Everyday thousands of children are being sexually abused. You can stop the abuse of at least one child by simply praying. You can possibly stop the abuse of thousands of children by forwarding the link in First Time Visitor? by email, Twitter or Facebook to every Christian you know. Save a child or lots of children!!!! Do Something, please!

3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
Give Thanks. There is more to this prayer here

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Questionable Policing, Doctoring on Today's Global PnP List

Child sex abuse accused whose file was 'shelved' for 11 years was 'close friends with senior garda'
Source: TheJournal.ie

A man accused of sexually interfering with his daughter - only for gardai to fail to pass on a file to the DPP containing that criminal complaint – was close to a senior garda who would visit the house regularly, TheJournal.ie has discovered.

The alleged victim, whose case has been reopened by a garda review team in the last two months following a number of pieces by this publication, has long pleaded for her father to face charges for the regular abuse and rape she says she was subjected to in the 1980s.

CSA report that disappeared for 11 years
Since publication of TheJournal.ie’s initial story earlier this year, where claims are made that gardaí told her that the file which was to be sent to the DPP was lost, TheJournal.ie has uncovered that the alleged abuser had a cordial friendship with a senior member of An Garda Síochána who has since passed away.

The alleged abuser and the senior garda became friends in the 1980s when they attended the same church in Dublin.

TheJournal.ie has travelled to the church where parishioners have confirmed that the two men knew each other well. A lay member of the church who we asked if she knew of accusations against the alleged abuser, said she didn’t wish to comment on that.

TheJournal.ie has also spoken to neighbours of the woman who was abused. These people have confirmed to us that the senior member of An Garda Síochána was a regular visitor to the house.


The alleged victim in this case has said she was delighted to hear that gardaí had reopened her case. She said she had been told from a young age that she was a liar and a troublemaker.

The woman said her father first raped her as a child and encouraged one of her brothers to do the same. Her claims were verified by social workers and in documents seen by TheJournal.ie and shown here, a social worker said “the father accepts he abused her”.

However, even though the woman brought her claims to gardaí in 1997, when she was in her 20s, the case was only passed on to the Director of Public Prosecutions ELEVEN years later, in 2008.

The woman said she received a call from a blocked number shortly after the file eventually went to the DPP telling her that no charges were to be brought against her father and that she received no official correspondence from gardaí to that effect.

In July of this year, TheJournal.ie reported that the Garda Commissioner at the time Nóirín Ó Sullivan ordered that a review be held in relation to claims.

Files obtained by this publication showed how her father admitted abusing her, that the child abuse was confirmed by social workers and the Eastern Health Board and that the victim had been removed from her home by court order but was then sent home six months later where she says she was repeatedly raped.

Documentation by the Eastern Health Board (EHB) and social workers seen by TheJournal.ie confirm the following:

The woman was sexually assaulted as a child

Her father and brother performed “full intercourse” with the child

Child sex abuse was confirmed by the social workers and EHB

Her father cut a hole in her wall and would routinely watch his daughters undress

She and her three sisters were placed in care for a time. She was 7 at the time.

Two older sisters were then sent to a home in the southeast of the country

The victim and her younger sister went to a children’s home in north Dublin

All the girls were returned to the family home after six months

No male child was ever removed from their family home

Court documents show that the parents were described as being unfit care for her

Gardaí are continuing to review the woman’s claims and a full re-investigation is underway. The woman has been asked if she is willing to go through the process of a full court case.

In a previous interview with this publication, the woman said that she is committed to fighting for justice and that she wants her “rapist father” to die in prison.

MP Keith Vaz asked top cop 'highly inappropriate' questions about Ted Heath sex abuse probe

Wiltshire Police Chief Constable Mr Veale believes Labour MP Mr Vaz wanted "to know the operational detail and reasons for investigating" the former Tory PM


Labour's Keith Vaz wrote in the “early stages” of the inquiry requesting operational details (Image: Daily Mirror)

Keith Vaz contacted the cop probing Ted Heath over sex abuse claims to ask why he was investigating the late ­former PM.

Mike Veale claimed Labour MP Mr Vaz wrote in the “early stages” of the inquiry requesting operational details of the controversial probe.

Mr Veale dismissed the letter, saying the inquiry into 40 individuals’ claims against Sir Edward was independent of political influence.

Mr Veale branded Mr Vaz’s approach “highly unusual” and “highly inappropriate”.

He also claimed he was warned he could lose his job over the probe, which concluded that the Tory , if alive, would have been quizzed over alleged abuse of a 10-year-old boy.

Wiltshire Police Chief Constable Mr Veale, who led Operation Conifer, said: “I think what he was saying was, ‘I want to know the operational detail and reasons for investigating Sir Edward Heath’.

“Probably the best way to summarise it was, ‘The man is dead’. I replied with something along the lines of, ‘We’re going to continue to do the right thing’.

“I insisted, ‘I’m going to make decisions because I am an operationally independent chief constable and any influence from any ­politician of any denomination is highly unusual, highly inappropriate and would be resisted at all costs’.”

Mr Vaz was chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee when he wrote to Mr Veale about the two-year £1.5million probe. But Mr Vaz stood down after the Sunday Mirror revealed the married father-of-two paid two male escorts for sex at his London flat.

It is not the first time he has intervened. In 2015, Sir Cliff Richard ’s lawyers accused the Home Affairs Committee and its chair, Mr Vaz, of unfairly causing “extremely damaging” media coverage.

It followed the release of a letter Mr Vaz received in which officers revealed the probe into an allegation against the singer of child sex abuse has “increased significantly”.

Wiltshire Police Chief Constable Mr Veale said Vaz's questions were "unusual" (Image: PA)

Sir Cliff denied the allegations and police took no further action.

Mr Veale insisted that he would never buckle to private or public pressure over the investigation probing Sir Edward’s ­activities over 50 years.

He added: “Someone told me very early on in this investigation, and I don’t want to be overdramatic, that: ‘You do realise, Mike, you could lose your job over this’.

“My response was, ‘So be it. But I will continue to do the right thing.’”

Mr Veale’s report found Sir Ted would have been quizzed over seven individuals’ claims of sexual abuse.

They include claims an 11-year-old boy, now 66, was raped in 1961 in London “in a paid encounter”.

It was also alleged a rent boy, aged 15, was indecently assaulted in Kent during three paid sexual encounters in 1964, while Sir Edward was Secretary of State for Industry and Trade.

Angry supporters of Sir Edward, who died in 2005 aged 89 at his Salisbury home, slammed the ­Wiltshire Police report.

Mr Veale has admitted he misjudged the pressure he would face over the investigation. He said: “I think I underestimated the amount of scrutiny, and the challenge, the complexities, and the political sensitivities.

“But ultimately I can look at you right in the eye and say we have operated with utter dignity, utter respect. We’ve maintained an absolute integrity in what we’ve done and what we’ve said, how we operated and how we’ve investigated.”

Prestigious school claims child sex abuse wildly exaggerated

An elite Queensland school has accused an alleged victim of child sexual abuse of seeking “notoriety” by going public with his story.

The comments came after 9NEWS exclusively reported police had begun speaking with former student Bill Edgar over historic abuse allegations at The Southport School.

“It was TSS that requested this latest investigation in April and not Mr Edgar who is using the horrors of child sexual abuse to gain notoriety,” a spokesman said.

Mr Edgar said he had provided investigators with a list of 14 students who had been abused, and the names of six teachers who were implicated.

But he said he believed the number of victims to be around 60. “I’m sad that there’s so many boys,” Mr Edgar told 9NEWS. “It’s quite upsetting.”

“There could have been one, two, three of us. But the amount that have come forward so far, that’s just ridiculous.”

In April, police re-opened an investigation into the independent boy’s school, after a retired TSS teacher allegedly confessed to raping boys, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

A TSS spokesman said the school contacted the Brisbane Anglican diocese at the time, which referred the claims to police.

Queensland Police would not comment on the specifics of the investigation, but urged students who had been abused to come forward.  

Mr Edgar said he hoped the abusers would now be brought to justice. 

“Although the school said they have helped and assisted so many boys that have been abused, if that’s the case, what happened to the abusers?”

Not much, apparently.

A convicted sex offender flees to Israel after alleged assault in Brooklyn synagogue

The following story comes from 2 years ago but is relevant as the pervert is still loose in Israel. He has reportedly been seen in Tzfat. Weinberg, who once lived in Har Nof, is presumed to be living in the marina section of Ashdod

A convicted sex offender stood to be arrested after he allegedly assaulted an 11-year-old boy in a Brooklyn synagogue last summer.

But when police went to Yona Weinberg’s Flatbush home, they found he had fled to Israel.

Now, child advocates in the Jewish community are throwing up their hands, frustrated that the former bar mitzvah tutor and social worker was allowed to skip the country because prosecutors in the office of District Attorney Ken Thompson appeared to be slow to react.

“He’s making all of us who really campaigned hard for him look like fools,” activist Chaim Levin said of Thompson. “He seems to be playing politics. The outcome of this case is disgusting.”

Weinberg, 36, allegedly slammed the 11-year-old boy against a shelf of prayer books in the synagogue on Aug. 15, witnesses told police.

Police are prepared to arrest Weinberg on a misdemeanor assault charge, records show. But since Weinberg is only facing a misdemeanor, authorities won’t be able to extradite him from Israel. “In the event that he returns to New York, he will be charged,” said Lupe Todd, Thompson’s spokeswoman.

The synagogue scuffle occurred two months after the boy told cops he was “forced” to touch Weinberg’s shirt and pants, ostensibly to measure their size, a law enforcement source told the Daily News.

After investigating that allegation, Thompson declined to bring forcible touching charges, concluding it was unwarranted because the boy did not touch Weinberg’s privates.

The boy told police that Weinberg pushed him against the bookshelf, threatening further harm if he continued to talk to authorities. Police didn’t file an official report about the alleged incident until Sept. 9, 25 days after the alleged incident. The cause for the delay is unclear.

Police went to Weinberg’s Flatbush home to arrest him a day later, but his wife said he was not home and referred him to an attorney.

The next day, Weinberg was on a plane to Israel.

Weinberg’s wife and four children joined him in Israel several weeks later on a trip arranged by Nefesh B’nefesh, a organization that helps Americans move.

Back in Brooklyn, child advocates are still fuming about the situation, calling it the latest sign that Thompson, who just started his second year on the job, has not taken the steps he promised during his campaign.

“The culture in the Brooklyn DA’s office is to discourage Orthodox victims of child abuse from proceeding with their complaints,” said Ben Hirsch, a co- founder of advocacy organization Survivors of Justice.

Weinberg was able to escape closer supervision because he was never sentenced to parole in 2010, when he concluded a 13-month jail sentence for sexually molesting two young boys.

But Weinberg is required, as a Level 3 sex offender, to check in with police every 90 days and verify his address once a year. Failing to do so would amount to a felony offense.

However, the state Division of Criminal Justice Services said a letter sent to verify Weinberg’s Brooklyn address bounced back in December. “We have not received any information from this offender or the NYPD,” DCJS spokeswoman Janine Kava said Thursday.

Weinberg, meanwhile, has been telling his neighbors in the Jerusalem suburb of Har Nof that it’s all a big mistake, said a community source who has taken steps to notify Israelis about Weinberg’s history.

Thompson’s office said that prosecutors moved to have Weinberg arrested as soon as they heard about the allegations. Todd also maintained that Weinberg notified police he was leaving the country and promised to check in as required. It was unclear whether he had done that. To community advocates, that came as little solace.

“The way he has been dealing with these cases sends a message that he’s not interested in prosecuting Orthodox Jewish sex offenders,” Hirsch said of Thompson. “The victims and their families have gotten this message loud and clear.”

Tzfat, Israel

Two doctors suspended for refusing to examine five-year-old girl who was sexually abused

Kerala, India: Two doctors of a government hospital in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district were suspended on Saturday for not examining a five-year-old child who was allegedly sexually abused, The News Minute reported.

Doctors MC Ganga and Lekha of Kozhancherry District Hospital’s gynaecology department had allegedly refused to examine the girl when police personnel had taken her to the hospital. Instead, they made the girl wait for six hours, according to Mathrubhumi. The police had arrested an auto driver for abusing the child.

Activists alleged that the doctors lied that they did not know how to examine a five-year-old child. Based on a report filed by the Pathanamthitta District Collector R Girija last week, Kerala Health Minister KK Shylaja had directed the health secretary to take action against the two doctors. Shylaja had said that it was unfortunate that such incidents were happening in the state.

On Saturday, the police had registered a case against the two doctors under Sections 166 (A) and 166 (B) (public servant disobeying law, with intent to cause injury to any person) of the Indian Penal Code and other relevant sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

Why on earth would the doctors refuse to examine the girl? The only thing I can think of is that they must think that there is no crime in raping a little girl. How pathetic is that?

Kozhancherry, Kerala, India

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