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3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Friday, 7 April 2017

Oversexed Pastor, Tribal Leader, Caregivers from Hell on Today's P&P List

Man pleads guilty to 40+ counts of CSA including 5 y/o - Pennsylvania
Bowling coach with child porn charges being sued for CSA - Washington
27 y/o man facing more than 80 CSA charges - Oregon
Standing Rock Sioux tribal leader guilty of CSA - North Dakota
Pastor G's appeal of CSA conviction thrown out - Texas
Caregivers from Hell face 100s of charges bail hearing delayed - Alabama
Babysitter charged with CSA causing serious injury - Iowa
19 y/o facing several CSA and child porn offences - Maryland

Centre County man pleads guilty to 40 counts of
child sex abuse charges

Centre County, Pa. - A Blanchard man pleaded guilty to over 40 counts of child sexual abuse.

Joseph Skrtich, 48, was arrested by state troopers on October 24, 2016 for sexual abuse that occurred at several locations throughout Centre County.

Charges arose when one victim said he sexually assaulted her over an 8 year period, from the time she was 12 until she was 20-years old.

A second victim said she was assaulted when she was 5-years old. 

Skrtich is currently in the Centre County Correctional Facility, set to be sentenced July 25.

Center Co., PA

Bowling Coach Accused of Child Sex Abuse Hit With Lawsuit

SEATTLE (AP) — A youth bowling coach from the Seattle area charged with possessing images of child pornography that show him sexually abusing one of his team members has been sued for abuse against a child.

Seattlepi.com reports (http://bit.ly/2nR1GMV) the lawsuit alleges Ty Treddenbarger sexually abused a child for five years starting when the boy was 12. At the time, Treddenbarger was the coach for the Puget Sound Travel League bowling club.

The alleged abuse took place on out-of-town bowling trips and at his residence.

Authorities say Treddenbarger admitted to abusing two teens. According to court documents, investigators found images of him abusing a child on a memory card after serving a search warrant at his home.

Treddenbarger was charged last month with child pornography possession.

Bend man arrested for child sex abuse

A 27-year-old Bend man was arrested Thursday for alleged child sex abuse.

Bend Police Department detectives investigated a possible sex crime in Bend and found the man, Keegan Palmer, had been luring and sexually abusing a girl in Bend, according to a release from the police department. The alleged abuse began when the female was 14 years old, and she is now 15, according to police.

The victim and victim’s family know Palmer, the release said.

Bend police arrested Palmer without incident on suspicion of first-degree sodomy, 17 counts of encouraging child sex abuse in the first degree, seven counts of luring a minor for sexual contact, 28 counts of third-degree sodomy and 30 counts of third-degree rape. He’s been lodged at the Deschutes County jail.

In their continued investigation, detectives found Palmer had used messaging sites, online forums and contact in person to sexually abuse the girl, they said. Police are still investigating the case and ask that anyone with additional information contact the Bend Police Department.

Police remind parents to be vigilant in checking their children’s electronics, including phones, and computers, as well as their social media sites and messaging apps to help keep their children from becoming victims of online luring and sex abuse.

Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Found Guilty of
Child Sex Abuse
Erin Wencl

BISMARCK, N.D. — A Standing Rock Sioux Tribal leader has been found guilty of sexual abuse of a child.

Authorities say 54-year-old Robert Fool Bear, who is the Cannon Ball District Chairman, repeatedly raped a young girl throughout a four-year time period.

He was found guilty of four counts of sexual abuse, but found not guilty of physically assaulting the girl.

Fool Bear says the girl made up the story.

He is facing 30 years in prison and will be sentenced on August 23rd.

Court shoots down Pastor G’s appeal of
child sex abuse convictions

FORT WORTH, Tx. -- A Texas court denied the appeal from former Richmond pastor Geronimo Aguilar, who was convicted in 2015 of sexually abusing multiple juveniles.

Aguilar, known locally as Pastor G, was convicted on two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child under fourteen years of age, three counts of sexual  assault  of  a  child  under  seventeen  years  of  age,  and  two  counts  of indecency  with  a  child  by  contact.

A judge sentenced Aguilar to 40 years on the first two charges, and to 20 years for each of the others. The seven sentences are allowed to run concurrently.

Aguilar’s basis of appeal was that the court  abused  its  discretion  and admitted evidence of  extraneous  bad  acts  and testimony which allegedly constituted backdoor hearsay.

The court ruled that if Aguilar thought certain things shouldn’t have been admitted, he should have objected more times in the trial.

Aguilar also appealed that the testimony of one witness was “backdoor hearsay.”

The judges denied his appeal and said that erroneously admitted backdoor hearsay was harmless because other testimony proved the same facts.

A Texas jury found Aguilar guilty of sex crimes against two sisters who he started to abuse when they were 11 and 13 years old. The girls, now women, said they were abused in the 1990s while Aguilar was a pastor at their church in Texas.

The oldest sister said that after the first night Aguilar had sex with her -- on Halloween night in 1996 – that they had “a lot of sex in a lot of different places.”  She maintained that even when Aguilar and his wife moved further away, he continued to have sex with her until she was almost 15 years old and that they used various motels rooms.

Then Aguilar moved to Richmond, where he served as pastor and founder of the Richmond Outreach Center (ROC) church. He was fired in 2014 after the Texas allegations surfaced.

According to testimony, Aguilar had numerous affairs within the ministry and was confronted about them by a 16-year-old girl on his staff, with whom he also had an affair. The Texas complainant convinced that teen to come forward with charges.

In 2015, CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone said the prosecution did an excellent job prosecuting the case. “They went to multiple states to get evidence, and they had over 100 witnesses on the witness list,” Stone said.

He said testimony from women in Richmond who said they had affairs with Aguilar was critical to convincing the jury of his guilt.

“It bolstered the case, and showed inconsistencies in his testimony, and that’s something that the jury really was looking for to hang their hat on,” Stone said.

According to Todd Stone, Aguilar must serve 20 years in prison before he’s eligible for parole.

Woman charged in massive child sex abuse case
appears in court
Patrick Ary  

A woman brought from Florida to Lauderdale County to face hundreds of charges related to child abuse appeared in court Friday.

Jenise Spurgeon was supposed to have a bond hearing Friday afternoon, but the hearing was continued until next Thursday.

Spurgeon is charged with 100 counts of child abuse, a count of domestic violence, 11 counts of human trafficking, 100 counts of endangering the welfare of a child and 100 counts of enticing a child for immoral purposes.

Spurgeon and her husband Daniel were foster parents to 11 victims in Lauderdale County, authorities say. At last check, Daniel Spurgeon was being held in jail in Lee County, Florida.

According to court documents filed in Alabama on Friday, the victims in the case said they tried to tell Jenise about how Daniel Spurgeon was allegedly sexually abusing them, but she did nothing.

In the same court documents, it states a victim said during an interview that Daniel Spurgeon would pour hot wax on her chest, drilled holes in her toenails, and locked her in a basement blindfolded at one point.

The court documents also go into detail about the sexual torture, and how Daniel Spurgeon allegedly sexually abuse them. 

The victims also stated they were tied up and duct taped on regular occasions, and how they were threatened, according to court documents.

Court documents also said when the victim was asked by police why she didn't come forward about the abuse she said, "I was scared."

Jenise Spurgeon was brought from Florida and booked into the Lauderdale County Detention Center Monday.

Lauderdale Co., AL

Babysitter accused of child sexual abuse

An Illinois man has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a child in Fort Dodge.

Dewayne L. McGhee, 21, of Chicago, Illinois, is charged with first-degree sexual abuse, a class A felony, as well as second-degree sexual abuse, a class B felony, and child endangerment causing serious injury, a class C felony.

The alleged sexual abuse happened in February, according to the criminal complaint, filed with the Webster County attorney’s office.

The complaint stated that McGhee was taking care of the child.

He has been ordered held in the Webster County Jail on a combined $300,000 cash-only bond.

His preliminary hearing is April 14.

Caroline County man charged with
sex abuse of minor

An Eastern Shore man has been arrested on multiple counts of sexual abuse of a minor, distribution and possession of child pornography and other charges, Maryland State Police said.

Casey Merriman, 19, of Marydel, is charged with five counts each of distribution and possession of child pornography; second-, third- and fourth-degree sex offense; assault; and sexual abuse of a minor. Merriman was held Friday without bond at the Caroline County Detention Center.

State police said an investigation began last October based on a tip about an Internet user possessing child pornography. State police said photos and videos of child pornography was found on devices belonging to Merriman.

State police said investigators discovered that Merriman had sexual contact with three children in Maryland, the youngest of whom was 8, over a long period of time. State police said Merriman also had inappropriately touched children in Delaware.

More charges are pending as the investigation continues, police said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Maryland State Police's Easton Barrack at 410-822-3101.

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