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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Scotland is in Desperate Need of an Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse and the Magic Circle

This story is one of the worst articles I have ever posted! It is right up there with the horror story of Demi and Nirvana, and may be second only to the The Great Belgium Pedophile/Murder/Torture Scandal

The Magic Circle is purported to be a gay pedophile ring that includes high-ranking members of the Scottish judiciate - judges, sheriffs, lawyers, police, etc.

I know judiciate is not a word, but it should be, and it's not the first word I've invented.

I started this post to highlight a fellow blogger who has been fighting for justice for a girl with special needs in Scotland. Her name is Hollie Greig and her blog is called HollieGreigJustice. Holly has accused a number of people of sexually abusing her, and has even been awarded a stipend as victim compensation. Remarkably, however, none of the people named has ever been charged with child sex abuse because the police refuse to believe there ever was any sex abuse. But the police investigation was seriously flawed leaving the appearance of a cover-up. In fact, this story has more legs than a centipede and each one is uglier than the next.

That led me to read a post on that blog by Kathy Fox. I have featured Kathy on this blog a few times. She is brilliant and painfully thorough in her documentation. She exposes, among other things, what became known in the 1990s as the Magic Circle - high ranking people in the justice system who are practicing pedophiles and many of whom are gay. Kathy reveals a litany of blackmail, suicides, missing police files, cover-ups, connections to the biggest gay-bar in Asia, underage 'rent-boys', and some remarkable judicial rulings where dozens of people appear to have gotten away with child sex abuse.

Anne and Hollie Greig
This brings us to Robert Green. Green is a journalist when he's not in prison. Green was posting articles in the legal magazine, The Firm, as well as blogging about the corrupt and perverted judiciate. 

Robert had twice posted about a sexual fetish club called The Violate Club [49]. His post on 30th Jan [50] exposed the fact that the membership of this club was heavily represented by members of the judiciary, senior police officers, lawyers, politicians and court officials and a few days later gave the job titles of many [51]

He was therefore arrested and held without an independent lawyer. Robert wrote “Amongst other things, members are treated to displays of simulated rape and sexual acts between humans and animals”.  

Robert contrasts his treatment with treatment of sex offenders. “Does it surprise anyone that in contrast, these three highly influential sex offenders have walked free?”

“Liam Gibson, of Gibson Marine, convicted but not imprisoned for possessing over 
50,000 child pornographic images, just around the time I was jailed for trying to 
expose perverts like him.
Douglas Haggarty, technical head of the Scottish Legal Aid Board, who was found 
committing a sexual act with a boy in the toilets of a large Glasgow store. Of course, 
not only was Haggarty not sent to prison, but kept his highly paid public post of trust 
and responsibility!
Stuart MacFarlane, a former deputy of Elish Angiolini, who was arrested when 
having sex with a female prostitute in a public place, put the two arresting police 
officers in hospital when he attacked them and was subsequently discovered to 
possess some 15,000 child pornographic images.”

  This is not an easy video to watch. It is not graphic in its descriptions of the abuse Hollie suffered, but it is liable to shake your confidence in humanity over and over.
Robert Green and the Hollie Greig story

He states “Is it any wonder that Tim Rustige and I have been dragged before Scottish courts and imprisoned for trying to expose this endemic national corruption over child sex abuse? “

Whilst Robert was in jail he was meant to appear as witness for Tim Rustige. He was not allowed to and perhaps this was part of the intention behind his imprisonment.

Tim Rustige
Tim Rustige another campaigner for human rights and social justice was also arrested, charged, found guilty and sentenced and imprisoned.  Coverage of his trial here from Paul Malpas, Part 1  and Part 2, Pauls pre-sentencing thoughts [104] and on the Rusty sentencing [170] when he was given 9 months on 27 March. The Truth is no Defence in Nonceland is the offering from Rustys Blog - the author unknown. Also cathyfox  contribution Rusty v Elish and the Gang, on Day 1 of the trial after finding about Tim whilst working on research for this article.

Naturally, the Aberdeen legal establishment has created an office for the purpose of destroying this story and calling it a hoax. Don't fall for it! Two reporters are in jail and they are not there because of a hoax. Also Cathy Fox's diligent documentation makes it quite obvious that the Scottish justice system is still in the hands of some sick and perverted people.

A formal inquiry is certainly needed if it is possible to find a credible person to lead it.