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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Löfven, Police Still in Denial Mode; Still Sacrificing Swedish Girls

Stefan Löfven: "Sex assaults not related to immigration"
Translated, poorly, from Swedish by Google

Stefan Löfven emphasizes that sex assaults have nothing to do with immigration. Photo: News Today

SWEDEN international TV channel CNBC has interviewed Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in view of the recent attention on sexual abuse affecting girls and young women. - Sexual abuse is not automatically related to immigrants and immigration, he told the television channel.

After the media and internationally, but also in Sweden noticed sex assaults in Cologne and later similar events in a number of European cities, the debate has come to dominate the news the last few weeks. Even in Sweden, the subject received a major focus, especially after News Today revealed that Dagens Nyheter (newspaper) made known abuse in the Royal Garden in August last year.

Meanwhile, debate, not least in social media, put much blame on immigrant groups for what happened. But to point out the problem related to immigration is wrong, according to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven . There he explained in an interview with the international television channel CNBC .

- Firstly, I want to clarify that sexual abuse is not automatically related to immigrants and immigration. We have had sexual harassment in Sweden for many years, unfortunately, explained Stefan Löfven of television channel in English.

But despite this problem, according to Löfven, being in Sweden for several years, it has not previously been recognized. Now he explains that "what is needed is to be clear that this is not appropriate," as he once again says that the events should not be linked to immigration.

- What is now needed is to be clear that this is not appropriate, it is absolutely inappropriate and we need to take clear measures to show these young girls and women to be able to go downtown or attend a concert or just outdoors without being subjected to sexual abuse. We will not link this to immigration, pointed Löfven.

And how do you do that when you deny the source of the problem? How do you even warn girls that it is unsafe to be around migrants when you deny that very fact. You are sacrificing Swedish girls and women on the altar of political correctness, or, perhaps, political lunacy is a better description. Your conspiracy of silence is flat out evil!

According to the police News Today spoke with earlier, who worked to intervene against sexual abuse at the festival "We are Stockholm" last year in the Royal Garden, it's mainly guys with a Middle Eastern background who commit abuses.

One has to wonder what planet Lofven is living on?

After Knight Post - Police tightens rules

National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson, one of Peter Knight posts and a picture of Peter Knight
Photo: TT

National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson has tightened the rules for how police officers may use the authority's computers. This after Peter Knight said to have used the systems for private purposes. 

- He is paid to conduct policing, not to debate, says police communications manager Mats Nylen.

In a letter to the authority's 30,000 employees, writes Dan Eliasson March 6 that the police computer system may be used only when necessary to carry out a particular task.

- It is not really about anything new, but rather a clarification that the computers may be used only when necessary to carry out their work, says Mats Nylen, Communications in the Bergslagen region.

Paid to conduct policing

He says that the clarification came after Peter Knight himself stated that he used the systems for private purposes when he compiled the statistics that he has used as a private person. When the police noticed this was made to notify him of hacking .

- He is paid to conduct policing, not to debate. What he does as an individual is entirely up to him. But you may not use the police system to make private contributions to the debate, he explains.

Even if the police system is used to hide the debate!!!

"A question of credibility" - seriously?

He says Peter Knight has freedom of speech like any other, and he has every right to express himself as a private person. But he points out that it is important to draw a clear dividing line between private views and their profession.

- In the end, this is about a credibility issue. It is important that the public have confidence that our systems are only used in police work.

But it is exactly because he is a policeman that he has credibility. If he were not a policemen, who would believe what he has to say about police files? Credibility, in general, is coupled with truth. If there are those who try to hide the truth, their credibility is shot. Peter Knight has more credibility than the entire Swedish government right now simply because he is telling the truth, and they are hiding it.

Seems to me that Police code R291 has nothing to do with policing and everything to do with politics. So, data on R291 cases is not so much police work as political. Consequently, police computers are not strictly being used for police work. 

The rules apply to all staff working in the police.