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Thursday, 5 January 2017

6 Female Teachers Sexually Involved with Students on P&P List

I don't know how many female teachers I have reported on last year, there were certainly many. But here are 6 that have not been previously reported on and this is nowhere near exhaustive. What's going on in America's schools?

Louisiana substitute teacher arrested for sex with teens, sending explicit messages to 12-year-old 

Heidi Verret, 30, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly having sex with three teenagers at her home and exchanging explicit messages with a 12-year-old on social media. (HOUMA POLICE)


A substitute teacher in Louisiana was arrested for allegedly having sex with three teenagers and exchanging lewd messages with a 12-year-old through social media.

Heidi Verret, who worked with the Terrebonne Parish School System, was charged this week with three counts of carnal knowledge and one count of indecent behavior with a juvenile, WGNO reported.

Houma Police received reports of possible sexual misconduct within the Terrebonne schools, which prompted an investigation into the 30-year-old substitute.

Officers reportedly uncovered inappropriate social media messages between Verret and a 12-year-old and went on to learn she had sex with three juveniles — all between the ages of 15 and 16 — at her home over the course of several months in 2016, according to WGNO.

It is unclear if any of Verret’s victims were students at the school where she was a substitute teacher.

Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana

Dallas substitute teacher allegedly had sex with student who called her ‘my baby’ and ‘wifey’  

A Dallas substitute teacher has been arrested and charged for allegedly having sex with a high school student last year, according to a local report.

Fallon Hunt was arrested Tuesday and charged with improper relationship between educators and students after a parent reported to police in October that she was exchanging text messages and having sex with her son, an arrest warrant obtained by WFAA-TV showed.

Hunt is currently booked at Dallas County jail and her bail was set at $20,000.

When police questioned the 28-year-old, they found pictures of the Justin Kimball High School student stored in her cell phone.

The victim — whose identity was not revealed — told police that Hunt may have been involved in sexual relationships with other students.

That student also admitted to having sex with Hunt multiple times between April and May 2015 — the month he graduated.

Text messages between the student and Hunt revealed that he called her “wifey” and “my baby,” the warrant stated.

Other potential relationships between Hunt and other students are under investigation, police said.

Texas high school teacher accused of sexual relationship with 16-year-old student 

An engaged-to-be-married teacher from Texas is accused of having sex on a park bench with one of her male high school students, authorities allege.

Alaina Ferguson, 23, who worked as an algebra teacher at Plano Senior High School, is charged with sexual assault.

Ferguson worked at the school for two months before quitting in October — still enough time for an illicit off and on-line affair with the teen, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by Fox station KDFW in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The relationship between the teacher and student allegedly intensified in September, after the teen penned his Snapchat app username on a test in Ferguson's class, authorities said.

The two reportedly began conversing through Snapchat — but authorities say the relationship turned sexual within weeks of their first correspondence.

Ferguson allegedly sexually assaulted the teen on a park bench. She later sent the student nude selfies and bought him beer, and a beer pong game led to sex, according to the affidavit obtained by KDFW.

The teacher also allegedly brought the student to her fiancé's apartment for sex while her partner was hunting.

Ferguson and her fiancé have since broken up.

Her last encounter with the teen is believed to have occurred in November, when the two had sex in the back of the student's pickup truck after a high school football game, authorities allege.

Ferguson has been released on $100,000 bond set with terms including electronic location monitoring, refraining from communication with students and deactivating all her social media accounts.

Former Oklahoma teacher arrested for alleged relationship with underage student

A teacher in Oklahoma who recently resigned was taken into custody for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old student.

Victoria Lucus was arrested on two counts of lewd acts with a child under 16, according to KFOR.

Lucus has admitted to communicating with the 13-year-old Choctaw Elementary School student on her cell phone and confirmed the minor’s claim to investigators that she touched his genitals while giving him a ride to nearby Bricktown for his birthday in April.

However, she blamed the inappropriate acts on the student.

Earlier in June, News9 reported that the student “exposed himself” to the teacher multiple times and that she “told him to put it away,” but weeks later “began talking to him in a sexual manner.”

The victim said in the probable cause affidavit that the relationship began in February and in May Lucus sent him a text message saying they needed to stop seeing each other.

Pennsylvania substitute teacher, a former church leader, arrested while having sex in cemetery with teenage student

A 49-year-old substitute teacher in Pennsylvania is facing charges after cops interrupted her having sex with a 17-year-old boy in a cemetery, police said.

Kelly Aldinger was hit with institutional sexual assault charges Tuesday morning and held on $50,000 bail, according to the Allentown Morning Call.

The troubling tryst was discovered when, according to court records, Officer Joseph Arredondo with the Easton Police Department saw a silver Chevrolet Equinox parked in the Easton Cemetery while he was out patrolling the area on May 6.

He approached the vehicle and realized there was a couple copulating inside.

Upon questioning the pair, he discovered that Aldinger was a sub teacher and the teenage boy was a junior at the local high school.

The lovebirds admitted that they’d been in a relationship since last fall, when the boy was just 16.

In subsequent investigations into the wayward teacher, police did not discover any other victims.

Aldinger, who lives at home with her parents, appeared in district court Tuesday, where she surrendered to police.

Source4Teachers, the company that employed Aldinger, issued a statement saying that the sub had been suspended indefinitely.

Until at least sometime last year, Aldinger served as council president at St. Paul’s III Lutheran Church, according to the Lehigh Valley news site.

Because 16 is the age of consent in the Keystone State, Aldinger does not face statutory rape charges — but if found guilty on the institutional sexual assault, she could still face 7 years behind bars and a $15,000 fine.

Middle school teacher accused of having sex with student kept journal about milestones in their relationship


A middle school teacher accused of having sex with a student kept a journal chronicling the milestones in their relationship, according to police.

This is the 6th teacher accused of having sex with a student in Clarke County, NV, in the first 5 months of 2016. So how many are there in the USA? There are well over 3,000 counties in America. There must be hundreds if not thousands of female teachers exploiting their students. And who knows how many male teachers are practicing pederasts or pedophiles? Isn't it time we found out?

Nicole Wilfinger, a 37-year-old math teacher, is said to have started the relationship with the male pupil at Molasky Middle School in Las Vegas when he was 14.

As the alleged affair continued she wrote about their “first time talking,” “first kiss” and the “first time we had sex,” according to an arrest report seen by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Wilfinger, who was arrested on Friday, was the unidentified student’s soccer coach and also a friend of his family.

The arrest report says that she and the victim exchanged 1,970 phone calls as well as 156 texts and 325 images.

The teacher faces a slew of charges related to the relationship, including sexual seduction by a person older than 21, sexual conduct with a student and lewdness with a child.