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Friday, 22 April 2016

Seriously, Girl is Beaten Into a Coma for Wearing a Short Skirt - In Paris!

Hauts-de-Seine, France
Tours Aillaud, Hauts-de-Seine, Greater Paris
A 16-year-old girl ended up in the hospital because her outfit displeased a group of girls. Although there is no indication that the dispute has a religious basis mayor of Gennevilliers protests against this explosion of violence.

As she was quietly waiting for her tram, a 16-year-old girl was beaten-up on April 18, because of her attire in Gennevilliers, in Hauts-de-Seine, a Paris suburb.

It was 19h when a small group of teenagers approached her. They tell her about her outfit but then continue on their way. "Even if it does not result in violence, they are already under pressure," said Patrice Leclerc, the Communist mayor of the town.

Then come three girls more or less the same age. They also complain about her skirt but the tone is much more aggressive. The four young women then get on the tram when it arrives and at the next stop, the situation escalates to the point that the leader attacked the victim by pulling her by the hair and begins to beat on her.

They punched and kicked her getting more violent by the second. The final blow was a knee to her head. She collapsed to the ground. Bystanders intervene and in the shouting and confusion,  the violent group of young girls flee. Firefighters took Nadia to the hospital. There she regained consciousness after a few hours in a coma. 

Patrice Leclerc protested against this "intolerable aggression" which, according to preliminary results of the investigation would have no religious foundation. The trio was not wearing a distinctive sign and no member has mentioned religion. This is not a settling of accounts because the victim did not know her attackers who do not live in the same neighborhood.

This is hard to comprehend. Girls attacking a complete stranger for wearing what was probably a short skirt - in Paris!!!! Paris, the city of love and romance and haute couture. Were the girls Muslim? It would not appear so. Were they acting out of deference to Muslim sensitivities? Is the presence of Muslims in France affecting the clothing of non-Muslims to the degree that great violence is justified? Is this another example of European cultural suicide?

I hope we get the answers to these questions, but I won't hold my breath waiting for them.

But it was enough for the Communist mayor recalls the principles on which the Republic was formed. "Nothing justifies such violence," insists Patrice Leclerc. "If no motivation other than disagreement with the dress, was uttered. We wish to reaffirm that no motive can limit individual and collective freedom of women to dress as they wish," said the 'elected Communist mayor.

Hauts-de-Seine is a department of France. It is part of the Métropole du Grand Paris and of the Île-de-France region, and covers the western inner suburbs of Paris.