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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Dutch will not Charge Pervert Who's Sextortion Led Amanda Todd to Suicide - *UPDATE*

For an update on this story please see here

A sad commentary on Dutch justice
Todd committed suicide in 2012 after posting a video saying
she had been blackmailed online
CBC News
Dutch authorities say a man arrested in the Netherlands won't be charged there in connection with the online bullying of B.C. teen Amanda Todd, who committed suicide.

Wim de Bruin, a press officer at the Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands, told CBC News that Aydin Coban was never officially charged specifically in the case of Todd's death. Coban was only under suspicion of distribution of child porn in Todd's case, de Bruin said.

Aydin Coban - sorry excuse for a
human being (oh, allegedly)
Had 75 other victims - Facebook
Todd, a 15-year-old from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, committed suicide in October 2012 after posting a video on YouTube, in which she said she'd been blackmailed by an online predator after exposing her breasts on a webcam.

Dutch police arrested Coban in January 2014 in relation to an investigation involving Dutch victims who were harassed online. He was charged with nine offences, including indecent assault and production and dissemination of child pornography.

Three months later, RCMP announced Coban was also facing five charges in B.C., including extortion, internet luring, criminal harassment and the possession and distribution of child pornography in the Todd case.

The YouTube video was widely shared after Todd's death and prompted a wide
debate about cyberbullying. In it, Todd told the story of how she was lured and
 sexually exploited over the internet, and the deep embarrassment and
depression that provoked. (Amanda Todd Legacy Society / CBC)
Coban's trial in the Netherlands is in the pre-motion hearings stage and it was decided he would not be charged in relation to any non-Dutch victims, de Bruin said.

Why? Is it because it is cheaper and easier to ignore the many non-Dutch victims? How can a judge or jury get a sense of just how pathetic this pervert is. I believe there are almost as many victims who's suffering will be ignored by Dutch courts as there are those for whom he will be charged. I think an explanation is the least that is due them. This is a sad commentary on Dutch justice and responsibility.

Coban's lawyer, Christian van Dijk, told CBC News there are 39 alleged victims in total, and that Coban is due in court on Thursday. 

De Bruin said Coban could still be extradited to Canada, but he said it is up to Canadian authorities to move on that issue.

Van Dijk said extradition is currently not possible while the case is ongoing in the Netherlands.

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