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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse at Lincoln School Being Investigated by Police

By PWhitelam_LE 

  Stephen Crabtree is a disgraced former vicar jailed for historic sex abuse

Allegations of child sexual abuse at a Lincoln school are being investigated by Lincolnshire Police.

The force has confirmed that it is looking into claims surrounding the Cathedral School in Lincoln as part of an investigation called Operation Redstone.

The school, which educated the minster's choristers, was amalgamated with others in 1996 to become Lincoln Minster School.

Detectives launched Operation Redstone after "a number of concerns" were referred to Lincolnshire Police in 2015 following a review of past safeguarding cases by the Diocese of Lincoln dating back to the 1958.

Detective Superintendent Rick Hatton, who is leading the enquiry team, said: "As there are individual investigations under the umbrella of this operation it would not be appropriate to give specific details, but suffice to say that all appropriate care and support is being given to past victims by both the police and the Diocese.

"Anyone who has any information relating to such cases is urged to contact Lincolnshire Police or the Diocese of Lincoln and the matter will be investigated."

He said, concerns are not related to current diocesan safeguarding practice, which he described as "robust and subject to independent scrutiny through the Diocesan Safeguarding Board".

In March this year, Stephen Crabtree, who served as the rector of Washingborough and Heighington until 2014, was jailed for three years after admitting six counts of indecent assault on a 15-year-old girl between April 1992 and April 1993.

The inquiry encompasses all areas of the diocese, which in the past included what was the Cathedral School.

A former pupil, who attended the Cathedral School for six years during the 1960s, has contacted the Echo to say he is helping police with the investigation.

The man, who does not want to be identified, said: "I was contacted by someone who used to sing in the cathedral choir who said the police had contacted him as part of their investigation.

"I've told the police about what the Cathedral School was like during my time there.

"I wasn't abused but I did hear that a teacher had been abusing boys. [Teachers were] told to keep quiet and it was brushed under the carpet.

"I cannot blame anyone for not going to the police at the time. Even now whistleblowers are the ones that end up taking stick.

"Discipline was tough at the school – one boy was thrown against a wall by a teacher with such force that his head split open and he went to casualty.

"The police asked me about the culture of the place and the names of kids I was there with and our teachers.

"It is important to re-investigate alleged sex abuse all these years later. If I had been abused, I would want someone to say sorry and acknowledge that it had happened.

"A lot of children that are abused think they are in some way responsible and of course that is not the case."

In the case of Crabtree, Lincoln Crown Court heard that his victim had reported the offences to the then Bishop of Grimsby, the Rt Rev David Rossdale.

Crabtree subsequently admitted the offences to the Bishop on two occasions but was only arrested in 2015 following the church's review of past complaints.

Speaking to the BBC in April, the Rt Rev Rossdale said he was first made aware of the offence in 2000 by the victim and had tried to pursue it.

He said: "With hindsight one might have tried to do different things but one is always subject and guided by lawyers.

"As Bishop you do not act independently – there are child protection advisors and you have to take a measured approach. Nobody offered a way forward."