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3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
Give Thanks. There is more to this prayer here

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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Migrants Preying on German Girls; Teachers Preying on Students on Today's Global PnP List

German Girls Being Raped & Murdered by Migrants
and Germany's media are just waking up to it
Hugh Williamson
Director, Europe and Central Asia Division
Human Rights Watch

Messages of mourning, candles and flowers are placed by people for Susanna F., the teenager who was found dead two days ago, in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim, Germany, June 8, 2018. © 2018 Reuters

The murder of a 14-year-old girl in Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt, in late May shocked many in Germany. According to police, a 20-year-old man from Iraq, who failed in his bid to claim asylum in Germany, confessed to the crime at the weekend, just days after girl’s body was discovered.

The case has drawn particular attention because the killing of the girl, identified only as Susanna F, is one of several highly-publicized cases in recent months in which girls and women have been murdered by non-German men, some of whom arrived in the country as asylum seekers. German media outlets have focussed on these cases, having been stung by criticism that they are ignoring violent crimes by asylum seekers.

Issues around asylum, integration, and crime have been fiercely debated in Germany since the government’s humane response to Europe’s crisis in 2015.

Yet just as it is dishonest to pretend that asylum seekers are incapable of committing crime, singling out cases where the perpetrator is an asylum-seeker or Muslim risks furthering a xenophobic anti-Muslim and anti-refugee agenda. It ignores the fact that in Germany – like other countries – women and girls frequently face violence committed by abusers of all faiths and backgrounds. An estimated 22 percent of German women face violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime and 7 percent experience sexual violence perpetrated by a stranger.

In America, the number of women sexually assaulted by a stranger is about 5%. That is 2% less than Germany. I suspect if those numbers were up-to-date, we would find the difference would be even wider. 

That is 2% of all German women! If we count only those women who are through puberty, then we have about 37m women, of which 2% represents 740,000 women. Is that an acceptable number for German politicians and media?

Can we attribute those 740,000 sexual assaults by a stranger to migrants and immigrants? I really don't know. It's possible the number could be much higher as some of America's 5% are also migrant assaults. Migrants from Mexico and Central America are frequent guests on this blog on USA PnP Lists.

Germany has a right to deport foreign criminals, as long as doing so does not expose them to the risk of torture, persecution, or breach family rights. In the case of the suspect in Susanna F’s murder, Germany rightly decided to pursue the case against him in Germany rather than Iraq where he may have faced the death penalty.

Yes, because he shouldn't face the consequences of his murderous activity in the country where he learned women are objects to be raped and murdered at will. We should have mercy, as though he would actually learn to be merciful from it, and give him another chance in a few years to murder another girl. There are lots of girls in Germany, right? We can spare a few to indulge Islamic insanity.

German chancellor Angela Merkel said this week that Susanna F’s murder “shows how important it is that the people who have no permit to stay quickly receive their administrative court proceedings and can be quickly sent back home”. Safe returns following fair procedures can send a signal that the asylum system is working.

But what is most important is that Susanna F’s murderer – and all those responsible for violence against women in Germany – are brought to justice, regardless of the background of the perpetrator and victim, and that the criminal justice system is seen to be working, fairly and efficiently.

Toronto rappers among 4 men charged
after dramatic police chase

Two Toronto rappers are among the four men facing nearly 100 charges following a dramatic police car chase last month.

Casper TNG
Brothers Sharrieff Muhammad, 22, and Kareemallah Muhammad, 18, go by the stage names Casper TNG and K Money respectively, and both are facing charges related to gun violence after they were arrested following a police chase in the Regent Park neighbourhood.

Two other men — 21-year-old Shakiem Anderson and 20-year-old Harlem Baldwin — are alleged to have been in the car with them. The four altogether face 97 charges.

On Monday, May 28, a plainclothes police officer was in the Parliament St. and Dundas St. E. area when the officer spotted a vehicle containing four people who seemed to be wearing clothing in a way the officer perceived as “an attempt to disguise identity.” Another plainclothes officer reported to the scene to confirm the observation as the suspect vehicle approached the intersection of Parliament and Coatsworth Sts.

K Money
That was when one of the four in the vehicle got out and pointed a firearm north, towards traffic and pedestrians. He fired — luckily not hitting anyone, police believe — before climbing back in the car, which took off, followed by the two plainclothes officers.

More police responded, in marked and unmarked police cruisers, and sped after the vehicle. By the time the vehicle had reached the intersection of Sherbourne and Shuter Sts., it was boxed in on all sides by cruisers. Officers tried to carry out an arrest, but they say the driver of the vehicle threw the car into reverse, smashing into a cruiser and heavily damaging it. The vehicle then drove forward into a uniformed police officer, who managed to escape serious injury, and made it out of the barricade.

The chase continued into oncoming traffic, at a “high speed,” police said. The vehicle barrelled through a red light, hitting a taxi at Shuter St. and Jarvis St. before continuing up the wrong side of the road heading north on Jarvis. When it hit Dundas St. E., the vehicle collided with another taxi while making a left turn into oncoming eastbound traffic. Police said it mounted the sidewalk, narrowly missing pedestrians, and sped west.

The chase came to an end at Mutual St. The driver, attempting to make a left turn, lost control of the vehicle, and it crashed into a police cruiser and some garbage cans, leaving the vehicle disabled. The four men in the vehicle scrambled out and attempted to flee south, prompting officers to chase after them on foot.

Police later arrested four suspects and seized two firearms.

As Casper TNG and K Money, the Muhammad brothers have amassed thousands of followers on social media. Some of their music videos have surpassed millions of views on YouTube.

It’s not the first time Kareemallah Muhammad has had charges brought against him: he was charged in March in an ongoing human trafficking investigation regarding the sexual abuse, confinement and exploitation of two teenagers last November. He faces counts of assault, sexual assault, forcible confinement and failure to comply with probation.

Some of the numerous charges facing the four men following the Regent Park chase are dangerous driving, pointing a firearm, possessing a weapon for dangerous purposes, and assault with the intent to resist and endanger life.

Haiti permanently bans Oxfam following sexual misconduct claims
By Daniel Uria 

Haiti permanently banned Britain-based charity confederation Oxfam from operating in the country in response to allegations of sexual misconduct against staff during the 2010 earthquake. File Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI | License Photo

UPI -- The Haitian government Wednesday permanently banned Oxfam from operating in the country after staff were accused of sexual misconduct.

The government said the decision to ban the Britain-based charity confederation was made due to "violation of Haitian legislation and serious breach of the principle of human dignity" following the 2010 earthquake.

"The NGO is therefore declared persona non grata," said Haiti's minister of planning and external cooperation, Aviol Fleurant.

Oxfam responded to Haiti's decision by condemning the staff's behavior and offering an apology to the country.

"The behavior of some former Oxfam staff working in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake was completely unacceptable," the organization said. "We have apologized to the government and the Haitian people for what happened."

Haiti's decision to permanently ban Oxfam came after the country suspended its operations in February and Oxfam conducted an investigation into sexual misconduct involving staff members (3rd story on link).

Oxfam, which has been in Haiti since 1978 and increased its presence after the earthquake, said it would continue to work in Haiti through affiliate members from Italy, Spain, and Quebec, Canada.

Oxfam Deputy Chief Executive Penny Lawrence resigned in February, saying she was "deeply sad" and "took full responsibility" for alleged sexual misconduct by staff in Chad and Haiti.

Oxfam chief executive Mark Goldring also announced his resignation in May to allow someone else to rebuild the program following the misconduct.

Toronto man facing charges after sending child pornography to undercover cop
Chris Fox, CP24.com 

A 45-year-old man is facing a long list of charges after he allegedly sent child pornography images to an undercover cop.

The suspect was arrested on Monday after officers with the Toronto Police Service Child Exploitation Section executed a search warrant at an address near Gerrard Street and Jones Avenue.

Police began their investigation into the suspect after he allegedly placed an advertisement online suggesting a sexual interest in children.

Police allege that the suspect had online conversations with someone who he counseled to commit sexual offences on a child and also conversed online with an undercover officer in order to make arrangements to meet and commit sexual acts on a child.

Police say that it was during those conversations that the man allegedly sent images of child sexual abuse to the officer.

Mark Moore, 45, of Toronto, is charged with making child pornography, possessing child pornography, accessing child pornography, distributing child pornography, counseling someone to commit an indictable offence which was not committed and making an arrangement to commit a sexual assault.

Sexual Abuse at Canadian Schools Largely Perpetrated by Employees, Mostly Teachers
By Kelly Geraldine Malone, The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG – The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is calling for more transparency after a new report found school employees were responsible for hundreds of alleged sexual offences involving students.

“This causes a lot of damage to children when this misuse of a relationship occurs, and it can be profound,” Noni Classen, the centre’s director of education said Thursday.

“This can ruin children’s lives.”

Researchers found 750 cases of sexual offences involving at least 1,272 children were perpetrated by employees or former employees. The vast majority — 86 per cent — were certified teachers, but other staff such as educational assistants and custodians were also charged.

Most of the victims were in middle school and high school. They were primarily girls while the alleged offenders were largely men.

“It really was something where you needed to sit back and take a moment and say, ‘OK we really need to look at this. We need to question what’s being done. This is something where there can be harm to children’,” Classen said.

Researchers at the centre started to collect and analyze data following Project Spade, an international police investigation into child pornography which led to more than 400 arrests around the world. Of the 100 people arrested in Canada, Classen said 40 were teachers.

Researchers wanted to understand the scope of the problem so that they could see how to prevent future abuse.