Everyday thousands of children are being sexually abused. You can stop the abuse of at least one child by simply praying. You can possibly stop the abuse of thousands of children by forwarding the link in First Time Visitor? by email, Twitter or Facebook to every Christian you know. Save a child or lots of children!!!! Do Something, please!

3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
Give Thanks. There is more to this prayer here

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Ball Coach Gets 79-year Sentence for Sex Abuse of Adopted Son

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Virginia – A former Chesterfield Baseball Club coach convicted of sexually abusing his adopted son was sentenced to 79 years in prison during a Tuesday morning court hearing. The judge denied bond for Robert Dodd, 50, pending Dodd’s appeal. In court, Dodd maintained his innocence. Outside of court, Dodd’s family said they were “very upset” by the sentencing and called it a “major injustice.”

Dodd had been tried multiple times on allegations of child abuse. He was acquitted three times and found guilty once. He was found guilty in November 2014 of sexually abusing his stepson in the 1990s. His stepson was seven years old at the time. The abuse continued, according to testimony, until the child was 14 years old. At that time, the teenager was able to physically stop his stepfather. The victim is now in his late-20s.

The jury originally recommended Dodd spend 99 years in prison after they convicted him on three counts of indecent liberties with a minor by custodian, three counts of aggravated sexual battery, and three counts of sodomy.

On Tuesday in court Judge Walter Stout denied all motions presented by defense attorney Craig Cooley, including one for mistrial. The defense argued that a juror had a friendship with a witness, who was cross-examined by the defense.

Before Judge Walter Stout made his decision, Dodd spoke on his own behalf. He thanked the judge for being fair, he said his family appreciated how Stout handled the case, and he professed his innocence.  He also asked the judge to keep in mind his daughters.

One of Dodd’s brothers called the sentence an injustice.

“The laws have no statute of limitations, how can you protect yourself against something that somebody said you did 30 years ago,” said the man who would only identify himself as one of Dodd’s brothers.

The way you protect yourself from something that happened 30 years ago is to not be a pedophile. Then 30 years from now there will not be anyone to accuse you of rape.

One of the young women who previously made accusations against Dodd was at the courtroom.

“The best feeling in my life,” Sarah Fowler said as she watched Dodd taken away.

She said it’s been a long road, but she’s pleased with Dodd’s sentence.

“It has taken 813 days in the court system to get to today, and for myself, almost that long to get the courage to come forward to police, imagine being in our shoes,” Fowler said.

Dodd’s attorney plans to appeal the judge’s decision on Wednesday, but Stout denied Dodd’s request for bond pending appeal.

Though convicted in November, Dodd had been out on bond, a decision made by Judge Stout that CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone called “unusual.”

Family members of the victim, and even a juror, previously told WTVR CBS 6 that they were outraged by that ruling.

“I feel he was a threat,” a juror, who was scared for her safety, said in a 2014 interview. “It was our duty to the community… to keep him off the street.”

“I`m very upset, a judge who I thought was very fair and I really liked, I can`t understand how he could let somebody out there that could possibly hurt our community,” the juror added.

CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone explained why that decision was unusual.

The charges, to begin with, are considered violent in nature,” Stone said. “So there’s a presumption against bond even at the outset of all this.”

“Once you’re found guilty though, a judge normally remands custody to the sheriff because the flight risk goes up dramatically,” he added.

In December a prosecutor reached out to family members of the victim, writing about “some events that had occurred” while Dodd was on bond, that were considered “inappropriate” and that were discussed at a hearing.

The email also stated that Judge Stout appeared upset at the hearing, but found Dodd had not ‘”technically” violated the conditions of his bond. At that point, Stout opted to put Dodd on house arrest instead of jail, a decision that upset the alleged victim`s family, who spoke to WTVR CBS 6 off camera.

The prosecutor`s motion would detail exactly what Dodd had done, but when WTVR CBS 6 attempted to obtain the document from the Chesterfield courthouse, it had been sealed by the judge.

“Normally the reason a judge would seal the court records and institute a gag order is so a jury pool does not get tainted by something that comes out in the media,” Stone said.

“The judge has discretion to seal it…we don`t know what the circumstances are at this point,” he added.

Both the judge and prosecutor declined to comment on the case.

Chesterfield, VA
Dodd still has two additional cases of a similar nature pending for trial, according to the Chesterfield County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

“There were always ... two distinct sets of charges (against Dodd),” Bielaski said. “There were ones from the 1990s, where you have (young boys that were) members of the baseball team he coached. The second set involves a couple of young ladies that went over (to Dodd’s house) from about 2010 to 2012 to party and were served alcohol and sexually assaulted at the time.”

The two remaining cases involving teen girls have yet to be tried. With Dodd’s conviction this week, Bielaski said authorities plan to assess whether to move forward with the final cases.

Devout Muslim Stabs his Wife to Death, Daughter in Hospital - Australia

The Daily Telegraph, March 31, 2015
Bexley, New South Wales, Australia

A MAN has appeared in court charged over the stabbing murder of his wife and injuring an 18-year-old girl, believed to be the couple’s daughter.

Haydar Haydar, aged 58, had earlier handed himself in to police after his 45-year-old wife was found stabbed to death inside a unit on Valda St, Bexley, about 6.45pm last night. An 18-year-old girl, believed to be the woman’s daughter, was taken to hospital having suffered serious injuries to her hands.

A family friend said the pair had recently reunited after a separation and had only been living in the Bexley villa for a short time. He described the father as “very strict” and said they had initially split because of arguments over how to raise their children. The man said he believed Haydar had just returned from a family funeral in Lebanon when the attack occurred.

Dressed in a blue jumpsuit, Haydar appeared emotionless and remained stony faced throughout the proceedings at Kogarah Local Court this morning. Charged with murder and wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, he made little eye contact with the court as he sat in the dock, briefly nodding as magistrate Christine Haskett dismissed him. Haydar did not apply for bail and it was formerly refused. He will next appear before Central Local Court on April 9.

Officers assess the scene at Bexley’s fatal stabbing. Picture: Kristi Miller
A group of men were at the court for the matter and appeared visibly upset. One of them attempted to communicate with Mr Haydar before he was taken back into custody. Inspector David Donohue from Kogarah Police said the incident had been disturbing for all involved. “It’s always concerning, especially in a domestic situation. We had the post mortem this morning, I haven’t seen the results of that post mortem but other than to say that it was quite a violent attack.”

“Certainly it’s up there, it’s a violent attack with multiple injuries and as you can imagine with a knife wound, it’s disturbing.”He added police believe the daughter was injured while trying to intervene in the attack and that she contacted police.australia.

Police near the crime scene in Bexley. Picture: John Grainger
He would not speculate on a possible motive for the attack or disclose if police had been called to the address before with similar issues.He urged anyone in a domestic violence situation to contact police.

“Domestics are very concerning for the NSW police force, it’s the matter that we deal with the most. It is very complex in a lot of cases and we understand that it is very difficult to report domestic violence to police because of a whole range of issues, whether it’s intimidation, fear or a cultural issue.”

“Certainly from the NSW police perspective we’re keen to encourage people to come forward and report domestic violence to us because we are here to help.”

Bexley, NSW
The Daily Telegraph calls this an honour killing. I think it may be a bit premature for that, but it certainly is not far from it. Why do people who want to remain devout Muslims move to western countries?

ISIS Cuts Off 4 Kids Hands; Executes Starving Child

Pamela Geller comment:
Isn’t it reassuring to know that colleges and universities here in the United States are helping organize, set up and fund ISIS (Islamic State) clubs for our children?

This is the sharia — and yet college campuses in America have all but banned voices against this slaughter, oppression, and subjugation. Instead, they welcome the slaughterers. So when you scratch your head wondering how an enemy like Obama got elected — it’s not that surprising.

“ISIS Cuts Off 4 Kids Hands, One for Stealing Toy; Executes Starving Child for Stealing Food,”  

By Samuel Smith, Christian Post, March 30, 2015

An activist (not pictured) holds a burning torch near children carrying banners inside a cage during a protest against forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in Douma, eastern Al-Ghouta, near Damascus, February 15, 2015. The protest, which made children wear orange suits depicting victims of the Islamic State, calls to compare forces loyal to Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad to Islamic State forces, and to draw attention to residents living under siege and dying from strikes by forces loyal to Syria’s president Bashar Al-Assad, activists said.

A mixed Sunni-Shia family that once lived in ISIS’ Iraqi stronghold of Mosul but has fled to live in the Kurdish north after the militant group took over the town last June, has provided deeper insight and revelations about the horrors that people living under the jihadis brand of sharia rule must deal with.

In an interview with the Iraqi news website Rudaw that was published on Tuesday, the Al-Saraj family, with the father being a Sunni and the mother being a Shia, explained that although they are now living in the Kurdish town of Dohuk, they still maintain contact with their friends and loved ones that are still inside Mosul and subjected to the barbarity of the group’s rule.

While it is no secret that the Islamic State regularly amputates the hands of grown adults who have been accused of stealing inside its strongholds, apparently no exception is given by the militants when a child is accused of stealing.

In the interview, the Saraj daughter, who is referred to as just “SA,” read a text message that she received from one of her friends that still lives in Mosul, which indicated that the group’s police force amputated the hands of four kids for stealing.

“Yesterday they cut off the hands of four kids, ages 12, 11, 13 and 16,” the friend texted to SA. “One of the kids stole a toy bird, another stole an electric cable.”

SA’s brother, who is referenced as “Ibrahim,” added to SA’s comments by showing the Rudaw reporter a video of a preteen being shot in the back of the head, execution style, by ISIS militants because he stole food when he was hungry.

The report explains that because of ISIS’ takeover in Mosul, there has been a food shortage in the town and it is somewhat understandable why the child stole the food. The video also shows the kid’s father pleading for his son’s life before he was ultimately executed.

“He stole something, he wanted to eat,” Ibrahim stated.

The mother, who was referred to as “RS,” is a women’s rights activist and described the strict punishments that the Islamic State has imposed on women that violate its strict laws.

“They cut off their hair, some are stoned, some are shot, and some are beheaded for adultery,” RS said. “If the woman has a boyfriend, the punishment is stoning. If she has more than one boyfriend, she’ll be shot.”

Additionally, the family added that under ISIS rule a Sunni man and a Shia woman are not allowed to marry and if the group found out that a Sunni man is married to a Shia woman, the group forces the man to divorce his wife.

The family also disclosed that many families in Mosul are afraid to send their daughters to school because of the tendency of the militants to go to the schools and take girls from class and force them to marry, adding that the fighters tend to pick non-muslim girls.

“For Yazidis, if a girl is under eight, nothing happens, but if she’s older than eight, they force her to have sex with the jihadists,” RS said.

The father, who was given the initials “MS,” explained how ISIS militants were preparing citizens in the towns to eventually be human shields for ISIS fighters during times of battle by closing down all the barbershops and forcing men to grown out long hair and beards. The thought behind that strategy is that when the Kurds, Iraqi forces or Christian militias attack ISIS militants in Mosul, they will have a hard time differentiating between civilians and actual ISIS fighters.

MS said that since ISIS has taken over and applied its strict brand of sharia law, there has been a growing resentment toward ISIS in Mosul, although many in town initially welcomed the militants. He added that he suspects the group only has about 2,000 fighters to police a town that once was home to over two million.

Of the 2,000 ISIS fighters, MS suspects that only half of them are actually from Iraq, while the other half are foreign fighters recruited from all over the world. Although MS thinks that ISIS does not have enough manpower to fully police the town, he said the people of Mosul have not risen up against the rule of ISIS because they are terrified by the group’s brutality.

He also added that it does not help that before ISIS took over the town, the Kurdish government forces “went house to house and took all the weapons” in order to prevent a rebel uprising. But in doing that, the Kurds left Mosul residents with nothing more than a knives to defend themselves, their families and their property.

“People are like sheep now,” Ibrahim added. “They don’t have weapons, only knives.”

As thousands of families have fled Iraq because of the rise of ISIS and the population in ISIS’ strongholds has decreased, the group has found ways to prevent people from completely fleeing the town. According to the report, people that now want to leave Mosul must give ISIS the deed to their home or some kind of collateral to ensure that they will return.

Although the family has fled Mosul and now lives in an apartment in Dohuk , they still can not enjoy complete freedom.

Since the family is a Muslim family living in a Kurdish area, the parents explained that many in the area believe they are ISIS supporters and they are not allowed to go out after dark and must report to the Kurdish government twice every month.

Northern Ireland Woman Charged with Historical Sexual Abuse of Young Girl

Karen Walker leaving Ards court where she was charged with the
historical sex abuse of a female child
A Bangor, Northern Ireland woman has been charged with the historical sexual abuse of a young girl.

Standing in the dock of Newtownards Magistrates’ Court,   Karen Walker confirmed her identity and that she understood the five charges against her.

The 30-year-old, from Bexley Road in the seaside town, faces two counts of indecently assaulting a female child and three further allegations of committing acts of gross indecency with or towards a female child on dates unknown between January 1999 and January 2000.

Bangor, NI marina
A prosecution lawyer submitted that Walker had a case to answer “on the basis of the papers before the court”.

Defence solicitor Darren Duncan told the court he had no contrary submissions and District Judge Mark Hamill elevated the case to Downpatrick Crown Court for trial.

Walker, who remained standing throughout her short, first court appearance was told that she had the right to comment on the charges, give evidence herself or call witnesses on her own behalf but she replied by telling the court clerk simply “no”.

Releasing Walker on her own bail of £500 and barring her from contacting her alleged victim, Judge Hamill ordered her to appear before the Crown Court on April 28 for arraignment.

Alabama Man is Charged with Sex Abuse of a Child

Is it just me or is Alabama disproportionately represented 
in this blog?

Robert Wesley Davis, 44, Rainbow City, Alabama, is being held in the Etowah County Detention Center. His bond is set at $75,000.

Rainbow City police officials said Davis is charged with first-degree sexual assault and sexual abuse of a child less than 12. He was booked into the jail at 6:40 p.m. Friday.

Police launched an investigation March 26 after receiving information from the Southside Police Department. Authorities didn't disclose the nature of that information. Authorities said the James M. Barrie Center for Children helped with the interviews, as did the Etowah County District Attorney's Office.

First-degree sexual abuse is a felony, and is defined by state law as: A person subjects another person to sexual contact by forcible compulsion or subjects another person to sexual contact who is incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated.

Sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old is defined as: A person being 16 years old or older, subjects another person who is less than 12 years old to sexual contact. It is a class B Felony.

It seems to me that Alabama is more in need of Erin's Law than any other state in America. Please pray that the bill before the Alabama legislature passes and Erin's Law is ratified.

Rainbow City, AL - pop about 9,000

Monday, 30 March 2015

Bishop Names Late MP Enoch Powell in Child Sex Abuse, Satanic Worship Scandal

Tory MP named in child sex abuse / satanic worship VIP ring
Enoch Powell. (Reuters) FILE PHOTO 23 June 1993
Allegations of satanic worship and child abuse involving the late firebrand Tory MP Enoch Powell have been handed to staff investigating the VIP pedophile sex ring alleged to have operated in Westminster in the 1980s.

Powell, who died in 1998, is one of a series of high-profile figures named in a Church of England (CofE) review into historic sex abuse, which was given to Scotland Yard by the Bishop of Durham Paul Butler.

The claims are reported to involve the abuse of children, as well as satanic rituals.

On Sunday evening the CofE confirmed the names of both Enoch Powell and Leo Abse – an eccentric Welsh MP who died in 2008 – had been given to detectives of Operation Fernbridge, the police investigation into the Westminster sex ring.

Butler, who is leading the Church’s review into sex abuse, said he was given the names by the former Bishop of Monmouth, Dominic Walker, who became aware of the allegations when he was working as a counselor in the 1980s.

Walker said Abse’s name was given to him by three survivors of abuse during counseling sessions. He further gave the investigation the names of two former Tory cabinet ministers, neither of whom had been previously linked to the investigation.

Butler questioned Walker after discovering descriptions of counseling sessions with adult survivors in a book published in 1991.

“A number of survivors independently gave the name of a particular MP being involved,” Walker said. “I don’t believe there was any collusion in their stories.”

“The name Enoch Powell was passed to Operation Fernbridge on the instruction of Bishop Paul Butler,” a Church of England spokesperson said.

The claims against the two former politicians come amid mounting allegations of an elite pedophile ring involving establishment figures, which was allegedly covered up by Special Branch police.

The historical sex abuse inquiry, set up by Home Secretary Theresa May in summer 2014, has been plagued with problems and was dissolved after two of the appointed chairs were forced to stand down.

2011 census had Bolsover, with 17 Satanists - the highest concentration in Britain
Church of Satan says Bolsover is not Britain’s Satanic capital.
May announced on March 12 the statutory inquiry would begin once more to determine whether state and non-state institutions have taken seriously their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse in England and Wales.

In February, the home secretary appointed Justice Lowell Goddard as the new chair.

The Metropolitan Police will be given access to files held on the MPs in the House of Commons archives in order to help their investigation into abusers.

Powell is famous for his career-ending ‘rivers of blood’ speech, warning about the dangers of mass immigration. The rant saw him sacked from the shadow cabinet.

CSA Survivor Brings Erin's Law Crusade to Alabama

Just a couple days ago I suggested that the Province of Nova Scotia look at implementing Erin's Law, or something similar. Here is Erin's story and the latest on Erin's Law in the US.

Erin Merryn - my hero of the decade

Illinois-native Erin Merryn has made a name for herself by speaking out about the sexual abuse she suffered at an early age.

"I am putting (child sexual abuse) in America's face across this country to realize what an epidemic it is, and we can't allow these predators to have the power and control over our children as they have in the past," she told AL.com. "It is time to silence them and give kids a voice."

For five years, Merryn, 30, has lobbied in states across the country for Erin's Law, which would makes it a requirement to teach students in pre-kindergarten-12th grade personal body safety - knowing the difference between safe touches and unsafe touches and safe secrets and unsafe secrets.

Erin's Law has passed in 21 states and is pending in 22 others.

Merryn is now taking her fight to the state of Alabama.

"Alabama needs this law because just like everywhere else in America children are being sexually abused," she said, adding 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by the age of 18. "I tell teachers these kids are sitting in our classrooms looking at you and you don't even know it."

Rep. Terri Collins, R-Decatur, has sponsored Erin's Law in Alabama. The bill has yet to be discussed in the Legislature, and it's unclear what support it will have from lawmakers and the Alabama Department of Education.

Collins has yet to hear from the Department of Education on the potential cost, and if the law is needed to implement awareness programs across the state.

Collins said she is sponsoring the bill because she believes in personal body safety education and has worked in abuse prevention programs since the 1980s.

State Rep. Terri Collins,
"When my babies were little ... God laid it on my heart that I needed to do something, and I didn't know what," she said. "And, that very night as I was picking my kids up from the nursery and the nursery worker was involved in Charity League and she asked me to join them."

When Collins heard that one of their projects was teaching children about unsafe touch and how to report their abuse, she agreed to get involved.

The non-profit organization, Parents and Children Together, already provides sexual abuse prevention education to first, third, seventh and 10th grade students in Morgan County. Using puppets, PACT teaches young children to "trust your gut" and tell someone they trust if something is happening to them that makes them feel bad.

While she hasn't seen Erin's Law, Susan Roberts, executive director of PACT, said it would be "phenomenal" if students across the state could receive the education.

After nearly every training session, at least one student will come forward to report their abuse or the abuse or someone they know, she said.

Last year alone, Morgan County received 432 reports of child abuse involving 627 students, Roberts said. She doesn't know how many were substantiated.

Merryn said sexual abuse education can be implemented in schools for little or no cost.

Roberts disagrees saying obtaining the curriculum and having someone to teach it to thousands of students each year isn't cheap.

PACT provided the education to 6,400 Morgan County students last year for free. It cost the organization $60,000.

Merryn said the curriculum is available for $75-125, and the programs can be taught by existing school counselors, psychologists or health teachers.

But no matter the cost, she said the training is essential.

Erin's story

Merryn said she was taught throughout childhood on tornado and fire drills and to stay away from strangers, but she was never told what to do if her best friend's uncle or a relative raped her.

From the ages of 6 to 8, Merryn was molested and raped by her best friend's uncle when she stayed at her house overnight.

Later, her family moved and she escaped that abuse, only to then be molested by an older teenage cousin from the ages of 11-13.

"He threatened me every time that this was our secret, no one would believe me, and I would destroy our family if I told," Merryn said.

"The only message I was getting as a child was from the men hurting me and that came from threats to silence me," she continued. "Had I been taught to speak up and not keep this a secret, on what a safe touch and unsafe touch is, a safe secret and an unsafe secret is, I feel I would have spoken up from the start instead of being abused for years as a child. What made the abuse finally end -- nope it wasn't being educated on how to speak up and tell -- it was my little sister coming to me with the same secret our cousin was molesting her too."

Merryn has written three books on her experiences, the latest being "An Unimaginable Act." She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CNN and many others.

People Magazine named her one of 15 women changing the world alongside Oprah, Hilary Clinton, and Malala last year. Glamour Magazine named her Woman of the Year in 2012.

And, the most prestigious of all - I have named her 'hero of the decade'! OK, maybe not quite the most prestigious of all. Nevertheless, this beautiful, young woman, driven by her suffering and by the horror of her little sister enduring the same evil, is well worthy of the title.

God bless her for overcoming the damage done to her and for taking this law across the US. I dearly hope and pray it (she) will come to Canada soon.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Judges, MPs, Media, Police, Clergy Implicated in Met Police Cover-up Probe

The lid is sooo blown off this culture of pervert protection by police and prosecutors - thank God!

The Metropolitan Police is being investigated over further allegations of corruption in relation to child sex offences dating back to the 1970s, including the claim that evidence gathered against MPs, judges, media entertainers, police, clergy and actors was dropped due to police intervention.

The fresh allegations are in addition to the 14 cases being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), revealed earlier this month, dating from the 1970s to the 2000s.

The three new investigations relate to allegations about police suppressing evidence, hindering or halting investigations, and covering up offences due to the involvement of members of parliament and police officers.

One case addressed the allegation that a child abuse investigation in central London, which gathered evidence against MPs, judges, media entertainers, police, actors, clergy, and others, was dropped. It has been claimed that two months after the file had been submitted to start proceedings against those identified, an officer was called in by a senior Met officer and told to drop the case.

The two further allegations relate to a child abuse investigation conducted in the 1980s, with one relating directly to police actions in the case.

The IPCC said it was also assessing a further six referrals it had received from the Met relating to similar matters.

The Met is already being probed over 14 referrals made to the IPCC detailing alleged corruption in the force relating to child sexual offences, one of which explicitly refers to Dolphin Square, the estate in Pimlico close to the Houses of Parliament where child sex abuse parties attended by MPs are alleged to have taken place.

It's going to stink to high heavens around Scotland Yard for awhile; but it already stunk, we just weren't sure where it was coming from.

Another Internet Sex Scandal at Dalhousie U.

Nova Scotia's Dalhousie University leads the country
in vulgar stupidity

Halifax Chronicle Herald

Dalhousie University says it took "immediate and appropriate action" in light of a social media sex scandal that happened in the fall at the university that is independent of the dentistry school's Facebook scandal.

The Chronicle Herald first reported the story on Friday evening.

The scandal revolved around an Instagram account called The Dal Jungle where the photos posted included a female student giving oral sex to a male student while another male student took a smiling selfie with the couple visible in the frame, the Chronicle Herald reported.

The photos on the account were mostly pictures of guys doing “naked, drunk, stupid shit,” said Hanna, a female student who saw pictures from the account. Her name was changed in the Herald story to protect her privacy.

Hanna told the Chronicle Herald another photo was of a couple having sex, but she was unsure whether the photo had been taken or posted with consent.

"This behaviour is offensive and not acceptable at Dalhousie," said the university in a statement released Saturday.

Girl 'very upset' photo posted

Hanna first saw the oral sex photo in October and says that the girl in the photo didn’t know the photo was posted. She said the friend was “very upset,” but was not interested in pursuing the issue further.

On Halloween night, Hanna told a female residence assistant about the Instagram account.

In the statement, the university says that concerns about possible 'inappropriate content' on an Instagram account were brought to the university's attention on Nov. 1 and within two weeks, it had completed a full investigation.

The university says it referred the matter to Halifax Regional Police on Nov. 13.

Hanna said that four students were kicked out of residence in mid-November, while a fifth was kicked out about one week later. The male student who received oral sex in the photo was moved from Howe Hall to another residence.

So much for, "This behaviour is offensive and not acceptable at Dalhousie,". Apparently, it is acceptable, just not advisable.

A second student told the Chronicle Herald that the users of the Instagram page are no longer living in Howe Hall.

Hanna said that no students were expelled, although about 15 students were banned from drinking alcohol as a result of the investigation.

Yeah, that should work! Pfft!

The university says a number of students were evicted from residence as a result of the Instagram incident, but did not say how many.

Cst. Pierre Bourdages says if the photos were posted without consent, it could be a crime.

He said with the information received, there wasn’t any grounds for a police investigation. As well, the female in the photo giving oral sex did not want police to be involved.

“Photos of people under the age of 18 engaged in a sex act are considered child pornography,” the Chronicle Herald wrote.

Funny, it took two years for the police to figure that out in the Rehtaeh Parsons case.

“Sexually explicit photos distributed without consent could violate Bill C-13, a new federal law that came into place on March 9. The Protecting Canadians From Online Crime Act prohibits the distribution of what it calls “intimate images.”

Cases of child pornography can be investigated and result in charges without the co-operation of the victim. But for cases in which the victim is 18 or older, the victim’s co-operation is required for an investigation to proceed.”

However, Hanna insists her friend was 17 at the time the photo was taken, but Bourdages said the information police received did not warrant a child pornography investigation.

Hmmm. Where have I heard that before? Does the name Rehtaeh Parsons ring a bell?

Ostracized at Howe Hall

Hanna says she has been ostracized as a result of reporting the Instagram account.

“[I]t tore my life to shreds and completely ruined me and made my life a living hell in residence, because I couldn’t do anything or go anywhere without having people look at me and just give me that look of pure hatred,” she told the Chronicle Herald.

The university says what happened on Instagram is not exclusive to Dalhousie.

"It is part of complex societal issues in which we have fully engaged. We take our responsibility seriously to take action in addressing the harms that have been caused," said the statement.

As long as you don't have to expel anybody! This is just a fragment of the 'Culture of Rape' that permeates our universities. I'm not sure what 'fully engaged' implies but I'm pretty sure it is reactive not proactive. Being 'part of complex societal issues' is a good way to deflect responsibility from the university for the behaviour of it's students. 

As a fairly prestigious university, Dalhousie is producing some of the next generation of leaders in Canadian society. From what I've seen in the past year, it looks like a pretty sick bunch. God help us.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Monster Kidnaps 3 Girls & Rapes Them for Months

Oklahoma man Gregory Zavala kidnapped three teenage girls and held them captive inside his parents rural home for many months over the course of the last two years, police allege. Zavala, 23, allegedly got two of the kidnapped teenage girls pregnant.

Tuttle, Oklahoma police have charged Gregory Zavala with two counts of child abuse, three counts of kidnapping, one count of rape in the first degree, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and possession of child pornography.

Gregory Zavala allegedly threatened to kill all three of the Oklahoma teenage girls and their families, according to Tuttle police documents. Law enforcement affidavits also maintain that Zavala “enticed” all three of the teen girls to his parents’ remote home at different times from 2011 and 2013.

Two of the kidnapped Oklahoma teenage girls were 16 and 17 at the time of their respective abductions. The age of the third alleged Gregory Zavala kidnap victim has not yet been released, but Tuttle police has stated that the young woman was also a minor when taken captive.

The 16-year-old kidnapping victim told police that she was locked in Zavala’s bedroom from March 2011 to May 2011. The young woman said she feared for her life and was raped by the Oklahoma man “on an almost daily basis.” The teen girl added that she felt “isolated” and described her kidnapper’s home as being “in the middle of nowhere.” After becoming pregnant, she was able to escape from her captor.

The 17-year-old kidnap and rape victim was held by Zavala from January 2012 to August 2012, according to court documents. The young Oklahoma woman told investigators that she was hit with a metal bar, sliced with a box cuter, punched, and strangled by Gregory Zavala during her captivity. The teenage girl said she was also routinely sexually assaulted and became pregnant before escaping from the home.

The third kidnap victim allegedly began dating the Tuttle man in October 2012. The girl was homeless and reportedly had no family. Zavala allegedly offered her a placed to live and she moved into the home he shard with his parents. Her alleged captor then reportedly had her car towed away to leave her without transportation.

The Oklahoma kidnapping victim also maintains that she was physically and sexually assaulted while held inside the home. She told police that Gregory Zavala became particularly violent at one point and bashed her in the head multiple times in December 2012. The hammer attack reportedly caused “permanent skull deformity.” When the kidnap victim tried to run away, Zavala allegedly struck her in the abdomen with a metal bar and hit her in the head with the hammer again.

Gregory Zavala allegedly told the homeless girl that no one would miss her if he killed her because no one was looking for her. The Oklahoma kidnapping victim also told Tuttle police that she was raped on a nearly daily basis. During some of the sexual assaults, Zavala allegedly used a belt to strangle her into submission until she lost consciousness.

The accused Oklahoma kidnapper and rapist will appear in court for a preliminary hearing on June 9. Gregory Zavala’s parents are also currently under investigation by the Tuttle police. Zavala is being held at the Grady County jail on a $2 million bond.

What rock do guys like this slither out from under? How can a person get to a place where he thinks he has a right to rape, assault, and kidnap girls, just because he can? Please pray for those girls, they are going to need a lot of help.

Tuttle City Hall

Friday, 27 March 2015

3 Adult Muslim Men Charged with Raping 14 Year Old Girl in Canada

Pamela Geller:
I have predicted that these Muslim “grooming gangs” would not be limited to Britain, and now here is one in Canada. 

Not a day goes by in the UK, where islamization is much further along, that these monstrous news stories emerge of sexploitation of non-Muslims by Islamic supremacists. The Brits have 20 years on us, but Obama is working hard to catch up. Expect a lot more of these cases to start popping up in North America — for example, the conviction in Tenneseee a few years ago of three Muslim men:

A Tennessee federal jury split its verdict Friday against nine people accused of operating a sex trafficking ring across three states run mostly by Somali refugee gang members, convicting three men and acquitting six. (FOX)

They won’t be acquitting them for long. Juries in the US have no idea what they are dealing with. The sharia is an ideology that asserts that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims. They think that non-Muslim teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought. That is the sharia.

file picture

“Three men charged with sexual assault of 
14-year-old Calgary girl,” 

by Melissa Ramsay, Global News, March 23, 2015

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada Police have charged three men with the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl last year.

Investigators say the assaults occurred while the victim was spending time with the suspects at a southwest home on May 14th, 2014.

It’s alleged the 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by each of the men at separate times.

The allegations were brought forward to police in August of 2014, at which point officers launched an investigation to determine who the offenders were.

Police have charged 22-year-old Abas Ahmed Ibrahim (also known as Maxboy or Moe), 21-year-old Omar Kromah (also known as Nef) and 24-year-old Zakariya Mohamed Abdow (also known as Slickthug or Slimthug) with sexual assault, sexual interference with a child under 16 and invitation to sexual touching.

I'm pretty sure this does not qualify for child sex trafficking, however, it is certainly grooming, and is typical of the attitude many Muslims have toward non-Muslims, and especially girls. Basically, they have ZERO regard for them. Mohammed has given men permission to rape women or girls who are in their power; the age matters not one bit, as long as the child is able to withstand the weight of the man without being crushed or smothered. 

Barely an hour ago I wrote that Canada and the US are not investigating child sex trafficking, neither do they appear to be investigating Muslim sexual abuse of girls, except as part of a specific case. North America needs to take a serious look to see if our girls are suffering some similar horrors as young British girls are at the hands of Pakistanis and Somalians and others.

Nova Scotia Should ‘Wake Up’ to Issue of Child Sexual Abuse

Bob Martin, right, and Dale Sutherland were victimized by Port Hawkesbury businessman Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh. The pair are pictured at Province House on Friday, the day an amendment to the Limitation of Actions Act was introduced and later passed. (CHRISTIAN LAFORCE / Staff)

Nova Scotia is where I was born and grew up before I turned my ship against the prevailing winds and sailed west. Much of my family and a healthy chunk of my heart still resides there. Nevertheless, I have probably criticized Nova Scotia's justice system more than any other single province, state or country, with the exception of India.

So, while this is a 'good news' story, the Nova Scotia justice system managed to come out of it smelling considerably less than pleasant.

On the eve of finally receiving the justice they’ve sought for almost 20 years, Bob Martin and Dale Sutherland did not celebrate. Instead, the two men, who were abused as boys by Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh, spent the night meeting another victim.

There have been a lot of meetings to reach this point.

On Friday Justice Minister Lena Diab introduced an amendment to the Limitation of Actions Act, which gives existing victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence the right to sue their abuser in civil court. When the bill was introduced last fall, it was not retroactive, a shortcoming deemed yet another slap in the face by victims.

“How dare someone tell me that I can’t sue the person that raped me,” said Sutherland. “Child sexual abuse in Nova Scotia is rampant and Nova Scotia should wake up.”

With the unanimous consent of the House, the amendment was passed into law on Friday in a single sitting.

Unanimous consent - makes one wonder why it wasn't included in the original bill in the first place.

Martin and Sutherland said the change feels good, but it still hurts that it’s taken so long. Martin said he believes it was only after intense public pressure by abuse victims, including a full-page ad in this newspaper, and the efforts of Tory MLA Allan MacMaster that the government decided to act.

“If we didn’t have the guts and balls to be out in the media and talk about this all the time . . . where would we be today,” said Martin. It’s only been recently that government members have even been willing to talk to them, he said.

“They’re playing politics because we made them look bad.”

The men said more of MacIntosh’s victims are already coming forward and they fully expect to sue the former Port Hawkesbury businessman. In 2010, MacIntosh was convicted on multiple counts of abuse dating back to the 1970s, but the conviction was overturned because of how long it took to go to court.

In December he was charged in Nepal for abusing a boy there and this month was sentenced to seven years in jail in that country. The swift justice in that country is something officials in Canada should take note of, said MacMaster.

How pathetic is that - Nova Scotia's justice system appears to lag well behind that of Nepal?

MacMaster introduced an amendment last fall to make the legislation retroactive but it was defeated by the government and Diab told him his proposal was not possible. On Friday the minister said that was a mistake and “a failing of our department” and she apologized to Martin and Sutherland.

Nova Scotia is still reactive rather than proactive in respect to child sex abuse. And their reaction seems to invariably be underwhelming. They are still reacting only when they are forced to - no change from the Rehtaeh Parsons pathetic excuse for justice.

As Mr Sutherland said, Nova Scotia needs to wake up. They need to get ahead of the ball instead of constantly chasing it. There are so many things that can be done to improve the protection of potential victims, to improve the treatment of current and historical victims, and to insure they get the help they need to recover.
Erin Merryn - author and driver
of Erin's Law

Just Google 'child sex abuse' and see what many of the Councils in Britain are doing. Or, read my blog - there are myriad programs and legislation in Britain, India, and the US to educate children on how to recognize when they are being abused and how to articulate that to a parent or teacher. One of the best is Erin's Law which has been adopted in about 2 dozen states and set to be legislated in many more.

You have a chance to advance an agenda that would put Nova Scotia at the vanguard of child protection in Canada. 

You could even hire a sociology professor  to investigate the level of and types of child sex abuse going on in NS. To my knowledge, no province in Canada has done any formal studies recently into CSA and into the levels of child sex trafficking of both local and foreign youths. 

The pervasiveness of child sex trafficking in Britain, in my mind, makes it irresponsible for governments in Canada and the US not to find out how much is occurring at home. 

“We’re sorry as a province. I do hope that this can be a beginning for you today.”

Diab said she’s identified the source of the mistake but would not elaborate on what went wrong or what, if anything, happened to the person who made the mistake.

It was at that point Sutherland started speaking directly to Diab. He criticized the way the government has handled the matter through the years and said he was offended when Premier Stephen McNeil didn’t stop to speak to him and Martin on Thursday when they were at Province House.

“I’m not convinced that you guys know what you’re doing.”

MacMaster said he has mixed feelings about the amendment. While he’s happy the victims are finally getting the justice they deserve, MacMaster said he’s disappointed it took so long and that his pleas for change in the fall weren’t given more consideration.

“I find it hard to believe that human beings just can’t listen sometimes,” he said. “Maybe it’s a problem with the legislature when people can’t listen to what is being said because it’s very obvious to me what these people went through deserves to be listened to.”

Jackie Stevens, executive director of the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre, said Friday’s change is a major step for abuse victims seeking justice and recognition.

“It’s not about the money,” she said. “People aren’t trying to get rich off sexual abuse. They want acknowledgement, they want accountability, they want someone to be held responsible for what has happened to them and this is another option for that.”

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Teacher Sexually Assaults Elementary Students in Classroom

Emma Fretton 

Do not read this story! It is too much like yours!

Some of Emma's story is available here and here. The rest of it will have to wait until we finish her biography.

By Dean Narciso
The Columbus Dispatch 

Three more victims have come forward, alleging that a former Olentangy schools teacher sexually abused them in their second and third-grade classrooms. 

Matthew D. Rausenberg’s sexual assaults could have occurred as recently as this month in his Arrowhead Elementary School’s classroom, two of the victims told authorities.

Rausenberg resigned from his job earlier this week. He is in the Delaware County Jail on $1 million bond.

Matthew Rausenberg
In a 32-count grand jury indictment released today, Rausenberg, 39, is charged with two first-degree counts of kidnapping, two second-degree counts of pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor and 28 counts of gross sexual imposition, each third-degree felonies. 

Rausenberg, of 144 E. Maynard Ave. in Columbus, had earlier this month been charged with one count each of rape and gross sexual imposition, after a 16-year-old came forward to accuse Rausenberg of sexual misconduct in 2006 when she was in elementary school. Authorities said Rausenberg recorded video of the assaults in his classroom with his cell phone.

The original rape charge, alleging that Rausenberg used his finger to rape the then 10-year-old, has since been changed to gross sexual imposition.

“We don’t have evidence of that now,” said Kyle Rohrer, Delaware County assistant prosecutor. “Because of the nature of the conduct it’s very personal and private. Oftentimes, the initial disclosure is more general.”

The report of additional victims is especially troubling to the district, after the superintendent had said that he believed the two initial cases were isolated.

The victims allege the misconduct occurred between 2006 and March 16. That’s the day Rausenberg was taken from his classroom and interviewed by Delaware County Sheriff’s investigators.

In 2012, a parent had complained to the district that Rausenberg had allowed her daughter and other children to sit on his lap and rub his shoulders. 

Rausenberg was given a written reprimand for that. District officials had said there were no further problems. 

This morning, Superintendent Wade Lucas said in a written statement: “All of us in the Olentangy schools community continue to be sickened to learn of the new details and horrifying charges against this former teacher. It’s more clear than ever before, he betrayed us all — the parents, the students, and his colleagues.”

Three search warrants have been filed this month, two at Rausenberg’s North Side home. In one of those, marijuana plants and drug paraphernalia were confiscated from his basement. 

Officials say that Rausenberg, who was beloved at the school, might have used that affection to exploit the children.

“It’s very depressing,” said Carol O’Brien, Delaware County Prosecutor. “It makes me angry. It’s just scary.”

“This man groomed not only these children, but he groomed the parents, the families and the teachers. Everyone loved Mr. R. He was the rock star of the school.” 

That is so often how pedophiles work. Sickening, isn't it?

Rausenberg is scheduled to be arraigned Monday at 9:30 a.m. in Delaware County Common Pleas Court.

America's Worst Child Sex Abuse Ring Suspects Expected in Court

Update on the sickest family in America, if not the universe

MOBILE, Alabama (WALA)

Six suspects charged in a child sex abuse investigation spanning two counties are expected in court Thursday, March 26.

It's a story FOX10 News has been following for three years, since mother Brittney Wood, 19, went missing in May 2012. Wood has yet to be found.

Brittney Wood, possibly one of  the few 'normal'
persons in that degenerate family. Perhaps that
has something to do with her disappearance.
The suspects who have cases pending in Mobile County include William Brownlee, Wendy Wood Holland, Nelton Morgan, Mendy Kent, James Cumbaa and Chessie Wood.

William Brownlee: In Mobile County, Brownlee faces rape, sodomy and sex abuse charges. A Baldwin County jury found Brownlee guilty of sodomy and sex abuse. He was sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Wendy Wood Holland: She pleaded guilty to second degree sodomy charges in Mobile County. A Baldwin County jury found Holland guilty of sodomy, sexual abuse, sexual torture and endangering the welfare of a child. She was sentenced to 219 years in prison.

Nelton Morgan: Morgan is facing sex abuse and rape charges in Mobile County.

Mendy Wood Kent: In Mobile County, Kent is facing sex abuse and sodomy charges.

James Cumbaa: He is facing sex abuse, sodomy and rape charges.

Chessie Wood: Wood is facing sex abuse and sodomy charges in Mobile County.

Sickest bunch of perverts in America

Dustin Kent accepted plea deals in Mobile and Baldwin counties. He is still waiting to learn his sentence.

Randall Scott Wood also accepted plea deals in both counties. A Baldwin County judge sentenced him to a 15-year split sentence, which means he will only have to serve three years in prison.

Two others, Derek Wood and Donald Holland, Junior, were granted youthful offender status, which means their cases are sealed.

Whatever they are sentenced to, it won't be enough! They will get their real sentence when they stand before God.

I'm almost at the point where I think all living relatives should be sterilized to purge the world of this family's faulty genes.

Grooming Bans Could Stop Child Sex Abuse Say British Councils

New weapon proposed for tackling child sex grooming
Local authorities should be able to apply for banning orders on men
suspected of grooming children for sex, say councillors
By Judith Burns, BBC

Councils in England and Wales want new powers to combat predatory men suspected of grooming children for sex.

They want the government to introduce so-called child sexual exploitation disruption orders which councils could apply for through magistrates.

Sanctions to prevent the grooming of vulnerable children are too limited, says the Local Government Association.

It says orders could be used against anyone suspected of grooming, banning them from certain places or activities.

David Simmonds, chairman of the LGA's Children and Young People Board, told the BBC that, for example, suspected offenders might be banned from hanging around outside named schools, shops or restaurants at particular times or being in the company of young people.

Councils would have to apply to local magistrates to obtain the orders, says the LGA, which represents more than 370 councils in England and Wales.

Evidence from abuse inquiries from Oxford to Rotherham heard that time and again, police and social workers had no means of intervening to prevent the grooming and sexual exploitation of children, until they had evidence that a child had already been harmed, it adds.

Police in Oxford said they were often powerless to intervene in cases of grooming
The LGA wants the next government to introduce a bill to bring in the disruption orders in its first term.

"Few parents would be comfortable if their children were spending their time in the company of older men and coming home with expensive gifts and smelling of alcohol - but the reality is that there have been concerned mums and dads who have had to stand by, powerless, as their children have been groomed by vile sexual predators," said Cllr Simmonds.

"We need to make it easier to intervene earlier before harm is done.

"By making it possible for councils to apply swiftly to the courts for an order to disrupt grooming we can help prevent the lives of children being ruined by sexual exploitation."

'Devastating impact'
The LGA says the orders would be designed to target people suspected of grooming children, to put a safe space between them and their victims.

Victims would not be required to testify when an application for an order was heard, it adds.

The charity Barnardo's said government should do "whatever it takes" to give police and authorities the tools they needed to tackle child sexual exploitation.

"We see first-hand the devastating impact it has on young lives, families and communities," said chief executive Javed Khan.

"These recommendations from the LGA build on the findings of the parliamentary inquiry Barnardo's carried out last year. It is vital that we intervene at the earliest possible stage to prevent perpetrators from gaining influence over vulnerable young people.

"Protecting children from this manipulative abuse must always be our overriding priority."

The government said it was determined to eradicate child sexual abuse and had already taken steps to strengthen the powers of police and local services to deal with sex offenders.

Yes, and how is that working for you? This is a very good idea and I hope and pray that it gets some traction.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

NATO Peacekeeping Force Drives Abduction and Forced Prostitution of Girls

Update at the bottom of this post.

London Guardian | May 7, 2004

Western troops, policemen, and civilians are largely to blame for the rapid growth of the sex slavery industry in Kosovo over the past five years, a mushrooming trade in which hundreds of women, many of them under-age girls, are tortured, raped, abused and then criminalised, Amnesty International said yesterday.

Kosovo peace-keeper
In a report on the rapid growth of sex-trafficking and forced prostitution rackets since Nato troops and UN administrators took over the Balkan province in 1999, Amnesty said Nato soldiers, UN police, and western aid workers operated with near impunity in exploiting the victims of the sex traffickers.

As a result of the influx of thousands of Nato-led peacekeepers, "Kosovo soon became a major destination country for women trafficked into forced prostitution. A small-scale local market for prostitution was transformed into a large-scale industry based on trafficking, predominantly run by criminal networks."

The international presence in Kosovo continues to generate 80% of the income for the pimps, brothel-owners, and mafiosi who abduct local girls or traffic women mainly from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, and Russia to Kosovo via Serbia, the report said, although the international "client base" for the sex trade has fallen to 20% last year from 80% four years ago.

Up to 2,000 women are estimated to have been coerced into sex slavery in Kosovo, which had seen "an unprecedented escalation in trafficking" in recent years. The number of premises in Kosovo listed by a special UN police unit as being involved in the rackets has swollen from 18 in 1999 to 200 this year.

A few weeks ago the UN's department of peacekeeping in New York acknowledged that "peacekeepers have come to be seen as part of the problem in trafficking rather than the solution".

The sex slavery in Kosovo parallels similar phenomena next door in Bosnia, where the arrival of thousands of Nato peacekeepers in 1995 fuelled a thriving forced prostitution industry.

International personnel in Kosovo enjoy immunity from prosecution unless this is waived by the UN in New York for UN employees or by national military chiefs for Nato-led troops.

One police officer last year and another the year before had their immunity waived, enabling criminal prosecutions.

"Amnesty International has been unable to find any evidence of any criminal proceedings related to trafficking against any military personnel in their home countries," the 80-page report said.

The report said that US, French, German and Italian soldiers were known to have been involved in the rackets.

Criticism of the international troops in Kosovo follows a recent broader indictment of the Kosovo mission by the International Crisis Group thinktank, which called for the mission to be overhauled.

Women were bought and sold for up to £2,000 and then kept in appalling conditions as slaves by their "owners", Amnesty said. They were routinely raped "as a means of control and coercion", beaten, held at gunpoint, robbed, and kept in darkened rooms unable to go out.

Apart from women trafficked into Kosovo, there is a worsening problem with girls abducted locally. A Kosovo support group working with victims reported that a third of these locals were under 14, and 80% were under 18.

An article published yesterday (Mar. 24, 2015) on the NATO website states that 4500 troops from 31 countries are still in Kosovo. According to themToday, KFOR continues to contribute towards maintaining a safe and secure environment in Kosovo and freedom of movement for all. 

That is, freedom of movement for all except the hundreds of girls kidnapped off the streets or trafficked from nearby countries, who are locked in dark rooms, perhaps chained, probably forcefully hooked on heroin, and beaten and raped if they don't willingly prostitute themselves. 

What a disgrace! The UN needs to create a force to go into countries where peace-keepers are abusing girls and clean up their act. But I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen. Child sex trafficking is 'just the cost of doing business'!

The UN admission in March that its peacekeepers were part of the problem was welcome, said Amnesty.

Woman Holds Daughter's Pedophile Rapist Until Police Arrive

This is the second story in as many days where a woman stood up to a pervert and got him arrested. It does my heart good. Mom, your my hero today.

ELMA, Washington State — A 23-year-old man is behind bars after a 12-year-old girl’s mother allegedly spotted the man and the girl in the backseat of a car near her home engaged in a sexual act, with the mother using “physical force” to stop the man from leaving once she confronted him, deputies said.

Elma, WA
Early Monday morning, the mother heard the girl leave their home in the 1500 block of Bailey Road in Elma without her parent’s permission, Grays Harbor County sheriff’s deputy Steve Shumate said. The mother reported the girl missing to the Elma Police Department, and later noticed a suspicious 2012 Honda Civic parked just off the road.

From her home, the mother spotted two people in the back seat of the Honda and she walked outside to find it was her daughter and the man, Shumate said. The mother had her daughter “removed” from the car, and a “discussion” occurred between the man and the mother “regarding the age of the child,” Shumate said.

Deputies said the man tried to drive off, but the mother used physical force to restrain him and grabbed his keys. Police arrived and arrested the man a short time later. He was taken to Grays Harbor County Jail and booked for suspicion of second-degree child rape.

The girl was taken to an area hospital for treatment and examination, deputies said.

Elma, WA
The suspect, a member of the military stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, is originally from Texas, deputies said. He allegedly met the girl on the instant messaging application known as KIK, a chatting app popular with teens and young adults. The app has previously come under fire for allowing child predators easy access to children. Detectives are working with military investigators to see if there are potentially more victims. This is an ongoing investigation.

Sensational Rolling Stone Campus Rape Story Completely Unravels

I'm just grateful that the University of Virginia is not in Spotsylvania. I couldn't stand 3 consecutive stories from Spotsylvania.

Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo told reporters Monday that a
five-month police investigation into an alleged gang rape at the University
of Virginia that Rolling Stone magazine described in graphic detail
 produced no evidence of the attack and was stymied by the accuser's
unwillingness to cooperate. (The Associated Press)
Neil MacDonald (CBC)
For a group of young fellows who may never be able to scrub off the stench of rape allegations, the Phi Kappa Psi frat-boys at the University of Virginia are behaving like gentlemen.

"These false accusations have been extremely damaging to our entire organization," said the group's president in a statement after the local police chief sort of exonerated them of gang rape this week.

"But," he added, with a touch of noblesse oblige, "we can only begin to imagine the setback this must have dealt to the survivors of sexual assault."

I say "sort of exonerated" because, after a gullible, scoop-hunting journalist recounted a female student's tale of being gang-raped in 2012 on the floor of the UVA frat house, as shards of broken table glass tore into her back, and now after having endured nearly a year of investigations that not only turned up no evidence supporting the story, but actually seems to conclusively prove it false, neither the university nor the police could bring themselves to conclusively and explicitly declare anyone innocent.

Instead, after citing evidence that discredited just about every detail of the explosive story in last November's Rolling Stone magazine, Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo nonetheless referred to the accuser as a "survivor."

He then expressed hope that eventually, the woman known only as "Jackie" finds "a place where she feels comfortable" so that she might reveal what, if anything, actually did happen on the night of Sept. 28, 2012.

One would think something must have happened to Jackie to cause her to give Rolling Stone her story, albeit a false story. Or perhaps the girl is mentally ill. In any case, she needs some serious help and I hope the university will ensure that she gets it.

Until then, evidence that her story was false, said Longo, "doesn't mean something terrible did not happen to Jackie … we are just not able to gather sufficient facts to conclude what that something may have been."

Investigation still 'open'

As of now, the investigation is suspended, but still open.

To close it, said Longo, would be "a disservice to Jackie," which, incidentally, is not the accuser's real name. Most news outlets are respecting her wish to accuse from under a cloak of anonymity.

Not one of the reporters at the news conference had the wit to ask how much of a disservice the chief thinks his open-ended inconclusiveness might be to the frat members, whose identities are not, unfortunately for them, shielded from the public. It's easy enough to research their names.

Given the permanent memory of the internet, any prospective employer down the road who makes any effort to research the past of some Phi Kappa Psi alum will immediately see references to rape, national scandal and continuing investigation.

Right after the Rolling Stone article appeared in November, UVA rector
George Martin and University president Teresa Sullivan met students
and promised to do a better job dealing with rape complaints on campus
Here, briefly, are the findings of police so far.

Jackie originally told a story of sexual assault and battery to a university dean in 2013, but did not wish to pursue it. Nearly a year later, after telling the same dean another story of gang rape, she agreed to meet with police.

But she refused to provide specific details, other than naming the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. She was insistent: She wanted no police investigation. She feared retaliation by the rapists.

But she was, evidently, willing to co-operate with the investigation — if you can call it that — of Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdeley.

Last November, when Erdely published Jackie's account of being lured into a frat party and raped by seven fellow students, it made national headlines, explosively validating the "rape culture" that activists say permeates university campuses here in the U.S.

The account brimmed with telling details, such as the rapists referring to Jackie as "it."

The school was accused of ignoring predators. Fellow students were accused of encouraging her to keep her mouth shut. Frat-boys in general became national villains. The fraternity in question was vandalized. Students marched.


At the request of the university president, Charlottesville police reactivated their investigation.

More than 70 people eventually co-operated. Fraternity members rather sensibly hired lawyers, but consented to police searches, and submitted to interviews.

The police talked to Jackie's friends, co-workers and fellow students. They searched records and databases for corroborating evidence.

Jackie, though, refused to co-operate, says the official police report. She began communicating only through her lawyer.

"Despite numerous attempts to gain her co-operation, Jackie has provided no information whatsoever to investigators."

Police quickly discovered there had been no frat party on the night in question. The student who Jackie said lured her to the gang rape appeared not to exist. Neither did his phone number, provided by Jackie to her friends.

Essentially, her entire story turned out to be either false in its essentials or, charitably, unsupported.

By December, Rolling Stone was backing down. Almost unbelievably, the magazine admitted its reporter had agreed, out of some sort of weird courtesy, not to check Jackie's story.

Rolling Stone soon decided it could no longer stand by the story; it was a straight repudiation, declaring that the magazine’s na├»ve trust in Jackie was "misplaced."

 Then, this week Chief Longo appeared before the cameras with his extraordinary dual message: No evidence to support the story, but no evidence that something bad didn't happen, either.

What? No evidence that something bad didn't happen? You have to prove something bad didn't happen? How absurd! Where do you start? "Something bad" can mean a million things - do we just pick one? Where and when did something bad happen? By whom was it perpetrated? You can't even begin to answer questions like that without some honesty from the victim, if there was a victim.

Should someone be sued?

Would Jackie be charged with lying to police on the two occasions she did agree to speak with them? "Absolutely not," the chief said.

Would the force ever charge someone who falsely cried rape? Well, not unless the chief prosecutor agreed, said the chief, and maybe not even then. A charge like that might have a "chilling effect" on reporting sex crimes.

None of the reporters present asked why in heaven's name Jackie still qualifies as a "survivor" or what's wrong with "chilling" false claims.

Protesters picketed and vandalized the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house
at the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville after the
Rolling Stone article appeared. (The Associated Press)
But there would probably have been no satisfactory answer. Under pressure from anti-rape activists, authorities are beginning to treat campuses as islands disconnected from the world, places where the normal rules establishing guilt, innocence, crime and punishment don't apply. And they are right to do so since most campus rapes go unreported to police and are dealt with very gently, if at all.

Hence the spectacle of Chief Longo on live TV, advising that a rape victim's options are, in this order: Doing nothing at all, seeking medical help, letting the university handle it, and, finally, perhaps, going to the police.

The ground has truly shifted when a policeman actually says it's perfectly reasonable for a rape victim to just do nothing, or to let educational officials handle a crime that is serious enough to rank with murder and kidnapping.

The University of Virginia's separate inquiry, triggered by the Jackie case, continues, meanwhile, even though, when asked if a rape culture exists on the campus, the police chief answered: "We could find no evidence that would corroborate such an assertion."

And the Phi Kappa Psi frat-boys are, as respectfully as possible, considering whether, and whom, they should sue: Jackie, who has since said she stands by her story, or the important magazine that decided her story was too good to bother checking.