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Thursday, 12 October 2017

16 Stories, Some Hardly Believable on Today's USA PnP List

Monster, bogeyman, pastor, child carers, Nicki Minaj's brother, AirBnB, airman, lawyer, HoJo's, 180 possible victims - lots of perverts and pedophiles

1 daycare worker surrenders, 2 arrested after sex toy incident at child care centre
By Alley Wilson
Multimedia Producer Global News

One Arizona daycare worker has surrendered to police, while two others were arrested, after video surfaced of the staff members playing with a sex toy on Oct. 9 and letting the children under their care touch the object.

Det. Seth Taylor told Global News that Gabriella Del Carmen Garci, 25, surrendered on Wednesday.

She’s facing four counts of “furnishing harmful items to minors,” after video showed a daycare worker committing acts with a sex toy, according to officials.

From L to R: Janae Peterson (21). Gabriella Del Carmen Garcia (25), Fatina Saywer (24)

Fatina Saywer, 24, was arrested after police went to her mother’s home. Her mother told officials her daughter was one of the staff members involved in the incident.

Pending charges for Saywer include one count of furnishing harmful items to minors, one count of luring a minor for sexual exploitation and one count of sexual exploitation of a minor.

In a press release by the Chandler Police Department, officials said they were contacted on Monday after a “disturbing video” involving daycare workers and children was seen on social media.

According to NBC affiliate, KPNX, the incident was recorded and uploaded to the popular social media app, Snapchat.

“The reporting person was a third-party who saw the video…detectives from the Department’s Special Victim’s Unit (SVU) have identified the woman in the video committing the acts with the sex toy,” the statement read.

In the video, multiple staff members could be seen handling the plastic phallic sex toy, and even allowing a young boy to play with the item as well.

Parents said they were livid by what happened.

“What makes you think that’s all right to do?” said one parent during an interview to KPNX. Another parent said she thought the teachers should be charged. “They should definitely go to jail and be prosecuted,” the woman said.

According to azcentral.com, the child care centre, SuperKids day care, released a statement reading in part:

“It has been brought to our attention that some teachers behaved inappropriately yesterday at our child care center. We immediately contacted the police and state authorities about this incident…the teachers involved in this incident have been terminated effective immediately…we will take appropriate measures that this type of incident won’t happen again in the future.”

The Chandler Police Department arrested Janae Peterson, 21, on Oct. 10 for failure to report after she was identified as watching two of her co-workers play with the sex toy in the video. Peterson has since been released.

Florida Airbnb host hid cameras, mics in
vacation rental: police
By Jenny Rodrigues
Multimedia Producer Global News

A Florida man has been arrested and charged with one count of voyeurism after his Airbnb tenants discovered a camera above the bed hidden in a smoke detector last month.

Authorities from the Longboat Key Police Department said homeowner Wayne Natt, 56, admitted to rigging up the camera system with the intent to film consensual sex parties.

“[Natt] says that everyone videoed had knowledge he was videoing them,” said Lt. Bob Bourque to NBC-affiliate WESH. “What we said to that was, ‘If people are consenting to recording sexual activity, why is it hidden in a smoke alarm?’ He said it was for recording sexual activity.”

Derek Starnes and his wife Jennifer weren’t aware of the recording devices until Starnes noticed the black dot on the smoke detector. He opened it up and found the camera and microphone, then reported it to police.

According to NBC-affiliate WFLA, Natt claims the cameras were not activated when his home was occupied by tenants.

An Indiana couple discovered that the Airbnb rental they were staying in had hidden cameras installed, including one over the bed.
Longboat Key Police Dept.

ABC Action News reported that the smoke detector camera was not only recording the Indiana couple, but streaming live video.

“My wife and I are distressed by this situation. I hope more victims will come forward,” said Starnes.

“We seized a lot of computer storage devices, hard drives, computers, laptops, SD cards – anything that would store data,” said Borque. “We don’t know if there are local victims. Someone who may have been dating him or a companion that doesn’t realize they are being videotaped, and then we have the other side of who he rented through Airbnb.”

Police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the people on the tapes, which date as far back as 2008.

“Who knows what [the footage] is being used for, so it’s very concerning,” said Borque.

An Airbnb spokesperson said that they are cooperating with the investigation.

“We are outraged at the reports of what happened; as soon as we were made aware, we permanently banned this individual from our community and fully supported the affected guests. Our team has reached out to local law enforcement to aid them with their investigation of this egregious offense and we hope justice is served. We take privacy issues extremely seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy against this behaviour.”

Police said Natt has been released on bond but could be facing more charges as the investigation continues.

Springfield man arrested after allegations of sexual abuse involving 7 children
by Christine VanTimmeren

SPRINGFIELD, Mich. - A 62-year old Calhoun County man is in jail accused of sexually abusing seven children ages 12 and under.

Calhoun County Sheriff Deputies found out about the alleged abuse in October, but investigators believe it's been going on for years at a home in Springfield.

Seven siblings revealed to investigators that they had been sexually abused for several years, but they were told not to tell anyone.

Calhoun County Sheriff Sgt. Kevin Callahan said, “A lot of anxiety in the children themselves. So for them to be able to, it speaks volumes about the interviewers and their ability to make the children comfortable enough to actually tell what happened.”

As a result of those interviews, Calhoun County detectives arrested a 62-year-old man and searched three different locations; His home, a business, and a storage unit in Pennfield.

Callahan said alleged pornographic material was showed to the children and detectives suspect that material will be found in electronics.

He said, “A lot of computer hardware located at the residence. Hard drives, thumb drives, towers, laptops.”

At this time the parents of the children are not facing charges and it is not clear what if any knowledge they had of the alleged abuse.

Callahan said one of the children told a grandparent what was going on and that grandparent went to Child Protective Services, who contacted the Calhoun County Sheriff's office.

The 62-year-old man faces numerous charges including criminal sexual conduct in the first and second degree and additional charges are expected as the investigation continues. He is expected to be arraigned on October 13.

Callahan says cases like this are extremely difficult for detectives. He said, “Most officers have children and when you dig into these types of cases, it breaks your heart.”

Ellsworth airman guilty of child sexual offenses
Tiffany Tan Journal staff  

South Dakota: An Ellsworth airman was convicted of child sexual offenses Thursday afternoon and could be penalized with dishonorable discharge and lengthy prison time.

Staff Sgt. Jason Cherry, of the 28th Communications Squadron, was found guilty in a military trial of sexual assault and sexual abuse of a child, Ellsworth Air Force Base’s public affairs office said in response to a Journal inquiry.

Cherry’s criminal charges carried four specifications of the offenses, according to a document provided by the public affairs office. It states he committed “lewd” and “sexual” acts against an underage female between November 2013 and December 2015.

During the earliest instance cited, the girl was younger than 12; in the most recent, she was younger than 16. The offenses occurred at or near Ellsworth air base and Whiteman air base in Missouri, according to the document.

Cherry’s general court-martial, held at Ellsworth, started Tuesday. Its eight-member panel, comparable to a jury in civilian court, began deliberating around 12:30 p.m. Thursday, said Ellsworth spokesman Tech. Sgt. Michael Longoria. The verdict was reached some four hours later.

Cherry's sentence will be announced today, Longoria said.

He faces the following maximum penalties: dishonorable discharge, up to 30 years in prison for sexual assault and up to 20 years in prison for sexual abuse.

44-year-old Arlington sex offender sentenced to 35 years in prison on child predator charges

SEATTLE — A 44-year-old Arlington man was sentenced to 35 years in prison Thursday for possessing, distributing and attempting to produce images of child rape and molestation.

Raymond Earl Devore, who is a registered sex offender with multiple prior convictions, was sentenced in federal court in Seattle.

U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Zilly said Devore qualified for the 35-year mandatory minimum sentence because of his prior convictions.

You weren’t just surfing the internet for child pornography,” Zilly said, “you were really a predator, obsessed with connecting with young teens.”

According to court records, in January 2015 law enforcement learned that Devore — who was living at a home for sex offenders under the supervision of the Washington Department of Corrections — had been sending text messages to a young teen in Oregon. Investigators seized Devore’s phone and discovered hundreds of images of child molestation and rape.

The investigation also revealed that Devore used a messaging app to communicate with 87 different people, many of woman indicated they were teenagers. “Devore had sexually explicit discussions with two young teenage girls, preying on them after learning they had been victims of sexual abuse,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a news release.

 San Antonia area man accused of sexually assaulting 5 foster children took in 180+ girls
By Caleb Downs / San Antonio Express-News

A Medina County man accused of sexually assaulting five former foster children, including several in Bexar County, took in more than 180 young girls over a five-year period, officials said. That leads investigators to believe there could be numerous other victims who have yet to come forward.

“It’s not a question about whether there are more,” Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown said. “It’s just about how many.”

One additional victim has already come forward since news broke Wednesday of 58-year-old Miguel Briseno’s arrest, Brown said, bringing the unofficial total to six victims. A charge has not been filed yet in the sixth case.

Briseno, who is currently being held in the Medina County Jail with bail set at $500,000, was a licensed foster parent from 2005 through 2010, Brown said. During that time, he lived in both Bexar and Medina counties.

Over the course of the five years, more than 180 girls passed through his care, Brown said. At various times, Briseno was reportedly taking care of up to 12 girls at once.

Brown said Child Protective Services contracted with a third-party company, who has not yet been publicly identified, to place the girls in Briseno’s home.

Representatives of Child Protective Services did not immediately have a comment on the relationship with the company.

“Those girls were taken from some environment and then you have some jackass like him abusing these girls that already have troubles,” Brown said. “I’m aggravated at the whole system. I’m aggravated at the company that placed these girls. It was a money-making deal, the way they were running those girls through there like livestock. It wasn’t about making a better world for them. They were making a profit off them.”

So was Briseno. I'm sure he was paid many thousands of dollars while he was sexually assaulting them. Incredible!

The investigators’ next step is identifying the dozens of remaining girls who were ever in Briseno’s care. “We don’t know where they’re at,” Brown said.

“If you’ve stayed at that house, if you were a foster child (in Briseno’s care), please contact us,” he said. “Whether you feel something inappropriate happened or not, we’d still like to talk to you.”

Those who wish to reach out are asked to call 210-335-8477.

Two of the charges against Briseno are out of Medina County, and the remaining three originated in Bexar County. Brown said Briseno first became a foster parent while living in Von Ormy and later moved to Devine in Medina County.

All of Briseno’s reported victims were teenagers at the time of the alleged abuse. They’re now in their 20s.

Wednesday’s arrest was not the first time Briseno has been arrested on child sex abuse charges. In April 2013, the Medina County Sheriff’s Office arrested him on a charge of solicitation to commit sexual assault of a child. Brown said the arrest came after one of Briseno’s foster children said he had sexually assaulted her in August 2012, when he no longer had a foster license.

It is not clear why Briseno did not have a license after 2010 and how Briseno still had foster children in his care two years later, though investigators discovered Briseno had attempted to move his foster parent license into his wife’s name, Brown said.

“It’s not a loophole, it’s just downright wrong,” Brown said.

Briseno pleaded guilty in September 2015 to a reduced charge of attempted assault, a Class B misdemeanor. Brown said investigators and prosecutors had difficulty securing testimony against Briseno. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, though county officials couldn’t confirm how much time he was actually incarcerated.

Child Protective Services told the Associated Press that foster placements to his house were stopped in 2013 after sexual abuse allegations were reported.

Brown said his office, as well as other agencies including the Texas Rangers, are continuing their investigation.

Lamar County trio indicted on child sex
charges to make Friday court appearance

PARIS, Tex. (KXII) -- Three Lamar County men, all indicted on child sex crimes, are scheduled to appear in court Friday.

Kerry Lynn Mann of Powderly as well as Ronald Duane Bishop and Eldon Paul Jackson of Blossom have pretrial hearings at 9 a.m.

Mann has been indicted on one charge of sexual assault of a child along with indecency with a child and sexual contact.

His jury trial is set for next Wednesday.

Bishop's indictments include continuous sex abuse of a child as well as aggravated sexual assault of a child.

His jury trial is set for the end of this month.

Jackson's trial is set for next week.

He has been indicted on one count of sexual assault of a child.

Lamar Co., TX

December court dates set for 2 men charged with child porn, sexual abuse in Franklin County
ISAAC SMITH The Southern  

BENTON — Two men connected to an ongoing child pornography and sexual assault investigation appeared Thursday in Franklin County Court.

Defense attorney Nick Brown appeared for Joseph A. Ryker, who is out on bail, and told Judge Thomas Tedeschi when asked the status of the case that discovery was ongoing. The two also briefly discussed a motion Tedeschi approved on Sept. 14 allowing the state crime lab to test DNA samples. The order indicated that the samples would likely be consumed as a result of the tests.

Ryker was arrested in April on multiple counts of child sexual abuse as well as grooming and indecent solicitation of a minor.

According to the information sheet in Ryker’s court file, he is charged with multiple counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child between 13 and 17 years of age. The court alleges that Ryker orally and anally penetrated an unidentified minor between November 2016 and March of this year. Aggravated sexual abuse of a child is a Class 2 Felony.

The state is also charging Ryker with grooming and indecent solicitation of a minor for sending illicit messages to the victim via Facebook, a Class 4 felony.

Listed in the people’s discovery were multiple items retrieved from Ryker’s possession, including bedding, computers and a video identified in the document as child pornography.

Michael Hobbs also appeared in court Thursday for a pretrial conference. Thomas Mansfield represented Hobbs. He told the court that his client would need another 60 days to prepare as there was evidence at the state’s attorney’s office that needed to be reviewed.

Hobbs is charged with multiple counts of child pornography (4th story on link). According to the information sheet in Hobbs’ court file, the court alleges that Hobbs “knowingly used a child … under the age of 18 year to appear in a video tape or moving depiction by computer in which (the child) was depicted while engaged in the act of sexual penetration with the defendant.” Both child pornography charges allege that Hobbs orally penetrated the victim. Both are Class X felonies.

He is also charged with multiple counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, as well as grooming. The state alleges that Hobbs used the social media site Grindr — which advertises itself as as social networking site for gay, bisexual, "curious" and "queer" men — to seduce his underage victim. Grooming is a Class 4 felony.

The state alleges that Hobbs’ activity occurred between October 2016 and April of this year.

Franklin County Sheriff Don Jones said Hobbs' and Ryker's cases are connected as they both share a victim in common. Jones said he was not sure if there would be further arrests related to the same case, as the investigation was ongoing.

Ryker is scheduled to appear in court again at 1:30 p.m. Dec. 7, while Hobbs will return at 1:30 p.m. Dec. 14.

Franklin Co., Ill

Modesto man convicted of child sex abuse
called a ‘monster’

One of Jeffrey Gene Anderson’s victims called him a monster who preyed on three children who have to live with the lasting effects of sexual abuse.

The victim told a Stanislaus Superior Court judge on Thursday that Anderson raped her. The woman, standing a few feet away from the man who sexually assaulted her, said the repeated abuse she suffered as a child has left her with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“He attempted to teach me that what he was doing was okay,” she said in court standing next to “Honor,” a trained assistance dog provided by the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office to comfort witnesses and victims.

She said she no longer trusts men, feeling like she can never love a man or be loved. She said just hearing the name “Jeff” or “Jeffrey” makes her shiver.

The victims were given an opportunity to speak in court before Anderson, 48, of Modesto, was formally sentenced to 24 years in prison for sexually abusing two girls and a boy over two decades.

The woman, identified in court as “Jane Doe 1,” said 24 years in prison will not give her back what Anderson stole from her. But his prison sentence gives her some solace, she said, knowing Anderson will never do this to another boy or girl again.

The abuse occurred in Amador County in Ione starting in the early 1990s and continued in Stanislaus County in Ceres and Modesto. The victims were related to Anderson.

Judge Shawn Bessey said the sex abuse described has produced the type of emotional scars the victims will have to live with for the rest of their lives. He said the 24-year prison sentencing he was imposing is what was agreed upon by the prosecution and the defense, but it’s not enough in the minds of many.

Anderson was scheduled to go trial this week but agreed to a plea deal, said Deputy District Attorney Merrill Hoult, who prosecuted the case. Anderson pleaded no contest to three counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Judge Bessey ordered Anderson to register with authorities as a sex offender for the rest of his life. The defendant has already served about five years of his sentence while in custody at the county jail.

The Modesto Police Department Special Victims Unit started investigating Anderson in May 2012, when a teen believed to have been a victim started posting information on social media alluding to her abuse.

The teenager attempted suicide and then confided in counselors at her church and a volunteer at a suicide prevention hot line that she had been molested from the time she was a child until she was 14, according to Modesto police.

At the same time, others believed to have been victims who knew the girl and learned of detectives’ involvement in her case came forward to police.

One of the other victims testified in Anderson’s preliminary hearing in June 2014 that the defendant was her baby sitter. She said in court he sexually abused her when she was from 4 to 8 years old.

She testified that Anderson sexually molested her more than 30 times. “He told me that if I ever told anybody, he would kill me and my family,” she said in court about the defendant.

The mother of Jane Doe 1 and John Doe, the boy sexually abused by Anderson, wrote a letter to the judge the prosecutor read in court. She says Anderson destroyed her family, and he’s solely responsible.

She wrote that the day police launched their investigation of the defendant is “the day I found out that Jeff Anderson is a monster.”

'Real-life boogyman' sentenced to life in prison without parole in St. Louis County
By Joel Currier St. Louis Post-Dispatch

CLAYTON • A St. Louis man was sentenced Thursday to life in prison without parole after a jury found him guilty of trying to sexually abuse a young girl and failing to register as a sex offender for child sex abuse convictions in the 1990s.

Robert Maurer, 54, of the 6000 block of Michigan Avenue, was sentenced by St. Louis County Circuit Judge Ellen Levy. She gave him life on the attempted sodomy conviction and a concurrent 15-year sentence for failing to register as a sex offender.

A St. Louis County jury on Aug. 31 found Maurer guilty of charges he tried to molest a 12-year-old girl between September 2013 and May 2014 and failed to notify police of his move back to St. Louis from Florida in 2013. He was originally charged with statutory sodomy, but the jury returned a lesser conviction.

Maurer was convicted of first-degree sexual abuse in St. Louis in 1991. He also pleaded guilty in St. Louis County in 1998 to statutory sodomy and child molestation and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In sentencing Maurer, the judge said life without parole was the only sentence allowed by state law applicable to repeat sex offenders in effect at the time of the crime. The law changed starting this year, allowing offenders the possibility of parole.

Maurer told the judge the jury was “snowballed” by false claims at trial and that he preferred the judge give him the death penalty rather than send him to spend “another day in prison based on these lies.”

His public defender, Sarah Lambright, told the judge he was deprived of a fair trial because the jury was told of his “persistent sex offender” status and his previous convictions. She said Maurer plans to appeal.

One of Maurer’s previous victims, now 33, testified at Maurer’s sentencing Thursday as well as at his trial in August. She was friends with Maurer’s daughter at the time, and said he began molesting her when she was in kindergarten. She called him a “real-life boogyman” whose abuse caused her years of anxiety, depression and drug use.

“He is what nightmares are made of,” she said. “There is no good in this man.”

Covington lawyer accused of distributing child porn
By Kim Chatelain | The Times-Picayune

A Covington attorney who is listed as a partner in a Baton Rouge law firm was arrested Wednesday (Oct. 11) on child pornography charges following a multi-agency investigation. 

Victor Loraso, 36, was booked on three counts of distribution of sexual abuse images/videos of children under the age of 13, according to a news release from Attorney General Jeff Landry's office.

Loraso was booked into the St. Tammany Parish jail following a joint investigation by the Louisiana State Police, the Covington Police Department, the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation's Cyber Crime Unit and Homeland Securities Investigations, the AG's office reported.

Law enforcement authorities said Loraso lives in the Oak Alley subdivision in Covington but his law practice is based in Baton Rouge.

Landry said the investigation is ongoing and he asks anyone in the New Orleans or Baton Rouge areas who have information or concerns about the suspect to contact the Cyber Crime Unit at 800-256-4506.

"Today's arrest is another step forward in making our communities safer," Landry said in the news release. "However, our work is not done. I am asking anyone with information or concerns about Victor Loraso to please contact my Cyber Crime Unit." 

Nicki Minaj Is Supporting Brother ‘100 Percent’ During His Child Sex Abuse Trial

Jury selection began Wednesday in the child sex abuse trial of Jelani Maraj, the 38-year-old brother of rapper Nicki Minaj, PEOPLE confirms.

Maraj is expected to be tried for up to three weeks in Long Island, New York, on charges that he sexually abused a child younger than 13 years old — allegations he denies.

Maraj was first arrested in connection with the case in early December 2015 and, according to online court records, now faces charges of predatory sex assault against a child, course of sexual conduct and acting in a manner likely to injure a child.

He has pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors declined to comment on the case Thursday, and it remains unclear what led to the charges against Maraj or when the alleged abuse occurred.

If convicted of the most serious count, he could be sentenced to life behind bars.

“These are a bunch of lies,” his attorney, David Schwartz, told Newsday. “There’s a big, big motive to lie here which I can’t get into right now. But these are false accusations.”

Soon after his arrest in 2015, Maraj was released from custody on $100,000 bail, reportedly backed by two of his sister’s homes.

Schwartz, who did not immediately return a message from PEOPLE, told Newsday that Minaj, 34, may attend part of her brother’s trial and supports him “100 percent.”

Minaj has not commented publicly on the charges against Maraj, and a rep for her did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Marion man faces child sex abuse charges
by Kristy Steward 
McDowell County, N.C. (WLOS) — A Marion man has been arrested in charged after authorities say he was involved in an inappropriate sexual contact with a minor.

Christopher George Daigle, 29, of Marion, with statutory rape and statutory sex offense.

Authorities say Daigle had inappropriate sexual contact with a 15-year-old female acquaintance.

The Sheriff’s Office received the case on a referral from the McDowell County Department of Social Services.

Ohio County man arrested for alleged
sexual abuse of a child
By WBKO News Staff 
FORDSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) – An Ohio County man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly sexually abusing a child.

The Ohio County Sheriff’s Office arrested Douglas Roach after an investigation into claims he sexually abused a minor less than 12 years old.

Roach was arrested and charged with first degree sexual abuse; victim under 12 years of age and first degree sodomy; victim under 12 years of age

Owner of last HoJo's restaurant charged
with child sexual abuse
Associated Press 

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. • The owner of the nation's last Howard Johnson restaurant has been charged with sexually abusing or harassing more than a dozen employees of his upstate New York business.

The Warren County sheriff's office announced Wednesday that 65-year-old Jonathan LaRock was arrested on charges of sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a child.

Deputies say the investigation started last week after a 17-year-old girl told police she had been sexually harassed by LaRock while working at his eatery in Lake George, a popular Adirondack tourist destination 55 miles north of Albany.

Police say he sexually harassed about 15 female employees ranging in age from 14 to 43 over a one-year period.

LaRock pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Thursday and was remanded to the county jail. The public defender's office wasn't commenting on the charges.

Former Lexington Pastor Accused Of Sex Abuse

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) - A former pastor at St Luke's United Methodist Church is accused of sexually abusing two juveniles. 

According to an arrest citation, Reid Buchanan is facing charges of sexually abusing two juveniles. 

The report details accounts of fondling and sexual abuse beginning in 2016. Another victim testified that she had been abused from the time she was in third grade until April of this year when she and Buchanan were on a mission trip to Nicaragua.

When Buchanan learned of the charges, police say he obtained an attorney and invoked his right to remain silent. He was arrested Wednesday night and was lodged in the Fayette County Detention Center where he is facing two counts of sexual abuse, one against a child under 12-years-old.

St. Luke's tell LEX 18 that Buchanan is no longer on staff and directed further comment to the Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church said that Buchanan was the former Director of Missions at St. Luke's which is a part-time position. He was hired in July 2016 and was suspended on July 23, 2017, however, he had already submitted his resignation on July 20. 

On Thursday, Reid Buchanan made his first court appearance. His attorney was not present. He is scheduled to be back in court on November 3 at 8:30 a.m.

He's to have no contact with the alleged victims. 

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