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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Witness Reveals Kate McCann’s Tormented Screams on Night Madeleine Went Missing

Madeleine McCann - 10 years on

KATE McCann screamed “the f***ing b******s have taken her” in the frantic moments after her daughter Madeleine went missing, a key witness has revealed.

The distraught mother was heard yelling out in anguish as husband Gerry sobbed on a friend’s shoulder while a frantic search for their missing three-year-old daughter took place.

Speaking to The Sun Online a decade after the chilling disappearance, holiday-makers Paul and Susan Moyes, who had an apartment just two floors directly above where the McCanns were staying in Portugal, recounted how the couple were in hysterics.

Madeleine McCann disappeared 10 years ago. Picture: Supplied Source:News Limited

Mr Moyes, 68, said: “The McCanns were in bits, he was crying on the shoulder of a friend. She was screaming ‘the f***ing b******s have taken her’. There was no doubt about the emotion that night.”

What she said strikes me as just a little odd. It's almost as though she had someone in mind; someone who might have been a threat but that threat was dismissed, unfortunately. Or, it could be just that way she talks.

The couple, from Cheshire in the UK, had spent the night of May 3, 2007, sitting on their balcony which overlooked the tapas bar where the McCanns and their friends were enjoying a night out.

After sipping whiskey, the holiday-makers went to bed at around 10pm, only to be woken up an hour-and-a-half later by banging on their door.

Retired accountant Mr Moyes said: “It was a friend of the McCanns, saying that a little girl had been abducted.”

Kate and Gerry McCann have never stopped searching for their daughter, Madeleine.
Picture: Joe Giddens/Pool via APSource:AP

He said the family friend asked them to contact the media immediately to see if they could get the search as much publicity as possible.

Wiping the sleep from their eyes, the Moyes’ then raced downstairs to join the search for any sign of the girl, who by now had been missing for around two hours.

After quizzing people in nearby bars, the couple made their way back to their apartment and came across the distraught McCanns.

Mr Moyes said: “It was four in the morning before we got to bed. Stood about 10 to six yards away that night was Kate McCann wailing and crying.”

Madeleine McCann disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, 10 years ago.
Picture: Supplied Source:AFP

Recounting the time period in which it is thought Maddie was taken, the couple said they were on their balcony drinking whiskey, but saw nothing suspicious going on.

Mr Moyes said: “We didn’t see a soul in the original timeline of 9pm to 9.30pm. My take on it, as I have said a million times, especially to the Met, I don’t know what happened. I do feel there is information that the public at large doesn’t know.

“My wife is of a different opinion and feels it was an abduction. All we can say is we didn’t see anything in the time window that was allotted.”

Madeleine McCann was just three when she disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Picture: AP Photo/PA

The couple still regularly holiday in Praia du Luz, although they are currently selling their 200,000-plus euros apartment.

The Sun Online revealed how a mysterious “woman in purple” is thought to be the prime suspect being hunted by British cops in connection with Maddie’s disappearance.

British gran Jenny Murat told how she remembers seeing the female loitering outside the very apartment from which Maddie was snatched just two hours before the child’s distraught mum discovered she was missing 10 years ago.

Jenny, whose son Robert was the first “arguido” – official suspect – but was formally cleared of suspicion in 2008, said: “I saw the woman standing on the corner of the street.”

The woman was looking up at the apartments, “watching intently” .

Jenny said: “She caught my eye as she was dressed in purple-plum clothes.

It struck me as strange. It’s so usual for anyone, particularly a woman, to be standing alone on the street in our resort, just watching a building.”

The next morning she heard that Maddie had gone missing and told police about the woman.

A police insider said they were ready to “move in” and arrest the mystery women, who is not currently living in Portugal, in the latest “hugely significant line of inquiry”.

It is understood from sources close to the investigation that the woman had a connection to a worker at the Ocean Club resort – now renamed the Garden Club – where the McCanns were staying.

The source said: “Detectives have scoured Europe looking for this woman who is thought to hold the key to solving the entire case. They want to know exactly where she was on the night Madeleine was taken from the apartment. After months of tireless police work they will soon be in a position to move in and finally get some answers after a decade of dead ends.”

Pensioner Jenny, 79, told how the Maddie case had worn her and fellow locals down.

She said: “It’s been non-stop for 10 years and some locals have become very fed up with it. It’s not helped our lovely resort in respect of tourism but slowly people are coming back to visit in bigger numbers than ever.”

Jenny vividly remembers the night three-year-old Maddie vanished while her parents were dining at a nearby tapas restaurant with pals.

She said: “Robert was at home and I’d driven to the local Baptista store to get some shopping and the local paper, the Portugal Resident, which comes out on a Thursday. When I was heading back past the Ocean Club at about 8pm I saw a woman standing on the street corner near a lamp post staring at the flat.

It was unusual to see a woman standing alone. I didn’t recognise her and don’t have a clue who she is but it seems a bit suspicious. If she is important to the police inquiry I hope they find her wherever she may be.

“Officers here never questioned me about her, I suppose they had other leads initially to follow up.” 


Jenny said her heart went out to Maddie’s parents, saying: “It’s never ending for them and they must need some answers. All people want is for there to be a happy ending for that family. I hope after all this time there can be a resolution.”