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Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
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Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

1 Story from Samoa, Rest from UK & Ireland on Today's Global PnP List

“Horrendous tale of sexual abuse”
By Deidre Tautua-Fanene

Court House Mulinuu

Samoa - A shocking incestuous relationship, which started with rape, and one where a father and daughter went on to have three children and a fourth who was aborted, has been described as a “horrendous tragic tale of sexual abuse”.

The description comes from Supreme Court Justice Vui Clarence Nelson who jailed the 63-year-old man for 21 years yesterday. 

The man whose name has been suppressed to protect the victim and their children was convicted of one count of rape and 11 counts of incest. In issuing the suppression order, Justice Vui said this extended to all forms of social media including Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook. More charges could have been filed, the Court heard.

“This incident is a horrendous tragic tale of sexual abuse of a young girl where the defendant seems to treat her as his play thing,” Justice Vui said. He expressed disbelief at “how a father could do this to his own flesh and blood and then produce children from his own daughter”.

Justice Vui said this sort of behavior was culturally unacceptable and it was also against the law. “It is also deeply disturbing that such abuse was tolerated apparently by the family of this young girl for so long,” Justice Vui said.

“They seem to be more concerned with their own reputation but not the welfare and well-being of the victim and the children that were born into this world as a result of this sickening behaviour." “If incest is to be eradicated in our community, this culture of silence must end. If those who know of such ignorance do not speak, who then speaks for those too afraid, too ashamed and humiliated to speak for themselves?"

“It is often said that ‘in order for evil to flourish it is only sufficient that good men do nothing.’ This is a classic case of this kind of behavior being permitted to continue while the family stood by silently.”

According to the complainant’s statement to the police, the rape occurred between 31st May, 2009 and 1st January, 2010 while the complainant was just 17 years old. “This is the first occasion in which the defendant and the complainant engaged in sexual intercourse,” said Justice Vui.

“On the night in question, the defendant came home drunk and calls her to come into his bed. As duty of all daughters she complied and sat on his bed.” He raped her and she cried, saying it was painful. “Despite this, the defendant continues with his action culminating into a full sexual intercourse over the protest of the young girl,” said Justice Vui.

“Afterwards he told her not to tell anyone about what had happened especially to her brothers. The victim at the time had no mother because the mother had passed away in 2006.

“From then on, it seems that this became a regular occurrence during 2009 and 2010. The defendant will come home drunk late at night and have sex with her.  She told police that eventually she went past the point of resisting him.

“In 2009, she felt pregnant to the defendant and had their first child in 2010. When confronted by her brothers, she confessed to them that the defendant was the father of her baby.” The defendant denied it when he was confronted.

According to the victim’s statement, a conflict occurred which led to one of the uncles banishing the defendant and his family from their family land. They then relocated to the village of the complainant’s natural mother.

 “The defendant’s behavior did not cease and continued through 2010, 2011 and in 2012 the girl again became pregnant. “The family again relocated to another village where the complainant had her second child in 2013. After this birth, the family then moved to Falelauniu to the land of an uncle who is a Pastor.

“The girl became pregnant for the third time and had her third child in 2015. The complainant told the police there was another child after that, a forth pregnancy but she aborted the baby because she wanted this to end."

“In 2016, the girl took a husband hoping that this will deter the defendant. She says this caused her father much displeasure and anger.”

But her father came to her again on the night of February 2017 where they had sexual intercourse for the last time while her husband was at work. “This however, led to a family meeting but still the defendant was persistent in his denials.” The matter was eventually reported to the Police.

According to the pre-sentence report, the defendant denied all the allegations against him. “In that report he tries to blame his counsel for his guilty plea,” said Justice Vui. “He said that he is innocent from all the allegations. I have difficulties in accepting that.”

Alleged victim of child sex abuse says
former boyfriend 'did not believe me'
Carl Eve Crime Reporter

A jury has heard how an alleged victim of childhood sexual abuse revealed the offences to a previous boyfriend – but he did not believe her.

David Roy Peters, age 62, faces trial at Plymouth Crown Court where he is accused of 12 charges which cover a period between 1979 and 1988.

Peters, of Austin Avenue, North Prospect, has denied four counts of gross indecency with a child and eight of indecently assaulting a child.

The jury was shown a video interview with the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, where she documented a number of alleged indecent assaults. She said Peters would take opportunities to show his privates to her before warning her not to tell anyone as she would not be believed.

She said that years later she revealed the alleged abuse to a long-term boyfriend whose response she claimed was “at least it’s not happening now”. When she revealed the alleged abuse to her current partner, he instantly accepted her word and supported her through the disclosure process.

She said she told her new partner before disclosing the alleged abuse to a counsellor she was seeing in relation to her slow recovery following a difficult surgical operation.

Plymouth Crown Court

She explained during her police interview that this counsellor initially helped her, but when the sessions came to an end, she could only afford a few more sessions. She noted how she had the offer of more counselling but was told the waiting list meant she could not be seen for a year.

The woman – who was herself now a mother – took the stand to give her testimony, refusing to have screens put in place between her and Peters. When asked by defence barrister Deni Matthews about why she did not disclose the abuse when she was younger, she replied: “It was never that easy.

Her current partner took the stand to explain how he was asked by the woman to deliver and read out a letter written to Peters, which accused him of abusing her when she was younger. The partner said he noted that as he read it out to Peters, as per his partner's instructions, Peters “faded away, he seemed to get smaller”.

A statement from her counsellor was read out to the jury noting how she disclosed to him during one session that she had been abused by Peters when she was younger. The counsellor noted how on April 23, 2015 she then texted him a more detailed explanation of the alleged abuse because “she found it too difficult to disclose it in my presence”.

The woman’s former partner also took the stand, recalling how the woman had previously revealed to him she had been abused by Peters when she was younger.

He said: “She took me to one side and said [Peters] molested me”. He explained: “I don’t know why she came out with it. It was well into our relationship. “It all came back to me when I was being interviewed by the police. I still couldn’t believe it at the time.”

When asked by Mr Matthews on behalf of Peters if he believed the woman, the former partner replied: “No”.

Det Con Dave Godfrey, the investigating officer took the stand and read sections from his interview with Peters.

He said Peters admitted he “can’t read or write all that well” but denied the woman’s current partner had read him any letter from her and repeatedly said “it’s all lies”.

When asked by Det Con Godfrey why the woman claimed Peter’s had indecently assaulted her, Peter’s replied “No way, never happened, never happened, that’s a lot of rubbish, it never happened".

Methinks he doth protest too much!

The trial continues.

Former Irish Times journalist jailed for over two years for child sexual abuse
James Wilson  

Former Irish Times journalist Tom Humphries has seen sentenced to two and a half years behind bars after he was convicted of grooming and then sexually abusing a teenage girl (3rd story on link).

The 54-year-old sports journalist sent his then 14-year-old victim 16,000 text messages in a three month period. What started out as mere encouragement about her life and performance on the camogie team he coached soon became sexual in nature. 

The texting then progressed to sexual acts and it was the memory of these encounters in 2011 the victim told the court left her feeling “physically sick”, mentally ill and caused her to miss school as a consequence.

“I lost my trust in men. The loss of my childhood came with the ordeal of having to deal with the police, counselors, solicitors and social workers,” she continued.

Humphries, who was taken three weeks ago to the Midlands Prison at his own request, was today moved to Mountjoy in Dublin. It’s likely however that will not be where he lives out most of his jail time as most sex offenders are moved to Arbour Hill Prison for their own safety.

In sentencing him Judge Karen O’Connor said that the seriousness of the offences merited the “headline sentence” of four years but she had decided against a custodial sentence of that length due to mitigating factors.

She said she had taken into account Humphries’ very public fall from grace due to what she called his “high profile”, his guilty plea and character references from family, a fellow journalist and the well-known hurler, Dónal Óg Cusack.

The aggravating factors she had taken into account, however, were the age disparity between Humphries and his victim as well as his “position” of authority over her.

The perceived shortness of the sentence led to a backlash on social media with others taking aim an Irish Times profile of the man they judged far too complimentary.

12 men appear at Sheffield Magistrates' Court accused of 44 historical child sex offences

12 men appeared at Sheffield Magistrates' Court this morning, accused of 44 sexual offences that are alleged to have taken place between 1998 and 2003.

Salah Ahmed El-Hakam, 38, arrives at Sheffield Magistrates' Court. Picture: Tom Maddick 

The men, all aged between 33 and 38 appeared in court charged with 44 child sexual abuse offences including rape, indecent assault, supply of controlled drugs and false imprisonment as part of the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) Operation Stovewood.

Iqlak Yousaf, 33, arrives at Sheffield Magistrates' Court.
Picture: Tom Maddick 

Below is a list of the defendants, and the charges they face:

- Salah Ahmed El-Hakam, 38, of Tudor Close, Darnall, Sheffield: rape of a girl aged under 16.

- Mohammed Ashan, 33, of Leyland, Lancashire: two counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; two of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

- Mohammed Imran Akhtar, 36, of East Road, Rotherham: four counts of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16, supplying a Class B drug, rape of a girl aged under 16, aiding and abetting rape of a girl aged under 16, sexual touching of a girl aged 13 or over, and procuring a female under 21 for unlawful sexual intercourse.

- Tanweer Ali, 36, of Godstone Road, Rotherham: two counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; two of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16, one of false imprisonment.

- Aftab Hussain, 38, of York Road, Rotherham: three counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; two of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16; one of detaining a child to keep her from a person having lawful control.

- Sharaz Hussain, 33, of Fitzwilliam Road, Rotherham: indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

- Nabeel Kurshid, 34, of Warwick Street, Rotherham: two counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; one of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

Aftab Hussain, 38, arrives at Sheffield Magistrates' Court.
Picture: Tom Maddick.

- Masaeud Malik: indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

- Amjal Rafiq, 38, of Warwick Street, Rotherham: indecent assault of a girl aged under 16 and false imprisonment.

- Abid Saddiq, 36, of Walter Street, Rotherham : four counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; five of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

- Iqlak Yousaf, 33, of Tooker Road, Rotherham: two counts of rape of a girl aged under 16; one of indecent assault of a girl aged under 16.

Sharaz Hussain, 33, arrives at Sheffield Magistrates' Court.
Picture: Tom Maddick

 - Waseem Khaliq, 33, of Wetherby: rape of a girl aged under 16.

The offences relate to the sexual abuse of eight girls under the age of 16, in the Rotherham area, over a five year period which runs from 1998 to 2003.

Nine of the men, all from the Rotherham area, appeared before Sheffield District Judge Naomi Redhouse and were granted bail.

Mohammed Ashan, 33, Masaeud Malik, 33 and Waseem Khaliq, 33, appeared via video link and were remanded in custody.

Operation Stovewood is the NCA’s investigation into non-familial child sexual exploitation and abuse in Rotherham between 1997-2013.

Senior Investigating Officer, Paul Williamson said of the ongoing investigation: “We have now charged 21 men with over 94 child sexual abuse offences and expect this number to increase as more victims come forward.

Officers are investigating more than 80 suspects and with the support of partner agencies, are currently engaging with 235 victims.

“Our focus is to bring lasting and worthwhile benefits for victims, helping to build better futures. We will listen to their accounts and investigate allegations made to identify and bring offenders to justice.

This focus has not wavered and we, along with our partners will persist in our efforts to make Rotherham a hostile environment for child sex offenders”.

Kettering man jailed for string of child sex offences

A Kettering man has been jailed for four years after being convicted of a string of child sex offences.

Andrew Desborough, 44, was found guilty at Northampton Crown Court of seven counts of indecent assault against a child.

The court was told the offences were committed in the early 1990s and only came to light two decades later.

DC Mark Allbright from Northamptonshire Police’s child protection team said he welcomed the sentence handed down by the judge.

He said: “These offences came to light many years after they happened but we are pleased to have secured this conviction and potentially protected further vulnerable victims from harm.

“I hope today’s result gives the victim some comfort and I’d like to commend their bravery in coming forward.

“Northamptonshire Police takes all allegations of sexual abuse, non-recent or otherwise, very seriously and we would urge anyone with any concerns to contact us on Northamptonshire Police on 101.”

Man jailed for 18 years over child sex abuse

A man who fled during a trial at which he was convicted of child sex abuse has been jailed for 18 years at Ipswich Crown Court
Ipswich Crown Court

David Gosling, 68, formerly of Clare and now living in Manchester, was arrested on Friday, October 20, in northern Wales and was brought back to Suffolk to be sentenced today (Tuesday).

The jury found Gosling guilty of six offences committed 40 years ago but cleared him of three other offences alleged to have been at the same time.

The court heard Gosling repeatedly subjected a young boy to sexual assaults including forcing him to perform a sexual act and indecent touching.

Prosecutor David Wilson told last week’s trial Gosling, who at the time was aged in his late 20s, had taken advantage of the boy, who was unsure whether what was taking place was wrong.

Gosling, who had denied all the offences, was found guilty of two serious sexual offences, three of indecency with a child and one of indecently assaulting a male. He was found not guilty of three further alleged offences of indecency with a child.

While the jury were deliberating, Gosling fled from Ipswich Crown Court but was arrested the following day in the north of Wales.

Sentencing him, Judge Martyn Levett told Gosling he had left his victim struggling with a ‘tortured life’.

Judge Levett said that in a victim impact statement, the boy said his whole life had been affected including not achieving well at school, suffering nightmares and having anger issues and low self esteem.

Jailing Gosling for a total of 18 years, two thirds of which he will have to spend behind bars before he can apply for parole, Judge Levett said the offending had been ‘quite scandalous’.

In addition, Gosling was made the subject of a one year extended licence period when he is released from jail and told he must sign the sexual offences register for life.

He is also banned from ever working with children.

Primary school head 'silenced' over governor sex doll investigation

A head teacher was "forbidden" by the Catholic church from telling parents a school governor was being investigated over a sex doll, the BBC has been told.

David Turner, of Ramsgate, Kent, was jailed last month after he admitted importing a child sex doll.

Parents say it was nine months after Turner's arrest that St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary in Ramsgate told them he had been investigated.

The school and the Archdiocese of Southwark have declined to comment.

Turner was arrested in November 2016, charged in April and went on to appear in court in June - but parents said they were only alerted by the school in August.

Turner, who also served as a church warden at St Ethelbert's Church, Ramsgate, the church linked to the school, had also admitted downloading 34,000 images of child sexual abuse.

Parents said they approached head teacher John Letts for answers, but Mr Letts, who is also a safeguarding representative for St Ethelbert's Church, told them the archdiocese had stopped him telling them sooner.

One mother, who has not been named, told the BBC the whole incident had been "silenced" and said: "To me, the church doesn't have that right."

Another parent wrote on social media: "School have been forbidden by the diocese to release a statement...it's horrendous."

David Turner admitted importing the child sex doll which he dressed himself

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay said the situation was appalling.

"The school could have behaved better," he said.

"They could have had a public meeting within the school with parents to actually explain the measures that they are undertaking in terms of safeguarding issues and general safety."

The BBC has also discovered Turner stole photos of pupils from the school.

The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed Turner removed photos - of events such as dressing up days and held legitimately by the school - without permission.

One parent, Emily Davies, said she had no choice but to remove her daughter from St Ethelbert's.

She said: "The school should have made a statement straight away. The parents should have been all completely reassured.

"I should not be having to find out the information by myself, about what might have happened or could have happened to my daughter."

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