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3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Friday, 9 February 2018

Several Shocking Stories on Today's USA Perverts n Pedophiles List

42-y/o Man & 20-y/o Biological Daughter ‘Married,’ 
Had A Child, Arrested in N. Carolina

A Virginia man and his 20-year-old biological daughter “face incest charges” after having a child together, according to warrants allegedly viewed or obtained by WNCN-TV.

In 1998, Steven Walter Pladl and his then-wife (who remains anonymous) gave their daughter, Katie Pladl, up for adoption. Approximately 18 years later, Katie found her birth parents using social media. By August 2016, she was living with the couple and their other biological children in their Virginia home.

WNCN-TV reports that according to the warrants, "Steven Pladl and his wife legally separated in November 2016 and the wife moved out," and that Pladl’s wife claims her husband had begun sleeping "on the floor" in Katie’s room prior to her vacating the home.

In May 2017, the wife discovered that Steven had impregnated Katie, according to WNCN-TV. She then confronted Steven, and he admitted that he and Katie had been involved in a sexual relationship resulting in the conception of a child. He also reportedly added that he and Katie were going to be married. The wife uncovered the secret only after reading one of her children’s diary entries, the news outlet adds.

Shortly thereafter, the Pladl children were interviewed by Henrico County Child Advocacy Center. According to WNCN-TV, the kids confirmed that "they had been told" Katie was pregnant with their father’s baby.

USA Today found a July 21 Instagram post from Katie indicating that she and her biological father were "married." The first Instagram picture shows a clearly pregnant Katie Pladl.

On November 29, "Henrico County police issued warrants for the arrest of Katie and Steven Pladl." By then, the allegedly incestuous couple had moved to Knightdale, North Carolina, and had their son, who was allegedly born sometime in September 2017.

On January 27, 2018, Steven and Katie Pladl were arrested. Authorities are seeking extradition to Virginia, where the crime of incest (specifically Class 5 Felony Incest) is punishable by up to ten years in prison, according to Fox News.

Henrico County, VA

Illinois priest charged with child abuse, facing deportation won't have to register as sex offender in plea deal

An Aurora priest who was charged with sexually abusing two young girls (4th story on link) pleaded guilty Friday to a misdemeanor that does not require him to register as a sex offender.

Even if it did, he'd still face deportation to his native Colombia — one of the reasons his trial had been rescheduled so many times. Set for Feb. 20, the trial was likely about to be pushed again, according to a recent court order and the priest's lawyer.

Alfredo Pedraza Arias was sentenced to 205 days in county jail with credit for time served after his guilty plea. With credit for time already spent in jail, Arias was set to be released Saturday morning, Attorney David Camic said.

"We made this decision after a through analysis of the evidence, communication with the victims' families and assurances that the defendant would be removed from the United States," Kane County State's Attorney Joe McMahon said through a spokesman Friday afternoon.

Arias, now 51, lost his temporary religious worker visa after he was charged with sexually abusing two girls at Sacred Heart Church in Aurora and at one of the girls' homes between 2012 and 2014. Arias had previously pleaded not guilty to a five-count indictment.

On Friday, he pleaded guilty to battery, a class A misdemeanor, in a deal that explicitly does not require him to register as a sex offender, though it does put him on sex offender probation for 24 months and stipulates he would have to comply with a sex offender evaluation and treatment, if so ordered.

Kane County Circuit Judge Linda Abrahamson, who has been presiding over the case, accepted the plea. Court documents related to the deal were not available Friday, but both the State's Attorney's Office and Camic confirmed the details. Camic said he suggested a plea about a week ago, and the parties agreed on Wednesday.

Without the guilty plea, Camic said it appeared certain the trial would have been continued again "because we were about to file some additional pretrial motions."

Camic said the plea is supported by the facts in the case, and that Arias "did not commit a criminal sexual offense." Arias, who was also assigned $410 in costs, is to have no contact with either victim or their immediate family members.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman, Nicole Alberico, said in an email Friday that for operational and security reasons, the group wouldn't publicly discuss any future enforcement actions.

Immigration officials first arrested Arias at the county's St. Charles courthouse while he was free on bond after a hearing in May. An immigration judge ordered him voluntarily deported in June, and Kane County prosecutors sought a series of bail and custody orders in an effort to keep him here for trial.

The first time Abrahamson increased Arias' bail, it was posted within days, landing him back in the custody of immigration officials until the judge increased bail again. He's been back in the jail since July 28. If Immigration and Customs Enforcement doesn't pick him up first, Arias will stay with friends once he is released, Camic said.

Oregon man arrested on child sex abuse charges
LILLIAN SCHROCK Corvallis Gazette-Times 

Police have arrested a man in the United States Virgin Islands for allegedly sexually abusing a child in Benton County last year, court records show.

Officers with the Virgin Islands Police Department arrested Jason Donald Monigold on Jan. 2. On Thursday, Monigold was booked into the Benton County Jail.

An address for Monigold was not included in his court file. According to news reports by the Virgin Islands Daily News, Monigold lives on the island of Saint Thomas in the Virgin Islands

The 42-year-old man faces three counts of third-degree rape and one count each of first-degree online sexual corruption of a child, luring a minor and unlawful delivery of marijuana to a minor, according to a grand jury indictment dated Oct. 27.

On Nov. 2, a judge signed a warrant for Monigold’s arrest.

Monigold has retained Albany defense attorney Forrest Reid to represent him. Reid entered not guilty pleas to the charges on his client’s behalf.

Benton County Circuit Court Judge Locke Williams imposed $500,000 security in the case. The judge ordered Monigold not to have contact with minors should he be released from jail.

The indictment alleges that between June 1, 2016, and Aug. 30, 2017, Monigold used the internet to solicit a child under 16 to engage in sexual contact or sexually explicit conduct and took a step toward physically meeting with the child. In August 2017, Monigold had sexual intercourse with a child under 16, the indictment states.

The indictment also alleges Monigold “knew or had reason to know of the victim’s particular vulnerability, which increased the harm or threat of harm caused by the criminal conduct.”

Also in August 2017, Monigold delivered marijuana to a person under 16, according to the indictment.

Detectives with the Corvallis Police Department investigated the case. Lt. Ryan Eaton said Friday he could not comment on the case. Calls to the Virgin Islands Police Department were not immediately returned on Friday. 

Oregon coach pleads guilty to child sex abuse

A man who used to work in the Bandon School District pleaded guilty to sodomy. The district attorney said the victim was a child under the age of 12.
By: KEZI 9 News

COQUILLE, Ore. -- A former wrestling coach in Coos County pleaded guilty to a sex abuse charge involving a child under the age of 12.

The Coos County district attorney said Sean Jeffrey Haga, 32, pleaded guilty on Friday to one count of sodomy in the first degree. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison and will not be eligible for parole or early release.

The DA said the victim was a child under the age of 12.

Haga was an employee of the Bandon School District at the time of his arrest.

FBI detectives began investigating Haga in June 2016 during a child pornography case. Haga was charged with producing and distributing child porn in that case. Federal charges against Haga are still pending.

20-Year Las Vegas Police Veteran Facing
27 Counts Of Sexual Abuse Of A Minor

Bret Theil engaged in a standoff with police Wednesday night and Thursday morning after being charged with sexually assaulting a minor.
By Lucas Thomas, Patch Staff 

LAS VEGAS, NV - A 20-year Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer is in jail and facing a number of charges for alleged sexual assault against a minor. Bret Theil was indicted on the charges Wednesday and was taken into custody the following morning after a lengthy standoff with police.

Theil is currently being held at Clark County Detention Center on six charges of first-degree kidnapping of a minor, five counts of lewdness with a child under the age of 14, six charges of sexual assault against a child under the age of 14, four charges of sexual assault against a child under the age of 16, four more charges of sexual assault, and two charges of child abuse, CCDC records show. He is being held on $1 million bail and will appear in court on Feb. 14.

Theil was hired by LVMPD in August 1998. He is currently relieved of duty without pay and is expected to be fired following an concurrent investigation, an LVMPD public information officer told Patch on Friday.

After the charges were brought against Theil Wednesday, he barricaded himself near Corn Creek and was acting suicidal, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. North Las Vegas Police and the LVMPD SWAT Unit responded to the incident. The standoff ended with Theil being taken into custody around 5:30 a.m., the paper reported.

California day care owner arrested for
alleged sexual abuse of child

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (KABC) -- A 50-year-old man who is co-owner of a private day care center was arrested Wednesday by Rancho Cucamonga deputies for alleged sexual molestation of minor, and authorities fear there could be more victims.

Douglas Richard Bray was taken into custody on the 800 block of Monte Avenue after deputies responded to a Children and Family Services referral from an elementary school. Bray is listed as the legal guardian of the 9-year-old girl allegedly abused.

Bray and his wife run Bray Family Childcare, a private day care center operated from their residence, according to a news release from Rancho Cucamonga Police Department.

Bray was booked for lewd acts with a child under the age of 14 and continuous sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14. His bail was set at $250,000.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Sheriff's Department at 909-387-3615.

Oklahoma police officer accused of child sex assault
By McKenna Eubank, KTEN News

WYNNEWOOD, Okla. -- Wynnewood police reserve officer Brandon Cross has been freed on bond after being accused of sexually abusing the daughter of his fiancée.

Cross appeared in court with his attorney Friday after a warrant for his arrest was issued two days earlier. He entered a plea of not guilty.

Court documents filed on Wednesday say a minor -- identified as "BH" -- told her mother earlier this month that Cross regularly sexually abused her over the course of several months while her mother was at work.

The girl's mother told investigators that the child -- who was 13 years old when the alleged abuse began -- would hide under her bed and cry.

She was told by him if she told me, then he would kill me
and her sister, and then make her watch, then kill her.

The mother said the sexual abuse occurred every time she was away from the house at work.

BH told investigators that Cross, 36, was very controlling, and that he reportedly removed her bedroom door, and threatened to beat her and her sister.

The court documents go into great detail about Cross's alleged abuse. At one time, B.H. ran away from home and told a Davis police officer about the abuse, but according to the document:

The Davis officer did not believe her because him and Brandon were friends. That officer allegedly told BH to go home with her parents, so she did.

Following the child's allegations, Cross is facing three felony charges: Two counts of first degree rape and one count of lewd acts with a child.

We asked for a statement from Wynnewood police, but nobody was available.

Cross was freed on bond Friday with the stipulation that he has no contact with his accuser, her family, or any minor children.

Attorneys alleging mishandling of sex abuse complaints in Redlands Unified, sue another former high school teacher

By JOE NELSON | jnelson@scng.com | San Bernardino Sun

Attorneys alleging the mishandling of reports of sexual abuse by former Redlands High School teacher and convicted sex offender Kevin Patrick Kirkland have sued another former teacher, alleging he sexually abused a student.

The alleged victim, now 25, was sexually abused by former Redlands High teacher Brian Townsley in 2008 and 2009, beginning when she was 15 years old, according to the lawsuit, filed Feb. 2 in San Bernardino Superior Court. The allegations surfaced at the time Kirkland was accused of sexually abusing special needs students at the school, according to the suit.

Redlands High School math teacher and golf coach, Kevin Patrick Kirkland, arrested for allegedly having sex with student.
(Courtesy photo)

The Redlands Unified School District has a “history of failing to protect students from sexual misconduct of its staff members, teachers and employees,” according to the complaint, which names as defendants Townsley, the school district, former Redlands High School Principal Christina Rivera, former district superintendent Lori Rhodes, and district human resources director Sabine Robertson-Phillips.

Redlands Unified spokeswoman MaryRone Shell said the district had not been served with the lawsuit by Thursday, Feb. 8, and therefore declined to comment. She said Townsley worked as a teacher at Redlands High School from Sept. 1, 2004 until May 14, 2008. Townsley could not be reached for comment.

Redlands Police Department spokesman Carl Baker said the department investigated Townsley in April 2008 for suspected “annoying or molesting a minor,” a misdemeanor. The case was referred to the District Attorney’s Office, which declined to file charges, said Baker, adding that the department received no other reports on Townsley.

District Attorney’s spokesman Chris Lee said in an email Wednesday that the case was rejected due to insufficient evidence.

During police questioning in 2008, the girl denied having any sexual involvement with Townsley, contrary to what other students had told police. She told Redlands police Officer Rodney Walters she had a crush on Townsley, and wanted other people to believe that something had been going on between them, according to a police report.

Townsley, however, admitted to having a relationship with the girl, telling Walters in an interview he felt they had a “future together.” He admitted to having kissed the girl four or five times in his classroom during lunch, when the girl was 16 years old, according to Walters’ report.

Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, 28, of Redlands, was arrested on Monday, July 1, and released after posting $25,000 bail. As a result of new charges filed by prosecutors, bail was increased to $750,000 and a new arrest warrant was issued for Whitehurst. Whitehurst was arrested Tuesday July 8, 2013 without incident and taken into custody. Whitehurst is charged with 41 felony counts of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse and Oral Copulation of a Person Under 18. Courtesy photo.

Laura Whitehurst, a former Redlands High School and Citrus Valley High School teacher, was convicted in 2013 for sexually abusing three former students, one of whose child she bore.

The suit is the third brought by Manly, Stewart & Finaldi against Redlands Unified in less than five months. In September, the Irvine firm filed two suits on behalf of five former RHS students alleging school and district officials had failed to protect them and properly address complaints of sexual misconduct by Kirkland.

Police arrested Kirkland, 58, in April 2016 in Arizona. He subsequently pleaded guilty in April 2017 to molesting four female Redlands High School students between May 1, 2015, and March 12, 2016. He was sentenced June 12, 2017, to two years in prison, was granted credit for time served and released from custody the same day, court records show.

Previously, the school district paid $6 million to a former student to settle a lawsuit Manly, Stewart & Finaldi brought against the district after the student fathered a baby with former Redlands High School and Citrus Valley High School teacher Laura Whitehurst.

N. Carolina man arrested again on ‘heart-wrenching’ child sexual offense charges
BY JOE JOHNSON jjohnson@heraldsun.com

A man from Hillsborough was arrested for the second time in a month on Thursday on child-related sexual offense charges.

Curtis Alan Sisk was arrested by Orange County deputies and charged with first-degree sex offense with a child and two counts of indecent liberties with a child, according to a news release. Information that led to Sisk’s arrest came from police in Sevierville, Tennessee.

Sevierville police provided information of allegations of various belated sexual assaults, reported to have occurred in Tennessee as well as in Hillsborough between March 2003 and September 2010. Multiple victims reported the abuse, investigators said.

“All accusations of sexual abuse are concerning,” Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood said. “When they involve children victims, it is particularly heart-wrenching. I commend the victims for their bravery in coming forward to report these crimes.”

Sisk had originally been arrested by Orange County deputies on Jan. 12 on charges of taking indecent liberties with a child. He was released after posting $29,500 bail.

After Thursday’s arrest, Sisk was being held in the Orange County jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Deputies said their investigation into Sisk’s case is ongoing. Anyone with information about the Sisk cases is asked to contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 919-644-3050.

Pennsylvania man gets up to 14 years
for child sexual abuse
By Myles Snyder, ABC27 News

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A Lykens man will serve up to 14 years in prison for raping and molesting a young girl.

Toby L. Koppenhaver, 29, was ordered to serve seven to 14 years, followed by 10 years of probation, when he was sentenced this week in Dauphin County Court, according to records.

Police said Koppenhaver sexually abused the girl for four years, beginning when she was 10 years old, and indecently assaulted a second girl under the age of 13.

He pleaded guilty in November (5th story on link) to rape of a child, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with a minor, and 11 related counts.

And after all that he might be out in 7 years???!!! That's insane!!!

Multiple sex abuse victims accuse elderly
North Seattle brothers
by KOMO Staff

SEATTLE - Multiple victims have now come forward and told investigators that they were sexually abused by three elderly North Seattle brothers found living in a home filled floor-to-ceiling with child pornography, a Seattle police detective said Friday at a sentencing hearing for one of the three Emery brothers.

But King County Superior Court Judge Mary Roberts said she could sentence Thomas Emery to no more than the maximum of nine months in jail for possession of child pornography - because no charges have been filed in connection with the alleged sexual abuse.

The judge also said she had no legal authority to prevent Emery from returning to his home in a Green Lake neighborhood after his sentence is served even though a neighbor testified at the hearing that the Emery brothers had watched and tried to talk to his two preteen daughters across the fence that separates their back yards.

"I ask you to think about the neighbors in making this sentence," the neighbor said.

The judge did, however, place Emery on probation after his sentence is served and severely limited his contact with minors.

"The overall picture is really horrific," Judge Mary Roberts said. She said Thomas Emery may be less culpable than his two brothers, but he had "certain knowledge" of what was going on in the house.

Seattle police detective Danial Conine said the multiple victims who have come forward are shedding new light on the investigation into the three brothers.

"We have had victims come forward who were hands-on victims of sexual abuse from the Emery family who are actively coming forward as recently as the last couple of weeks," Detective Danial Conine said at the King County Superior Court hearing. "We very much anticipate that additional victims will come forward."

He called the investigation into the brothers "very active" and continuing. He said explicit computer search terms found on the Emery brothers' computer showed they had been actively looking for victims to molest. "This shows a willingness to actively find children which they can prey upon," Conine said.

Police said the investigation into the three brothers began last summer (6th story on link) when a relative discovered evidence of child exploitation as she was cleaning out the garage of the home her three uncles had shared for 55 years.

When Seattle police searched the home, they said they found it packed floor-to-ceiling with child pornography and children's toys and clothes - though the men have no children of their own.

A prosecutor wrote that the brothers - Edwin, Thomas and Charles Emery - each "has a sexual interest in minor children and have shared the majority of their lives sexually abusing children to whom they had access and exploiting children depicted in child pornography."

Police said the three had sexually abused female relatives and that the abuse stretched back to when the brothers were young boys.

Edwin Emery was earlier sentenced to nine months in jail on the same two child pornography counts as his brother Thomas.

Charges have been dropped against the eldest brother, 82-year-old Charles Emery, after a Superior Court judge ruled that he is mentally ill with dementia (5th story on link) and lacks the capacity to understand the proceedings and assist in his own defense. Now that charges have been dismissed against him, the process now will begin to civilly commit him.