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Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
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If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Date-Rapist, Minister, and Mother from Hell on Today's Canada/UK P&P List

2 heinous stories and one real nightmare for a young UK girl

Alleged victims of accused serial rapist likely given date-rape drug: doctor

By Laurie Fagan, CBC News 

Ottawa, Ontario - Several alleged victims who told an Ottawa court they were surreptitiously drugged and then sexually assaulted were likely given either GHB — commonly known as the date-rape drug — or the anesthetic ketamine, an emergency department doctor testified Monday.

Phillip Wilson, 33, has pleaded not guilty to 45 charges including sexual assault, aggravated assault, and administering a noxious drug in relation to 14 different women over a period of time between 2014 and 2015.

Police and Crown prosecutors maintain there are 14 women who allege they were drugged without their permission and sexually assaulted. Most had photographs and videos taken of them in sexually explicit poses, the Crown contends.

During the trial more than a dozen witnesses — mostly women who worked in the ByWard market — told the court Wilson invited them to party with him and his girlfriend in his apartment where in some cases they drank and took drugs like cocaine and MDMA, also known as ecstasy.

This is the only mention of a girlfriend in this article; was she real? Was she part of the program? Is she charged with anything? If not, why not?

But a review of their medical records and videos of the alleged victims seized from Wilson's cellphone suggest other drugs were at play, according to Dr. Kari Sampsel an emergency department physician and the medical director of the sexual assault and partner abuse program at the Ottawa Hospital.

Several witnesses also reported that shortly after they drank a drink Wilson had handed them, they passed out or could no longer remember what happened next.

Kortenaar put to the physician what she described as"hypothetical scenarios" of whether the alleged victims were under the influence of a drug other than the ones they admitted voluntarily taking while partying at Wilson's apartment.

Sampsel said while high levels of alcohol, cocaine and MDMA could cause some memory loss - it is more likely the women who said they suffered memory loss and were unconscious for more than eight hours were likely given ketamine or GBH. 

Police seized ketamine, ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine and one vial which tested positive for GHB and several water bottles with GHB in them from Wilson's home.

During cross examination, Sampsel admitted to defence lawyer Trevor Brown that excessive alcohol, which some of the women admitted drinking, could explain the slurred speech, memory loss and incontinence.  

The Crown said it likely won't call any more witnesses but will make submissions on Thursday, when the trial resumes. Defence counsel told the court his client will take the stand in his own defence.

Jail for retired Methodist minister who used hypnosis in historic child sex abuse
By Premier Journalist

A retired Methodist minister has been jailed for using hypnosis to sexually abuse boys as a way to "satisfy his own depravity".

John Price, 82, of Ash Tree Close, Bedale, North Yorkshire, was found guilty of 13 counts of indecent assault dating back to the 1970s and 1980s.

Price, a widower who walks with a white stick and is cared for by his daughter, had denied the charges but was convicted after a trial at Teesside Crown Court.

The court heard he had fashioned ways of being alone with the boys, who were aged between 11 and 17, then he indecently assaulted them.

He claimed he could help them with stress, physical or emotional pain and used a cloak or blanket in the hypnosis technique.

Attacks happened at his manse, in the vestry or at the boys' homes when he was a minister in York and Pocklington.

One victim, who read out a personal statement in court, said the abuse had left him in "a chasm of absolute despair".

"Within a short time he destroyed everything I had come to believe in - other people, the church and God himself. He shattered everything positive I had about myself," he said.

"He claimed to be able to help me relax but it was his sick ploy to sexually assault me.

"I was worth nothing, a means to satisfy his own depravity."

He said having hoped to become a minister himself, "I lost my vocation and my chosen career, I lost my faith".

The court was told after abusing the boys he would often tell them that if they ever found themselves about to mention what had happened, their minds would go blank and they would forget.

None of the victims said they were actually hypnotised but they froze in surprise and horror at what the respected church leader was doing, the jury heard.

When one of the victims complained to a senior church figure, who has since died, he was told not to be "silly" and the matter was brushed aside.

Jailing him for eight and a half years, Judge Howard Crowson said as a minister he had been expected to show compassion and care for the boys, but instead he abused them.

Detective Constable Adam Parkinson, from North Yorkshire Police, said: "John Price abused his position of trust within the Methodist Church. He used that position to gain access to vulnerable young boys in order to sexually abuse them for his own perverse gratification.

Police officer who fostered child sex abuse victim went on to abuse her himself
Telegraph Reporters 

A police officer who fostered a 14-year-old girl after she was rescued from child sex abuse went on to abuse her himself, a court heard.

Social workers placed the teenager in the care of the serving Metropolitan Police officer and his wife and moved her 300 miles to live with the couple.

But she ended up having an illicit sexual relationship with her foster father during which they twice stayed at a hotel together.

Police arrested the officer when the teenager was found hiding in a stairwell near his flat after she was removed from his care. Indecent pictures of them were found on her mobile phone.

Prosecutors say the girl now 16, is so emotionally damaged she regularly self harms, has post traumatic stress disorder and has repeatedly attempted to kill herself.

Pathetic, evil, drug-addicted, nightmare Mom

The girl had been left at the mercy of various "inappropriate men" by her manipulative and drug addicted mother before being rescued.

Details of the scandal emerged as former gym instructor Andrew Timblin, 60, was jailed for 21 years after he was found guilty of raping the victim and another teenage girl, aged 17 in unrelated attacks.

Two other men were acquitted of sex charges whilst the girl's 40-year old mother - who has five other children - was given a nine month sentence suspended for a year for child cruelty.

The policeman who is in 30s was jailed for seven years at a separate hearing.

Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester was told the girl had lived a stable family environment in Lancashire with her father and two siblings after being removed from the care of her mother in 2004 over her junkie lifestyle.

The mother - who cannot be named for legal reasons - lost touch with her daughter but in 2014 she contacted her over Facebook and falsely claimed the girl's father wasn't her real dad.

She then encouraged the youngster to come and live with her by portraying her father in a "bad light." The girl was so curious about her mother she left home - only to end up sleeping rough with her in a churchyard for two nights.

The mother then confiscated her daughter's spare clothing and sold them before leaving her alone with a series of older men whilst she went to get drugs.

The girl would regularly go missing and police called to find her, located her in a hotel room with a man aged 33 and also at the home of a hoodlum convicted of involvement in drugs and guns.

Despite her chaotic lifestyle she went back to her mother and was eventually introduced by her mother to burly Timblin who was known as "the Bear" in his hometown of Stockport and who has a tattoo of the words 'Sex Machine' inked across his stomach.

The teenager was left with ex-bodybuilder Timblin despite his hardman reputation and the youngster's tearful pleas to her mother not to leave her alone with him.

The girl who was seen to suffer panic attacks when she knew she was about to be left with Timblin was raped by him when he offered to watch a film with her.

He assaulted her again on a subsequent occasion in similar circumstances. Police were called in when she told her older brother about the rapes and pleaded to come home and he alerted their father.

When officers located the girl she initially denied she had been raped but when she was separated from her mother, she revealed her torment.

In July 2014 she was placed in foster care with the policeman and his wife but she was removed from the placement the following December when the officer himself went to police and admitted he was having an affair with her.

Detectives initially took no criminal action as the girl claimed nothing had happened between them but the truth emerged in January 2015 when she was reported missing from her grandmother's home.

It emerged she and the officer had stayed in hotel in Stockport before going back to his flat in Essex. He later pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child and child abduction.

Henry Blackshaw, prosecuting, said the girl had "been removed from the stable home life given for 10 years by her father" by a mother who was a "homeless drug addict with a chaotic lifestyle who could never have offered a child a safe and secure home."

He added: "She lured her daughter to leave her father's home and join her in her chaotic lifestyle, variously sleeping rough or dossing with her associates. She used the fact she had care of her daughter for sympathy in order to gain access to the homes of others to stay.

"As a result of the mother's neglect, the girl was sexually assaulted and raped. It was well known that Timblin was an unsuitable person to have care of her and the girl's mother was apparently aware of that, as it is she who told her daughter.

"Despite this she left the girl in his sole care constantly whilst she went out, she believes to use drugs. The daughter begged her mother not to leave her with Timblin and begged to be allowed to accompany her mother - but her pleas were ignored.

"An associate noticed the girl was extremely distressed and vomiting - he likened this to a panic attack.

"The mother lied and manipulated her daughter, use her daughter to obtain bed and board and left her with inappropriate males despite the distress shown by her."

Mr Blackshaw said the mother had also encouraged her daughter to run away when she was placed in care and that caused her to be sent to the foster home in Essex.

Timblin denied wronging but was convicted of rape, indecent assault, unlawful wounding and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He will be on the sex offenders register for an 'indefinite period'.

Judge Jeffery Lewis said the girl had been affected "significantly" and told Timblin: "You betrayed the innocence of her childhood for your sexual gratification.

"She was abused by you at a significantly younger age at a time of transitions from child hood to womanhood and all the emotional and physical changes that involves.

"She will be in the very early stages of dealing with the aftermath of your conduct towards her.

"She is a very young woman with her life before her. It's to be hoped she will be able to transcend the impact and make her proper place in the world and move on."