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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Investigating The Trade in Child Rape & Torture aka Child Pornography Part 2

Lori Handrahan
Maine's Publicy Protected Pedophile/Porn Ring

From the blog of Lori Handrahan

Maine: Governor LePage & 
Attorney General Janet Mills

On 20 February 2015, Maine’s Governor, Paul LePage, issued an Executive Order prohibiting Maine state employees from accessing pornographic or sexually explicit material on both state computers or devices even when they were off-duty on personal time.

To my knowledge, it is the first executive order of its kind and Governor LePage is to be congratulated. It is highly likely Governor LePage issued this executive order, in part, out of frustration for prosecutorial discretion and misconduct in Maine, which is extensive.

Governor LePage (R) has been waging a public battle with Maine’s AG, Janet Mills (D). Maine is the only state in the country where the attorney general is neither elected by the general population nor appointed by the governor. In Maine, the AG is elected, solely, by the state representatives. This is a huge problem in that it enables and protects massive state-level corruption among state legislatures who are protected against prosecution for their crimes under “prosecutorial discretion” by the AG they elected to office.

Maine’s Governor, Paul LePage
The structure is essentially a legalized protection racket for Maine politicians. It is a structure that has been working very well for Maine Democrats who have controlled Maine politics, more or less, for the past three or four decades.

However, in 2011, in a protest vote, Mainers elected Republicans across the state, including Governor Paul LePage. Janet Mills lost her position as AG because the state legislature went Republican. Bill Schneider was voted in as attorney general. In 2013 the state legislature returned to a Democratic majority and voted in, again, Janet Mills to be attorney general. The war between Mills and LePage began.

I must note, I have a personal connection to Janet Mills. Not only did she grow up in my very small, rural home town of Farmington, Maine, where my father was a history professor at the University of Maine (UMF) and a very active member of the Democratic Party, but Janet’s mother, Kay Mills, was one of my favorite teachers at Mt. Blue High School. Kay Mills was absolutely wonderful. I do not know what happened to her daughter.

Maine’s AG, Janet Mills
In addition to a childhood connection with both Janet Mills and her mother, later, in my adult life, it was Janet Mills, in her capacity as attorney general in 2009, who made the trafficking and abuse of my daughter possible. In December of 2009 Janet Mills, as AG, ordered DHHS senior officials to cancel meetings around the confirmed sex abuse of my then two year old daughter with both me and my attorney Bill Harwood of Verrill Dana law firm in Portland, Maine.

Janet Mills, as AG, then, I have been told, engaged in a prolonged email argument with Bonnie Titcomb Lewis, a former Maine state Democratic Party heavy-weight, and Lucky Hollander, a senior DHHS employee about my daughter’s rape and abuse and defended her actions to halt Child Protection from protecting my daughter. Janet Mills is alleged to have said, in writing, that Child Protection was to “take no action to protect this child no matter what happened because “a judge was going to handle this one.”

Talk about prosecutorial discretion and misconduct.

Janet Mills’ actions constitute extremely serious obstruction of justice. Imagine. An AG who not only refuses to prosecute child sex abuse but also intervenes in a child protection investigation for the confirmed rape of a two year old girl by her father, taking action to protect the rapist and not the child?

Janet Mills should be behind bars, not re-elected by Maine state Democratic politicians to the AG’s office. But she was. Party politics above all else. Right?

Governor LePage is very well aware of the details of my daughter’s case and Janet Mills’ role. It is likely actions like these by Janet Mills that have prompted Governor LePage to issue this recent executive order. Surely there are more children Janet Mills has, literally, helped to traffick into sex abuse. My daughter cannot be the only one.

Governor LePage is also well aware, as are most people in Maine, that child sex abuse by state employees has been protected by corrupt prosecutors and cops for far too long. AG Janet Mills is the top prosecutor refusing to prosecute. She is the boss of every District Attorney (DA) in the state. Public knowledge, even of many reports and rumors of institutional child sex abuse, is useless when prosecutorial discretion is invoked.

Next Steps for Governor LePage

Governor Paul LePage does not have the power of prosecution. He does have the power of Executive Order over his Executive Branch. His executive order is a powerful first step. But it is only a first step.

Now, investigations and prosecutions of all Maine state employees trading in child sex abuse on government computers must follow. Swiftly. How will Governor LePage accomplish this if the top prosecutor in the state is protecting child rapists and enabling the trafficking children like my daughter?

First, Governor LePage will need the assistance of good, clean federal investigators outside of Maine and outside of New England. It’s now public knowledge that the Boston FBI protected and enabled Whitey Bulger for decades. Maine does not have a real FBI office. Maine’s FBI is only a remote outpost for Boston. Boston calls the shots in Maine, still, even though Maine separated from Massachusetts in 1820.

Second, Governor LePage will need to request that trusted, clean, federal law enforcement in Washington, D.C. investigate Maine state computer servers and IP addresses for child sex abuse images/videos, etc.

Third, a Triage List must be composed of which state agencies are investigated and prosecuted.

Triage in Maine

First, on the triage list for outside federal investigation must be every prosecutor in Janet Mills office, including Mills herself, and every District Attorney and their staff. All Maine judges and court staff should also be included.

Second, all Department of Health and Human Service (DHHS) employees, particularly those working in Child Protection, be investigated immediately. It is widely rumored former Child Protection Director Dan Despard, fired over his role in my daughter’s case but not yet investigated and prosecuted, is, and has been, key in Maine’s child sex abuse ring.

In 2001, Senior Child Protection staffer Cynthia Wellman claimed University of Maine Orono (UMO) professors were sexually abusing children, along with Child Protection Staff, on UMO’s campus. Maine’s prosecutors refused to prosecute and law enforcement refused to open a criminal investigation. It is suspected that Dan Despard was one of the Maine state employees Cynthia Wellman named. He needs to be investigated.

Third, every single Maine state employed law enforcement official must be investigated, starting with Lt. Glenn Lang, Maine Computer Crimes Director. Again, it is common public rumor in Maine that local and state police have been running a child sex abuse ring for a long time now. Cole Farms and former Maine State Police Chief Demers are only the bits of the slip that escaped under the skirt. Multiple sources have told me it is “open knowledge” that South Portland’s former Police Chief Robert Schwartz “was raping little boys in the woods for decades.” Schwartz is now Executive Director of Maine Police Chief Association. These rumors must be investigated.

Lighthouses & Lobster Rolls

Maine is not all lighthouses and lobster rolls. Maine is a key supplier (thanks to a legalized structure of corruption and an abdication of key checks and balances fundamental to a rule of law) of children to abuse for the national and global child sex abuse industry.

Prosecutorial discretion is a dirty term in America’s broken legal system. In Maine the phrase takes on even darker connotations — prosecutorial discretion and misconduct centers on the trade in child rape and torture on the internet and cell phones, otherwise known as child porn.

My daughter and I are victims of this crime. Maine’s top prosecutor, Janet Mills, is directly responsible. God willing, Governor LePage has just issued a shot across the bow to Maine state employees engaged in the trade in child sex abuse. If he is able to take appropriate next steps to give his executive order teeth, this could be a game-changer in the history of Maine and in the lives of many children who are being raped and destroyed each and every day in Maine.

Changing the way child porn is investigated and prosecuted is an urgent need, as the Canadians have identified. Perhaps Governor LePage’s new executive order will trigger the start of a much-needed shift in American policy and procedure regarding the crime of government employees trading in child rape and torture, aka child pornography.

As goes Maine, so goes the nation. We hope and pray.

Dr. Lori Handrahan’s forthcoming book Child Porn Nation: America’s Hidden National Security Risk details America’s child sex abuse epidemic. Her Ph.D. is from The London School of Economics. She can be reached on Twitter @LoriHandrahan2