Everyday thousands of children are being sexually abused. You can stop the abuse of at least one child by simply praying. You can possibly stop the abuse of thousands of children by forwarding the link in First Time Visitor? by email, Twitter or Facebook to every Christian you know. Save a child or lots of children!!!! Do Something, please!

3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
Give Thanks. There is more to this prayer here

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Ongoing Trauma for Survivors of Child Pornography Production

Warren Binford, an American professor doing research at the U of Calgary, is probing how the circulation online of images and videos of children being sexually abused can traumatize the victims years after they've been rescued. 

Between the ages of five and nine years old, Amy endured repeated sexual abuse at the hands of an uncle.
Wendi Warren Binford, Willamette University’s College of Law in Oregon
The physical pain Amy endured as a result of her uncle’s abuse ended with his arrest in 1998. But Amy, now a woman in her late 20s living in the U.S., suffers continued degradation: graphic photos of Amy being sexually violated by her uncle have been shared online by tens of thousands of pedophiles and continue to circulate around the world.

Police investigators and advocates who work with victims of child sexual exploitation contend the continued existence of images and videos on the Internet causes ongoing psychological trauma for victims long after the abuse has ended. Now, a visiting professor at the University of Calgary is looking for a way to prove that connection through brain research, with the aim of finding better methods of protecting child victims.

“One of the ways we can do that is by giving people a scientific understanding of how harmful this is,” said Warren Binford, a professor at Willamette University’s College of Law in Oregon.

“We can help people understand this is real, this is not about the victims ‘not getting over it.’ This is having a biological impact on their well-being.”

Many child abuse survivors never get completely 'over it'. Having photos or videos of their sexual abuse forever on the internet just adds another whole level of ongoing trauma.

Binford is at the University of Calgary through the fall as part of the Fulbright academic exchange program, a non-profit organization that funds Canadian and American researchers in a variety of fields. Binford is one of three American academics brought to Alberta as visiting chairs in child and family health and wellness through a partnership between Fulbright and the Calgary-based Palix Foundation.

Binford cited Alberta’s universities as leaders in brain research, but another distinction — a darker one — also lured her to Canada.

“Canada, like the U.S., is one of the leading senders and receivers of child sexual abuse images,” she said.

“You’ve got a problem with child pornography, but you also have the resources to move forward.”

The Internet allows pedophiles to trade and circulate images and videos of children being sexually abused with a high degree of anonymity. It’s not uncommon for police around the world to turn up images of child victims years after the abuse took place. In Amy’s case, it’s estimated 70,000 images of her have been recovered by police around the world.

“We keep encountering the same series of photos. We know they’re still out there and they’re never going away,” said Staff Sgt. John Guigon of Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams, a provincial organization that investigates serious and organized crime.

While the law has begun to recognize the trauma inflicted by adults who sexually abuse children, Binford said society has been slower to recognize that people who trade and circulate child pornography are also committing a serious crime — even if they haven’t physically abused a child themselves.

“We have a public that doesn’t appreciate the impact (spreading child pornography) has had on victims,” she said.

Amen! Thanks for speaking out about it. You're my hero today, God bless you.

FLDS' Warren Jeffs' Son, Daughter Allege Sexual Abuse

Becky and Roy Jeffs
By Tricia Escobedo, CNN

Becky and Roy Jeffs, both adults, made the revelations to Lisa Ling on her upcoming CNN show "This is Life," which premieres Wednesday night. They both recently left the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, or FLDS.

Becky told Ling that she first told one of her sisters, after her sister revealed she was abused as a child.

"I thought, I'm not the only one molested, he's done it to her it must be something that was in his nature," Becky Jeffs says on the show. "Where does it end? If he had this in him, how can I trust him? How is he really our prophet?"

CNN reached out to Warren Jeffs' attorney who did not have an immediate response from his client.

Becky and Roy are among four of Jeffs' children who have left the FLDS, which is based in the twin cities of Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale, Utah, where recent floods devastated the community.

Warren Jeffs fathered some 60 children with some of his estimated 78 wives. The elder Jeffs is serving a life sentence, plus 20 years, after he was convicted in 2011 of the aggravated sexual assaults of a 12-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl who Jeffs claimed were his "spiritual wives."

Spiritual wives, right! Like he's a spiritual prophet not a sexual profit.

Warren Jeffs
Despite his imprisonment, Jeffs is still firmly in control of the 10,000-member Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The FLDS is a breakaway Mormon sect that openly practices polygamy, something the mainstream Mormon church renounced more than a century ago.

And I thought Christians were really bad at practicing discernment. How utterly sad and pathetic for those fools who still believe in him at the great expense of their children, if not their very souls.

Northern Ireland Youth Leader Convicted of Child Sex Abuse

Colm Joseph Shaw  arrives at Downpatrick Crown Court on Tuesday.
(Looks like he's planning on staying a while)
Paul Higgins
Mid-Ulster News
There was an emotional scene at court on Tuesday as a youth group leader turned sex offender who has been living in Dungannon was convicted of sexually abusing a boy who has since tragically died.

As the jury foreperson unanimously convicted 52-year-old Colm Joseph Shaw at Downpatrick Crown Court, his victim’s parents burst into tears and hugged each other as they sobbed with relief.

Applying for bail, defence lawyer Tony Lunny revealed that 
Shaw’s family had no idea he was even on trial, 
telling the court they were “unaware of his predicament"

As Shaw was handcuffed to a prison officer and led away to the cells having been warned that he faces a certain jail term, the grieving parents held aloft a picture of the tragically deceased son Shaw had molested, with the weeping mother exclaiming “that’s my son, that’s my son.”

Dungannon, Northern Ireland
The jury of nine men and three women deliberated for 90 minutes before returning to unanimously convict Shaw on three charges of indecent assault and one relating to an act of gross indecency with a child.

During the week long hearing, the jury heard that when Shaw’s victim was between 10 and 13-years-old, on dates between 13 December 2003 and 25 April 2005, he repeatedly touched the boy inappropriately and forced his victim to touch him.

Tragically his victim could not testify in person as he had passed on as a result of a road traffic collision but following prosecution applications, his video interview with police was played to the jury.

The jury also heard evidence from another alleged victim of Shaw who had made allegations in 1992 but whose case never got to court.

As part of “bad character” evidence, he testified that when he was around 12 he was also subjected to incidents of Shaw touching his private parts and the jury heard that in March last year Shaw, with an address at Perry Street in Dungannon, was put on probation for offences relating to the downloading of indecent images of children.

Giving evidence on his own behalf, Shaw denied each and every allegation.

Dungannon town centre
Following the damning convictions, however, trial Judge Piers Grant warned the deviant “it is inevitable that a substantial custodial sentence will be imposed.”

Applying for bail defence lawyer Tony Lunny revealed that Shaw’s family had no idea he was even on trial, telling the court they were “unaware of his predicament.”

Remanding Shaw into custody and adjourning passing sentence until November when pre-sentence probation reports have been completed, Judge Grant stated, “that’s his look out.”

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Political Organizer Fights Child Sex Offender Designation

Ibata Hexamer, a former political organizer for several Vancouver city councillors and the federal NDP pleaded guilty in 2012 to 
six charges relating to the knife-point sexual assaults of 
four young girls.
Child sex predator Ibata Hexamer pleaded guilty to 6 charges relating to the
knife-point sexual assaults of four young girls
By Geordon Omand, 
The Canadian Press 
The judge in the sentencing hearing of a child serial rapist is grappling over whether to allow access to the man's computer. Police say it was full of child pornography.

British Columbia Supreme Court Justice James Williams said the stakes are high for Ibata Noric Hexamer and has called a hearing next week to determine the admissibility of the computer evidence in the sentencing process.

The stakes are also high for all the little girls he will rape if this monster should ever be allowed to walk free again.

Hexamer pleaded guilty in 2013 to four counts of sexual assault and two counts of confinement involving six victims aged six to 14, one of which dates back 20 years.

Prosecutors want Hexamer to be designated a long-term or dangerous offender for his crimes.

"If Crown succeeds in having Mr. Hexamer designated a dangerous offender the consequences for him are great," said Williams on Monday. "He could spend the rest of his life in prison."

Can there be any question that that is where he should spend the rest of his life?

Hexamer's lawyer, Gary Botting, said police should not have been allowed to access his client's computer, which allegedly contained thousands of images of child porn.

Williams took issue with Botting's decision to raise such objections so late in the process, after a forensic psychologist had already completed a psychiatric assessment. He called the move "an astounding proposition."

"I will say this quite pointedly: the manner in which the defence has dealt with this issue is unfortunate in the extreme," said Williams.

Pleaded guilty in 2012

The sex assaults started in 1995 and ended in 2009, after Hexamer attacked a six-year-old girl in Surrey, B.C. He threatened to stab the little girl with a knife before forcing her 12-year-old brother and his 15-year-old friend to lay on the ground in the woods and look away while he sexually assaulted her.

Hexamer pleaded guilty in 2012 to six of the original 23 charges on the condition that the Crown drop the remaining 17, Botting said in an interview outside the court. He added that Hexamer bargained for a 15-year sentence and that prosecutors agreed not to pursue dangerous-offender status.

Botting said his client applied to change his guilty plea earlier this year and fired his previous lawyer, Donna Turco, after she allegedly accepted a deal without Hexamer's consent that didn't include the dangerous-offender condition.

In June, the judge dismissed Hexamer's bid to alter his plea.

Hexamer, who's in his 40s, is a former DJ and political campaign organizer, with experience working on a municipal election campaign in Vancouver and for the NDP in Vancouver-Centre for the 2006 federal election. He has cycled through five lawyers since his arrest in late 2010.

He remains in custody and his sentencing will continue on Oct. 8.

One Little Girl vs Islam

Please watch the 3 short videos below for 3 very real glimpses into life in Iran for a girl trying to grow up and make sense of her world.

Anni Cyrus is my hero this week. God bless you Anni; thanks for sharing.

One of the Glazov Gang’s most popular and powerful episodes was The Day I Was Called a Woman by Islam, which was hosted by the show’s producer Anni Cyrus, in our new feature The Unknown.

Anni gave a heart-wrenching testimony about how her childhood ended at the age of 9 in Iran.

In the next edition of the series, Anni shared My Nightmare as an 11-Year-Old Girl in an Iranian Prison, relating the terror she experienced — and witnessed — as a child behind the Islamic Curtain.

In part 3, My Islamic Court Date and No Way Out, Anni told about her horrific ordeal, at a very young age, of trying to escape an abusive forced marriage in the Islamic Republic.

Throughout these episodes, while Anni reveals the nightmarish horror of what Islam inflicts on girls, women and all human beings, one theme comes through loud and clear: that the sadistic tyranny of a totalitarian system like Islam can never ultimately prevail against the triumph of the human spirit — especially when it comes to a soldier for liberty like Anni Cyrus.

Did you miss this BLOCKBUSTER 3-part series? If you did, we are running all three parts for you below.

Please take the time to watch Anni relate her experiences — and please join her in her battle to make the world never forget those she left behind, those she represents, and all those she strives to protect and rescue.

Part I: (4:24)

Part II (6:29)

Part III (8:39)

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Honor Killing in Germany After Police Slip-Up

10 Year Old Tortured and Murdered by her father for looking at a boy
A 19-year old girl was strangled to death by her father in an honor killing in Germany after police informed him by letter she had been caught shoplifting condoms.

Asadullah Khan, 51, strangled his daughter Lareeb while she slept in the family home. He and his wife, Shazia Khan, then dressed Lareeb in her work clothes as a dental assistant and put her body in their car and discarded it in a nearby forest.

The pair is being charged with murder.

Asadullah Khan admitted the killing and told the court that his daughter had brought dishonor on the family by forming a relationship with a boyfriend he did not approve of. He wanted her to have an arranged marriage with someone from Pakistan.

“'Lareeb stayed away from the home for several nights in a row and stopped wearing the headscarf,” Shazia Khan, Lareeb's mother, told the court. “One day we received a letter from the police saying she had been caught trying to steal condoms. At this point it became clear that there was sexual contact. When I showed the letter to my husband he snapped.”

In the volatile world of Islam, it does not take much to cause a Muslim to 'snap'. The girl was 19 years old! She had every right to do what she wanted. Why did the police feel they needed to report the petty actions of a 19 year old to her parents? That makes no sense whatsoever.

With the flood of Muslim refugees entering Germany, one would think they should have some idea what Islam is about, but apparently not!

Shazia Khan claimed that she was a cowed and submissive wife who had been physically unable to restrain her husband and prevent the murder.

But Lareeb’s younger sister, Nida, 14, told the court that her mother was just as bad as her father and would beat the girls often.

“My Mama was not suppressed, she could do what she wanted. She used to hit me with a stick,” Nida said.

“We were never allowed to talk about her boyfriend. My father used to say my sister should be forcibly married in Pakistan.”

Honor violence campaigners in the UK harshly criticized the German police for their handling of the situation.

“German police did not acknowledge the risk of ‘honor’ killing to Lareeb when they told her family that she had been caught attempting to steal condoms” the Iranian and Kurdish Womens Rights Organization (IKWRO) said in a statement.

“We can only conclude that the police involved did not have a proper understanding of 'honour'-based violence and had not been sufficiently trained to know that providing this information to her parents could put her in greater danger. The German police must be held to account for their failures for true justice for Lareeb,” continued the statement.

Lareeb’s boyfriend Raheel, 25, told the court they had wanted to get married.

Clarion Project's award winning movie Honor Diaries follows the stories of nine brave women activists in their struggle against honor violence. It is available on itunes, Amazon and Netflix.

Watch the trailer:

Monday, 28 September 2015

"They (Children) Were Passed Around Like (Sex) Toys"

Marie Black gets life term for child abuse

Marie Black, Michael Rogers and Jason Adams preyed on children under 13
A woman at the centre of a "gruesome" child sex abuse ring which passed children round "like toys" has been given a life sentence.

Marie Black, 34, of Norwich, was convicted at Norwich Crown Court of 23 charges, including rape and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Victims were abused at parties and may have been offered in raffles.

"The case is the most harrowing it has been my misfortune to try," said Judge Nicholas Coleman.

"I and the jurors had to listen to the truly gruesome detail of what took place.

"Your conduct towards these children can only be described as utterly depraved - the children were subjected to sexual abuse of the worst kind.

"They were simply passed around like toys," he said.

Protect the public

The charges related to five young children over a 10-year period.

Michael Rogers, 46, from Romford, north east London, was found guilty of 14 counts, including cruelty, rape and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Jason Adams, 44, from Norwich, was convicted of 13 similar counts.

Both were sentenced to 24 years.

Analysis: Julian Sturdy, BBC East

The severity of the sentence means Marie Black has become one of the UK's most notorious paedophiles.

Yet still she cries her innocence. She sobbed quietly and occasionally shook her head as her sentence was read out.

Judge Nicholas Coleman said he had "had enough" of legal argument from her barrister and went at it both barrels.

For Marie Black life inside will be tough. Already she has had to move prisons several times.

Norwich skyline
The men were also made subject to sexual harm prevention orders, which allows the court to impose restrictions deemed necessary to protect the public.

All three had denied the charges against them, with Black accused of 26 counts and found guilty of 23.

Seven others stood trial, six of whom were cleared of all charges.

'Corrupted woman'

Judge Coleman said: "You, Marie Black, were the constant factor in all of these crimes.

"The offences included adults conspiring to rape children at so-called sex parties.

"You used them for your own, and for others', sexual gratification."

Black was told she could only be considered for parole after 12 years.

Carol Stadler was found guilty of
assault causing actual bodily harm
He said there was evidence the children were taken to other parts of the country where they were raffled for abuse by others.

Black did not give evidence and was described by her barrister Sarah Elliott QC as "clearly a vulnerable, corrupted woman".

"The impetus for abusing the children comes from Adams and Rogers," she said.

"She was vilified throughout the trial and was blamed by everybody to exculpate themselves."

However, barristers representing Adams and Rogers rejected the notion that they had manipulated her.

'Naive man'

Isabella Forshall QC, for Adams, said he had no previous convictions for sexual offences and Black was "the common denominator between all the offences."

Ann Cotcher QC said Rogers was a "naive" man who had sought to help Black and was not the instigator of sexual and physical abuse.

Co-defendant Carol Stadler, 59, from Norwich, was found guilty of assault causing actual bodily harm, but cleared of nine other charges including serious sexual assaults.

She is due to be sentenced.

Six others - Anthony Stadler, 63, Nicola Collins, 36, Andrew Collins, 52, Judith Fuller, 31, Denise Barnes, 43, and Kathleen Adams, 85, all from Norwich - stood trial but were cleared of all counts.

South Sudan Military Worse Than ISIS or Boko Haram for Girls

Women held as sex slaves in South Sudan ‘rape camps’

Plight of thousands of South Sudanese women and girls abducted and subjected
to repeated brutal rape and slave-like working conditions has remained hidden
until now Image Credit: AFP
Women and men walk through the United Nations base outside Bentiu, which hosts around 118,000 people uprooted during the country 21-month old civil war.
Gulf News
BENTIU, South Sudan: One woman was abducted by soldiers and taken to a military camp, tied up and raped repeatedly for two months.

Another was kidnapped with her 15-year-old sister and raped every night for five nights. A third was taken to a forest with her 12-year old daughter where both were raped.

The abduction of women and girls for use as sex slaves - some of them held indefinitely, tied up with hundreds of others in secret rape camps - is a disturbing new aspect of South Sudan’s 21-month conflict, already characterised by well-documented war crimes and human rights abuses.

Nigeria’s ‘Chibok girls’, abducted by Boko Haram in April 2014, and Iraq’s Yazidi women taken as sex slaves by Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State) militants are well-known. But the plight of perhaps thousands of South Sudanese women and girls from just a single state, abducted and subjected to repeated, brutal rape and slave-like working conditions has remained hidden until now.

Dozens of interviews conducted by AFP in the northern Unity State reveal a systematic pattern of abduction and rape perpetrated by government soldiers and their allied militia during a recent offensive.

The investigation focused on attacks by government forces but both sides have perpetrated ethnic massacres, recruited and killed children and carried out widespread rape, torture and forced displacement of populations to “cleanse” areas of their opponents.

Systematic abduction and rape
Nyabena’s experience is typical. The 30-year old mother was seized when soldiers attacked her village in Rubkona County in April. Men and boys were shot. Homes were looted and burned to the ground. Women and girls were rounded up. She was among 40 taken from two neighbouring settlements and wells up with tears when she talks about being torn away from her five children.

They were marched to Mayom County. Nyabena was held in Kotong, a stronghold of Major-General Matthew Puljang, commander of a tribal Bul Nuer militia aligned with South Sudan’s army, the SPLA, which has been battling rebels since December 2013.

From April to July this year the SPLA and Puljang’s militia carried out an offensive that United Nations investigators described as a “scorched earth policy” in an August report.

Fighting and flooding limits access to large parts of South Sudan, leading aid workers to refer to southern Unity State as “an information black-hole”.

A human rights investigator said: “Nobody knows what’s happening in Mayom County,” where many of the women were taken. One military expert estimated that “thousands of women” were abducted during the offensive.

“In all the southern Unity counties it’s been the same: those women who escape are lucky. Those who don’t are raped and abducted or killed,” said the rights investigator. “The abduction of women seems to be systematic. It might be for a day, or longer, or forever.”

Those who escaped recount their stories with numb, quiet voices. Nightmares plague some who wake up terrorised, thinking they are still captive.

After her abduction Nyabena was put to work during the day, carrying looted goods and food, collecting water and hoeing farms. She was guarded constantly during the day and tied up at night with other women.

“When one of the soldiers wanted to have sex he would come, untie us and take us away. When they were finished they would bring you back and tie you to the post again,” she said, stretching her elbows behind her back to show how she was bound. She said being raped by four men a night was common.

Women who refused to work or fought against their rape would disappear. “In the morning we discover they are missing,” she said. Of the 40 she arrived with in April, 10 disappeared this way.

Victims as young as 12
Nyamai, a 38-year old mother of five, was taken from her village in Koch County. She was guarded constantly and tied up frequently. As many as 10 soldiers would queue up at night for their turn raping her.

“Please, let one guy deal with me, don’t come all of you,” she pleaded, and was beaten with a stick in response.

In another case, three of Nyatuach’s unmarried, teenaged daughters were abducted in May during an attack on their village in Rubkona County. Two are still missing, but her 17-year old daughter escaped with three of her nieces.

They returned “very sick, very thin”.

“Their bodies were weak and they were leaking fluids from so many men having intercourse with them,” Nyatuach said, a common symptom of fistula, an incontinence-causing tear in the wall between the vagina and bladder or rectum, that can be caused by particularly violent rape.

Others were raped repeatedly until, bleeding and unable to take any more, they were set free, or killed.

“When the girls were broken they would dispose of them,” said Nyatuach.

Rebecca found her 12-year old daughter again the day after their village in Koch County was attacked.

“When they took me, those people used me,” the girl told her mother. Rebecca boiled some water and washed her daughter with hot cloths.

“We can do nothing,” she told her. “It’s like that.”

Sunday, 27 September 2015

'God Weeps' at Child Sex Abuse - Pope Francis

So do pedophile priests and Bishops, once they're outed

From BBC US & Canada
Pope Francis met with prisoners in a Philadelphia jail
Pope Francis has met and prayed with five victims, all now adults who had suffered sexual abuse as children, on Sunday morning at a seminary in Pennsylvania, saying "God weeps" for their suffering.

The group - three women and two men - had been abused by clergy, family members or teachers, Father Federico Lombardi said in a statement. Each was accompanied by a family member, he added.

The Pope told the survivors, an unknown number of whom had been abused by priests, that clergy and bishops would be held accountable when they abuse or fail to protect children.

Many abuse survivors are angry at how the Vatican has dealt with allegations.

The Roman Catholic Church in the US has been embroiled in child sex scandals.

US dioceses have made huge compensation payouts to victims.

The Pope was "overwhelmed with shame that men entrusted with the tender care of children violated these little ones and caused grievous harm," he told bishops following the meeting, on the final day of his visit to the US.

He told the victims who were abused by a member of the clergy that he was "deeply sorry" for the times when the abuse was reported, but victims or their families "were not heard or believed," the Vatican said in a statement.

"Please know that the Holy Father hears you and believes you," Pope Francis told the survivors.

Lupe Cantu, of McAllen Valley, Texas, hangs rosary beads on a barricade along
Benjamin Franklin Parkway as she waits for Mass delivered by Pope Francis,
Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, in Philadelphia (AP)
The Pope listened to the survivors' stories, prayed with them, and expressed his "pain and shame" in the case of those harmed by clergy or church workers, Fr Lombardi said.

The Pope "renewed his commitment" to ensure that victims are treated with justice, the guilty are punished, and to effective prevention in the Church and in society, the statement said.

But survivors' advocacy groups expressed some scepticism at whether the Pope's words would lead to any change.

Pope Francis greets seminarians at St Charles Borromeo Seminary in
Philadelphia (September 27, 2015) Reuters
The Pope met trainee priests at a seminary outside Philadelphia

John Salveson, President of the Pennsylvania-based Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse, said:

"The truth is that the survivor community has been asking the Church to take several simple steps to protect children and hold perpetrators and enablers accountable for years, but the Church has refused to take these actions.

"If Pope Francis wishes to take effective action to back up his words he could take these steps immediately."

In June the Pope approved the creation of a tribunal to hear cases of bishops accused of covering up child abuse by paedophile priests.

Members of the St. Anthony of Padua Church walk over the Benjamin Franklin
Bridge towards Philadelphia ahead of a Mass celebrated by Pope Francis AP
Catholics were gathering in Philadelphia on Sunday morning ahead of a Mass later in the day that would draw more than a million people.

Last year, the UN strongly criticised the Church for failing to stamp out abuse and for allowing cover-ups.

The Pope's trip to the USA has certainly affected the country. Other than the Speaker's resignation, we will not really know how profoundly it affected America for some time. 

One can't help but be impressed at how much more Christ-like Francis is than his predecessors. One wonders whether his popularity will draw people from the evangelical church toward Catholicism, for so many in the evangelical church are such a long way from being Christ-like.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

2 Israeli Rabbis Arrested For Alleged Child Sex Abuse

Two Israeli rabbis have been arrested for separate cases of alleged child molestation involving multiple victims at different religious institutions.

Rabbis Arrested For Alleged Child Sex Abuse
Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

A rabbi at an unnamed Jerusalem yeshiva was arrested today after a 19-year-old student filed a criminal complaint alleging he was molested by the rabbi over a  five-year period, the Times of Israel reported based on reports in the Hebrew-language media.

The victim also alleges other students at the yeshiva were also abused by the rabbi.

The rabbi, who denies the allegations, is scheduled to be arraigned at the the Rishon Letzion Magistrate’s Court later today.

Meanwhile, last week the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court reportedly extended the remand of a different rabbi who has been accused of molesting two teenage boys. But in that case, the yeshiva or religious organization that had once employed the rabbi reported the alleged abuse to police.

The rabbi’s attorney notes the yeshiva fired the rabbi a year and a half ago prompting the rabbi to sue the institution. That the attorney claimed, caused the institution to use the abuse claims to pressure the rabbi to drop his suit against the institution.

Pedophiles are not only evil, they are stupid!

Friday, 25 September 2015

East London Will Soon be Under Sharia Law

Moderate Muslim wants Sharia everywhere

British-born Islamist Abu Rumaysah, a radical who said he wants to see every woman in the UK “covered from head to toe” was interviewed on CBS News. And what he is helping people in his community do is shocking.

Rumaysah and his Islamist supporters patrol the streets of East London, chastising British citizens for not complying with Islamic law. In a series of videos, they can be seen harassing women for inappropriate dress, rebuking men simply for drinking alcohol, and calling a man “dirty” on the suspicion that he might be gay:

Ultimately, I want to see every single woman in this country covered from head to toe,” Rumaysah told 60 Minutes correspondent Clarissa Ward. “I want to the see the hand of the thief cut. I want to see adulterers stoned to death. I want to see sharia law in Europe, and I want to see it in America, as well. I believe our patrols are a means to an end.”

He's right of course, it will take time but thanks to western country's determination to commit cultural suicide in the name of political correctness, it won't take very long at all.

Rumaysah told Ward that Western Democracy was a “barbaric” system and that he should be free to “choose” Islamic law and enforce it as he sees fit. He even told Ward to cover herself up.

“Why can’t I tell you to cover up? Am I free to say that?” Rumaysah asked. “So, cover up. Wear the hijab.”

It is clear that such a vigilante group of Islamic thugs should not be allowed anywhere on the streets in a civilized society.

East London

Three Short Heart-breaking Videos Form Iraq with Angelina Jolie

Survivor stories from Iraq with Angelina Jolie. 

Women tell what happened when ISIS (Daesh) came.

There are 3 videos. The first is only about 3.5 minutes long, the second about 4.5 and the third about 1.5. Please watch and pray for these people.

Bermuda Tackling Child Sex Abuse From All Sides

Measures to tackle child sex abuse could be put forward this year by the parliamentary group investigating how Bermuda deals with sex offenders.

Bermuda - an archipelago of 181 islands
Mandatory education and awareness training, child protection policies and bolstered laws on the reporting of sex offences are on the joint select committee’s agenda, according to chairman Mark Pettingill.

The One Bermuda Alliance MP said discussions are ongoing about the creation of a sex offenders’ registry — but cautioned about the need to differentiate between serious, prolific offenders and “Romeo and Juliet cases” involving young teenagers.

In an interview with The Royal Gazette, he said that, historically, a lot of sex offences against children happen “in what we often regard as being safe havens or in positions of trust”.

The former attorney-general continued: “They may occur with close family members or with people that are in youth organisations or even schools, which is really terrible. Whilst it is obviously such a minority of people that are involved in those types of activities, that’s where there tends to be a degree of prevalence.

“We don’t want to make it difficult for all the wonderful people that come along and give up their time to children, but unfortunately this is where the prevalence tends to be.”

The joint select committee on sex offenders was created last year to examine existing legislation surrounding a sex offenders’ registry and other matters related to convicted sex offenders.

Mark Pettingill MP
In recent weeks the issue has been in the spotlight again, after a former police officer was jailed for 15 years for the sexual exploitation of his daughter and incest. The media was unable to report the offender’s name for legal reasons, prompting campaigner Sheelagh Cooper to repeat calls for a more open legal process and a sexual offenders’ registry.

Mr Pettingill, a defence lawyer, said that while the idea of a registry is still on the agenda, the committee is still debating how to go about it.

“This has been a debate for some time. I have to say, I see both sides of the coin,” he said.

He said that Bermuda has the ability to produce a list contained within its criminal code, but he believes it should be at the discretion of the attorney-general.

“In my view, there are certain types of criminals that commit these things that people should just be aware of who they are because it warrants that children and society deserve the protection from that type of individual.

“At the same time you have the Romeo and Juliet cases where you have, let’s say, a 17-year-old boy who has a consensual sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl and he basically gets run in by her parents.

“I’ve seen those types of cases. Entirely consensual, but unlawful still — he’s deemed over the line and she’s still under it. Should he be put on a sexual offenders’ registry as a sexual offender? I don’t think so.”

Mr Pettingill said a balance needs to be found between who should be on the register and how much of it is publicly available, with consideration given to the circumstances of the offence and how prolific it is.

He said prolific offenders that are deemed “to have a real risk”, despite serving time in prison and undergoing treatment, should be on a public register.

“I think we can do better than what we have,” he added.

Satellite shot of Bermuda - total land area 20.6 sq miles
Regarding the joint select committee’s efforts, Mr Pettingill said: “You’d love to have everything done overnight — it just doesn’t work that way.

“Conceptually, we are getting there. I am hoping this year that things will be moved along. Some things are low-hanging fruit that we need to get right on.

“We want to mandate education and awareness training about anyone that is an owner, manager, employee of any organisation that deals with children.

“I’m talking about an organisation like Scars, that teaches people on what to look for, how to deal with children and all those things.”

He said he would also like to see certificates of satisfactory completion on the training.

“That would address anyone that has supervision, control or direct access to children.

“If you deal with a child, you have to have done this training to understand what the challenges are,” he said.

Mr Pettingill said that the committee is considering mandating that organisations have child protection policies in place, “so you don’t have a situation where you have one-on-one between adult supervisors and children, unless it can be something that is observable”.

The committee also wants to consider the enforcement of laws requiring mandatory reporting of these types of offences.

He said: “It might be that we’ve got to consider bolstering that law, so that for some reason you don’t have people deciding ‘oh, well, I’m going to proceed down the counselling road’ rather than immediately reporting it to the authorities.”

Child Sex Offences Laws Need Revising

Two children’s charities have thrown their weight behind Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves’s suggestion that Parliament should consider revisiting the Island’s sexual offences laws.

Bermuda is more than 1000 kms
from the nearest land
While sentencing a former police officer convicted of sexually exploiting his daughter and three counts of incest to 15 years’ imprisonment, Mr Justice Greaves said that the maximum penalty for incest “is inadequate in this jurisdiction”.

He invited Parliament to consider revisiting the sexual offences laws and whether it is appropriate to increase the penalties for incest and buggery to bring them in line with those for sexual exploitation.

“Mr Justice Greaves is absolutely correct that the legislation governing sentencing for incest needs to be amended,” said Sheelagh Cooper, founder and chairwoman of the Coalition for the Protection of Children.

“We are pleased to see that he has pointed that out as it is, and always has been, a serious problem in a small community like Bermuda.”

Debi Ray-Rivers, the founder and executive director of SCARS, added: “Certainly the law makers must take some direction from the assessment of the courts in relations to offences.

Judge Carlisle Greaves
“In this instance an experienced and highly regarded Justice has given his view on the current position and state of the law and consequently you have to hope that the Government is listening and will make the necessary changes to the law a priority.”

At the sentencing, Mr Justice Greaves noted that the maximum sentence for the sexual exploitation offence is far greater than the maximum sentence for incest, which he said is “inadequate in this jurisdiction”.

The court heard that the maximum sentence for sexual exploitation of a young person by a person in a position of trust is 25 years and seven years for incest.

Mr Justice Greaves said the penalty for sexual exploitation was amended after the infamous John White case, a former police officer who was sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment for sexually abusing three boys. White’s sentence was later reduced to 18 years by the Court of Appeal.

And while the White case “changed everything in Bermuda when it came to sexual offences, particularly those involving children”, Mr Justice Greaves said, incest and buggery laws were not amended when the penalty for sexual exploitation of a young person by a person in a position of trust was increased from 20 to 25 years.

The Royal Gazette approached Government for comment but received no response.

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory
with a population of about 65,000 people more than half of whom are black

Thursday, 24 September 2015

‘Unusually’ Large Collection of Child Sex Abuse Videos Seized in Alberta

By Staff
The Canadian Press

MEDICINE HAT, Alberta – Police have charged a 27-year-old Alberta man after finding a large collection of child sex abuse videos.

The Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) team says it began to investigate after getting a tip from German police involving the accused’s peer-to-peer Internet activities.

The team consists of members of the RCMP and Calgary, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge police.

Robert Jeffrey Williams, of Medicine Hat was arrested Tuesday at Calgary International Airport.

He’s charged with possessing, accessing, and making available child pornography.

Staff Sgt. John Guigon told Global News it appeared that these were old videos being re-circulated, rather than created by Williams.

Williams has been released on several conditions and is scheduled to appear in Medicine Hat court on Oct. 14.

Medicine Hat courthouse and library
Police say a search warrant was executed at a home in Medicine Hat on Sept. 3 and evidence was seized.

A forensic analysis of the computers and electronic devices seized is underway, but investigators say so far they’ve found “an extensive collection of videos depicting extreme child sex abuse.”

“Generally on average we’ll uncover several hundred images in most of our seizures, up to a couple thousand, but we’re already into the hundreds of videos in these seizure,” said Guigon. “That’s likely to grow because we’re only just starting our forensic analysis. It makes it unusual because we generally don’t see that number. …Not indicating he is responsible for creating them, but certainly in possession of them.”

Police don’t believe any of the victims are from Alberta.

With files from Global News reporter Erika Tucker


An explosion lights the front of a kosher supermarket as French police special
forces launch their assault, where several people were taken hostage
in eastern Paris. Photo source: Reuters
By: Y.K. Cherson

The reports from France (for one week in January) look like the reports from a war; three days of attacks leaving 17 dead along with three terrorists, and this after several attacks in late December. One after another, all over France, leaving dozens of people wounded, hostages taken and shot, thousands of Police and RAID troops deployed, and ALL the strikes were perpetrated by Muslim converts and immigrants – or their first or second generation descendants. All the attacks were religiously motivated and accompanied by the sadly famous Muslim battle cry “Allahu Akbar,” “Allah is the Greatest.”

If this is not a religious war– then what is it?

Ah, I know; they are all just “lone wolf” attacks, without any link to one another, and of course, without any link to Islam, the “most peaceful” religion on Earth.

At least, this is what European- in general- (and French, in particular)- politicians say.

And those who killed people-mainly civilians and all non-Muslims- in Dijon, Nantes, Paris- they were not Muslims. They were some mysterious “Islamists” or “jihadists” who simply “do not interpret Islam correctly.” Islam is the religion of peace. And Muslim communities of course did not have any idea what these “black sheep” were going to do.

And we must be tolerant. And we should not blame many for the sins of the few. And we cannot answer violence with violence, because violence engenders more violence. And we must unite, join hands, and start a dialogue. And we must express our opposition to terrorism and protest- but peacefully, with placards “je suis Charlie” and flowers in our hands.

In this latest episode the perpetrators wanted to “die as martyrs,” and they were killed during the rampage. But this was not the case with the attacks last month and is atypical of what we normally see.

The traditional Western reaction, instead of shooting these terrorists right on the spot after catching them, covering them with pig skins to deny them any hope of getting to their Muslim “paradise,” is that we shall give them lawyers, treat them kindly, and sentence them to 25 life terms, (which is an absolute stupidity, because a human being has only one life to live)- but knowing full well that they will get out after serving just some 20 years in a civilized French jail, with a balanced diet, gym, swimming pool, television, newspapers- all this at the expense of the taxpayers including sons, daughters, wives, husbands and parents of those they killed  because they are humans, and we live in a democratic society…And blah blah blah, according to European mainstream media and television talk shows.

Are you not tired of this sickening lie, my dear civilized and tolerant Europeans? Do you not understand that you are being killed, as a people and as a civilization? That those Muslims you accepted in your nice, tiny, comfortable countries live by other laws and confess entirely different values, the principal one being that “Islam must dominate the world,” and that your tolerant laws for them are just a sign of weakness, and you and your “democracy” are for them nothing but a legitimate- and easy- military target?

Or maybe the perspective of losing your countries and your entire civilization means nothing to you? Oh, yes, I forgot: you are not French, German, British; you are “citizens of the World”! Motherland, patriotism, national pride, “it’s my country”…What an obsolete and old-fashioned nonsense! A drink, good food and a one night stand can be gotten anywhere.

A good friend of mine has been working with the police for 10 years as a consultant and interpreter in one very nice and calm European country, quite similar to what France used to be some 20 years ago. He has been a part of the investigation of hundreds of cases of rape and has noticed a very curious fact; women from Western European countries DO NOT RESIST!

They beg and cry and implore a rapist not to rape them – but they do not fight and obediently do what they  are told to do. And when they tell about what happened, they – you just imagine- carefully avoid words like “Arab,” “Pakistani” or “Black,” although it’s no secret that between 60% and 90% of all rapes in European countries are committed by this category of immigrants. How the media , schools and governments should brainwash them if they do not forget about political correctness even after being raped!

And women from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, as well as from Arab countries – fight, and fight desperately. And quite often, they arrive to the police station badly bruised and bleeding- but not raped. And they do not hesitate for a second to say that the guy who tried to rape them was Arab, or Pakistani, or Black.

Women  are the soul of the people. And the people whose women obediently assume the position some dirty rapist orders them to assume and only beg and cry are a people of slaves.

Europe for the last 200 years has been more than ready to fall on her back before any rude and cruel invader, from Napoleon to Hitler and Stalin. But they at least were the leaders of powerful countries and mighty armies! Cruel, ruthless, monsters, yes; but outstanding. And now Europe is  falling on her back before some bunch of Muslim immigrants – and refuses to recognize that she is behaving like an old whore.

So, don’t cry that you are being raped, Europeans; looks like you like it.

'Sextortion' of Canadian Teens Spikes 40% in 6 Months

Nearly half of 'sextortion' victims are teenage boys

By Caroline Barghout, 
CBC News

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection says it has seen a 40 per cent spike in teenage "sextortion" in the past six months.

Nearly half of the victims are teenage boys, and the statistics are so significant that it has prompted the Winnipeg-based agency to issue a warning to parents across the country.

"We need to get in front of this," said Signy Arnason, director of Cybertip.ca, one of the programs operated by the centre. "We don't want to see any more kids subjected to this."

Analyst examines reports of child sexual exploitation received on Cybertip.ca.
 Analysts work in a locked room at the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.
Predators are meeting their victims in online game chat rooms and social media sites like Facebook, Arnason said.

Their conversations start off harmless. The teen is then invited to engage in a private chat over Skype.

Eventually they're coerced into taking off their clothes or performing a sex act on a webcam. The victim thinks they are talking to someone their own age, but they're not. They are being videoed by an adult.

The video is then used to extort money or additional sexual content from the teen.

"What we're seeing for the most part is that they're in fact going after money," said Arnason. "So what they'll do is, they'll threaten that they've now got this sexual content [and] that they're going to post it online."

Arnason said the child advocacy group receives a tip a week from a teen victim. She calls that "a big deal" because most will never come forward to report what's happening to them.

"We are imploring parents to get in there and have these good discussions with their kids," said Arnason. "If you leave it alone you're putting them at risk, especially if you know part of what they're doing is going on live webcam."

There are three key points Arnason urges parents to make with their children.

Signy Arnason, director Cybertip.ca, urges parents to talk to teens
about 'sextortion.' (CBC)
First, know the person on the other side of the live cam. 
She says there are computer programs out there that allow predators to play pre-recorded videos over a live stream. For example, they might play a video of an attractive teenage girl undressing to entice a teenage boy to do the same.

Second, it's simple to record what's streaming over a live camera without the other person knowing.

"As a teenager you live in the here and now, you think you've done something, it's live it's over" Arnason said. "They're not contemplating and considering that the person on the other side is quite easily recording everything they're doing which is then used against them"

Lastly, don't ever comply with a predator demands, whether it's sending money or making another video.

Since 2005, Cybertip.ca has received more than 160,000 tips
that have led to about 500 arrests. (CBC)
She says more often than not the videos don't end up online, even if a victim refuses to pay.  

"In most cases they're seeking money and if they don't get it they're just moving onto the next one," said Arnason.

That sentiment is echoed by the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

"Do not pay," said spokesman Daniel Williams. "All you are doing is making them determined to do this to more people. If it stops paying, they'll stop doing it".

Williams says there have been cases where a perpetrator has uploaded a video onto YouTube, but it was taken down after the victim contacted the website.

West African gangs suspected

In 2012, the federal government agency received four complaints about "sextortion." One person had been victimized and lost $100 as a result. So far this year, 23 victims have come forward, according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Show and Tell
Stephen Sauer and Tari Bernier of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection
demonstrate how predators use Skype to target teens. (CBC)
"We're lucky to see one to three per cent of what's out there, and that's in normal fraud cases. Not something as embarrassing as 'sextortion,'" said Williams.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre believes many of the cases are committed by west African gangs.

"Victims are being told to send $800 or $1500 to Western Union in the Ivory Coast or Senegal or, 'I'll put it on YouTube,'" said Williams.

Arnason also urges parents to report their concerns to Cybertip.ca. 

Since 2005, the tip line has received more than 160,000 reports of online sexual exploitation of children. Those tips have led to about 500 arrests.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says that so far this year, it has had 120 sextortion-related complaints: 

4 complaints
1 victim
$100 loss

97 complaints
16 victims
$26,000 loss

195 complaints
32 victims
$85,000 loss

120 complaints
23 victims
$27,000 loss

One of the issues this report doesn't deal with is how teens come up with the hundreds of dollars the sextortionists demand. The pressure to find that money can lead to all sorts of things a normal teen would never do, thereby increasing the stress and trauma of the event.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Pope Francis Says U.S. Child Sex Abuse Scandal 'Will Never Be Repeated'

Speaking at the Cathedral of St. Matthews in Washington, Pope Francis
addressed the American Catholic church sexual abuse scandal
 on September 23. MARK WILSON/REUTERS
Pope Francis addressed American Bishops at the Cathedral of St. Matthews in Washington on Wednesday when he led midday prayers as part of his tour of the United States. During his speech, the pope said the Catholic Church child sex abuse scandal "will never be repeated." The Bishops applauded his statement.

Numerous leaders within the Catholic Church have been accused of sexually abusing children and sheltering abusers over the last two decades. Some of the priests involved in the scandal have resigned, others have been charged for their crimes. The Vatican has been heavily embroiled in the scandal, accused of quieting the abused and protecting abusers.

The scandal has not been solely an American issue: Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Cardinal Sean Brady, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, last September. Brady was accused of covering up the sexual abuse of a priest he worked with in a documentary. The same documentary focused on Father Brendan Smyth, who plead guilty to 74 counts of abuse across 30 years.

While this is a good attitude, unfortunately, he has not addressed the attraction of the priesthood to pedophiles.

Afghanistan Vows Measures Against Child Sex Abuse

Add captFILE - Children walking through the prison in Badam Bagh,
Afghanistan's central women's prison, in Kabul.ion
Ayaz Gul
Afghanistan's government say it has undertaken “serious measures” to enforce the law and prevent sexual abuse reportedly committed by local police commanders against children.

A presidential statement issued Wednesday evening in Kabul has condemned as an "iniquitous, inhumane and irreligious act” the abuse, known as bacha baazi,  or “boy play."

A New York Times report this week detailed extensive rape and other sexual abuse of young boys at the hands of local Afghan police commanders and American-trained Afghan militias. It went on to allege that U.S. soldiers were ordered not to intervene in order to maintain good relations with Afghan allies.


The report has cited court records and interviews with U.S. military officers. It notes that in certain instances American soliders have been disciplined for disobeying the policy of non-intervention.

President Ashraf Ghani spoke to all security authorities of the country via video teleconference and directed them to prevent “recurrence of any such acts through taking instructive, reformative and punitive measures,” the presidential statement said.

“The laws, culture and religious values of the people of Afghanistan recognize sexual abuse of children as one of the severest crimes and violations of human rights,” it quoted Ghani as saying.

The Afghan government warned that “commission of such crimes, especially in the ranks of the Armed Forces, is intolerable; it will not hesitate to take measures to prevent this abominable phenomenon,” the statement added.

Investigation planned 

It also directed relevant government institutions to form a working committee for investigating and monitoring, and coming up with an oversight mechanism to prevent and prosecute the perpetrators of sexual abuse of children.

In his response to the reported charges on Tuesday, Commander of the NATO’s Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan, U.S. General John Campbell rebuffed the claims that American soldiers and Marines were told to ignore complaints of the sexual abuse of young boys.

“I personally have served multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and am absolutely confident that no such theater policy has ever existed here, and, certainly, no such policy has existed throughout my tenure as commander,” Campbell said.

He added that "any suspicions of sexual abuse will be immediately reported to the chain of command, regardless of who the alleged perpetrators or victims are."

U.S. officials say that General Campbell has also raised the issue with President Ghani and secured a commitment from him that the Afghan government would redouble their efforts to investigate, and hold accountable those who are guilty of perpetrating such acts.

Raised what issue? He just said there was no issue!

Concern that sexual abusers of children are able to act with impunity was raised earlier this year by the U.S. State Department. Its Trafficking in Persons report noted that "Some law enforcement officials, prosecutors and judges accept bribes from or use their relationships with perpetrators of bacha baazi to allow them to escape punishment."

Muslim Rapists in Australia Claim Cultural Differences as Excuse

Western women “portrayed as whores” in Iran
Daniel Greenfield
This is happening in Australia with a ridiculous degree of frequency. Not just Muslims raping native women. But claiming cultural differences.

Amir Mohebbifar, 27, ­pleaded guilty to the aggravated sexual assault of the 19-year-old woman in an brutal early morning attack on Sydney’s Anzac Bridge on January 16 last year.

Mohebbifar admitted he had pushed the young woman into bushes on a pathway leading up to the bridge in Pyrmont and then proceeded to rape her.

The university-educated Mohebbifar, who came from a middle-class Iranian family, told a psychologist that Western women were “portrayed as whores” in Iran.

Esmatullah Sharifi, an Afghan refugee, offered an Australian woman a ride home and then put his right hand around her neck and his left hand over her mouth and raped her. Sharifi’s lawyers claimed that due to cultural differences he was confused about the nature of consent.

Apparently, getting into his car was considered consent - although it doesn't explain why he had to put his hands over her mouth and around her neck.

This wasn’t Sharifi’s first misunderstanding of the difference between rape and sex. He had already been sentenced to 7 years in jail for raping an Australian teenager on Christmas Day in 2008.

The sentencing judge rejected Sharifi’s excuse, but a court of appeals judge found that claiming cultural differences was a valid basis for an appeal.

Even after spending time in prison for rape? One would think cultural differences would cease to be a valid reason for appeal after a year or two in Australia.

In the Ashfield rapes, four Pakistani brothers raped eighteen women and girls. Their father urged that his sons be pardoned because they “did not know the culture of this culture.”

One of the brothers appealed his sentence arguing that he had committed the rapes based on cultural differences with how Pakistani girls behaved. The older brother said in court that only now that he had gained a “better understanding of Australian culture” did he finally realize that rape was wrong.

Explaining why he had raped one girl, he said, “She was not related to us and she was not wearing any Purdah, like she was not… covered her face, she was not wearing any headscarf.”

Muslim culture is indeed far more tolerant of rape and intolerant of women. Which should raise serious questions about the fate of women when that culture is exported by immigrants to the West.

It seems the government of Australia, and other countries for that matter, need to go into mosques and explain that rape is not an acceptable form of entertainment in western society. And they need to explain that western women cannot be held accountable to Sharia or any other Muslim laws.

If it were up to me, I would follow that with a threat that if Muslim men don't stop raping western women, that Islam will be declared as being against human rights, and law and order, and it will be assumed that mosques are incapable or unwilling to teach basic human rights. Consequently, every mosque in the country will be burned to the ground, and no new mosques will be permitted to be built. Also, public Muslim prayer would be forbidden. Then call out the army!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Children Still Slipping Through the Cracks in Sex Exploitation Policing

Devon and Cornwall police criticised over child sex abuse

Report says officers fail to understand issue with no action taken even when children have disappeared from home more than 10 times

 ‘Officers did not always recognise that children who regularly go missing from
home may be at risk of being groomed for sexual abuse,’
the HMIC report said. Photograph: Alamy
Press Association

Devon and Cornwall police have been strongly criticised and ordered to make immediate improvements after a watchdog found the force had an inconsistent response to child sexual exploitation.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) said Devon and Cornwall police officers had demonstrated a lack of understanding about the extent of the issue.

HMIC flagged up problems with the way the force dealt with children who often go missing. It said that though the force was good at finding the children, measures to stop them vanishing again were often ineffective.

In nine of the 10 cases examined by inspectors in which children had gone missing there were signs that those involved could be at risk of sexual exploitation.

The report said: “Officers did not always recognise that children who regularly go missing from home may be at risk of being groomed for sexual abuse.”

It said that in some serious cases that were allocated to non-specialist teams, inquiries and investigations were undertaken by insufficiently skilled and knowledgeable staff. Not all had a thorough awareness of how to identify children at risk, the report said.

In one example, the case of a 13-year-old girl who sent more than 30 explicit images to an older man over the internet was closed without a suspect being identified or a referral to child social care services.

Another case involved the alleged sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl by her friend’s father. While she was spoken to within two weeks, the suspect had not been arrested six months later and officers did not consider the wider risk he could pose.

The inspectors also looked at the case of a 15-year-old girl identified as being at risk of sexual exploitation. Officers noted concerns on police records that she had met an older man for sex in return for drugs and money. While risk strategy meetings had taken place, inspectors found no evidence of a longer-term safeguarding plan to protect the girl from further exploitation. At the time of the inspection, the girl had not been spoken to by police.

Another worrying case was that of a 13-year-old girl who was found sleeping rough with an 18-year-old man in Torquay. She was using “legal highs” supplied by the man and her behaviour was increasingly erratic. Although consideration was given to serving the man with a child abduction warning notice should he be found with the girl again, there was no record that this had taken place.

No consideration was given to charging the man with criminal offences because the victim did not want to make a complaint. A strategy meeting was held at which the risk of the girl being sexually exploited was acknowledged but was described by someone – though not a police representative – in the minutes of the meeting as a “choice”.

There were also delays in the examination and analysis of computers and other media undertaken by the hi-tech crime unit. For example, the tablet computers of two 10-year-old girls who were sent explicit images by a man in January 2015 awaited examination at the time of the inspection in May 2015.

HM Inspector of Constabulary Wendy Williams said: “Devon and Cornwall police demonstrated a strong commitment to improving services for the protection of vulnerable people. However, while we found a number of examples of good work to protect children, this commitment has not yet resulted in consistently improved outcomes for children.

“We were concerned to find that in a significant number of cases we looked at, poor supervision and record keeping had undermined decision-making and safeguarding measures. Some serious cases were investigated by non-specialist officers, resulting in delays, and potential risks posed by alleged offenders not being considered.

“The force must also improve how it tackles child sexual exploitation. While the force is taking some steps to address this, it still has much more to do to demonstrate that it is able to effectively identify and safeguard children at risk.

“The response to children who regularly go missing from home also requires improvement, with a particular focus on early intervention and ensuring that officers and staff understand the link between children who regularly go missing and the risk of sexual exploitation.”

Devon and Cornwall police has six weeks to respond with an action plan, HMIC said.

Det Supt Paul Northcott, head of Devon and Cornwall’s public protection unit, said it was developing a fresh approach to the way it assessed risk and was providing staff with extra training.

“We recognise that we have to continue to improve the services we deliver and we have embraced a considerable amount of change already in response to this report,” he said.

The report is part of a rolling programme of child protection inspections of police forces in England and Wales.

This is a great program. Keep up the good work.