are treated by the medical establishment, the report said.

“Stigma associated with both mental disorder and transgender identity has contributed to the precarious legal status, human rights violations and barriers to appropriate care among transgender people,” senior author Professor Geoffrey Reed of the National Autonomous University of Mexico told the Guardian.

NAUM is a very prestigious university in the Spanish-speaking world. I do have to question, however, who funded the study? Virtually all scientific, and I'm not sure this qualifies as scientific, research finds a conclusion that is in agreement with the ideology of those who fund it. Is this a case of normalizing transgender behaviour as gay behaviour has been 'normalized' not so long ago?

The above statement reveals that mental disorder and transgenderism result in many difficulties and prejudiced treatment further cements the fact that transgenderism is a mental disorder - they have the same effect! 

So here's the problem - the authors of this study want to stop the prejudiced behaviour toward transgenders by pretending transgenderism is normal. That's like trying to stop a terrorism attack by closing your eyes and pretending it's not happening.

Wouldn't it be more effective to deal with the prejudice as a behavioural problem? The stigma of mental illness has been significantly reduced in the last couple decades. It can be reduced for transgenderism as well, but not by pretending that it is not a mental illness. 

It also begs the question - why not declare all mentally ill people normal, then there won't be any mentally ill people?  That's how absurd this whole thing is.

“The definition of transgender identity as a mental disorder has been misused to justify denial of healthcare and contributed to the perception that transgender people must be treated by psychiatric specialists, creating barriers to healthcare services.

“The definition has even been misused by some governments to deny self-determination and decision-making authority to transgender people in matters ranging from changing legal documents to child custody and reproduction.”

The authors of the study argue that being transgender might be better classified as a condition related to sexual health.

The researchers interviewed 250 transgender people in Mexico City.

Some 76 percent of participants reported experiencing social rejection and 63 percent said they were victims of sexual, physical or psychological violence as a result of their gender identity.

The study will be repeated in Brazil, France, India, Lebanon and South Africa, according to the researchers.

Is this a study, or a campaign?

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

One of Canada’s Most Notorious Rapists, has been Granted Day Parole

Larry Takahashi, one of Canada’s most notorious rapists, has been granted day parole in the Vancouver, B.C. area

Edmonton's notorious 'Balaclava rapist' has been approved for day parole in the Vancouver area.

Takahashi, dubbed the ‘Balaclava Rapist’, was known for breaking into homes and sexually assaulting women while wearing a ski mask. Edmonton Police said at the time that it was likely he assaulted over 100 women before being arrested in 1983.

In 1984, he faced 70 charges involving 22 women but was only convicted of 14 charges, including four counts of rape, sexual assault with a weapon, and six counts of disguise with intent.

He was given three life sentences. (Which, in Canada appears to mean 10 years each)

Documents from the Parole Board of Canada say Takahashi used a knife and other sharp objects to threaten his victims, and in one instance threatened the infant child of a victim.

He also sexually assaulted a victim in front of her children and another while her family members slept in the next room.

The documents say he also used a rope on at least one victim and repeatedly punched another in the face.

He has admitted to raping other victims but it is unknown how many.

The Parole Board says multiple psychiatric assessments showed Takahashi has a tendency to be “selfish, callous, and remorseless.”

Sounds like he's ready for re-integration to society to me.

They deem him to be a moderate-to-high risk for sexual and violent re-offending. Though he admits he continues to have fantasies about raping women, the Parole Board believes he is able to “manage them.”

So the Parole Board thinks it is worth the risk of him re-offending to try and re-integrate him into society. Someone should check what those people are smoking. When he reoffends and messes up some poor woman's life are you idiots going to say, "whoops, I guess we were wrong"? He's a serial rapist! How important is it to get him back into society seeing as he brought nothing but pain and destruction before? He's not worth the risk to one woman let alone hundreds!

Takahashi, now 63, was previously released on parole in 2013 and was supposed to spend 60 days in a half-way house in Victoria. He was sent back to prison early after only a few weeks.

The incident was the latest in several parole violations that sent him back behind bars. In August 2005 while on day parole, Takahashi met with a convicted sex offender in Vancouver and was ordered back to prison.

In a written statement to Global News, the Correctional Service Canada (CSC) said:

CSC’s mission is to contribute to the safe reintegration of offenders through risk assessment, community supervision, appropriate accommodation, and effective correctional programs and interventions.

There is a comprehensive period of pre-release planning undertaken before an offender is returned to the community. During this period, Parole Officers develop a community supervision plan for the offender outlining the measures required for their safe return to the community. In this plan the types of programs and services required are also outlined, including the need for accommodation.

Restrictions of his parole include the conditions that he does not consume alcohol or drugs, follows his treatment plan, not use pornography, stay away from any college or university campus, avoid his victims, and respect curfew. He also must not pick up or drive any female passengers in a car or use computers or the internet.

Great. We've seen how diligently he follows parole conditions. Damn-it, this is insanity. CSC's mission needs to start with protecting society.

With files from Rumina Daya.

Australian Police Keep Busy Investigating Child Sex Abuse

This morning I posted as story on Cardinal Pell being investigated by Victoria Police. Here are some other child sex abuse stories from Australia that are not on the Royal Commission agenda.

Former child psychiatrist faces 40 child sex abuse charges in Perth court


A 68-year-old man accused of sexually abusing three children while working as a child psychiatrist about 30 years ago has faced court.

Ian Stuart McAlpine intends to plead not guilty to all 40 charges against him. He has been charged with 26 counts of indecent assault, eight counts of sexual assault; five counts of indecent treatment of a child under 14 years and one count of defilement of a girl under 13 years.

Mr Alpine’s bail was renewed and his case has been adjourned until October 20 at Perth Magistrates Court.
Ian Stuart McAlpine after he appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court charged with child sex offences.
Ian Stuart McAlpine after he appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court charged with child sex offences

The West Leederville man faced court today over child sex offences alleged to have occurred while he was working as a child psychiatrist between 1985 and 1992.

Police arrested the 68-year-old man on July 7 and charged him with 40 offences against three children. Police allege the man sexually abused the children when he was a practising child psychiatrist at Hillview Terrace Hospital, Cambridge Private Hospital and a private practice in Subiaco.

The children were aged between 11 and 17 years at the time of the alleged incidents.

Police say the man was deregistered from practice in February 1992.

The arrest was the result of a Taskforce Tonalite investigation.

The taskforce is an arm of the WA Police Child Abuse Squad, established in 2010 to investigate historical child sexual abuse, including allegations stemming from the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sex Abuse.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists released a statement saying it was “deeply troubled” by recent reports of the charges against Mr McAlpine.

RANZCP said Mr McAlpine was removed as a member of the college in 1992 after he was found guilty of “unprofessional conduct” by the Medical Board of Western Australia.

— If you are or have been a victim of child abuse, or if you have information about someone being abused, please contact police on 131 444.

Canberra child sex abuse victim speaks out against uncle in ACT Supreme Court
By Alexandra Beech

A man who was sexually abused by his uncle in Canberra in the 1980s and 1990s has told the ACT Supreme Court of the profound impact the crime had on his life.

The court heard Willem Bowen Scheeren began to take an interest in his nephew Antony James Vote in the late 1980s, taking the boy on camping trips or to swim at local rivers.

Mr Vote, who wished to be identified, read a statement in court outlining how the abuse he then suffered had affected him.

"For a long time I blamed myself for what happened," he said.

"For a time I was even confused about my sexuality.

"It happened at a critical time in my life.

"For a time I even thought I was gay."

Mr Vote said it was still difficult for him to spend quality time with his sister's children.

"I'm always feeling uncomfortable with thoughts of them thinking I could be the same as my uncle," he said.

He said the abuse he suffered also exposed him to drugs and had divided his family.

"The impact it has had on my mother is what affects me the most," he said.

"Numerous times have I heard my mother cry herself to sleep; it broke my heart."
I share his pain: mother

His mother Robin Vote told the court that, while juggling work and parenting, she was initially grateful for the time Scheeren spent with her son.

"I was so happy that Antony had companionship and activities to keep him occupied and, I thought, safe," she said.

"As a mother, this is my greatest guilt."

She said Scheeren had since "freely admitted" that he had had inappropriate sexual contact with her son but told her it was "his way of demonstrating love".

Ms Vote said her family had become divided after her son revealed the abuse he had suffered.

Ms Vote said her son was in the process of recovering from his past.

"Antony is a loving and beloved son and brother," she said.

"He has suffered enormously and of course I share his pain.

"To observe my handsome and highly intelligent child living with no joy or achievements in his life has been drawn-out torture for me."

Scheeren has pleaded guilty and is due to be sentenced next week.

Online child sex abuse: Thousands of cases investigated by government in one year

Eryk Bagshaw, Sydney Morning Herald

The federal government has conducted more than 7400 investigations into online child sexual abuse content in the past year, a report card by the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner has revealed.

The report card, released on Tuesday, showed up to 92 per cent of the material investigated involved children of primary school age or younger.

Of those, 6 per cent were babies.

From their office in Pyrmont in Sydney's CBD, the Children's eSafety Commissioner's team of eight works with up to 50 national authorities including the US, Russia and Japan, as part of a collaborative network that helps to identify both victims and perpetrators.

Many of the cases emanate from the dark web, an encrypted network hidden behind the publicly facing internet, used by many of the world's criminals and paedophiles.

The vast majority of child sexual abuse content originates overseas, but is still available for download in Australia. The Australian task force alerts local authorities and ensures that the relevant website can be removed.

Late last year, the team helped track down an offender in the UK after it analysed the data of an illicit photo of a young girl downloaded in Australia.

Earlier this year it took down an entire forum after an Australian parent alerted them to modelling photos of their 10-year-old daughter and a friend that had been posted illicitly.

"What really concerned us was that those images were accompanied by very explicit descriptions of sexual abuse and violence," said senior investigator Toby Dagg.

"In particular, one user had identified where he thought the girls were located."

Sharon Trotter and Toby Dagg at the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner.
Sharon Trotter and Toby Dagg at the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner. Photo: Steven Siewert

Mr Dagg said the team contacted law enforcement where the girls were based, enabling them to take action straight away.

The cases are just two of the thousands the team investigated over the past year, as perpetrators uncover ever more sophisticated ways of covering their tracks.

The work is so distressing that the team has come up with different methods to help them cope with the strain of witnessing confronting images, day in, day out.

The team's office is littered with video games, films, drawings and jigsaws puzzles – distractions designed to immediately deflect their minds from the content they have just witnessed.

"There is evidence showing that if you expose yourself to other types of content, then that will stop the image you have just seen from imprinting in your mind," said the team's manager of online content, Sharon Trotter.

"The idea is if you do it immediately it has the strongest impact."

"It is very high-end, we do have to look after the staff reviewing the content. The staff have to be very resilient and work very closely within a team environment to make sure they can keep going with their day job," she said.

"The best part of the job is the reward you get when the content gets taken down; that is incredibly motivating for people. We operate on the principle that every single time a piece of content gets taken down, that is helping to stop the re-victimisation of the child.

You guys are my heroes, you know. God bless you.

The full report on online child sex abuse is due to be presented to federal Parliament later this year.