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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Mother of Horrid Incestuous Family Sentenced to 219 Years

Wendy Wood headed what is arguably the worst family in the world. In 20 months of blogging, I've not found one worse, though, unfortunately, some are in the running.

Brittney Wood, related to victim, disappeared completely in 2012
Bay Minette, Alabama:

"Justice! Justice for Brittney! Justice for the victims," cries Brittney Wood's stepmother Stephanie Hanke after the sentencing of Wendy Wood Holland.

You could hear gasps in the court room as the judge handed down the maximum sentence to one of the leaders of the Wood family child sex ring.

"Wendy Wood Holland 99 years sex torture, 99 years sodomy 1st, 20 years sex abuse of a child, one year endangering the welfare of a child," says assistant district attorney Teresa Hienz.

A total of 219 years behind bars. "That's pathetic that is all the time they are getting," says Hanke.

A victory for prosecutor Hienz but one filled with mixed emotions. "As a Mom, as a person, I can't fix my victim. I can't make her whole and there's nothing that me or that judge could have done to undo this."

Wendy Wood Holland
The victim in the case, who is now 16, did not want to speak at Wendy Holland's sentencing but she did write a letter.

"She talked about running through a maze her entire life," says Hienz. "She was always looking in the shadows. Waiting for the next person to hurt her."

She also ask that Holland be put in a place where she couldn't hurt other children. "These were people that regardless of what they had done to her she loved, she cared for and she protected and they didn't do the same for her."

Holland was led away with many questions still unanswered but Hanke says Holland's sentencing sends a message to the others still waiting for their day in court.

"Wendy ain't invincible. Your leader has fallen. Y'all better take these deals. Your leader fell. You're going to be following her."

Holland is 35 years old. She will have to serve at least 50 years of that 219 year sentence before she can be considered for parole.

She wasn't the only one facing the judge in this case.

Billie Brownlee
Wood family friend William Brownlee, convicted last summer of sodomy and child sex abuse, also was given the maximum sentences, 20 years in prison.

The judge called Brownlee's behavior "depraved, disgusting and sickening."

The victim also wrote a letter to the judge about Brownlee asking the judge to show the same mercy Brownlee showed to her, none.

Brownlee and Holland both faces similar charges in Mobile county. No trial dates have been set.