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3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Monday, 6 November 2017

11 Stories from 8 Different Countries on Today's Global PnP List

Horrifying tales of child sexual abuse
Hindu Hyderabad

The investigators received a rude jolt when the father told them during interrogation that he didn’t feel it was a crime. 

The officer was startled to hear from the Home warden that the girl would barely sleep in the night.

It is not just the physical injuries that make lives of sexually abused children miserable. Coming out of the psychological trauma and becoming normal was equally painful. At least that is what some police officers feel, having struggled to help a minor rape victim recover from the shock. 

Learning about the sexual assault on the minor girl by her step-father, a woman police officer met the teenager at the State Home in the city where she was admitted after the instance came to light. The officer was startled to hear from the Home warden that the girl would barely sleep in the night, As Reported By Hindu. 

According to the Newspaper,“The girl would just sit on the bed or the chair throughout night, shivering. The heinous assault by her stepfather haunted her ,” the officer narrated unwilling to be named. She was counselled by psychologists arranged by the Home but to no avail. 

It's disturbing that even a female police officer would be so shocked by the depth of the girl's trauma. It's not that surprising that the step-father didn't see anything wrong with raping his daughter. Parts of India have a very long way to go before they even realize the devastation child sex abuse is having on the country.

12-Year-Old Boy In Madhya Pradesh Murdered After ‘Unnatural Sex’
The Logical Indian Crew

A 12-year-old boy in Vidisha district was murdered, and then his body was thrown into a river by a 36-year-old man on 4 November,  after he had reportedly forced the child to have unnatural sex with him last week.

Vidisha district has recorded the second highest number of cases of sexual abuse against children in the country in 2015.

The Logical Indian spoke with the sub-inspector of Kurwai police station, Virendra Singh, who confirmed the case and said that the body was taken out of the local river on 4 November.

“Bhalla aka Jagdish Ahirwar is a hardened criminal. Previously, a similar case was lodged against him, and he has already served a two-year jail sentence,” Singh said.

“Jagdish has been taken into custody and while interrogating he accepted involving in unnatural sex with the minor. He then strangled the boy and threw the body in the river,” he added.

Unnatural sex, in the Indian Penal code, refers to acts such as sodomy. 

Sodomy is also called 'unnatural' in the Bible.

Ahirwar has been booked for the boy’s murder. After the medical examination confirms the occurrence of unnatural sex, section 377 will also be added against Ahirwar in this case, the sub-inspector explained.

There were 1,568 cases of rape against minors in the central state putting it on the second place after Maharashtra, which reported 2231 such incidents. There were 39 cases of an unnatural act with children under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code with Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Delhi being top three states.

The NCRB data in 2015 showed that almost 95% of child sex abuse crimes were committed by people known to the victims such as parents, relatives, neighbours and teachers. 

Tip of the iceberg

Child sex abuse is widespread in India and but only a few of them get reported. The fact that it is not reported and is kept behind closed doors makes the entire process to figure out the existence of child sexual abuse more difficult.

The Logical Indian community is outraged by the rape and death of a minor. We urge the authorities to look into the matter and ensure a proper investigation. We also request everyone, especially parents to educate children on child abuse and foster a friendly and open environment at home.

Personally, I would like to see an appropriate sentence for the perpetrator. I'm not sure what 'a similar case' means, above, but a 2 year sentence was obviously sorely inadequate. Don't let this monster ever see the light of day again.

Parliament Steps Into The Scandal Of Quran Reciter
Accused Of Child Abuse
Radio Farda

Tehran’s outspoken reformist MP, Mahmoud Sadeghi has turned the case of the Supreme Leader’s favorite Quran reciter into talk of the town again.

The Quran reciter, Saeed Toosi, 47, is accused of sexually abusing at least 23 of his nine to twelve-year old male Quran students.

Last year, the alleged victims and their families came forward saying that their failure to get justice through legal channels left them no option other than publicly shed light on the case by speaking to VOA’s Persian Service, Radio Farda and the BBC Persian.

Immediately after the interviews were aired, the Quran reciter issued a statement and categorically dismissed the allegations as false and unfounded.

One of the alleged victims described to the BBC an assault which he said took place in a public bath house when he was only twelve years old.

"I was so shocked I couldn't understand what was going on," he said. "I was so afraid to say anything because of the shame it would bring upon my name, but then I found out that there were so many other cases among his students. So, I broke my silence."

As the scandal unfolded, it came to light that Toosi was tried for child abuse and convicted by a court in 2012, without publicity. As the case went to an appeals court, Judiciary officials stepped in and closed the case in 2013, leaving the alleged victims with no recourse but to go public in 2016.

After the scandal came to light, the judiciary’s spokesman, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei announced that the evidence for investigating Toosi’s case was “insufficient”.

After months of claims and counterclaims, the shocking story of Toosi died down.

As a rule, talking about rape and sexual harassment in Iran is taboo.

Nevertheless, Sadeghi has brought it up again by publishing parliament correspondence on the case with the judiciary. A copy of the correspondence published on Sadeghi’s Twitter account, refers to parliament’s insistence on Toosi’s legal case to be clarified.

While referring to Michael Fallon, UK’s disgraced defense minister who recently resigned after being accused of sexual harassment, Sadeghi, implicitly mentions Toosi’s legal case in a sarcastic tweet. “Here, [in the Islamic Republic] they shelve the legal case of a voice trainer at the Court of Appeal, after his conviction by the Primary Court”.

Sadeghi has also published a copy of the letter signed by the parliament’s Principle 90 addressed to the head of the judiciary, stating that Toosi was convicted for sexual abuse in 2012 but, the “decision was overruled” by an “interpretation” presented by Ali Khalafi, a judiciary consultant and Tehran’s Prosecutor-General Abbas Ja’fari Dolatabadi, in 2013.

Families of the alleged victims kept complaining to officials but their pleas fell on deaf ears at the Judiciary and they decided to go public in 2016.

Nevertheless, the head of the judiciary, ayatollah Sadiq Amoli Larijani dismissed allegations against Toosi as “mere lies”, “weird” and “unheard of before”, in October 2016.

Sadiq Amoli larijani went further and threatened the complainants by legally being sued for “cooperating with hostile media” and being a “culprit, assisting a crime”.

The Judiciary spokesman, Ejei said in October 2016 that Toosi had been investigated for "encouraging" moral corruption. In the meantime, he confirmed that a court had decided Toosi would not face prosecution for "acting" against public morals.

The judiciary’s spokesman also said a "religiously faithful and experienced" judge was being consulted and added that the case was being reviewed with "sensitivity."

"Some of the charges are difficult to prove. It is possible that the complainants are right, but it is difficult to prove," Ejei told reporters in October 2016.

So, in Iran you have to prove the victim is right, rather than proving that he is wrong? Nine children saying the same thing is proof in my books.

"We've always had such cases, before the [1979 Islamic] revolution and after," he added.

One of the complainants cited in a report published by the Persian service of the BBC claimed that Toosi raped him twice, "five or six years ago,"

Nevertheless, the Islamic Republic’s parliament still insists that Toosi has legally been convicted and should be punished according to the law.

Toosi, is a close ally and friend of the Supreme Leader and other political and religious leaders of the regime.

Allegedly, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei deeply enjoys Toosi’s Quran recitations.

Even though he's a pedophile! How sad.

Moreover, Mr. Toosi is a member of the Supreme Council of the Quran.

Even though he's a pedophile!!!??

Ayatollah Khamenei has reportedly called his favorite Quran reciter a “model to be followed”.

Even though he's a pedophile!

Furthermore, Toosi has been awarded many local and international top prizes for his performance as a Quran reciter.

I wonder what Allah thinks of this pedophile?

Children as young as 10 are now being caught
‘sexting’ each other

In 2016/17, police have recorded a total of 6238 sexting offences in the UK

Children as young as 10 have been reported to UK police after being caught sending sexual images of themselves, as data shows these “sexting” cases have more than doubled in two years.

Reports of children sharing or processing sexual images of themselves or others have reached more than 6,200 incidents this year, data shows – an increase 131% from 2014/2015.

One police chief said the surge in cases may be caused by exposure to “extreme pornography” and has called on social media platforms to become quicker at removing indecent images of under-18s.

Data collected from all police forces in England and Wales, recorded since 2014, indicated 14-year-olds are most likely to be reported for sexting offences.

The sharing of sexual images of a child is illegal in the UK, even when the culprit is another child.

Figures showed boys are just as likely as girls to be the “perpetrators” of sexting offences, but suggested that girls are more likely to be recorded as victims.

In 2016/17, police recorded a total of 6238 sexting offences – an increase of 33% on the previous year when there were a total of 4681 recorded offences. That was a 73% increase from 2014/15.

Chief Constable Simon Bailey of the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), said that parents and schools need to spearhead the response to the spread of such sexual imagery.

1/3rd of CSA committed by peers

He commented: “A third all of child sexual abuse is committed by young people themselves – tackling and preventing it is a significant challenge for both schools and the police.

“Forces are risk assessing every case to ensure we are not unnecessarily stigmatising children and saddling them with a criminal record. But there will always be a criminal investigation where we see that young people are being coerced, exploited or blackmailed.

“I am concerned about the impact that exposure to extreme pornography can have on children so we need to consider if a lack of universal relationship and sex education is compounding the problem.”

He added: “There is also undoubtedly more to be done to remove indecent imagery quickly and robustly from across social media platforms once it has been shared or posted without consent.”

It's not extreme pornography that is driving this it is just plain pornography and its ridiculously easy access by children. Removing child sex imagery is good, but the problem will continue to escalate as long as porn is so easy to get.

In January 2016, the Home Office launched “Outcome 21”, which allows police to record a crime as having happened but for no formal criminal action to be taken if not in the public interest.

Later, in November the same year, the College of Policing advised that officers investigating sexting cases should recognise the long-term impact that criminalising young people can have.

It said officers should record all cases of under-18s sharing images of themselves or other children as crimes but formal action is only needed where there is exploitation or child protection issues.

The number of young people charged for sexting has dropped from 150 in 2014/15 to 63 in 2016/17. Meanwhile, over the same period, uses of Outcome 21 spiked from 34 to 2079.

David Tucker, College of Policing lead on crime and criminal justice, said: “It is clear that where children and young people are being exploited, forced or coerced into sharing or generating indecent imagery of themselves and/or others, the offenders should be prosecuted.

“Our advice takes into consideration that some young people send each other these types of images not realising they are breaking the law.

“In these circumstances the advice is to consider the long-term impact, and avoid stigmatising or unnecessarily criminalising young people. Police powers, including prosecution, should be used only when necessary and in a proportionate way.”

I agree, however, there must be a concerted effort in the schools to tell kids that it is against the law. They should be told that they can be prosecuted especially if they are repeat offenders. They should also be informed that there are organized criminals out there who target young people for sexting and then extortion.

Researchers getting close to linking Indigenous suicides with child sex abuse

Drug abuse equals death for Indigenous youth

An unprotected used syringe lies on the ground next to a cigarette butt and a little baggy used for drugs in Vancouver. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

By Dr. Brian Goldman

Indigenous youth are one of the fastest growing segments of Canada's population. They're also near the top of the list of Canadians most likely to die.  A new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal gives one of the main reasons.

The main factor causing the the increased death rate is drug use. That's the main conclusion of a study of Indigenous young people age 14 to 30 years who use drugs in Vancouver and other parts of B.C.. Researchers from Child and Family Services at Carrier Sakani Family Services and The Cedar Project — a community-based research project driven by a number of Aboriginal community partners — looked at the records of 610 Indigenous youth.  Between 2003 and 2014, 40 of the cohort of 610 died.  Overall, Indigenous young people in B.C. who use drugs are an incredible 13 times more likely to die than young people who use drugs but aren't Indigenous.  

The researchers looked at the causes of death in Indigenous youth who use drugs.  Overall, the leading cause of death was overdose. Illness was the second leading cause of death, followed by suicide. Many people who use intravenous drugs are infected with hepatitis C.  In the study, those infected with hepatitis C were more likely to die than those not infected. 

I contend that the overuse of drugs is a consequence, mainly, of child sex abuse:

Clue #1

There were also some important gender differences. Women made up 80 per cent of young people who died by suicide, and 75 per cent of Indigenous young drug users who died by overdose or illness. The death rate among young Indigenous Canadians is high, but for women, it's even higher — double that of young Indigenous men.

A number of factors lead Indigenous people — and in particular women — to use drugs. The big factor is early childhood trauma and neglect. Less than 10 per cent of children in B.C. are Indigenous but account for 60 per cent of the kids in foster care. Children in foster care are nearly four times more likely to die of suicide, homicide and infectious diseases.

Clue #2

Research by The Cedar Project has shown that having at least one parent who went to an Indian Residential School increases the risk of trauma in subsequent generations. 

It also increases the risk of intergenerational child sex abuse.

Clue #3

The authors of the CMAJ study speculated that deep-seated emotional trauma can last for generations, and can lead them to reject life itself.  Indigenous youth are more likely to have a history of childhood sexual abuse, which also increases the risk of drug abuse. 

Clue #4

As for why Indigenous women who abuse drugs are at higher risk of dying, the authors say Indigenous women are more likely than men to attempt suicide. Opioids are lethal drugs, and attempted suicide by opioids is more likely to end in death than if other drugs are used. As with alcohol, since women on average weigh less than men, a standard hit of narcotic will have a stronger effect on women.  Also, the women in the study had a higher prevalence of hepatitis C which in turn raises the mortality rate.

The health care system does a poor job of looking after the needs of Indigenous patients in general. There is a culture of racism towards Indigenous people, and it should be no surprise that there is discrimination towards Indigenous people in our health care system. 

Non-Indigenous health care providers hold certain myths and misconceptions about Indigenous patients.  For instance, it's widely held that the health problems of Indigenous youth can largely be chalked up to alcohol abuse. It's also widely believed that Indigenous people can tolerate pain better than non-Indigenous people. If they complain of pain, they must be scamming for drugs like opioids.  It's also widely believed that Indigenous youth are loners who are indifferent to their families and their culture. To the contrary, many have been ripped away from their families and have had their language and cultural heritage ripped away from them.

The authors say that Indigenous young people who abuse drugs as well as their families must have access to treatment that is consistent with Indigenous cultural practices.  They say that the youth continue to be affected by historical and present-day injustices and barriers to care.  The hope is that their traditions, culture and languages survive and can form the basis of resilience and healing for people who use drugs.  The people who work in the health care system need to take courses in cultural safety to dispel myths about Indigenous people and provide more sensitive and compassionate care.

The need for change is urgent. Since the data from this study was submitted for publication, another 25 young men and women from the original 610 people have died.

Unfortunately, Dr. Goldman makes no reference to ending child sex abuse among indigenous people. I believe that if they had done the research that they would have found a direct correlation between suicides and child sex abuse. Of course, it is impossible to know what was an accidental overdose and what was suicidal, but I have no doubt that there is a very strong link to child sex abuse.

Paedophile arrested after going on the run

Hunt for Michael Pinder began after he failed to turn up
for his trail on charges of child sex abuse
Andy Richardson

A pervert who went on the run after failing to turn up for his child sex abuse trial has been caught by police.

Paedophile Michael Pinder had been due to face a number of charges at Birmingham Crown Court and had been given bail by magistrates at an earlier hearing.

The 23-year-old had been missing since October 19, when he failed to turn up for his trial. Police warned people not to approach him.

Michael Pinder, 23, was found guilty in his absence of child sex offences

Pinder was found guilty of three counts of sexual activity with a child under 16 and offences of causing or inciting a girl under 16 to engage in sexual activity and possession of an indecent photograph of a child.

West Midlands Police have now confirmed they have apprehended Pinder following a public appeal to find him. Pinder will be sentenced for his crimes at a future date.

Show-jumper on trial for rape and
sexual abuse of schoolgirl

Nicholas Francis from Huntham in Stoke St Gregory
denies a string of allegations against him

Laura Linham - Taunton, Court, Crime And Special Investigations

Taunton Crown Court

A 44-year-old show-jumper from a village near Taunton has gone on trial accused of sexually abusing and raping a schoolgirl over a four-year-period.

Nicholas Francis from Huntham in Stoke St Gregory denies three charges of indecent assault, two of sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 13, seven of raping a child under the age of 13, two of engaging in sexual activity with a child.

The offences were said to have taken place between 2003 and 2007.

Prosecuting, Christopher Smyth said Francis first began abusing the girl in 2003 when he pulled her into a stable and kissed her.

“He told her she looked older than she was, pushed her against the stable and kissed her,” he said. “She told him her age. She didn’t know how to react but she liked the attention he gave her and kissed him back.”

He told the jury that Francis would go ‘a little further each time he saw her’.

“She looked up to him. She told the police ‘I probably thought I fancied him I thought I was in love with him’.”

The girl’s father found a text on her phone which read ‘I love you. I can’t live without you. I can wait to see you at the weekend’ and tackled her about it.

Shortly afterwards Francis and his father went to the girl’s house to talk to her father, saying they did not want any trouble and were very well respected in the community. Francis told the girls' father he had been telling the girl ‘what she needed to hear’.

In 2014, the victim made a formal complaint to police, and when arrested Francis denied having sexual contact with her, claiming he barely knew her. He also told them he’d never been alone with her and denied he had ever gone to her home.

The trial continues and is expected to conclude on Thursday.

'It's not your fault' - Sisters abused by father appeal for other victims to come forward
By Sarah-Jane Murphy

A woman who was raped by her father has encouraged other victims of sexual abuse and rape to come forward, saying it’s never too late.

Amy Barrett was speaking after her father, a retired soldier, was jailed for ten years for the rape of his daughter and the regular abuse of another daughter.

Having waived her anonymity Amy Barrett said: “It’s not your fault. I didn’t ask for this and Melissa didn’t ask for this either."

Melissa O’Keefe (left) and her sister Amy Barrett leave the Central Criminal Court in Dublin earlier this month. Pic Collins Courts.

Justice Patrick McCarthy said that Jerry O’Keeffe’s crimes brought about the destruction of his daughters’ childhoods. “It is hard to find words to describe each new outrage inflicted on these children,” the judge said.

O’Keeffe (69), of Oakhill, Youghal, Cork, pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to three charges of rape, five of indecent assault and one of sexual assault. These were nine sample charges out of a total of 78 covering a period from January 1980 to March 1987.

Speaking outside court Amy Barrett said she and her sister Melissa O’Keeffe were happy with the sentence, but sad at the same time as O’Keeffe is still their father. “It’s almost like we’re in mourning for him now.

Or, you could be mourning the proper childhood that you never had.

“It was never about the sentence it was always about an admission of guilt, keeping him away from other kids, and getting closure for ourselves,” she said.

Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy said O’Keeffe committed extremely serious offences and it beggared belief that a man could behave in such a fashion.

In her victim impact statement, Amy Barrett described her childhood as very traumatic, and said she was “a mixed bag of confusion and terror” as a result of her father’s crimes.

British radio producer found guilty of child sex abuse

The Paphos court on Monday handed down a guilty verdict to a British radio producer and personality, aged 46, on 12 counts of sexually abusing the daughter of his girlfriend in 2015 when she was only 11 years old.

UPDATE: The Daily Mail has just ID'd the pervert as Radio 1 jingles producer Chris Moyles

The verdict was announced behind closed doors and a mitigation hearing has been set for November 9.

The child abuser, who ran a radio station in Paphos for several years, was taken straight to Nicosia central prisons from the Paphos courthouse.

The offences against the little girl, perpetrated on four occasions, were committed between May and August 2015 but did not come to light until January 2016 when the girl’s mother found out about the abuse.

The culprit returned to the UK – where he is well known – in the meantime but was arrested at Paphos airport when he came back to Cyprus in March the same year.

He was allowed bail and had to surrender his travel documents while the trial was ongoing.

Dutch serial pedophile arrested in Hua Hin

Officers from Thailand’s Department of Special Investigations have arrested a Dutchman wanted for sexually abusing children under the age 15.

The man, identified as Reinold KLUNDER, was arrested on Monday at a property in the Smorprong area near Bor Fai in Hua Hin.

Photos obtained by Thaivisa believed to be from 2013 showed Klunder alongside two boys next to a swimming pool

Inside the property officers found a ten year old boy.

Stained bed linen, 6 computers, 2 mobile phones, 2 tablets, memory cards and CDs were taken as evidence. Sex toys were also found at the property.

TNN Thailand reported the man admitted to luring boys under the age of 15 by telling them they could swim in his pool. He gave the boys food and admitted to later having sex with them and recording videos which we would distribute to his pedophile friends.

Klunder who had reportedly worked in real estate in Hua Hin also told people he was a musician.

DSI officers made the arrest following information from the authorities in the Netherlands, where he had fled similar charges related to the sexual abuse of children.

Thaivisa understands that as officers were leaving having arrested Klunder another boy arrived at the property.

TNN also reported on the statistics of foreigners being arrested in Thailand for sexually abusing children under the age of 15. Between 2010 and 2017, there were 113 cases in Chonburi, 25 in Chiang Mai and 12 in Bangkok. 

Out of all suspects arrested, 45 percent were from the UK, 24 percent from the USA, 12 percent from Germany, 18 percent from France and 8 percent Switzerland.  

Hua Hin, Thailand

Perth primary school volunteer charged over historic sex abuse of eight-year-old girl
Fran Rimrod 

A man who volunteered at a primary school north of Perth sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl more than 10 years ago, detectives claim.

Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said a 63-year-old man from Karrinyup, who helped out at the Lake Gwelup Primary school, has been charged with three counts of indecent dealing with a child under 13.

The alleged child sex abuse happened at the Lake Gwelup Primary School in 2005 and 2006

The charges date back to incidences in 2005 and 2006, which happened during school hours.

Detectives seized a computer and electronic storage devices containing child exploitation material after a raid on the man's home last Wednesday.

The man was subsequently charged with possessing child exploitation material and drug paraphernalia.

He will face Perth Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Inquiries are ongoing and detectives urge anyone with any information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make a report online at www.crimestopperswa.com.au.

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