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Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Four Pedophiles on Today's P&P List from Saskatchewan

Saskatoon man’s child porn collection is among the worst authorities have seen
His collection has led to 1357 more investigations across Canada

By Joel Senick
Reporter Global News

The decision of a 27-year-old Saskatoon man to plead guilty to 42 child pornography-related charges Friday is a “no brainer” according to his defence lawyer.

Shane Dale Pattison’s charges related to roughly 4,000 unique child porn images and videos. He admitted to sharing 267 of the images on a social media chat app.

“This is as overwhelming of a case in terms of evidence as you’ll find,” defence lawyer Brian Pfefferle said to reporters out of court Friday morning.

Pattison was convicted of 53 child porn offences in 2012 and was sentenced to five years in custody, but was released under a number of conditions in September of 2015.

According to submitted details of his offending, Pattison began sharing child porn just weeks after he was released.

“Mr. Pattison’s collection is among the worst I’ve ever seen,” Sgt. Darren Parisien, with Saskatchewan’s Integrated Child Exploitation Unit, said.

“There was a lot of material there very much geared toward torture and bondage and extreme violence towards very young children, as young as infants and toddlers.”

Police have launched 1,357 investigations in Canada and the United States related to the distribution of child pornography due to Pattison’s illegal activity.

Authorities learned that Pattison was possibly breaching his parole conditions shortly after he was released in September 2015. He was placed under surveillance by police and eventually arrested in March 2016.

When officers arrived that day, they found Pattison on his bed, with a blanket partially over his legs, according to an agreed statement of facts that the Crown read out in court Friday.

In an interview he later gave to police, Pattison said it was a “safe assumption” that he was viewing child porn when he was arrested.

In the same interview, Pattison admitted that he can’t help himself if he has access to electronic devices with internet access. He told police that he didn’t receive treatment while in custody and was struggling since his release.

“He hasn’t been given the opportunity to participate in appropriate treatment for any issues that he may have and we’re hoping that in the next round that changes,” Pfefferle said.

The Crown and defence will likely come to the judge with a joint submission that will result in Pattison receiving a seven-year penitentiary sentence, minus time already served on remand, according to Pfefferle.

He added that, if accepted by the judge, it would be the longest sentence ever presented in Saskatchewan in a child porn case that doesn’t include “hands on” offending.

“Much like his last sentence, this will be sort of a precedent setting sentence in the province,” Pfefferle said.

It's still not nearly long enough! Children are being raped and tortured because he is paying for the perverse privilege of watching them. He is contributing to child abuse and child sex abuse and he has admitted he has no control. He ought not to ever get the opportunity to have to practice self-control.

Before a sentencing decision is made, the Crown prosecutor’s office will have to determine if a dangerous offender application will be made against Pattison. A decision will likely be made at his next court appearance on July 19.

Yes, please!

Prince Albert man charged with possession of
child pornography
By Global News

The Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) unit has charged Warren Nelson Brown, 41, of Prince Albert with possession of child pornography and breach of a conditional sentence.

The ICE unit received a complaint of child pornography videos being uploaded to an online cloud storage account on Feb. 2. The investigation led police to a residence in Prince Albert.

The ICE unit executed a search warrant on April 19. Police seized a computer and storage devices. A forensic examination of the devices found they contained child pornography. Brown was arrested on Tuesday.

He made his first appearance in provincial court in Prince Albert on Wednesday. He will appear again on Thursday morning, and remains in remand.

Brown is the second man to appear in provincial court on child porn-related charges Wednesday. William Winsley, 54, of Eatonia, Sask., appeared in Saskatoon provincial court Wednesday on similar charges.

Police charge Eatonia, Sask. man with
possessing child pornography
By Thomas Piller
Online Producer Global News

Saskatchewan internet child exploitation (ICE) unit charges 35-year-old man after executing a search warrant.

The Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation unit has charged an Eatonia man, William James Winsley, 54, with possessing child pornography.

Officials said the investigation was launched in early May after child pornography was uploaded to online cloud storage.

On Tuesday, police executed a search warrant at a home in Eatonia, Sask., and arrested Winsley. Numerous computer and storage devices were seized.

ICE investigators believe there may be other potential victims. Anyone with knowledge of Winsley’s online activity is asked to contact their local police service.

Winsley, from Eatonia, appeared in Saskatoon provincial court on Wednesday. He was remanded for a show cause hearing on Friday.

The town of Eatonia is approximately 215 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon.

From Last month:

Saskatoon teacher facing child porn charges headed to preliminary hearing
By Ryan Kessler
Reporter Global News

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for suspended Saskatoon teacher Rhett Lundgren, 40, who is facing child pornography and sexual exploitation charges.

The hearing is scheduled to begin Oct. 11 in Saskatoon when a judge will begin determining whether enough evidence exists to proceed to trial.

Lundgren was arrested in December 2016 and charged with one count of attempting to access child pornography and two counts of arranging to commit a sexual offence against a child.

A sergeant with the Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) unit confirmed the alleged target was a child aged eight to 10 years old.

Lundgren was granted $2,000 bail under strict conditions, only to be arrested again on Jan. 17.

His new charges included:

Possession of child pornography;
Two counts of breaching conditions;
Sexual exploitation; and

The second arrest followed a report given to Red Deer RCMP, regarding an alleged incident in 2009, involving a student at a school where Lundgren taught.

She’s believed to have been 17 years old at the time.