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Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
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If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Friday, 10 February 2017

Today's Pedophiles and Perverts List of UK and Ireland

Rochdale sex gang will be deported to Pakistan

Richard Ford, Home Correspondent
The Times

Abdul Aziz, left, and Qari Abdul Rauf are among four members of a child sex grooming gang who have been stripped of their British citizenship  PRESS ASSOCIATION

Four members of a child sex grooming gang are facing deportation to Pakistan after losing a legal battle to keep their British citizenship.

Adil Khan was convicted of conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation PA

Britain’s most senior immigration judge rejected their appeals yesterday against Theresa May’s decision, made when she was home secretary, to strip them of their citizenship. It clears the way for all four men to be deported, though it is likely to take months, if not years, before they actually leave.

They were part of a gang of nine men, mostly of Pakistani origin, jailed in 2012 for multiple offences against young teenage girls who were trafficked for sex across Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Shabir Ahmed, 64, Adil Khan, 47, Abdul Rauf, 48, and Abdul Aziz, 46, all from Rochdale, are Pakistanis who acquired British citizenship. Ahmed is still in prison but the other three men have been released on licence.

Mr Justice McCloskey, president of the immigration and asylum chamber of the upper tribunal, said: “The appellants were all many years older than their victims. In some cases girls were raped callously and viciously and in others they were forced to have sex with paying customers. The sentencing judge noted that some of the appellants acted to satiate their lust, others did so for financial gain and some had both motivations. All were condemned as having treated their victims as worthless and undeserving of basic respect.”

The judge added: “These offences were shocking, brutal and repulsive.”

He rejected all five grounds on which the men appealed against the decision.

OK so they were jailed for shocking, brutal offenses involving young girls and 3 of them are already out of prison!!!! Why? Lock them in a container and ship them back to Pakistan.

Police said that Shabir Ahmed was the ringleader PA

Three of them claimed that Mrs May failed to safeguard and promote the welfare of their children and all four claimed that the decision was a disproportionate interference with their rights as EU citizens and that it was a breach of their right to family life under the Human Rights Act.

Well, that's a good point to argue on 'the welfare of children'. Pfft.

Mr Justice McCloskey gave the men permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal but only on a point of law.

In December he lambasted taxpayer-funded lawyers for both the men and the Home Office for their “cavalier and unprofessional” conduct in handling the case. He said yesterday that the tribunal had received apologies and explanations from some of the lawyers.

Plymouth man viewed child sex abuse images
'because he liked risk'
By sabel  

A man who downloaded indecent images of children denied having a sexual interest, claiming he was addicted to taking risks.

Paul Kelly, aged 30, accessed more than 200 vile child images and one of a woman having sex with a horse, Plymouth Crown Court.

He told police he had an "addiction to risk-taking".

Turn your computer off and go out an play in the traffic!

Handing him a suspended prison sentence, Recorder Simon Levene told him: "Your excuse for having this stuff on your computer is that it makes life exciting and you like pushing boundaries.

"Committing crimes may be a way of making your life more exciting, but it also makes like considerably more unpleasant when word gets around about what you did.

"Children are suffering in these images and you are part of the problem".

Kelly, of Wyndham Square, Stonehouse, pleaded guilty to one count of making indecent images of children between December 2015 and January 2016.

If he made indecent images, he must have committed child sex abuse. Or is there a way to make child porn without abusing a child?

He had 38 still images and movies of Category A – showing children thought to be aged between four and 11 being sexually abused.

Kelly's tower also had 70 Class B images and 124 Class C pictures, the court heard.

He also admitted possessing an extreme pornographic image.

Janice Eagles, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said police monitoring suspicious activity on the internet traced an IP address to Kelly's home.

Kelly appeared at Plymouth Crown Court

She added that all the images had been deleted, but the defendant had software to recover files from his recycling bin.

Miss Eagles said: "He said he got no sexual gratification from the addiction but had an addiction to taking risks."

So he takes the risks, and children pay the price! And the judge lets him off which confirms in his mind that the risk was worth it! That's how I see it!

Ali Rafati, for Kelly, said his client was on benefits and urged the judge to follow the recommendation in a probation report.

Recorder Levene handed Kelly an eight-month prison sentence, suspended for two years. He must undergo a sex offender treatment programme.

Kelly must also complete 120 hours unpaid work.

Limerick child-sex abuse victims call on the government to change laws to recognise their ordeal

Four abuse victims from a Christian brothers school during the 1960's have said that the State is 'responsible for what happened' and is 'abandoned' them


VICTIMS of child-sex abuse at a Christian brothers school in Limerick are calling on the Government to change legislation so that their ordeal can be recognised.

The abuse took place during the 1960’s at Creagh Lane National School, Bridge Street, Limerick.

Four abuse victims are trying to get their ordeal recognised by the State

Four abuse victims, all in their mid 50s from Limerick City – Tom Hogan, John Boland, Dave Phayr and Tom Hogan – are fighting for the law to be changed so they can come under the remit of the redress scheme.

The redress scheme was set up following the European Court of Human Rights case of Louise O Keefe, where it was deemed that the State had failed to protect her from abuse she suffered in the 1970’s.

The Creagh Lane school was deemed ineligible for the redress scheme, as it was not a residential institution.

The issue has been raised in the Dail by Limerick TD Willie O’ Dea and AAA Deputy Paul Murphy, who want the victims to be able to avail of the ‘redress’ scheme.

Speaking to Joe Nash and Josh Prenderville on Live 95FM, Dave Phayr described how the government has tried to deny their efforts for redress.

Dave said: “They told us to stay away. When we tried to take a case against them they sent out letter in 2010 that they weren’t legally responsible for what happened us.

Anti Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy

“And from then on we’ve been trying to fight to say that ye are legally responsible for what happened us.”

Another victim, John Boland, stated that “the State has literally abandoned” the victim.

He said: “The State has literally abandoned us, the State in itself has abandoned us.

“It happened to us, no one denies the fact that the abuse happened. They are responsible for us. The State are just denying the fact of it.”

John continued: “In their claim there are two obstacles remaining. Number one, is the issue of the prior complaints. Now, they are claiming that a prior complaint had to be made for us to qualify under the Louise O’Keefe scheme. They also said we are statutory barred.”

Two of the victims are named Tom Hogan, one of which stated that the victims want the State to apologise for the failings of the past.

Fianna Fail TD Willie O’Dea

He said: “There should have been protection for children like us put in place at the time.

“We feel very much let down by the State, very much so.”

Fianna Fail TD Willie O’Dea also spoke on show, claiming that the redress fund was flawed and “nearly impossible to access” for those who were victims of institutional abuse, and that the State should change the legislation.

He said: “There is a cap of €84,000, and when I talk about a cap that is the maximum anyone can get form the State. In some cases the settlement might be even less than that.

“So it wouldn’t be an inordinate cost to the State – and we are talking about people here whose lives have been destroyed, literally, and who want some measure of closure and more importantly some measure of recognition for the wrong that was done to them.

“I don’t think that in the context of people’s lives, and the affect that it had on people’s lives, that it is an awful lot to ask.”

1,500 Scots seek help to stop child abuse
The Times

Stop It Now offers “anonymous, effective support” to those worried about their online sexual behaviour

More than 1,500 people in Scotland visited a self-help website last year designed to prevent them viewing sexual images of children.

Stop It Now, a sexual abuse prevention campaign, also said that 78 men from Scotland had called its helpline.

The service offers “anonymous, effective support” to those worried about their online sexual behaviour. It also provides information and support to those worried about the behaviour of friends or family.

Stop It Now, a UK campaign run by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation charity, said that it had received 28 calls from people in Scotland who were concerned about another adult. Assistant Chief Constable John Hawkins said that child sex abuse was preventable and encouraged people who had sexual thoughts about children to use the service.

“Police Scotland is determined to work with our statutory partners, with support services and importantly with our communities to do all we can to eliminate child sexual abuse,” he said.

“Changing offender behaviour is a vitally important element of this work. Stop It Now provides abusers and potential abusers troubled by their sexual thoughts regarding children access to support. This can help them to manage their thoughts and behaviour.”