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3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bantleman Likely to be Charged with Child Sex Abuse at Jakarta Int'l School

Sun News, Calgary, Canada -- The former city teacher being detained in Indonesia on allegations of child sex abuse is likely to finally face charges, his family said Wednesday.

Neil Bantleman, who used to teach at Calgary's Webber Academy and now works at Jakarta International School (JIS), has been held since July, along with colleague Ferdi Tjiong.

"We had a lot of tears today," said Bantleman's wife, Tracy Bantleman, who visited him Wednesday, when news broke the public prosecutor had accepted the police file on her husband and Tjiong, suggesting charges are likely to be laid and lead to a trial.

Neil and Tracy Bantleman
Both are employed at JIS
"He was so distraught, he just wants to come home," Tracy said. "It's just sheer and utter disbelief and shock.

"It creates a huge swell of emotion -- fear, anxiety, nausea."

Child sex abuse accusations against outsourced cleaning staff at JIS emerged in March from the family of a boy who attends the school.

There is also a lawsuit against the school and ministry of education seeking $125 million, up from the original $12.5 million sought.

It's believed the contracted cleaning company is going to be, or has been, added to the lawsuit as well, Tracy said.

Allegations against Neil and Tjiong later surfaced from the families of two other JIS students as well as the family of the first student, she said.

A trial for the cleaners is ongoing.

"You just try so hard not to lose faith in humanity," said Tracy, who is also employed by JIS.

"We're just absolutely appalled at how the legal system has played out."

No evidence has been presented against Neil and Tjiong, she said.

"We don't have any details as to why (the file) has been accepted," Tracy said, adding Indonesia's new attorney general has yet to be named.

"The individuals making the decisions have completely abandoned their duty to protect the innocent, there seems to be a complete lack of morality."

The former attorney general recently left his post with outgoing president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, according to Asian media.

Charges are expected in the coming days.

"The prosecutor has indicated he is crafting the indictment," said Guy Bantleman, Neil's brother in Canada.

"I was 80% sure Neil would be released but there was always that little voice in the back of my head," he said. "It's devastating, it's mind-boggling."

I have no idea whether Bantleman is guilty of any child sex abuse, I prefer to think that he isn't and here's why. CSA lawsuits have become the latest 'get rich quick' scheme for many extremely poor families in southeast Asia. The more and the worse the abuse, the more money you are likely to receive. While those families attending JIS are not likely to be among the poor, the lure of big money is just as strong.

Please pray that the truth prevails.