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Monday, 8 February 2016

Gay 'Conversion' Therapy Funding Targeted by NY Governor

Cuomo wants to block funding of gay "conversion therapy"
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) © Brendan McDermid / Reuters
The controversial practice of gay "conversion therapy" faces a funding ban in the US state of New York.

Shortly before receiving the "National Equality Award" at the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) gala Saturday night, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his plan for new laws to prohibit public and private healthcare insurers from funding the practice for anyone under the age of 18.

Ah! The power of the gay lobby! It deceives, divides and destroys; and liberal-minded people lap it right up like a dog and his vomit.

The state’s Medicaid program and mental health facilities will also be restricted from financing such programs.

Proponents of the therapy say it can reverse a person’s sexual orientation and is available in numerous states around the country with health insurers often providing funding for the treatment.

"Conversion therapy is a hateful and fundamentally flawed practice that is counter to everything this state stands for," Cuomo said in a well-timed statement released ahead of his appearance at a fundraiser for HRC, a leading LGBTI advocacy group.

Is it hateful to release an innocent man from prison? Is it hateful to pull an unconscious woman out of a fire? What is hateful is keeping a person in bondage to unnatural desires and outright lies. But it appears that NY state stands for unnatural desires and outright lies - according to Cuomo.

Groups such as the American Psychiatric Association and the New York State Academy of Pediatrics have described the therapy as "not a scientifically validated treatment".

OK, this is a pretty weak condemnation! It is not 'scientifically validated' because no-one has actually done the research to validate it, not because it cannot be validated. The APA and NYSAP are not in the habit of endorsing anything that has anything to do with Christianity. They don't recognize that God is real, so any therapy based on God must be false. However, what they significantly did not say, (at least according to this article) was that it did not work.

They did not say that it doesn't work

A representative from the Christian conservative organization Focus on the Family told ABC News that they oppose Cuomo’s laws.

Minors "should have access to professionally based, ethically directed care that assesses, clarifies and aligns with their deeply-held values, faith and life goals," Carrie Gordon Earll, the group’s vice president for public policy said.

This isn’t the first time such legislation has been tried in New York.

Two previous attempts passed the Democrat-led state assembly, but failed to get through the Republican-controlled senate.