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Friday, 24 October 2014

Demi and Nirvana in Great Danger as Police Pedophile Ring Gets Exposed

The agonizingly slow uncovering of a VIP sex scandal in Britain, 
makes this story all the more believable every day.

In this blog post I am going to try to reproduce Ben van den Brink's web page. Hopefully it will be a little easier for English speaking people to read.

I don’t know how many of Ben’s allegations he can prove, I’m quite sure some of them are documented, but I’m hard-pressed to find any errors or contradictions to what he has written.

Personally, I’m not convinced of the Satanic Ritual aspect of his allegations. While I believe in Satan, and believe he is involved in all child sex abuse, I have strong doubts about ritualistic rapes and murders.

Please people, give this as much exposure as possible Demi and Nirvana must now be freed now, they are in a dangerous situation in this Dutch police abuse ring.

The photos are of Demi and Nirvana, Ben van den Brink's beautiful, young daughters. I'm not sure which is which.

You can read their story, if you have the nerve, here.

16 year old boy Jamy Spee, who also was in this horrific satanic abuse ring in Meerzicht Zoetermeer, he was often taken to the Czech Republiek.

After such a week in the Czech Republiek where the Dutch detective who runs the police abuse ring and has being taking (taken into care children) there for years.

The 16 year old Jamy Spee, smashed all the horror house windows and then completely burnt out the police abuse rings brand new Mercedes van costing 93,000 euros.

Time and time again the 16 year old Jamy Spee kept running away and the Dutch police chased him down and brought him back each time.

We now know the reason for this, persons inside Dutch Justice like boys at that age. Joris Demmink,* was head of Dutch Justice until not long ago.

He was also in the Czech Republiek several times when the police abuse ring was there with taken into care children, the English sex monster Warren Spinks* was also present at that time.

In images made in a Czech bar that is well known, Pinocchio Bar, Jamy Spee is the star in porno films (boy films).

These films have been produced by the ex-Czech boyfriend of Dutch Head Of Justice Jorris Demmink.

4 images being sent earlier today to:
Met Police U.K, dossier number: chs 12168 / 21-10-2014
FBI, American Embassy in Berlin,
Interpol Lyon
16 year old Jamy Spee, the boy who kept running away
from this horrific police abuse ring in Meerzicht Zoetermeer.
Our current concern, is that since the fire behind the horror house Dutch Police abuse ring, Jamy Spee disappeared and there was panic in the Court Of Den Haag when information was asked what had he being sentenced to for the fire he had started.

He had just disappeared off radar after the fire of the Mercedes abuse rings van, twice people tried to make me think that Jamy Spee had reacted on Facebook to my appeal to contact us.

It was somebody else doing their best to let us think Jamy Spee was still alive and kicking. There are many more things not right surrounding this fire of the abuse rings new Mercedes van. Also the smashing of all the horror houses windows was really kept under wraps, Demi and Nirvana not even mentioning this in our phone calls we had.

Met Police U.K ,
Dossier number,chs 12168 / 21-10-2014,

Can you directly get confirmation from Holland that 16 year old Jamy Spee out of Meerzicht Zoetermeer Holland has not being murdered by this horrific child abuse ring?

That he was not in the Mercedes van burnt out on the Groenewater in Meerzicht Zoetermeer? I think his mother is called Nieuwenhuizen and is a family member of the mother of Wilma Wijers Bruins.

The young boy in the image below has suffered horrific abuse by several males out of this abuse ring; he must be examined by an authorized doctor to gain direct evidence so prosecution can take place of these Dutch Police child abusers.

There are currently 8 children in the Meerzicht Zoetermeer abuse ring, 2 of them being our daughters Demi and Nirvana van den Brink.

All 8 have suffered horrific abuse and by examination the medical report will show the horror of this very violent abuse ring run by Dutch police officers who need hanging in public.

A further 7 children in the area, Meerzicht, have also being taken to several locations were we know they have suffered abuse, 2 of these being babies.

The 8 children, of which 2 are our daughters Demi and Nirvana, are now in danger because of the exposure of the abuse rings.

There is a great chance they will try get rid of the children to avoid medical examination and prosecution.
Schoorl, Holland, where the nightmare began
The sentencing for crimes that are of horrific nature and of many different children will be around 12 years in prison, more than enough reason to try and avoid this by suddenly leaving the country or even taking the children with them now knowing they are real close to getting arrested or sorted.

Many babies have suffered serious abuse and therefor swift action must now be taken by honest decent police officers other than these sick Dutch versions who are just like that sick animal Sander Vreeswijk.*

What are Demi and Nirvana doing in a police woman’s safe house that uses an false address and is no more than an evil, horrific, satanic, child abuse ring?

 *Warwick Spinks - Spinks kidnapped and sold children for sex. He boasted to detectives that he sold snuff videos of children raped and murdered on tape. He has been living very luxuriously in Czechoslovakia for the last 15 years.

** Joris DemminkWhile Demmink proclaims his innocence, there is a growing mountain of evidence casting doubt on this including a current investigation of two Turkish men who claim Demmink raped them in the 1990s and differing opinions on whether or not Demmink’s name was associated with Rolodex – the investigation into a pedophile ring within the Ministry of Justice.

 Check out this article in the Amsterdam Herald. Don't bother - the article is gone!

*** Sander Vreeswijk - Former police officer Sander Vreeswijk will be sentenced on Friday for the abduction and killing of 12-year-old Milly Boele. Two weeks ago at trial, the Public Prosecutors Office sought a 25-year term of imprisonment and compulsory psychiatric treatment.

Milly's abduction and death sparked outrage across the Netherlands, not in the least because the killer was a police officer at the time. This is also why the Public Prosecutors Office sought an unusually strict sentence. Vreeswijk was unable to give the court an explanation for his actions.

Sander Vreeswijk confessed to abducting and killing Milly Boele and burying her in his backyard. He has also been charged with sexual abuse and deprivation of liberty. Vreeswijk denies raping the girl, and claims he killed her on impulse.

I'm asking all Christians to pray for Demi and Nirvana and the other children with them. Pray for their safety, their return home or to a good home for those who don't have a home to return to. Pray that the abuse would end immediately and the abusers to be arrested very soon. God bless.

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