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Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Prolific Pedophile Allowed to Continue in National Basketball More Than 26 Years

It seems every country has its national sports child sex abuse nightmare;
here is Ireland's

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald looking into claims gardai knew about child sex abuse case

Victims of prolific Waterford paedophile Bill Kenneally
are now calling for a public probe

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald (Photo: Brian Hutton/PA Wire)

The Justice Minister is querying a report that GardaĆ­ gave her in response to claims that child sex abuse was covered up by authorities in the south-east.

In letters seen by The Mirror, Frances Fitzgerald wrote to Micheal Martin confirming that she felt it “necessary to seek further clarification from An Garda Siochana regarding certain aspects”.

Victims of prolific Waterford paedophile Bill Kenneally say that he was “allowed to continue abusing boys for decades after he admitted it” and are now calling for a public probe.

The Tanaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) had originally contacted Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan about the concerns raised and a report on the matter was sent to her.

Victim Paul Walsh told The Mirror: “The fact she has gone back to the Gardai seems to me to indicate that whatever was received in that initial report was far from adequate.

“She understands the concerns raised and is not satisfied by whatever watery response the Gardai provided.

“It seems that she will not be deciding how to progress anything until the Gardai respond again. It is disappointing that she has reverted to the Gardai again when she knows all too well the role they played.”

Billy Kenneally

Was sentenced to 14 years in jail in Feb. 2016.

Fresh details of the case are detailed in correspondence from Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin, who says he supports an inquiry, to the Tanaiste.

He said: “They referenced a time when Gardai were called to a bed and breakfast in Inchicore [Dublin] in 1992 because of complaints of sexual abuse. Bill Kenneally was involved in the basketball arena in Inchicore at the time.

“Victims believe that there was a co-ordinated cover up by the Gardai, South Eastern Health Board, the Church and politicians, in particular but not solely those who were related to Bill Kenneally.”

Former Fianna Fail junior minister Brendan Kenneally is an uncle of the paedophile.

He was told of the abuse in 2002, but did not report it to Gardai.

Fianna Fail is the main opposition party in the Irish parliament. It is considered conservative although Irish politics are not predicated on right-left divisions as in most western countries. 

Mr Martin added: “They say they are finding it very hard to believe that a man who admitted to being a child abuser in 1987 was allowed continued association with the basketball club right up to his arrest in 2013. There seemed to be no Garda vetting of him whatsoever.

“They spoke of one victim who went to the Garda station in 1985 to report Bill Kenneally and the Garda said he would have to go home to get his parents as he could not take a statement from a minor. There was no evidence that any social worker was contacted.”

The Justice Minister met with five victims; Jason Clancy, Paul Walsh, Colin Power, Barry Murphy and Kevin Keating at Leinster House in November, at the request of Junior Defence Minister Paul Kehoe and Labour leader Brendan Howlin.

Certainly a full-blown inquiry is needed. The police, politicians, clergy, whoever was involved in enabling this predator to continue at least 26 years after it should have been stopped, must atone for the evil they have perpetrated upon so many children. Ireland's response will define what sort of people they really are.