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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Another Repeat Violent Sex Offender on Parole in British Columbia

Three times designated a dangerous offender, expected to commit violent rape with a very good chance of murdering his victim(s). That is who is living in the community of Chilliwack just east of here (Abbotsford), and where two sons and several of my grand-children live. 

It is sheer insanity to allow a monster like that loose on the streets of any city at any time. But that's Canadian justice where the welfare of the criminal is paramount, the sanity of his victims doesn't count for anything, and there is no concern whatsoever for the safety of Canadian girls.

Sentencing laws have to be re-written to protect Canadians from monsters like this. There is no reason on God's green earth for that man to ever see the light of day again. None! Minimum and concurrent sentencing for dangerous criminals is insane.

Repeat violent sexual offender is living in a halfway house in Chilliwack under a long-term supervision order, something that angers at least one of his victims. - Snohomish Valley Sheriff
Repeat violent sexual offender is living in a halfway house in Chilliwack under a long-term supervision order, something that angers at least one of his victims.— Image Credit: Snohomish Valley Sheriff's Office

by  Paul J. Henderson - Chilliwack Times

One of the many victims of a one-time designated dangerous offender convicted of violent sexual assaults of multiple women is upset the man is out on bail, living in a halfway house in Chilliwack.

Not only does the victim fear Kevin Scott Miller but she is angry he was released on bail after spending two years at large in the U.S. when he was supposed to be under a long-term supervision order.

One of Miller’s convictions from 1995 involved raping a 14-year-old girl near Victoria after grabbing her in a van and wrapping a cord around her neck.

Two months after that he met a 21-year-old woman at a cabaret downtown Victoria. The woman told the court she was drunk and tired, and the next thing she remembered was being strangled so hard her nose was bleeding.

Then on May 10, 1996 during an altercation with a prostitute, Miller pulled a drawstring out of his jacket and strangled her with it until she passed out.

“His counsel conceded that Mr. Miller may have used excessive force in defending himself from her attack,” according to a B.C. Court of Appeal judgment from 2000.

That was from the decision of Miller’s appeal of his dangerous offender designation, a label that comes with an indeterminate sentence.

“He’s a very dangerous man,” a victim told the Times.

A psychiatrist who testified in 2000 said that because of his youth, 28 at the time, his psychopathic score in the 86th percentile, and his excessive violence by the use of strangulation, Miller, if released, “would be much more likely than not to commit violent sexual offences with the possibility future offences would be much worse if indeed there is an aspect of sexual sadism present.”

Despite the evidence, the three B.C. Appeal Court Justices found the original judge made errors, and Miller’s appeal was granted and a new dangerous offender hearing ordered.

Miller was again designated a dangerous offender in June 2002. His appeal of that designation was also successful and the Crown applied for the designation a third time in mid-2005.

The result of all those proceedings was that on Jan. 17, 2006, Miller was sentenced to four years on each of two counts of aggravated sexual assault to be served concurrently.

Concurrently!!!!! What idiot judge ruled he serve his sentences concurrently. Thank God Stephen Harper took that option away from judges in sentences of child sex abuse.

He had been in custody for 10 years by then, and the judge ordered Miller be subject to the LTO for the maximum period allowed, 10 years.

The Times has learned that Miller reached the statutory release date on Sept. 17, 2008 (two thirds of his sentence), and his warrant expired on Jan. 16, 2010.

It was then that he began a series of conflicts at residences where he stayed, he tested positive for THC at one, and he continued to miss appointments.

In 2013, a provincial court judge sentenced him to a further 11 months in jail for a breach.

But it was in 2014 as he was serving the 10-year long-term supervision order that he failed to return to his Vancouver halfway house and slipped into the U.S. under dual citizenship.

On June 27, 2014 a felony arrest warrant was issued for the 45-year-old Miller, as he failed to register as a sex offender in Washington with Snohomish Country Sheriff’s Office detectives.

Then on July 8, 2014, he was caught in Albany, New York, registered as a sex offender, but released.

For almost two years he remained in the U.S. when finally this year he was apprehended and last week, on Aug. 19, he was granted bail.

His victim is upset there was no warning to the community: “And sadly, no justice for us victims.

“I really am just exasperated with the justice system,” she said via email. “I’m tired of referring to myself, and others, as victims; however, the system continues to re-victimize every person who has ever been raped or sexually assaulted. His release is the most ridiculous outcome I could ever imagine for a person who regularly breaches conditions, and has previously been unlawfully at large.”

The Times obtained a copy of a federal release notice regarding Miller and his requirement to reside in a halfway house in the Chilliwack area “to which he must return on a nightly basis.”

Miller faces numerous conditions on the LTO, including that he not be alone or in an isolated setting with any females; not to own, use or possess a computer; abstain from intoxicants; report all relationships with women to a parole officer; address issues and emotional instability and anger management; and participate in a sex offender program.

How likely is it that he will comply with those conditions? Just about zero probability. Someone do something, please. This is insanity! We have the Balaclava Rapist living in Vancouver, another child rapist living in Victoria, one in Mission just across the Fraser River from here. ARRRRGH!

Miller’s 10-year long-term supervision order began in 2010, which means that, adding in the time he was at large in the U.S., his order expires on July 7, 2022.