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Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
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If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

11 CSA Stories Many of Which are Hardly Believable in Their Evil on Today's Global PnP List

Among today's stories: 
3 Chilean Bishops let go; 
horrific exploitation of son by German mom; 
World Cup child sex trafficking - Nigeria; 
Muslim father of child bride loses appeal - Australia; 
11 & 12 y/os rape 4 & 5 y/os - Kashmir;
Welsh Mayor on trial for historical CSA;
Monseignor to be tried for child porn - Vatican; 
Oxford Muslim gang sentenced for disgusting abuse of young, British girls; 
Aussie mom jailed for sex with 12 y/o boy; 
N.I. Scout Leader jailed for historical CSA
and more

Pope Francis accepts resignation of three Chilean bishops

Vatican official calls move first step towards re-ordering battered Roman Catholic Church after sex abuse scandals.

Bishop Juan Barros of Osorno has been accused of covering up child abuse [FILE: Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters] 

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of three Chilean bishops, including the controversial Juan Barros of Osorno, following a child sex abuse scandal in the South American country which has come to haunt his papacy.

In an unprecedented move, all of Chile's 34 bishops offered to resign en masse last month after attending a meeting with the pope over allegations of a cover-up of sexual abuse.

The mass resignation of an entire delegation of bishops is almost unheard of, having last happened two centuries ago.

A Vatican official said Monday's move represented a first step towards re-ordering the battered Roman Catholic Church in Chile and that the pope was still considering the positions of the other prelates.

Besides 61-year-old Barros, the pope also agreed to the departures of Cristian Caro Cordero, bishop of Puerto Montt, and Gonzalo Duarte Garcia de Cortazar, bishop of Valparaiso, who had both reached the normal retirement age of 75.

Barros has been at the centre of the growing scandal ever since Pope Francis appointed him bishop of Osorno in 2015 over the objections of the local faithful, his own sex abuse prevention advisers and some of Chile's other bishops.

They questioned Barros' suitability to lead given he had been a top lieutenant of Chilean paedophile priest Fernando Karadima and had been accused by victims of witnessing and ignoring their abuse.

The scandal is the latest to rock the Roman Catholic Church, and Argentine-born Francis said it must not happen again on his watch.

"Today begins a new day for the Catholic Church in Chile and hopefully the world," Juan Carlos Cruz, the key witness in the abuse case, said on Twitter.

"We hope this is the beginning of the end of this culture of abuse and cover up in the Church. Emotional but great day!" he wrote.

Wouldn't that be nice!

'Grave mistakes'

Pope Francis has apologised to the victims and admitted he had made "grave mistakes" after reading a 2,300-page report on abuses in Chile.

In a letter to Chileans released at the end of last month, the pontiff voiced "shame" that the Catholic Church failed "to listen and react in time" to the allegations of sexual abuse by Chilean clergy.

He has since received two groups of Karadima's victims at the Vatican.

Since 2000, about 80 Roman Catholic priests have been reported to authorities in Chile for alleged sexual abuse.

Despite a strong Catholic tradition, Chile is witnessing a growing rift between the people and the Church, sharpened by the string of sexual abuse scandals.

President Sebastian Pinera, a practising Catholic, recently said he was saddened by the fact that the Church "is increasingly remote, not only from worshippers but from people in general".

And, one might add, God!

Child sex abuse trial begins in one of Germany's worst cases on record

A German boy was allegedly sold for sex on the darknet by his mother and her partner, who face multiple charges. Outrage over the case has ensnared local authorities whose missteps may have allowed the abuse to continue.

In January, it was revealed that police were investigating a pedophile ring in the southwestern German town of Staufen outside of Freiburg, where a 9-year-old boy had been abused for two years by his mother and her partner.

The male partner also posted pornographic material of the boy on the so-called darknet — websites that can only be accessed using special software — and offered to have people sexually assault the boy in exchange for money with the help of his mother.

It took three hours for prosecutors on Monday to read out the over 100-page indictment in court against the boy's mother and her partner, the two main suspects. The two face charges of rape, forced prostitution and other offenses in over 50 instances.

The case shocked people across Germany, including police who described it as one of the worst child sex abuse cases they've ever investigated.

A 48-year-old woman accused of selling her son for sex on the darknet arrives in court in Freiburg, Germany (picture-alliance/dpa/P. Seeger)

Prosecutors argue that the boy's mother played a complex role in facilitating and even sometimes taking part in her son's sexual abuse

Red flags from the start

Although there are several suspects who are facing charges over their involvement in the pedophile ring, prosecutors said Berrin T., the 48-year-old mother of the boy, and Christian L., the woman's 39-year-old partner, were the main perpetrators.

But there were warning signs prior to the abuse in Staufen. According to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, Christian L. was handed a one-year suspended sentence in 2005 for having child pornography on his computer and his phone. A few years later in 2010, Christian L. was sentenced to over four years in prison for sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl.

Sin is progressive!

Both times he was ordered to take part in therapy and said he was willing to do so.

Upon his release from prison in 2014, he was considered to have a high risk of relapse and was barred from having contact with children or youths — only under the supervision of the child's parent or legal guardian.

Abuse begins

At the beginning of 2015, Christian L. and Berrin T. became a couple and he began sexually abusing her son shortly thereafter, according to prosecutors.

Christian L.'s petition to have his child contact ban lifted was denied in August 2016. Despite this, he moved in with Berrin T. and her son a few weeks later in the town of Staufen.

During this time, prosecutors said that Berrin T. also allowed Christian L. to sexually abuse a three-year-old, mentally handicapped girl who was temporarily under Berrin T.'s care. The woman also filmed the encounters.

Christian L. also continued to abuse Berrin T.'s son. Besides posting pornographic images of the boy on the darknet, the couple also decided to start offering the boy up to darknet users based in Germany and other European countries to physically abuse, assault and rape the boy in exchange for money.

According to prosecutors, Berrin T. would often take part in the sexual assaults by driving her son to meet with the men, restraining him and forcing him to take part by threatening him that he would end up in foster care if he didn't comply. She also allegedly took part in the sexual assaults herself.

Despite warnings from police about Christian L., local courts and the child welfare office released the boy back into his mother's custody

Misjudgments from local authorities

By March 2017, the local youth welfare office stepped in and took custody of the boy after a police detective told the office that Christian L. was living in the apartment with him.

Berrin T. objected to the decision to remove the boy, eventually winning her case in court. Her son was sent back home within weeks.

She was ordered, however, to not allow Christian L. to enter the apartment again. He was also barred from having contact with her son, even when Berrin T. was around. The couple ignored the order and Christian L. continued to have contact with the boy.

Both the local courts and the youth welfare office traded blame after the horrific situation came to light, with the youth welfare office maintaining that the boy did not show signs of abuse at the time.

A 50-year-old soldier with the German army awaits his sentence over a child sex abuse case in Freiburg, Germany (picture-alliance/dpa/P. Seeger)

In May, a 50-year-old soldier with the German army was sentenced to eight years for sexually assaulting the boy.

Pedophilia ring busted

In September 2017, there was a break in the case. An anonymous tip was sent to the Federal Criminal Police Office, saying that the 9-year-old boy had been sexually abused.

Investigators then launched a massive investigation into the couple, eventually arresting both Christian L. and Berrin T. 

In the weeks that followed, six others were arrested in connection with the pedophile ring, making a total eight defendants. All are being tried separately.

Several of the men who abused the boy have already appeared in court. A 41-year-old German man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape and severe sexual abuse in mid-April.

A 50-year-old soldier with the German army was sentenced to eight years in May for raping the boy twice as well as filming and circulating the pornographic material online.

A third man, a 37-year-old Swiss citizen, confessed in early June to sexually assaulting the boy on three occasions, paying a total of €50 ($59) as well as giving the boy a cheeseburger and a used computer.

On Monday, the trial began for a 44-year-old German man who made an offer to Christian L. on the darknet, asking if he could sexually assault the boy and then kill him.

As more gruesome details of the two-year-long abuse of the Staufen boy have been made public, the case has sparked outrage — not only at those who took part in the years-long abuse of the boy, but also at the structures that failed to protect him.

Nigerian authorities foil child trafficking to World Cup
By Sara Shayanian 

A plot to traffic at least 10 children to Moscow under the guise of the World Cup was foiled Monday by Nigerian authorities. File Photo by Yuri Kochetkov/EPA-EFE

UPI -- Nigerian authorities said Monday they've foiled a child trafficking plot to transport nine young girls and one boy to Russia under the guise of being World Cup fans.

Five suspects, including a policeman and a quarantine officer, were among those arrested in the case.

The children were rescued while boarding a plane from Lagos to Moscow and had World Cup supporter ID cards in order to look like they were fans headed to the games, authorities said.

The children were ultimately taken to a shelter run by the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons.

Five other children were intercepted before boarding the plane to Russia.

Investigators said child traffickers have been pressuring Nigerians to take advantage of this year's World Cup to get Russian visas. Once the children arrive in Russia, though, officials said the victims would be exploited.

Crown asks for 18-year sentence for Calgary father convicted in sex abuse case
Yolande Cole

The Crown has asked a Court of Queen’s Bench judge to hand an 18-year prison sentence to a Calgary father convicted of sex crimes against his young daughter.

Crown prosecutor Rosalind Greenwood said in her sentencing submissions to Justice Bruce Millar on Monday that the man “has no remorse” for his actions.

The father, whose name can’t be published to protect the victim’s identity, was found guilty in January of nine sex-related charges, including incest, sexual assault, sexual interference and forcible confinement, in connection with incidents in their family home.

The girl testified more than three years ago, when she was seven, that her biological father brutally sexually abused her when she was between 2½ and 4 years old, starting in December 2009.

She gave her evidence with the help of Calgary police trauma dog Hawk. It was believed to be the first time in Canada a dog was used as support for a child sexual-assault complainant giving evidence.

Greenwood read from a brief victim impact statement in court Monday from the daughter.

“I was afraid, scared, mad and sad because he had hurt me,” the girl said in the written statement.

“I will now have to live with his actions for my whole life and I will remember it always.”

The Crown said the girl’s formative years “were spent in a volatile home environment where sexual abuse was the norm.”

“The physical and emotional consequences of what (the father) did to (the victim) were entirely foreseeable by him … and he did it anyway, again and again and again,” said Greenwood.

She submitted that an 18-year prison sentence for the multiple offences is required to meet the sentencing principles of denunciation, deterrence and retribution.

Sentencing was adjourned until later this month, when defence counsel Alias Sanders will make her submissions.

Australia Muslim loses appeal bid after jail sentence for facilitating 12 y/o daughter's "marriage"
Joanne McCarthy

A HUNTER man who put his “religiously-motivated concerns” above his 12-year-old daughter’s welfare by facilitating her “marriage” to a 26-year-old student will stay in jail until at least November, 2020 after losing a late appeal bid against his conviction and sentence.

The man, 63, who cannot be identified, argued District Court Judge Deborah Sweeney’s guilty verdicts were unreasonable and his eight-year jail sentence was “manifestly excessive” despite his daughter becoming pregnant after three weeks of “marriage” and later miscarrying. She had just finished primary school.

NSW Court of Criminal Appeal Justice Christine Adamson rejected his arguments in a decision on June 8, saying the Hunter man put his “religiously-motivated concerns about ensuring that she was a virgin when she was married” above his daughter’s “welfare, her mother’s wishes and the law”.

The man was charged in 2014 with procuring a child for unlawful sex and being an accessory to her sexual abuse after a University of Newcastle student, who arrived in Australia from Lebanon in June, 2013, saw the girl outside a Wallsend mosque five months later and approached imams and sheiks about marrying her.

The girl’s father was found guilty in a judge-alone trial in 2015 after telling police he was concerned “there was going to be a problem” if his daughter had sexual contact with a male without being married to him, against Islamic law.

So he facilitated the 12-year-old’s “marriage” to the first man who asked and felt “relief in a way” after the ceremony in his backyard on January 12, 2014. The girl and the student had sex later that day in a Nelson Bay hotel where the father said they had privacy for “their time together”.

The girl told police her father told her “Don’t use any [birth control] pills or condom or anything, don’t let him use anything” before she left for the hotel.

The court heard the Australian-born man converted to Islam at about 40 in 1996 after years in which he and his then wife “investigated various beliefs”. Their marriage ended in 2010 and the Family Court ordered the girl and other children from the marriage to live with their father.

Was that a Family Court or a Sharia Court?

The court heard the man was unemployed and had lived on disability benefits for 20 years. He had a criminal history dating back to the 1970s linked to alcohol, drug and gambling problems.

So, naturally he was the one to get custody of the children!!!???

Justice Adamson rejected the man’s evidence that his daughter wanted to marry the student only a few weeks after meeting him and he “couldn’t prevent it”.

“I reject the submission that (the girl) instigated what was proposed. She was not of an age where any sexual activity involving her was other than unlawful. (Her father) had an obligation to protect her from sexual activity rather than, as he did, facilitate and encourage it,” Justice Adamson said.

“That the applicant believed his actions were justified by his religious faith neither excused nor mitigated his offending conduct.

“He could have brought the whole series of events to an end if, at the first meeting between himself and (the student) in November 2013, he had told him that he would not contemplate any “engagement”, much less “marriage” for his daughter until she was at least 16 years old. His culpability for both counts was, in my view, very high.”

The father exploited his daughter’s vulnerability and naivety and no threats or coercion were needed, Justice Adamson said.

He “occupied a position of substantial power and influence with respect to his daughter who was led to believe that what was proposed was normal and sanctioned by the religious teachings which were part of her upbringing”.

Justice Adamson noted that Wallsend mosque imams approached by the student counselled against the marriage, not because of the girl’s age, but because of the cultural differences between a Lebanese-born man and an Australian-born girl.

One imam took the student’s message to the girl’s father.

Justice Adamson noted the girl’s mother told the father she did not agree to the “marriage” and “did not want anything to do with her getting married”. On the day of the ceremony the father phoned the mother “and told her (the girl) was going to get married no matter what and that next time she saw her she would be married”.

The father and the student were charged after the student and the girl moved to Sydney and the student tried to enrol her in a girls high school.

The student was convicted of child sexual abuse offences and sentenced to a maximum 10 years’ jail, with a minimum sentence of six years and six months. His student visa was cancelled and he will face deportation when released from jail.

Mayfield mosque imam Muhammad Tasawar, 35, pleaded guilty to the offence of solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person, was fined $500 and his religious leader visa was cancelled.

Hunter Region, NSW

Former Welsh mayor on trial over historical
child sex abuse allegations
By Jason Evans Court And Crime Reporter

A former mayor of Pembroke has gone on trial accused of sexually abusing two young girls more than a quarter of a century ago.

David Boswell is facing seven charges of sexual assault of a girl under 13, and one of rape, the offences said to have happened between February 1991 and February 1994.

The 56-year-old councillor pleaded not guilty to all the charges when he appeared in the dock of Swansea Crown Court.

Opening for the prosecution, Catherine Richards said neither of the victims had mentioned the abuse at the time - though one of them had made reference to the incidents in her teenage diaries - and it was only in adulthood that they came forward to police.

The barrister told the members of the jury that it was a case involving a factual denial by the defendant that the alleged abuse had ever taken place, and the “central issue” for them was whether the events described had happened - something they would have to consider for each of the eight charges.

The court was then shown a video interview one of the women had given to police in 2017 during which she described the abuse she suffered.

When asked by the interviewing officer how the incidents had made her feel, she said she had felt “confused” and thought it was “disgusting”.

Boswell, of Bush Street, Pembroke, denies all the charges, and the trial - which is expected to last five days - continues.

Alleged neo-Nazi admits plot to kill UK MP, police, in revenge attack following child sex accusations

A member of the banned neo-nazi group National Action. © Joel Goodman / Global Look Press

An alleged member of banned neo-Nazi group National Action has admitted to plotting to kill Labour MP Rosie Cooper with a machete. Jack Renshaw, 23, also admitted to planning to murder a police officer.

On the opening day of his trial at the Old Bailey on Tuesday, the 23-year-old pleaded guilty to preparing acts of terrorism and making threats to kill a police officer. Renshaw, of Skelmersdale in Lancashire, bought a Gladius machete with the intention to kill the West Lancashire Labour MP Rosie Cooper. He also admitted to planning the murder of police officer Victoria Henderson, who had interviewed him previously after police discovered evidence of child sex offences on his mobile phone.

Justice Robert Jay directed the jury to deliver a formal guilty verdict on the two charges. Renshaw also faces a third charge relating to his membership of the banned neo-Nazi group, however he has denied this claim.  

In 2016, then-Home Secretary Amber Rudd banned the far-right group following the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in June 2016. The group had supported the MP’s tragic slaying, which led to Rudd making membership or inviting support for the organization a criminal offence which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Jack Renshaw

The court heard that Renshaw bought the sword-like knife to kill the West Lancashire Labour MP between 5 June and 3 July last year. He made threats while in a pub in Warrington on 1 July last year, it was alleged.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC said in his opening statement that "this case concerns these defendants and their support for, involvement in and membership of the proscribed racist neo-Nazi group National Action."

He told the court that Renshaw had planned to carry out a "politically and racially motivated murder" in support of National Action, he told the court, and this was to be done "with the blessing" of his leader, Christopher Lythgoe, 32, from Warrington. Lythgoe is on trial alongside Renshaw.

Lythgoe stands accused of giving Renshaw permission to murder the Labour MP on behalf of the neo-Nazi group after reportedly saying "Don't f*** it up” when the 23-year-old announced his plans. Lythgoe has denied the charge.

As well as Renshaw and Lythgoe, four other men are also charged with membership of the banned far right group: Garron Helm, 24, of Seaforth, Merseyside; Matthew Hankinson, 24, of Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside; Andrew Clark, 33, and Michael Trubini, 35, both of Warrington. All have denied the charge.

The court was told the group had embarked on a campaign of “virulently racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic propaganda through which it sought to stir up a violent ‘race war’ against ethnic minorities and others it perceived as ‘race traitors’” since 2013. He also said that the group had attempted to recruit and radicalize young people with violent images and "hate-filled language".

Despite the ban in 2016, the defendants remained active members of the organization after it was proscribed, Atkinson told the court. The two defendants were part of the North West area branch of National Action which met at the Friar Penketh pub in Warrington, jurors heard. This was were Renshaw allegedly boasted about his plan to kill Cooper.

The prosecutor told the court that Renshaw's threat of violence was personal as well as political. He was arrested in January 2017 on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred in two anti-Semitic speeches in Blackpool and at the Yorkshire Forum for Nationalists. It was after this arrest that one of his targets, Detective Constable Victoria Henderson, interviewed him before he was released on bail.

After examining Renshaw’s phone, police also reportedly discovered what they believed to be evidence of child sex offences. He was interviewed again by DC Henderson, jurors were told.

Renshaw had also researched "cutting the jugular artery" on the internet last May, the court heard.

Atkinson told the court that "Renshaw's plan had a more sophisticated dimension in that its objective was not simply to make a political point – as he put it to kill for National Action and White Jihad – but to revenge himself on those he considered to be persecuting him and trying to send him to prison for a significant period.

"Renshaw explained that, after killing Rosie Cooper MP, he would take some people hostage and would then demand of the police when they attended that DC Henderson come to the scene,” Atkinson continued. "His plan then would be to kill that officer who was, he said, his real target."

Two boys, 11 & 12 ys/o sodomize two boys aged 4 and 6 in Kashmir
By Saqib Mugloo, Kashmir Press

Srinagar: In a shocking incident, two boys aged between 11 and 12 years sodomised two minor boys of age four and six in old city’s Tujgari Mohalla.

According to the locals, the two little boys belonging to Sheikh Colony of Tujgari Mohalla had gone to pluck apricots from the nearby Haribat fort when they were way laid by two boys aged between 11 and 12 years.

A local, a relative of one of the accused, told The Kashmir Press that the two accused were just kids and people were raising this issue unnecessarily to attract attention.

“It is just a mistake, and they should be pardoned,” he declared.

Rape is never done by mistake! There should be an investigation into the perpetrators upbringing with possible charges against their parents.

The police confirmed to The Kashmir Press that two boys were sodomised by the accused.

The police said the accused tricked the two little boys and took to them to the nearby fort.

Due to sodomy, the police said one of the two little boys was bleeding profusely and was rushed to the hospital.

 “One of the kids has been taken to the hospital and is under observation for 24 hours,” official said.

The official said the one of the victim’s father Zahoor Ahmad lodged a complaint about his child being sodomised at Nowhatta police station.

 “The accused are minors too and are at large, we have sent a police party to get them,” he said

Child sexual abuse is rarely reported in Kashmir given the sensitivity associated with it, experts blame taboo and stigma associated with it.

“It is prevalent in the society but under reported because of the conservative nature of the society,” said Dr Arif Maghribhi Khan a psychiatrist.

It is not conservatism that stops you from reporting it, but pride!

Girl, 12, abducted and raped in Newcastle, AU

A 12-year-old girl has been abducted and sexually assaulted during a five-hour ordeal in Newcastle.

The girl was walking through Hudson Park in the suburb of Adamstown Heights just after 9.15am yesterday, when she was threatened with a knife by a man who sexually assaulted her, police said.

She was then forced into a red car and driven to bushland where she was sexually assaulted for several hours before being released at Kotara Railway Station just before 2.15pm.

Police were called when she returned home and the girl was taken to John Hunter Hospital for medical examination.

A crime scene was established at Hudson Park and forensically examined while Newcastle police and the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad have commenced inquiries.

The man has been described to police as being of a solid/large build with brown hair.

Police are urging anyone who was in the Adamstown Heights area or anyone with information that may assist to contact Crime Stoppers.

Vatican to prosecute high-ranking priest on
child porn charges

ROME, (LifeSiteNews.com)The Holy See has announced that it will prosecute a priest and Vatican diplomat on child pornography charges later this month, following his arrest by Vatican police in April.

sgr. Carlo Alberto Capella was recalled from his diplomatic post in the United States last year after Vatican authorities were informed by the U.S. State Department in August that he was under investigation for having committed “a possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images,” in the words of the Holy See Press Office.

Canadian police then announced in September that they had issued an arrest warrant for Capella for accessing, possessing, and distributing child pornography, while spending time at a place of worship in Windsor, Ontario, according to the Catholic News Service.

The Holy See announced that same month that it had begun “international collaboration to obtain elements relative to the case.”

Capella will be prosecuted under a Vatican City law created in 2013 by Pope Francis that establishes that those who “distribute, divulge, transmit, import, export, offer, sell, or possess” child pornography or “distribute or divulge news or information with the purpose of the sexual exploitation of minors” may be penalized with up to 5 years in prison and tens of thousands of Euros in fines, although the penalties may be increased if there are aggravating circumstances.

The Vatican has stated that the charges against Capella do include the “aggravating circumstance” of “a large quantity” of pornography involved, which could increase the penalty to up to 12 years of imprisonment if the priest is convicted. 

Capella is currently being held in a prison cell under the supervision of the Vatican Gendarmerie, the Holy See’s police force. His indictment was made on May 30 following his arrest, and his trial is scheduled to begin on June 22, according to the Holy See.

Before his post in the United States, the career diplomat was involved with Vatican relations with Italy, and was cited for his work in establishing an agreement for fiscal cooperation between the Holy See and the Italian government.

The charges against Capella come in the wake of severe criticism of Pope Francis for defending a bishop accused of permitting the sexual abuse of minors in Chile and for failing to respond to witness testimony against the bishop. Francis recently reversed his stance and is now stating that bishops should be careful to exclude homosexuals from seminaries. 

That ought to dry up the priesthood!

UK man jailed for 11 years over ‘appalling’ sex assault
South Staffordshire

David Felton, aged 65, of Edge View Walk, Kinver, was jailed at Stafford Crown Court.

Judge John Wait, sentencing, said: “These were repeated offences against a child who was particularly vulnerable.

“There are elements of grooming, aggravated by you threatening her to keep silent.”

He described Felton’s actions as ‘an appalling breach of trust’ and sentenced him to 11 years, with a further year on licence. He will be added to the sex offenders’ register for life.

Felton was found guilty of three counts of assault on a child, following a three-day trial.

Stafford Crown Court heard that early in May 2017 Felton’s victim had become upset and told a relative of the abuse. Felton was arrested the same day and denied any offences.

Detective Constable Samantha Young, of Staffordshire Police, said: “It is the bravery of the witness in coming forward and giving her evidence which has led to Felton’s imprisonment. This was a despicable offence committed against a young, vulnerable girl.

“We will always do whatever it takes to bring offenders to justice, while ensuring victims and their families are offered the support they need.”

Anyone who has suffered sexual abuse, or suspects others may be subject to sexual abuse, is urged to contact Staffordshire Police on 101.

An NSPCC spokesman said: “Child sexual abuse causes victims unimaginable pain and suffering lasting into adulthood, but this case sends out a clear message that they will be listened to.

“This brave young girl must now get all the support she needs to help her move forward with her life, while it is vital that Felton receives treatment to lessen the risk he poses to children.”

Childline is there for young people 24/7 on 0800 1111 or www.childline.org.uk while adults concerned about a child can contact the NSPCC Helpline in confidence on 0808 800 5000.

Child sex gang which groomed girls across Oxford jailed

Of course, the Oxford Times does not point out the obvious, that all these men are Pakistani Muslims and all the victims were little, British, white girls.
Will Walker  
A 'PREDATORY and cynical' gang which groomed and sexually abused young girls across Oxford has been jailed for a total of nearly 70 years.

The depraved grooming ring was convicted at Oxford Crown Court after a five-month trial which ended in March.

Throughout the trial, which saw jurors deliberate for a record breaking 107 hours and 31 minutes over 24 days, the court heard harrowing accounts from five victims describing the abuse they suffered as a result of the exploitation.

At the sentencing hearing for six of the men today - with two more men already jailed for their part earlier this year - Judge Peter Ross described them as 'sinister' and said the girls had been made to feel 'worthless' as a result of the abuse.

He said: "The victims were all vulnerable teenagers.

"They were brought into the group, of which the defendants were part of, through flattery, making them feel a sense of belonging, and the provision of alcohol and drugs.

"And the consequence was that sexual abuse of these girls became the norm.

"It is clear that there were hundreds of episodes of sexual abuse. The impact on the victims of these offences has been shattering.

"It must be remembered that each of you in your own way played a part in destroying the lives of these young women."

At the beginning of the two-day sentencing hearing on Monday, victim personal statements summarised to the court revealed each of the girls, now women, had suffered lasting effects as a result of the abuse.

The court heard that for one of the victims the ordeal of going through the police investigation and having to face her tormentors in court had ‘re-railed if not de-railed’ her life.

Another woman developed problems sleeping and also had difficulties maintaining relationships with others.

During the initial trial which began in October last year, the court heard that the men on numerous occasions coerced the girls into sex at various addresses across Oxford including at guest houses, in cars and at local parks.

The victims, none of whom can be named for legal reasons, were all from Oxford and aged as young as 13 at the time of the offences.

The abuse, which prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC called ‘routine, cynical and predatory sexual exploitation’ all took place between 1998 and 2005.

One of the locations where the abuse took place was in a black Nissan Serena people carrier with a licence plate ending ‘SHG’. The vehicle was the scene of various instances of sexual abuse.

One of the victims said of the car: “They would pick the girls, have sex with them, and dump them. Everything happened in that Serena.”

The same woman said the men would also ‘take it in turns’ to have sex with her and gang rapes would take place after she was plied with drink and drugs.

Other locations where sex took place included at Shotover woods and laybys outside the city as well as near Oxford City FCs ground Court Place Farm.

One woman was sexually assaulted at Cronin’s B&B, Iffley Road, while others were plied with drink and drugs as part of what prosecutors called the ‘grooming process’ and took part in ‘sex parties’ at a number of Oxford addresses.

Defence barristers meanwhile took turns to offer mitigation for each of the six men today and urge the court for leniency in passing sentence.

Barrister Mark George QC, representing Assad Hussain, pointed to his upbringing as part of the Muslim community which he said ‘does have a tendency to encourage clandestine relationships’ because he was not allowed to bring girlfriends home or have sex before marriage.

He added that while in custody he has been a model prisoner, and taken it upon himself to become a ‘listener’ helping to mentor and guide other inmates.

Defence teams went on to say during the hearing that their clients were largely ‘immature’ and had been themselves young, many still in their teens, at the time of their offending and had since sought to live a crime-free and productive life.

Sentencing, Judge Peter Ross accepted that for some of the men their youth and immaturity was a factor but that each had to be given lengthy prison sentences given the severity of their crimes.

The verdicts and sentences in full:

-Assad Hussain, 37, of Iffley Road, Oxford, was convicted of two counts of indecent assault, three counts of rape and two counts of conspiracy to rape. He was cleared of one count of indecent assault. He was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum jail term of 12 years.

-Moinul Islam, 42, of Wykeham Crescent, Oxford, was convicted of two counts of indecent assault, one count of rape and one count of supplying cannabis to another. He was cleared of false imprisonment. He was jailed for 15 years and nine months.

-Kameer Iqbal, 39, of Dashwood Road, Oxford, was convicted of three count of rape. He was jailed for 12 years.

-Khalid Hussain, 38, of Ashhurst Way, Oxford, was convicted of one count of rape and count of indecent assault. He was cleared of another count of rape. He was jailed for 12 years.

-Alladitta Yousaf, 48, of Bodley Road, Oxford was convicted of one count of indecent assault. He was jailed for seven and a half years.

-Haji Khan, 38, of Littlegreen Lane, Birmingham, was cleared of one count of conspiracy to rape and one count of indecent assault. He is guilty of one count of conspiracy to rape. He was jailed for 10 years.

Aussie mother jailed for child sex abuse after falling pregnant to 12 y/o loses bid for shorter sentence

A Victorian mother jailed for child sex abuse after falling pregnant to her teenage daughter's friend has lost a bid to reduce her prison sentence.

The woman, who was 24 years older than the 12-year-old boy with whom she began a sexual relationship, was jailed in 2015 for at least three years and six months after pleading guilty to persistent sexual abuse of a child under 16.

She appealed her jail sentence and the Court of Appeal today ruled the sentencing judge had made an error, but found the mother did not deserve a shorter sentence for her crime.

Ex-scout leader jailed for historical child sexual abuse

A 72-year-old former scout leader has been jailed for eight years for historic sexual offences involving two girls.

James Desmond McNamee, of Bunneil, Lisnaskea, County Fermanagh, accepted 15 counts of indecent assault and five counts of gross indecency on Monday.

One victim was indecently assaulted on four occasions between 1976 and 1978.

There were 11 counts of indecent assault against the second victim from 1987 until 1990.

Then from 1989 and 1993, there were five offences of gross indecency.

Dungannon Crown Court heard the first victim spent time in the area of McNamee's home, and the abuse began with inappropriate touching when she was seven.

The second victim described how she suffered abuse while McNamee was her scout leader.

'Vulnerable age'

She said a "ritual" had developed where McNamee would buy sweets for her and other scouts on Saturdays.

While the others played, McNamee would take the victim into a building and force her to perform sexual acts on him.

The defence counsel told the court his client accepted the charges, sparing the victims the distress of a trial.

The counsel concluded: "It is clear the victims have suffered substantially from my client's behaviour and it is to be hoped the guilty pleas have brought some degree of closure."

Judge Stephen Fowler QC said: "This offending was profound violation of two young children, at a vulnerable age.

"I consider the impact on them as significant. This was an invasive series of sexual offences over a prolonged period of time."

He sentenced McNamee to eight years imprisonment, with the final two to be spent on supervised licence.